10+ Fun Running Games for Kids

Running Games for Kids

Running games for kids provides a platform with engaging activities that build them mentally and physically.

Children are always interested in engaging in fun-filled activities that keep them busy, and some of these involve running.

Moreso, kids can play these games as a physical sport or a digital sport. Either way, they contribute to a child’s development.

Below is a comprehensive list of healthy running games your kids can engage themselves in.

Somatic running games for kids

Below are some physical running games that children would love.

Next place to run

Although intense, this outdoor game requires only pieces of paper on which locations are written.

How to play

  • Find a great outdoor space.
  • The Guardian writes on pieces of paper the names of locations around the area.
  • The pieces of paper are kept in a container.
  • A kid randomly pulls out a piece and calls out the location.
  • Everybody runs towards that location.
  • The process is repeated.

Capture the flag

This game involves teamwork and is best played when there are more than seven children around.

How to play

  • Divide the kids into two teams.
  • Mark the center of the field with a visible marker.
  • Plant flags of two different colors on opposite sides of the field.
  • When the whistle is blown, all the kids run to get a flag of the opposite team.
  • Players that get tagged on the opposite side go to jail (an allocated spot several feet away from the game.)
  • A teammate can free the prisoner.


Marathon is a simple long-distance running game.

How to play

  • Break very long distances into segments.
  • Every day, each child is to cover a particular distance in a matter of time.
  • Keep logs for each child.
  • Every child should be given an experienced tag to show how far they’ve gone.

Puzzle hunt

Thrilling, the game involves hunting puzzle pieces and piecing them together.

How to play

  • Place pieces of the puzzle in small envelopes and hide them in different locations away from the playing ground.
  • At the sound of the whistle, children run to a specific location to retrieve a piece.
  • Several trips are taken to get each piece.
  • The puzzle pieces are pieced together.

Water-balloons Relay race

In relay races, batons are passed from one team member to the other till they reach the finish line. Similarly, water-balloons races involve team members racing for the finish line.

However, balloons filled with water are passed instead of batons.

How to play

  • Fill balloons with water and leave them in a bucket.
  • Each kid picks a balloon and runs to hand it to their other partner waiting on the track.
  • If a balloon is dropped, they return to take another from the bucket.
  • Each of the winning team members gets water-filled balloons and few seconds to soak the losing team.

Shark and minnows

Like all running games, kids can play sharks and minnows in a large field where children can run around freely.

How to play

  • Divide the children into two groups.
  • At the center of the field, one of the children remains as the shark. The rest are the minnows.
  • A countdown allows the minnows to run a safe distance from the shark.
  • The shark chases after the minnows till they label one.
  • The minnow caught becomes the shark.

Activity race

This game involves physical and mental activity.

How to play

  • Create a track for each child.
  • Divide tracks into segments.
  • At the end of each segment, place an activity they must complete before moving on.
  • The first child to complete all tasks and reach the finish line is termed the winner.

Fill the bucket

A thrilling game, fill the bucket, is a running game that requires children to fill a large bucket with water.

How to play

  • Place an empty bucket several feet opposite away from each child.
  • At the starting point, place another bucket filled with water.
  • Each child uses a small cup to scoop water from the filled bucket and run to pour it into the other bucket.
  • Several trips are taken till the empty bucket is filled.

Egg race

This is another interesting running game. However, it requires the child to be very careful while running. The materials needed for the game are spoons, plates, and eggs.

How to play

  • Each child stands at the starting point.
  • They are given a spoon with an egg balanced on top.
  • Plates are placed at the finish line opposite each of them.
  • The children’s goal is to transport the egg on the spoon safely to the plate.


Football is one of a child’s favorite games. It involves kicking a ball around the field till it enters the goal post. Children are expected to work with their team members to score a goal.

How to play

  • Divide the children into two teams of eleven players each.
  • Each team chooses a goalkeeper to guide their post. (The post could be a net or a place marked at the opposite ends of the field.)
  • The players pass the ball to their team members, intending to get it into the goal post.
  • Once a ball gets past the keeper and into the post, a goal is scored.
  • After the time limit, the team with the highest number of goals is the winner.

Digital running games for kids

Here is a list of running games children can play on computers and mobile devices.

Benefits of running games for kids

Somatic running games

  • It helps to build a child’s endurance level.
  • It helps to develop a child’s mental and physical stamina.
  • Somatic running games for kids help to improve mental health.
  • It creates a sense of achievement.
  • It reduces cholesterol levels in children.
  • Children can learn to build teamwork skills.
  • It helps children sleep better.
  • Somatic running games can help to develop a stronger heart.
  • It can also improve physical health.

Computer running games

  • Helps to develop focus and concentration
  • It boosts self-confidence.
  • Computer running games help to boost brain speed.
  • PC running games help to improve hand and eye coordination.
  • It serves as a form of physiotherapy.
  • It enhances creative abilities.
  • Computer running games can serve as a recreational activity.
  • It improves cognitive skills.
  • Parents can use computer running games to improve mental alertness in their kids.

How to encourage your children to play running games

  • Communicate to them the importance of running.
  • Take them out for running events.
  • Organize running activities that capture their interest.
  • Entice them with prizes.
  • Additionally, parents can comfort instead of scolding their kids if they get injured during physical running activity.


Finally, whether physical or digital, playing running games is one of the best and easiest methods to keep your child fit.

Equally important is the fact that it encourages them to partake in other activities and develop specific skills.

There are so many options to choose from. In a word, motivate your child to play running games.

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