12 Shoes Similar to Converse

shoes similar to converse
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Converse has controlled the worldwide development of sneakers ever since its founding.

Numerous other sneaker companies are still inspired by it to make shoes similar to Converse but are more affordable and sometimes even better. 

We have included some shoes similar to converse in this article. Each of them keeps the traditional sneaker shape, and although most are made of cotton canvas, a couple is also made of denim.

Both high-top and low-top variations are available. 

1. Allbirds

Check out Allbirds, a sustainable shoe company that makes eco-friendly high-tops and low-top sneakers from various natural and recycled materials, for a fun alternative to Converse. 

The company’s ever-popular wool and tree runner designs drove the business to fame, and it is today one of the world’s most well-known sustainable footwear brands. The running shoe company produces a variety of high-top varieties in addition to running shoes and sneakers. 

2. ZGR High Tops

Except for not having the Converse logo, the ZGR high-top canvas shoe is identical to the Chuck Taylor All-Star. It has a natural canvas top and a rubber outsole that prevents slipping. Both the flexibility and the insole’s level of support are great.

It is simple to modify and available in a variety of colors. So this could be the shoe for you if you’re seeking a Chuck Taylor lookalike to gauge your artistic ability. 

However, it is appropriate for various settings and can be dressed up or down like a pair of authentic Converse shoes.

3. Ethletic

Meet Ethletic, a unique brand of sneakers made with organic cotton that is Fair Trade certified. Organic cotton may save up to 80% of the water compared to conventional cotton. Ethletic is one of the best shoes similar to converse. 

The company offers high-tops and low-tops in various colors and custom designs, showcasing its distinctive style and lively attitude.

Additionally, the company has an entirely traceable supply chain that guarantees ethical manufacture and careful fabric procurement. 

In 2019, the company created history by being the first apparel brand to let consumers pay the people who manufactured their shoes. Thanks to this initiative, 100% of tips go straight to the employees.

4. Hash Bubbie High Top Sneaker

You won’t have to pull yourself apart if you search outside Converse for anything to wear. Converse’s Chuck 70 and the Hash Bubbie high-top canvas sneakers have a comparable design. It has a rubber outsole and canvas top that prevent slipping. 

Eight silver eyelets and white laces are included on the sneaker so you can firmly fasten the shoes to your feet. For extra protection, it also has a toe cover. You cannot resist the classic elegance of the white sole and black stripe combo.

5. Obtaom Low Top Canvas

The low-top, lace-up shoe has a rounded toe design for comfort and safety with a rubber toe cap. It has a white sole that increases its elegance and has a rubber outsole for grip. There are six metallic eyelets for the shoelaces on the canvas upper. 

The Obtaom sneaker, which has received over 7000 favorable evaluations, stands out as one of the greatest alternatives to women’s low-top Converse. This is one of the best shoes similar to converse.

6. Yageyan High Tops

Similar to Converse, Yageyan also makes athletic shoes. They have a canvas high top that is a replica of the Chuck 70. Like any other high-top Converse shoe, it features eight eyelets. The outsole is non-slip rubber, while the top is made of canvas. 

The shoe is offered in various colors to enhance design and flexibility of choice. White, blue, gray, black, and yellow are all present. As a result, you may also alter it to suit your preferences. Alternatively, you could continue with the lovely floral designs on the women’s version.

7. Etiko

Another great example of a company making ethical shoes similar to Converse is the Australian company Etiko. The company also has fair trade certification and provides its farmers and workers with livable salaries.

Like Converse, Etiko produces a variety of colorful high-top and low-top designs that are fashionable and comfortable. With an average rating of 4.7/5 stars and over eighty reviews, Etikos’ traditional high-top style shoes get good ratings and are completely vegan.

8. Blowfish Malibu Sneaker

You should look at the Blowfish Malibu Play sneaker if you’re seeking one of the best shoes similar to converse that’s superior. The slip-on shoe is made of denim and has a round toe, ripped edge details, and a slip-on style. 

The five metallic eyelets arranged on the top are fake; you won’t need them. A canvas-reinforced toe cover of the shoe further protects the toes from injury. 

It has a rubber outsole that is well-logged for grip. You may discover a design that connects with what you want among the approximately 84 color choices.

9. Lugz Stagger Hi Sneaker

Lugz Stagger Hi is another option you have if you want to avoid spending too much money on high-top Converse. The lace-up shoe’s canvas fabric and vulcanized rubber outsole provide excellent traction and stability.

The Lugz Stagger Hi, unlike a typical Converse shoe, includes a cushioned insole for added support. You won’t have trouble choosing from a variety of four colors when you decide to get a pair. It looks best paired with khaki shorts, a polo, jeans, and a shirt.

10. Kufieti High Top Canvas

One of the best women’s high-top shoes similar to Converse is now produced by the up-and-coming casual shoe company Kufieti. The shoe has a cap toe that strengthens safety and a round-toe design. 

The outsole is made of non-slip rubber, while the top is made of canvas. Additionally, the heel contains additional support to keep your feet secure and provide a tight fit. 

It is lined on the inside with a soft cloth to provide comfort. It is a classic style that comes in various colors and designs.

11. Waluzs High Top Sneaker

The women’s Waluzs canvas shoe, rated 4.6 out of 5.0, is one of the best shoes similar to Converse. It has all the features of a Converse Chuck 70. 

A canvas fabric that is both breathable and flexible makes up the top, while the vulcanized rubber outsole provides excellent stability and grip. It features a white sole with one decorative stripe on it. Eight metallic eyelets and two are on the shoe’s bottom for increased ventilation.

12. Adokoo High Top Sneakers

The Adokoo high-top shoe seems the most stylish of the several Converse substitutes. In addition to having the nicest appearance, it has a breathable canvas top and a white slip-resistant outsole. It is much more appealing because of the black stripe.

It includes a cap toe and eight metal eyelets, much like a traditional shoe. With around 13 color options, you may quickly locate your specification or alter it to suit your tastes. 

If spending $65 on a pair of Chuck Taylors would put you over your spending limit, you may want to consider alternatives like these.

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