Popular and Unique Punjabi or Sikh Names for Your Baby Boy

Punjabi names for boy

While choosing a cute name for your new-born can be an exciting journey, it can also be an overwhelming task. Whatever name you settle for becomes the child’s identity for life. Ideally, one should go for a name that has a character to it, which may help form your baby’s unique personality.

There are tons of name picking methods and customs just as there are a wide variety of names to choose from. There are endless possibilities in this field. But the most important thing when choosing a baby name for your baby boy or girl is that you go in for the one that appeals to you most.

In the Sikh community, a major determinant in the process of picking a baby’s name is religion. Sikh names are usually selected from the Sikh’s Holy Book, the Guru Granth Sahib.

Tips for picking the best Sikh and Punjabi name for your baby boy. Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing a Sikh or Punjabi baby boy name:

  • You can always pick a name from the scriptures of the Guru Granth Sahib to get a spiritual name for your baby.
  • You can go for a unique name with spiritual meaning for your baby based on the initial letter of random hymns from the Sikh’s holy book.
  • Most of the Sikh names are usually not gender-specific and can be used for boys and girls. For instance, Gurpreet can be a girl’s name as well as a boy’s name. Common names are often differentiated by adding the suffix Singh for boys and the suffix Kaur for girls.
  • It’s best you avoid selecting names that are overly popular and common.
  • For common Punjabi baby boy names, you can go for names whose meanings may relate to traditional masculine livelihoods like war or soldiering.
  • You can also create your own exclusive baby name by combining the common names like Aman, Akal, Fateh, Ek, Deep, with a prefix or suffix. For example, Deepjot, Arshdeep.
  • Make sure that the name you choose or create flows easily and is not difficult to comprehend or pronounce.

The most beautiful gift that any parent can give their child is the gift of a unique and inspiring name that will remain with them for the rest of his life. Some parents, when they hold their bouncing baby boy in their arms for the first time and look down into his lovely face, may naturally get the clarity of the perfect name to christen their little bundle of joy.

List of Unique Sikh Baby Boy Names

Here is a list of some unique Sikh baby boy names:

Agamjotthe profound, far-reaching, light of God
AchintWithout worry
AneeldeepHoly, pristine light
BhatgatveerThe fearless devotee of God
Balnoorlight of the strong
Chiragdeeplamp, light
Chirjotthe light that lasts till infinity
Dalerbold, valiant, brave, heroic, fearless
Dhanmeetone who is friendly with charity
Damanjeetvictory over suppression
Dilsherlion-hearted, or one who is determined and brave
Ekjotone divine light, God is one
Ekamoneness with God; united, supreme spirit, unmatched
Fatehbirvictorious brave, champion
Fazilnoorthe light of the supreme, scholar
Gulshandeepthe lamp of the rose garden
Guntajone who wears the crown of many talents
Guneetmeritorious, worthy, talented
Gurvaiddivine knowledge
HarbirGod’s warrior
Harbakshdivinely gifted
Ikbirone who is courageous
Inderveerwarrior of the world
Jagvirvictor of the world
Jaikaarglorious, shinning victory or success
Kuwarjeeta victorious prince
Karanveerbrave and kind warrior
Lajpalguardian of honor
Lakbirone with the bravery of one hundred thousand
Manrajone who rules over hearts
Manandeepenlightened soul, mind, conscience
Navtejoriginal, new light
Nirmalpure and clean
Opindernearness to God
Ompreetlove for the divine name
Paramjotthe supreme light, divine light
Palvindermoments spent remembering God
Qudratpower, might, strength, nature
Raftaarspeed, gait
Ranbirtriumphant in war, a valiant warrior
Sachdeeplight of divine truth
Sarabjotall-pervading, powerful light
Santokhcontentment and peace; serenity
Tejpalprotector of light, intense glory, splendor
Taranjitvictory over opression, bondage
Tribhavanking of the three worlds
Theeranwielder of the arrow
Udayvirrising brave
Upkarkindness, favor
Upindercloseness to God
Veerjotbrave, courageous
Vachanvow, declaration, speech
Wicharreflection, musing on God
Wasimjitgraceful triumph
Yuvrajprince; heir to be
Yadvirspecial; memorable

Modern Sikh Baby Boy Names

Some modern Sikh baby boy names can be:

Name Meaning
Arshbirdominion of sky
Akalbirimmortal warrior of God
Balbirmighty and brave
Baazeagle, falcon, to play a musical instrument
Bhavneetgood of the world
Birjotlight of the courageous
Chetveerbrave, conscious
Chehzaadprince; a leading light
Dharvanbirheroic winner
Darshpreetthe love for Lord Krishna
Devjotdivine light
Eqbaldestiny, glory
Ekjeetthe only triumphant; champion
Fatehjitvictorious conqueror
Fakeera saintly person
Furmansupreme or divine command
Fojiinderarmy troop of the God of heaven
Gunkarone who owns many merits
Gianjotdivine light of knowledge
Hargunone who has Godly qualities
Harditgranted by God
Harneeteternal God; beautiful
Ishitone who wishes to rule
Itbaarconviction, faith
Ikroopdivine oneness
Japsinging hymn, chant God’s name
Jaideepvictory light
KaramGod’s grace; personal deeds
Laajbirvery respectful
Lokejprotector of honor
Majeetone who is present in the mind
Manvirbrave heart
Naambirbrave one who remembers God
Mukundaname of lord Vishnu
Navnoorlight of happiness
OpraajGod’s kingdom
Onkarpreetlove of the inseparable creator
Palbindermoments spent remembering God
PushpinderGod of flower
Paweetruler, king
Pooranthe perfect or complete man
Rachanbircreative and brave
Ranjitvictor in wars
Rajandeepthe light of the king; discerning light
Ratandeepvaluable like the God’s light
Rjbirbrave warrior of the rule; superior
Rasamritone who has the highest Elixir
Saranbirbrave in God’s protection
Sabjeetchampion of everything
Sachpalguardian of truth
Tajpreetalways happy
Tapanjotdivine light of warmth
Uditbirradiant, brave
Uchitpalprotector of righteousness
Udaiyanthe rising

Latest Punjabi Baby Names for Boys

Some latest Punjabi baby names for boys can be:

Aadjotdivine light of God
Anokhunique and wondrous
Aajittone who cannot be defeated
Birpalthe bearer of good fortune, lucky
Bishanpalraised by God
Charaton victorious, successful path
Chaitanrealization, consciousness
Chanderjitconqueror of the moon
Dayabirbrave in kindess
Dilbirfriendly; beloved
Dheerajbirbrave and persistent
Ekasone God; one in all God’s creatures; different
Eashara Godly person, good man
Gurdasguru’s devotee
Gursheelhumility blessed by the Guru
Gajanto roar; thunder
GurvirGuru’s warrior
Haransha part of God
Hansswan; gracious God
HarnekGod’s honorable person
Harmanloved by all
Iktajone ruler; one crown
Ikhtiarpower; control; authority
Jagatworld; the universe
Jaghrawakened soul; enlightenment
Kananjungle, forest
Livtarunending love or adoration for God
Mahipearth’s protector
Mantajcrown of the mind
Navrajnew, novel rule
Narveera brave person
Ojas full of brilliance, light;; the nectar of life, body strength
Pahalthe beginning
Pagatclean and pure
Raunaqliving in splendor
Ranaking of battle field
Raushanfamous, illustrious person; the exalted
RavirajLord Surya; King of the Sun
Samrathall powerful
Shamanone who knows
Sabrrfortitude, patience
Shamsercourageous like a lion
Sikandera great king
Tandeepinner light, soul
Tarunpalprotector of freshness, youth
Taransavior of all; heaven
Uddamhard work, effort
UnkarName of God
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