10 Richest Wrestlers in the World

Richest Wrestlers

As children, we all witnessed Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker trading feisty blows and leaping through tables to eliminate the bad guys.

And while some may argue that all of this is fabricated and staged, the amount of entertainment they provide is unmatched.

Numerous wrestlers have become household names as a result of their fan appeal and have also walked away with the largest paychecks despite putting their bodies on the line.

Here are the world’s top ten richest wrestlers who have proven that their pain is well worth it!

1. Vince McMahon

Net worth: $1.6 Billion

Vince McMahon, the WWE’s CEO, and majority shareholder, absolutely dominates the top spot for our list of the top 10 richest wrestlers.

Vince was a former professional wrestler who built a career for himself in numerous fields by using his reputation as a wrestler.

He is also a commentator, promoter, and film producer, and we believe he has a net worth of $1.6 billion dollars.

In addition, Vince holds over 57% of WWE’s Class A common stock, which tripled in value to $90 per share in October 2018.

His Greenwich, Connecticut mansion is estimated to be worth around $40 million, and he stays in a $12 million penthouse in Manhattan when in town.

As if topping the list of the wealthiest wrestlers wasn’t enough, he also received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

2. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Net worth: $400 Million

Dwayne, “The Rock” Johnston is an American actor and former professional wrestler with a net worth of $400 million.

He debuted in the WWF in 1996 after his father and grandfather and established himself as a prominent wrestler until 2004.

He was a nine-time world heavyweight champion during his wrestling career before deciding to pursue acting.

Since then, Dwayne has starred in several films, including The Scorpion King, Gridiron Gang, Be Cool, Tooth Fairy, The Game Plan, and The Fast & The Furious Franchise.

3. Stephanie McMahon

Net worth: $150 Million

Third place goes to Stephanie McMahon, a former professional wrestler and wrestling valet. She is worth $150 million and owns approximately 2.5 percent of the WWE.

Much of her fortune is owed to her father, Vince McMahon, the WWE’s founder, chairman, and CEO.

Stephanie is married to “Triple H,” who is ranked fourth on our list of the wealthiest wrestlers.

4. Triple H

Net worth: $150 Million

Triple H, a professional wrestler, and actor based in the United States, is in fourth place on our list of the 10 richest wrestlers.

He is best known for his WWE character Hunter Hearst Helmsley, for which he has a net worth of $150 million.

He won nine WWF/WWE Championships and five World Heavyweight Championships throughout his wrestling career.

Triple H took a new direction with his career when he accepted a position as the Executive Vice President of Talent, earning a $2.8 million annual salary.

$2.8 million per year certainly helps him climb the list of the world’s wealthiest wrestlers.

5. John Cena

Net worth: $60 Million

John Cena is a professional wrestler from the United States of America with a net worth of $60 million.

Having begun his professional wrestling career in 2000, he has gone on to have a remarkably successful professional wrestling career.

He has won twelve World Championships, three US Championships, and two World Tag Team Championships, to name a few of his achievements.

John is also an actor and a fitness enthusiast. He has starred in films such as The Marine, Trainwreck, and Twelve Rounds.

6. Steve Austin

Net worth: $30 Million

Steve Austin is a retired professional wrestler with a $30 million net worth. He is a six-time world champion and a three-time winner of the Royal Rumble.

Steve Austin joined the WWF in 1995, which coincided with the birth of his most famous alter ego, “Stone Cold Stunner” or “Stone Cold Steve Austin.”

Following his departure from the WWF, he pursued a career in television and film, landing roles in The Longest Yard and The Condemned.

7. Hulk Hogan

Net worth: $25 Million

Hulk is widely regarded as the most outstanding wrestler of all time. Hollywood Hulk Hogan was once a professional wrestler, and now he has a net worth of $25 million.

He is famous for his WWF wrestling days but has since established a career as an actor and reality television star, with his most memorable role as “Thunderlips” in 1982’s Rocky III.

Hulk lost about 70% of his assets to his ex-wife following their divorce and was on the verge of bankruptcy.

He has since reclaimed his finances and returned to the WWE as the host of WrestleMania.

8. Kurt Angle

Net worth: $25 Million

Kurt Angle is an actor, former professional wrestler, and former amateur wrestler from the United States.

He made his professional wrestling debut in 1996, signing with the World Wrestling Federation (WWE).

Also, he is currently signed as a backstage producer with WWE. Kurt’s WWE wrestling career had a significant impact on his current net worth.

Kurt Angle’s projected net worth is $25 million as of 2021.

9. Stacy Keibler

Net worth: $25 Million

Stacy Keibler is an actress, dancer, and model from the United States of America. She was both a cheerleader and a professional wrestler in the past.

Her most well-known accomplishment is her work with World Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment.

She accumulated the most of her wealth as a professional wrestler, as well as a dancer, model, and actor.

10. Chris Jericho

Net worth: $18 Million

Chris is a Canadian-American professional wrestler and musician best known for his tenure with the WWE from 1999 to 2018.

Jericho has 30 WWE, ECW, and WCW championships to his credit. He amassed his fortune through professional wrestling, podcasts, and rock concerts.

Chris Jericho’s net worth is about $18 million as of 2021.


We hope you enjoyed our list of the world’s 10 richest wrestlers. It provides a remarkable insight into what opportunities await in the entertainment industry.

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