33 Beautifully and Rare Baby Names

Rare Baby Names

As new parents, we must give our children the best possible start in life. And one of the ways we can do that is by giving them a name. That sets them apart from their peers. 

Also, to let them know how much they are valued from the moment they enter the world. One way to do this is to look outside the mainstream at rare baby names. 

And see if there’s one that feels like it was made just for your little one. Here are 34 rare and beautifully unique baby names that might be perfect for your family!


Haryana is among the rare baby names for girls. It is not ranked within the top 1000 names. In 2015, out of 11445 baby boys, 1 had Zaryana as their first name. View statistics for Zaryana. 

Notedly, all baby names on these lists have been submitted by parents. So we cannot be held responsible for their content. We do our best to ensure that all our information comes from reliable sources.


A cute boy named Carlin is a combination of Carl (meaning man) and Lynne. Like some rare baby names, it has many significant positive meanings like ruling with a strong hand, armor ruler, and chosen ruler. 

Then, if you’re looking for an underused boy’s name that sounds cool with names like Logan, Aiden, or Bradley, Carlin might be right for you! 


This unique baby boy’s name means birdlike. And it’s considered one of those rare baby names on our list. 

However, Avian is more commonly used as a girl’s name. But we think it’s one of those unisex names that could easily be used for either gender. 


For parents who are looking for something genuinely different yet beautiful. Then Andrian could be just what they are looking for. 

It’s another unisex option initially used mainly for boys but can work well as a girls’ name too. It’s also one of the rare baby names.


How rare is it? It’s a unique one of rare baby name. Everleigh was last recorded in 2015, but one baby name was registered before that. 

In addition, Everleigh was given to 5 girls. How unique is it? 

In 2017, out of 7,046 baby boys named Everleigh, 23 girls were named Everleigh. Find out how unique baby Everleigh is. 

Then, if you’re looking for a name that’s truly one-of-a-kind, you’ve come to the right place. Our database includes thousands of names from around the world—and every single one can be used for your child!



The name Ayla is a baby girl name, and it’s one of the rare baby names. In English, the meaning of Ayla is Mythical archer. A variation of Alix, which may mean mighty. 

In Irish Gaelic, the meaning of Aylor is elf strength. Similar to Olga (Scandinavian) and Eolig (Irish). 

More so, it’s the Scandinavian version of Euphemia, a Latinized form of Eusebeia. Possibly derived from EU– reasonable, well plus hemeros–day plus -a suffix denoting agency or possession.


Abbott is a masculine name of Old German origin meaning ‘Father .’It is also found among rare baby names.


Chiquita is used for boys and girls, with the tiny meaning of one. It’s also part of rare baby names.


LaToya was most popular in 2001 and was given to more than 50 newborns. But, it has found its way back into the list of rare baby names.


Kaylynn is a unisex name derived from an Irish surname meaning slender. Some parents enjoy giving their child a unique name that may still be a family tradition. 

Kaylynn is an attractive option for parents who prefer rare baby names. And stay away from common words like Ashley or Caitlyn. Usage of Kaylynn as a baby girl’s name in 2015 was 74.31% less than in 2000.


Did you know Autumn was only popular among girls’ parents from 2009 to 2010? While there are plenty of reasons why it’s part of rare baby names. 

Perhaps, its short time atop BabyCenter’s popularity list is reason enough to bring it back. Or maybe you think another gem deserves a shot at fame. See all the baby names that made our popularity lists last year.


How famous is Sierra? How unique is it? Peak popularity for Sierra was 382nd place in 2014 with five babies. 

Is Sierra a common baby name? Where does it rank all-time according to the Social Security Administration’s most favorite names list? The name was given to only five babies, ranking #383 on our popularity charts. 

Besides, the adoption of this boy’s name was at its highest 135 years ago (#8). So it’s part of those rare baby names. And has become significantly less since (#383, down 78.2%). 


How popular is Braxten? How unique is it? 

Peak popularity for Braxten was 966th place in 2011 with two babies. It’s also part of the rare baby names on our list.


The name Atlas originates from the Greek language and means born of fire. As a baby boy’s name, it is pronounced (AT-liss). Like other rare baby names, Atlas is not commonly used as a baby boy name. 

It is ranked outside of the top 1000 in 2015 Birth Statistics. Similar to Atlas, the name Atli occurs in at least two other languages. Japanese (Atli), Teutonic (Germanic).


Baker is a unisex name of Old English origin. It is a version of Bailey (English). The old English word began meant bake bread or an oven for baking bread. 

More so, this is a boy’s name. The name has several different spellings, including Becan, Bekan, Becken, Beken, and others. 

Further, Baker is not famous as a baby boy’s name. It is not ranked within the top 1000 names. 

In 2015, among the group of boys with this name, 0 were born in England & Wales. While 0 were born in Scotland. The baby name Baker was given to 4 boys in 2012, while seven boys were given that name in 2011. 

In 2012, among all groups of girls named Baker, 0 were born in England & Wales. At the same time, one was born in Scotland. 

In 2012, 1 girl’s name was given, listed as top 100 ranks on female charts. How popular was it? Boys are more likely than girls to be named Baker. 

In 2015, among all groups of girls named Baker, 0 were born in England & Wales. While one was born in Scotland, it’s considered one of the rare baby names. How popular was it?


Several factors can be at play when it comes to baby name popularity. A famous example is Natalie Portman and her husband, Benjamin Millepied. 

In 2009, they gave their son a rare Jewish name– Aleph. The following year, Noam was ranked as one of the top 1,000 names in America. The first time it had ever appeared on that list. 

Furthermore, the name means light in Hebrew and is pronounced no-ahm (as opposed to no-um). It’s possible that Portman’s fame helped popularize Noam as a baby name. 

However, it may also have been because she chose an uncommon spelling. An o instead of an e—that made people take notice. 

Either way, parents seem to love unique spellings because they’re more likely than not to stick around on lists of rare baby names. Like these for years afterward!


Melina is a Greek baby name that means black and dark. It has excellent popularity as a baby girl name among these forms. Melina, like many other rare baby names, has meanings attached to it. 

Primary alternative forms of Melina rated in the Top 2000 are Melanie (#13 in recent rankings), Melissa (#54), and Mellisa (#269). Meline, Melli, Mellie, Mellissa and Milena. 

Following these relations, Melina was popular with her parents two decades ago (usage of 0.4%). And have become much less widespread since (usage 0.1%, 82%), with versions such as Melanie becoming less stylish. With its source form and related girl names.


This name means victor of people and is of Slavic origin. If you’re looking for a spellbinding baby name, you can’t go wrong with Niko. It’s a unique and exotic part of rare baby names, yet it doesn’t sound overly made-up. 

Another bonus? The spelling can be changed to fit either gender. And if you don’t like that meaning, there are plenty of other options. Nicknames include Nicky and Nikki.


In Greek mythology, Cassandra was the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy. She was given two gifts by Apollo: prophecies that were never believed. And an ability to see things in dreams. 

Perhaps an apt moniker for your little girl’s future? If you want something more traditional, Cassandra also made it onto our list of top rare baby names for 2015.


Renata, or Ray-Nah-tah, it’s one of the rare baby names. However, it does have a few celebrity connections. Renata Tebaldi was an Italian opera singer and actress, and she has won both an Oscar and a Grammy.

Renata Flecha de Lima is a Brazilian athlete who competed in archery at the 1988 Summer Olympics. Also, Author Salman Rushdie named one of his characters Renata in The Ground Beneath Her Feet.

Actor John Turturro played a character named Ray Manzino on HBO’s The Sopranos (and subsequently played Renata). But that’s still too close to home to make him eligible here.


Its generally thought that in 1964, Beatles manager Brian Epstein suggested they choose their last name. When they decided to become a band. John Lennon picked Lennon because it was unusual and simple (he later used his middle name, Winston). 

Soon after, Paul McCartney chose McCartney, inspired by his favorite Buddy Holly song, McCartney/Coles. And George Harrison began to wait for it. Harrison! At any rate, Lennon is undoubtedly an excellent name choice. 

Also, if you’re searching for baby names with more of an edge to them. Then your run-of-the-mill classics (say, Emma or Max). 

Try out some cool, rare baby names. Such as Leo and Charlie. And be sure to grab a pair of cute booties too!


A boy name Harlow has been famous from 1880-to 1881. (Top 1000 names, then.) It is a somewhat trendy baby name, having gained popularity since 2005. It has been present for most of the last century and will probably continue to be a favorite in the coming years. 

In addition, Harl is an ancient Anglo-Saxon baby name that arrived with invaders from Old Germanic stock (English). Meaning: defender of man, protector. 


As one of the rare baby names and also a boy name, Cowen was first used in 1905.


Alondra is a Spanish baby name and one of those rare baby names. In Spanish, Alondra means – lark. A traditional name from Spain that has been increasingly used since 1980. 

However, some people have said it’s too similar to Amara and should be avoided now. Its feminine form is Alondra. The name’s popularity has remained about the same in recent years. 

Amongst parents who chose Alondra as their child’s name, 24% chose it because they liked its meaning. While 23% thought it was cute.


It’s hardly used but as one of the rare baby names. Fabian has a certain je ne sais quoi that makes it worth considering. And there’s little doubt Fabian would be an attention-grabber at parent-teacher conferences. 

Moreover, that name comes from a Latin word, which means blond. 

Perhaps not coincidentally, French pop singer Johnny Hallyday (one ́ Jean-Philippe Smet). Chose it for his son with Vanessa Paradis in 2007. It means Faviana, an old Roman family name.


Callum is a male baby name. It is pronounced as KAHL-uhm, and it means battle; war. The baby name Callum has variant spellings such as Calum. 

In English, Callum is a unisex baby name and one of those rare baby names. They are also used as a girl’s name in English.

 As of 2009, there were 1161 males named Callum in Australia. 

However, according to Social Security Administration (SSA), parents have registered 321206 babies born from 1964 to 2012. With Callum as their first name (male). 

Approximately 97787 babies born during that period have Callum as their last name (male). Social Security Administration counts more than 54541 people with the name of Callum living in the United States. They are currently updated on 29 August 2014.


Meadow is a rare baby name that is so perfect and classic. It’s hard to believe it hasn’t been used more often. If you think about it, it sounds like a name from an old-time fairytale. 

This is what I had in mind when I came up with Meadow. (Yes, meadows are lovely and green, but there are other meadows too) 

So, if you want your daughter to stand out from other girls around her by choosing a unique yet timeless baby name, go with Meadow. Try out Meadow today!


Lyra might be a bit on the popular side, but if you’re looking for something super unique. It is an excellent pick. 

According to Nameberry, in 2017, only 65 babies named Lyra were named. And with it being so uncommon, it could make a perfect name for your baby girl. The term has Greek origins and means the lyre. 

So, if you’re feeling a little more unconventional, Lyra is also part of constellation names like Telescopium and Lynx. It’s one of those rare baby names that sound lovely regardless of your spelling. 

Most people will recognize it as a reference to JK Rowling’s character in Harry Potter. It’s quickly rising in popularity on its own merits, especially outside of just literary use.


Aurelio is a baby boy name meaning ‘golden .It is often added to lists like rare baby names for the boy that Girls like—and discussed in our forums with posts like Picky Parents BNG. 

In 2012, just 23 Aurelio’s were born in England and Wales, according to Baby Center data. It was even less common in Scotland: just ten babies got their names from the Latin word meaning golden. 

Sadly, the name has been slowly falling out of favor since its peak in popularity over a decade ago. By 2000 there were more than 100 Aurelio’s born in Britain that year alone. 

These days, however, parents are looking for something else when choosing their child’s name. Or at least trying to avoid traditional baby-name choices. 

But Viking names aren’t trendy anymore – they’re more associated with football hooligans. Then strong warrior women charge into battle alongside men.


Baby girl names don’t get more unique than Bentlee. This unique one of rare baby name are growing in popularity. But it’s also making a significant shift from boys to girls. 

In fact, according to Nameberry, Bentlee was given to nearly nine times as many baby girls in 2017 as it was in 2011! 

In addition, the meaning of bent is probably due to its Scandinavian origin, which means that parents of Norwegian descent first used Bentlee. 

With an increasingly feminine bent (no pun intended). We think that soon Bentlee could be at its peak with U.S.-born baby girls only. Similar to what happened with Aniston and Ashlynne over time.


Casimir is a Polish baby name. In Polish, Casimir means Peaceful ruler, and feminine of Casimir, Powerful defender. Casimir has surged in popularity over recent years, a new trend in rare baby names based on power and strength. 

Surprisingly, the trend has been rising steadily for decades. Where do these rare baby names come from? 

Furthermore, most parents are looking for meaningful and unique names for their children. They want something that reflects their values and personality but also fits into their culture’s naming traditions. 

For example, you might choose to give your child an old-fashioned or religious name like Jacob or Sophia. These types of traditional characters have fallen out of favor over time. But it can still be found among popular baby name lists today.


While Constantine is a well-known masculine name in many parts of Europe, its usage has dropped in recent years. 

In 2017, it was ranked number 1,627 in England and Wales; this means that if you want your daughter to be named after a historical figure. With a strong sense of destiny, she probably won’t have any classmates sharing her name. 

Constantine might be more familiar if your family hails from Eastern Europe or Northern Ireland. It was once a top baby name among rare baby names throughout countries like Russia and Norway.


No doubt due to its Norse meaning as a fisherman. Great for– Fishing enthusiasts, anyone is looking for a unique name, baby girls. 

Nevertheless, over 40 other names mean fisherman in various languages and cultures around the world. So if you go with Fischer, it may be easy to find another rare baby name. That match your style! 

However, thanks to Movies like How To Train Your Dragon, Vikings are more popular than ever. And they have some great names! 

Whether you want something powerful like Hild or peaceful like Astrid, there are plenty of choices that mean something special in their language but sound beautiful in English too.


The baby names were conquerors, traders, explorers, and warriors. As such, you might imagine that they had little time for baby-naming parties. 

Many people of Norse descent adopted names from other cultures once they settled in new lands. Still, there are some great and rare baby names to choose from if you’re searching for something with a little more Scandinavian authenticity. 

Whether your kiddo lives by Norse standards or is far from their homeland and culture, she’ll enjoy any of these names that celebrate her roots! They’re just so pretty! Don’t believe us? Scroll down and see for yourself!

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