15 Sleepover Games for Teens

Sleepover Games for Teens

Sleepover parties are a rising trend amongst teenagers, and it is an entertaining idea of getting some alone time to socialize and catch up on life.

Most teens like to hold a party where food is the next aspect after friends and entertainment.

Staying awake through the night is a trend in these gatherings. If your teen is seeking ideas to have a fantastic sleepover, kindly read further to check out the list of sleepover games for teens.

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Tips on how to organize a good sleepover party for teens

Knowing the number of friends coming to the sleepover can help you determine if the gathering should be in the living room or the bedroom.

Some of the tips necessary for a good sleepover include the following:

  • Your teen’s playmates could come with a cozy outfit such as pajamas or night suits
  • Stacking up additional pillows, beds, and sleeping bags to the party area is a good idea
  • Your teen ought to plan for the sleepover games and recreations in the advance so that they can enjoy their time together
  • At no time should you interrupt or enter your teen’s sleepover gathering, as they might feel a little disturbed

Fun sleepover games for teens

Here are a few excellent sleepover ideas for teens that will considerably make the party fun, and the kids would wish to come back again:

Truth or Dare

  • It is among the most delightful group pastimes
  • The players will need to sit in a circle, with a bottle positioned horizontally downwards, in the center
  • A person spins the bottle, and the individual at which the mouth of the bottle points to when it ceases to turn has to decide between telling the truth or taking on a challenge
  • If the teen goes for the truth, they would need to reply to a funny question honestly. On the other hand, if they choose a dare, they would have to do the task given to them

Nail spin: a colour game

  • This game is for your little barbies
  • It requires bright coloured nail-paints
  • Everyone has to wipe out the nail-paints from their nails to have paint-free nails
  • The nail-paints need to be compiled in a basket and positioned in the middle
  • One of the girls will select a colour, place it in a bottle and spin the bottle in the center
  • The girl that the bottle mouth points to, once the bottle stops spinning, would paint one of her nails with that colour
  • This proceeds until there is a girl with the smallest number of painted nails, and the girl, in this case, becomes the winner of the game

Foil project runway game

  • Every girl involved in this game obtains a folded aluminum foil which she can use to develop her unique creations
  • A table is positioned in the centre that contains the essential styling tools that include ribbons, plastic flowers, and colourful threads
  • Each girl is required to style their aluminum foil outfit employing creative ideas
  • Establishing a theme such as a wedding dress, beachwear, or evening gowns, could add fun to the game
  • The aluminum foil can be utilized to create different kinds of clothes like pants, shorts, tops, skirts, jewelry, and more
  • A fashion exhibition, in which the girls put on their creations, ends the game

Blind make-over game

  • Basic make-up items, which are appealing to the girls such as eyeliner, mascara, blush, lipstick, foundation, and more, are placed in the middle
  • A girl will blindfold herself and apply make-up to the girl next to her
  • A different girl does the same thing to her person beside her, and the cycle goes on
  • Once everyone is done applying make-up and receiving it, the blinds are then removed. This is when the girls would begin to laugh because everyone would look silly
  • Lots of images can be taken to remember the moment

Song maker game

  • This game is done with a container in the middle, which contains different funny song titles written in chits
  • One person selects a chit and formulates a song out of the title provided in the chit

Commercial game

  • A container consists of numbered chits, and each player has to select his or her serial number
  • The teen who chooses the number ‘1’ can get up, and the other teen with number ‘2’ can select an item from the room
  • The kid with number ‘1’ has to introduce a commercial related to the item selected by number ‘2’ and talk about it for 30 seconds

Drama in the bag game

  • The game begins by filling shopping bags with numerous items such as costume, hat, wig, stick, shoe, and many more
  • The players are then divided into several teams
  • Each team has to select one of the shopping bags and develop a TV commercial or skit utilizing the items in the bag

Camera game

  • A self-timer camera is significant for this game
  • Set the self-timer of the game
  • Each player are needed to carry the camera at arm’s length, position it towards their face and make silly expressions
  • Once that is done, the camera is passed on to the next player
  • The images can be downloaded as soon as everyone takes a picture


  • In this game, you would require a container of Vaseline or petroleum jelly, a big bowl, a bag of small cotton bales, and a timer watch
  • The participants need to wipe the tip of their noses with the jelly before commencing the game
  • The timer will be set for three minutes, and once the time begins, each player need to collect as many cotton bales with their noses as possible
  • The player who obtains the highest number of cotton bales wins

Spin tasty

  • To play this game, you would require paper plates, a bottle to spins candies, biscuits, mayonnaise, and ketchup
  • The participants can load the paper plates with various food items and position them aside on a table
  • The players will sit in a circle and spin the bottle. The person in which the mouth of the bottle points to has to consume the food as instructed by the other participants

Boy meets girl

  • The participants write the names of a boy on a chit and pass it to the person next to them
  • Then they write the name of a girl and pass it on
  • After that, they write the name of a place or a personal characteristic of the boy and pass it on
  • As soon as everyone has jotted down something about each person, the chits are read out aloud

Name that tune

  • When playing this game, you need a sound system
  • Music is played, and one of the participants has to identify the song before the artist starts to sing
  • The player who can guess the songs the fastest wins  game


  • This game needs a bowl full of skittles (little colorful candies), straws, a dice, and cups
  • The participants will sit in a circle, and each one is given a straw & a cup. The bowl of skittles is positioned in the middle
  • As the first player begins sucking the skittles using the straw and putting them inside the cup, the person next to the player will start tossing the dice until he/she tosses a six
  • After tossing a six, the person will pick the bowl and begin to suck the skittles, and the game continues until all the skittles are over
  • The player with the highest skittles is the winner of the game

Hairdryer Balloon Tennis

  • To enjoy this funny game, you would require two hairdryers, a couple of plastic seats, and colourful balloons
  • Connect the hairdryers in several corners of the room and position the seats as tennis nets
  • Two participants play against each other
  • The participants have to toss the balloons to one another utilizing the hair dryers to keep the balloons in the air
  • Participants aren’t allowed to use their hands to toss the balloons, and once the balloon touches the ground, the player misses a point

Cucumber Face Race

  • A slice of cucumber is given to each player, and creamy chocolate is also required to play this game
  • Divide the teens into two groups. The first participant has to place the cucumber or chocolate on their forehead and push it into their mouth without using their hands
  • If the player doesn’t get it at first, he or she can attempt it again three times; after that, the game is passed to the next teammate
  • The first team whose chocolate or cucumber goes into the mouth is the winner of the game

A sleepover is an opportunity to provides a child with the chance to be self-reliant in a comfortable place. During sleepovers, teens learn flexibility and strengthen their emotional understanding.

It is also a good way for parents to learn how to let go.

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