9 Qualities of a Good Husband

Good Husband

Every woman dreams of having a perfect marriage. Whether as a single lady, or a married lady. Everyone wants a spouse with the right qualities.

Probably you’re a man either married or unmarried; this article will aid you in grooming quality attributes of a good husband. #HusbandMaterial

Below are the ideals of a good husband or traits of a good spouse .

Good Team Work

A major attribute of a good husband is the spirit of teamwork. As a husband, you must realise that you and your wife belong to the same team.

This union has formed an alliance, or better still a partnership. There must be a unity of purpose and pursuit. Therefore, being a good team player is vital in any marriage.

Now that you are married, the ‘ONLY YOU’ factor should not exist. And this selflessness heightens when kids comes along.  It is not always about you, but you need to think about other person’s as well.

A  good husband is a great team player; he exhibits. Never undermine her decisions in front of your children, visitor or relations.

Since marriage is a partnership of the man and his wife, a good husband must be considerate in making decisions. You must seek and respect the opinions, thoughts and views of you spouse especially on matters that affects the family, whether big or small.

Yes, needs and preferences of each individual differs, but a great team work is working together to fulfil dreams and also achieve a goal.


Every healthy relationship thrives on love and affection. A lot of relationships take a down turn after a few years. Changes such as advent children, work, family, pressures, financial challenges etc.

Can sank any marriage but a good husband always show love and care at every point in time. It is a hard choice to make especially when the problem is coming from your wife.

You must show support, love physically and emotionally. Spend quality time with your family, accept and forgive the flaws of your wife. Women love it when men notice their scent, a new hair, a new dress just to get noticed.

A good husband can be loving when he gives affection his wife deserves , when he gets fond of his wife, kisses and embraces her . These will make him so sweet and romantic no matter the years that may have gone by.  

Protect and provide

One of the quality of a good husband is to protect and provide for his family needs first. To protect his territory is a natural instinct. Even in today’s world, women realize that a good economic partner is good husband material.

Regardless of that, some men shy away from such responsibilities, especially financial responsibilities. Irrespective of your wife’s payroll (higher or less than yours), a man should provide for his family.

A man who truly loves his wife will bring home his input (money) to make sure that his family have all they need. This is a core purpose of a man.

Also a good husband should have an innate quality of protecting his wife/family against danger, risks, disrespect, or hurt. He is a protector and should  do anything within his power to defend his family’s honour.

Patience, Forgiveness and Self-control

The three are listed together because they are intertwined. These virtues are so important. Relationships have been destructed due to unforgiveness on a part of a partner, or  lack of patience and self-control.

A good husband has self-discipline. So for you to be a good husband you should know how to control yourself  by avoiding  gluttony, drunkenness, idleness, lust, and other vices.

The self-restraint is to control oneself even when you are offended with your  wife without hitting her, destroying tangibles, or taking revenge against her. You must be patient enough to your family and other people around you if need be. And you must show tolerance or endurance during crisis or troubling times.

Aside forgiving others, even a great husband is bound to mistakes but when he does, he doesn’t deny them but rather admits he was wrong and works to repair the damage he has done.

A very huge percentage of men would not apologise for wrong during as a result of their ego or because they are the head of the home , they feel they can do whatever they want and like.

Take note, as a good husband “recognizing one’s mistakes is a virtue, and a vital step towards peace and a successful marriage.”


Good Husband
Happy young handsome loving husband rising hand, twisting laughing mixed race wife at modern light kitchen. Affectionate married family couple enjoying romantic active weekend time together at home.

Communication is the interaction between two or more persons. Communication is an essential key for a healthy marriage because it makes you know how the other person feels.

And with regards to female hormones, women are attuned emotionally, that is the reason they thrive on communication. To have an outstanding marriage, a man must be able to properly communicate with his wife.

Something to watch out for; whatever you want to say to your wife must be said in love and at the proper time. A good husband must listen with empathy, listen for emotions, and listen with rapt attention.

Support and Availability

Women really appreciate men who take the efforts to like things that she does or who support them in their hobbies, ambitions and passions. This is the basic quality of a good husband. He shows concerns for even small things.

A good husband is one who supports his family through his good  and bad. He listens and guide his family to the right path and support their personal decision if need be.

And mind it, if you  doesn’t support your family on their personal decision , doesn’t mean you are not supportive. Make it known to them that you do not think they are on the right track. If need be as a good husband, you can be a good counsellor to your family.

A good husband is available emotionally, financially, physically, and so on. That is why although it might be difficult sometimes to play with your kids after coming from work, but if you love your kids so much, you will do it.

By having fun with the children, not only shows your wife that you are a good husband but also a good father. And it shows your wife that you are in this together.


Good leadership traits are needed in every marriage and every great husband. And as a good husband, you must be persistent, consistent, and reliable, has initiative, and knows how to guide and lead your family to the right path.

This will also make you a good role model to your children.

A good husband or husband material, carries that passion and drive in order to achieve his dream for himself and his family. He is not discouraged and he does not give up even after several attempts. He continues no matter how hard or how long it will take to meet his family goals.


An attribute of a good husband is a God-fearing person. You must obey God’s commandments and practices His teachings in life.

You try to bring your family closer to God. You have moral standards and values which lays a deeper foundation to your personality. This also help you  shows support to your family spiritual life as a good husband.

Honesty and Faithfulness

Oh, what wonders these virtues can do. Some synonyms of faithfulness includes loyalty, devotion, dedication, trustworthiness or commitment.

Telling your wife the truth, not hiding things from her and involving her in every aspect of your life will earn her trust and will ensure that you gain respect and honesty right back from her.

A woman always wants a man that is dependable. When a need arises, she will feel more secure to depend on an honest and a faithful man because his words count!  He is true to his wife, family, others and also  true to his character.

That is why, she is confident in her husband’s ways.


Make a difference , stand out as a good husband in whatever you do. And don’t make your wife be the head of the family because you are not taking your responsibilities as the man of the house. Make your wife boast of you wherever and whenever. Be the man that every woman wish for. Be the #husbandmaterial.

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