What are Shower Molds?

Shower Molds

Molds can be defined as a fungus that grows in food,  clothes, walls, ceilings and they are found both indoors and outdoor and are harmful to one’s health. 

A mold is a type of organism that can be of different colours; grey, yellow, black and it can grow both indoor and outdoor.

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Shower Mold

Shower molds are found in the bathroom mostly because of its moist and damp environment. Shower molds are mostly black but they also come in other colors like grey, or even brown so it’s always good to take note of all forms.

It stays in a very dark and damp environment which makes the bathroom the ideal place. Shower molds can grow in the following spots in the bathroom: 

  1. Mold can grow inside the window.
  2. Mold can grow in the shower.
  3. Mold can grow in the door track.
  4. It can grow in soap bottles, shampoo bottles or any other been used in the bathroom.
  5. It can grow in the grout.
  6. It can grow in the drain.

Aside from the fact that shower mold caused lots of health effect, it also makes the bathroom untidy. Therefore taking out mold from the shower or bathroom is doing general cleaning.

Black Mold

This mold is also known as stachybotry, or toxic molds. It can be brought about due to water damage.

These molds are usually found in the bathroom and once usually exposed to it causes some chronic health issues such as chronic coughing, respiratory sickness, ashes.

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There are various ways to spot a mold in your shower and they are:

  1. Having some respiratory issues over time.
  2. Back spot or mold on your bathroom door or wall.
  3. The bathroom has a musty smell.
  4. Molds spotted on he ceiling.
  5. Bathroom would look unkempt.
  6. Black spots on the curtains.

Classification of Mold Ranging from Their Effects

  1. Allergenic: it causes allergies to the human body.
  2. Pathogenic: this type affects people who already have existing health issues.
  3. Toxigenic: these are molds that produce a toxic substance that can lead to deadly health issues that can lead to death.

 Types of shower mold. There are different type of shower molds, and all of them have their health effect, places they grow and also the color each has, this article would help you know the various properties that these molds has and how they can really affect us as human. 

They are:

  1.  CHAETOMIUM:  they are usually found in water damaged or leaking roofs bathrooms. And they can cause health damages such as asthma, skin irritation, respiratory problems and so many other health effect. They are dark brown in color.
  2. FASARIUM:  they are usually found on the bathroom door, it grows from the root. This mold can appear pale or brightly colored. It is also a very dangerous mold that can also have a diverse effect on human health.
  3. SERPULA LACRYMANS: this mold is known for causing dry rot in woods especially in bathroom buildings. It is very dangerous. It is often referred to as building cancer. It is rusty red in color and looks more like red dust.it can also cause some health damages such as respiratory problems, sore throat, asthma and other health effects, if not properly cleaned.
  4. PENICILLIUM: these mold are very dangerous because they produce mycotoxins. They can be found in the bathroom and can contaminate the woods, doors or soil if available. The health effect of this mold is fever and chills, shortness of breath, chest and joint pain, skin lesions.
  5. ULOCLADIUM: ulocladium are brown, grey, or black in colour. They grow in wood and are mostly found in the bathroom with damaged water. They usually live on wet surfaces. They are very dangerous to human health especially to people to weak immune disorder. It causes hay fever, skin infection, allergies.
  6. TRICHODERMA: it is dark green in colour and should not be ignored if found in the home has it can also be harmful to ones health. It has bad allergies. And it produces toxic peptides called the trilogies.
  7. AlTERNARIA: This is said to be one of the most common mold in the bathroom. Has it grows rapidly in dark areas. And it causes health effect such as sneezing, watery eyes, fatigue, sore throat, running nose and headache. Once found it should be quickly removed.
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How Dangerous Is Shower Mold

Shower mold is very dangerous because it’s in an environment we always visit to have our bath. And we spend several times there which means regular exposure to the mold.

Constant exposure to these mold over time causes:

  1. Skin and eye irritation
  2. Lung disease and infection
  3. Pneumonia
  4. Coughing and sneezing
  5. Asthma
  6. Respiratory problems
  7. Mold induced asthma
  8. Nausea
  9. Memory loss
  10. Cancer
  11. Immune and blood disorder
  12. Liver and kidney condition
  13. Digestive and heart condition
  14. Pulmonary fibrosis
  15. Neurotoxicity
  16. Chest and nasal congestion
  17. Watering ,dry and sore throat
  18. Headache
  19. Wheezing
  20. Chronic obstructive  pulmonary disorder

How to Take Out Mold from the Shower/Bathroom

The easiest way to take out a mold is by using the following in your bathroom, once you notice any is the following:

  1. Alcohol
  2. Borax
  3. Vinegar
  4. Peroxide
  5. Ammonia’s
  6. Bleach
  7. EC3 mold solution spray

Ways by Which You Can Prevent This Mold

  1. After cleaning from the bathroom is to constantly allow airway to be In the bathroom
  2. Ensure that the surrounding has enough great temperature, remove all wood, or affected materials from the bathroom
  3. Constant running of water can also make the bathroom maintain moisture, it is therefore adviceable to always clean the bathroom to ensure it is dried
  4. Ensure also to wash out body oil or soap scum on the wall or ground  in the bathroom as it a easy for mold to be created
  5. Your bathroom should have a great ventilation
  6. Wash you shower curtain frequently
  7. If there are rugs , ensure to wash and all dried before returning it to the bathroom.
  8. Don’t leave any damp towels
  9. Always wash the bathroom
  10. Wipe out the tiles of any moisture
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The regular check-up of mold in the bathroom cannot be over emphasize because of its mostly the last time we look into but equally a place in the house we have to visit everyday…

Therefore cleaning of this surrounding should be in our everyday routine to prevent any health complication that can be brought about due to the presence of black mold or any other type of mold.


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