150 Punjabi and Sikh Baby Names for You Baby Girl

Punjabi and Sikh Baby Names for You Baby Girl

As long as history can remember, traditional Indian Punjabi baby girls’ names have always been chosen based on religious references and old scriptures such as the Sikh’s holy book.

Though it’s a cool name choice method, it may not go well for a girl who will be growing into a woman in the 21st century.

If you are looking for a unique name for your beloved daughter, which can keep up with the pace of modern times and still maintain a balance between her roots, then our list of Punjabi baby girl names may just have the name you’re looking for.

How to choose The right Sikh Name For Your Baby Girl

If you are a Sikhist and want to pick a name for your baby girl based on the religion, it’s important to go for those that can appeal to your baby as well once she grows up.

Choose one that is not too complicated to pronounce so that your little angel can start saying her own name easily as well.

It is best not to consider names that are too entrenched into mythology, as your girl may not fancy it once she grows up. Plus, you don’t want her to start changing or identifying with another name simply because the name you chose isn’t cool.

Picking a suitable name from various popular Sikh baby girl names can be a daunting task, especially when you have numerous options. Make sure to speak with your partner and choose a name that works for both of you as well as your baby girl.

Unique Sikh Baby Names for Girls

Here is a list of Sikh baby girl names that are unique in their meaning and usage.

Aadthe beginning of everything, including time
Aabbeing in the present
Aagyaa polite woman and obedient daughter
Akaljeettimeless and eternal victory. also means triumph of God
Aasthe power of hope
Bargittaan extremely powerful and strong young woman
Baleena slender and pretty girl
Bijullightning flash
Bisanpreetlove of God
Birvasomeone as marvelous and gentle as a leaf
Bishanthe immaculate God
Charanpala girl, protected by staying close to the feet of God
Chainpreetthe one who is obsessed with the moon
Chaddaa warrior princess born in the heat of battle
Chunione who is cherished like a scarf you hold close to you
Charanpreetforstered under the Lord’s feet
Chayanpreetthe girl who is mesmerised by the presence of the moon
Dilreetan emotion that comes from a heart filled with love
Divjyotthe bringer of heavenly light
Dilreeta lion; they are hearty traditions
Ekkamthe one who is united
Grahinia perfect and wonderful housewife
Gaganpreetthe woman with love as vast as the sky
Gyanleena girl who is immersed in the light of heavenly knowledge
Gurkiranradiance and brightness of the Guru; the ray of Guru’s light
Greethaa girl with quick wits and a clever mind
Gyanpreetthe girl endowed with the divine knowledge of the heavens
Griyashithe divinity and beauty of a decent woman
Gurmeeta companion of the Guru; friend of the Guru; a variant spelling of Gurmit
Gurleenthis name was coined two words guru and leen. Guru means lord or master and leen means absorbed. So Gurleen directly translates as a person who is absorbed in the guru
Harveena person who always ensures to love another
Haabthe bringer of friendship, love and affection in the world
Heydiaa pleasant and charming young woman
Harleenfeminine of Harley
Haryatha free, liberated and confident girl
Hirominthe one who keeps the home comfortable and warm
Husianaan extremely attractive and beautiful girl
Husnahthe girl endowed with the impeccable beauty of the eternal
Haspirashining as bright as the star in the evening sky
Ikamroophaving the visage of the Lord himself
Juleenthe one who brings wealth or the leader of all good
Junalthe person who spreads happiness around them
Juneetathe girl with the gift of seeing through the complications of the world
Jheela woman who adorns the calm and quiet of a still lake
Junakhithe one with honest intentions to explore more truths about the world
Jumarithe person who is willing to share their experience with the world
Jaunasomeone born with the grace of God and as gentle as a dove
KatiyaKatiya means perfect or pure
Panayaa girl who brings honor and pride to her family
Ruhaa girl on the path of success
Shirinaa peaceful and dark night
Simratone who meditates to remember
Smirtaa woman skillful at meditating through the troubles
Teijinderjeetone who wins God of greatness
Staleenjeeta girl who is successful in all her life’s endeavors
Suhkjotthe light that the peace gives
Tejindepreetone who loves the mighty God
Sukhjyotthe bright flame of happiness
Sukhminderthe place where happiness is prayed for
Sukhleenthe woman on whom the Almighty bestows the eternal light of happiness
Tavleencaptivated by the almighty

List Of Modern Punjabi Baby Girl Names

Punjabi and Sikh Baby Names for You Baby Girl

With the current trends and development, most parents want to name their girls with a word that has a touch of modernity to it, but also relative to their roots. You’ll find a modern Punjabi baby girl name on this list that would surely do justice to both.

Ajoonithe one who brings victory for God
Akaljeetlove of ideals
Akaalgod, timeless, omnipotent
Agampreetthe one who loves god
Amarjotthe immortal light
Arheersomeone as precious as a diamond
Arjyotthe excitement of a new beginning
Baisakhithis is a widely-known Punjabi festival and is also an awesome name for your baby girl
Balvinderthe girl who uses her strength to win over everyone
Bhagvanjyotthe girl who carries the light of the Almighty
Bijula girl as sharp and terrific as the lightning strike
Chitranjaninner joy
Charanjeetwinning the assistance of Guru’s lotus feet
Dilpreetpleasing to the heart, of one’s liking
Ekamthe girl exploiting the strength of unity
Gianione having revered divine knowledge
Gunkeeratone who sings the praises of a guru
Gurinderguru; lord
Gurvinderguru; lord
Gyanpreetone who loves the divine knowledge
Harsheedaone who brings joy to the whole world
Hushaimaa modest woman
Ikantikasomeon born with a particular focus in life
Janeena woman endowed with the grace of God
Janikasomeone who is as kind and compassionate as the almighty
Ishaanaone who beholds all the glory and wealth
Jaafia girl who is just and fair
Jaanasisomeone who has been sent from paradise to earth
janavathe girl with a feminine essence
Janeethe provider of mercy for the eviuls of man
Junaraaja woman who has mercy and loves mankind
Jaganmohinia name for Durga accepted by the Sikh
Janileeone who is as charming as a lush green field
Janiyaa woman who extends the love of God to everyone
Juninaone who brings the charm and energy of youth
Kajallaone who is endowed with the strength as strong as iron
Kajalithe attraction an eyeliner brings to a woman’s eyes
Kajarias excited and susceptible as a little bird
Kalaithe charming sound of the birds chirping
Kaninaa woman bustling with youthfulness
Kaashikaa woman born with a silky-smooth skin
Maahithe great union of the heavens and the earth
maanvithe daughter of the entire mankind
Kathikathe bringer of strength and courage to everyone
Katreesaa graceful and elegant woman
katrianaa pure and divine woman
Kaydeequite different from the Hindi meaning; this word means a pure virginal girl
Leshyaa royal woman blessed with God’s illumination
Prahlaa girl who is pleased with her life
Shirima girl that resembles the resounding echo of infinity
Makalia wonderful woman bringing with her the calm of a full moon
Mayukhisomeone as captivating as a beautiful peacock
Nihaarathe unseen beauty of the morning mist
Surinderthe queen of all Gods in heaven
Taijnderpreetsomeone who is in love with the might of God
Sumarleena girl who is created from memory
Sukhwinderthe woman who will carve her own destiny
Sukrajanyaa girl who as a peaceful mind and heart
tatleena girl who understands the final truth of life
Tavleena woman with the captivating beauty of God himself

Latest Sikh Baby Girl Names

Every parent wants to name their baby girls with names that would be classy as well as trendy even today, and surely, you are no exception. You can go through the following names to pick the right one that suits your preferences.

Aaimathe unquestionable leader of all living
Aarushafirst ray of the sun
Aasthaa fulfilled light of an elder woman
Advekaanother name for mother earth
Agemdeepbeyond limits
Alishathe salvation offered by God
Amalinderpure god
AgamjotGod’s light
Anyaa woman with endless gracefullness
Beenathe melody with muscal instruments
Bhavyaa marvelous feeling of joy
Brithia woman who brings nourishment and strength to humans
Chandeepbright of moon
Chitraa gorgeous piece of art
Chahakthe call of a lover
Deveeraa girl representing the mysticism of mother earth
Diyathe bright and divine light of God
Dayvathe woman with the face of a Goddess
Faheemaone who is learned and wise
Falakthe meeting point of the heavens and the sky
Gehanathe precious beauty of great jewelry
Geetpopularized by a movie of the same name, it refers to the beauty of a song
Harbaksha gift from God
Haimaa name for Goddess Parvati adopted by the Sikhs
Hansathe gracefulness of a swan
Iffatthe virtue and honor of being chaste
Ikishathe one and only true God
Ineeta woman with incomparable beauty
Ishitathe master of wealth and superiority
Jasua bright girl with brains
Jiyasomeone with a marvelous heart
Kayaone with the body of a goddess
Kainaatthe essence of the entire universe
Kamilia virtuous woman
Keerata worshipper and devotee of God
Laylathe alluring beauty of the night
Leena kind and soft girl
Mannata promise that will always be fulfilled
Mehaka sweet fragrance
Nehara girl as beautiful as a dewdrop
Naazthe bringer of glory and pride
Omikathe blessinhgs of God
Ondeepthe light of all graciousness
Paakhian unseen pretty flower
Praneetdear one
Praavia woman with incredible beauty
Reetthe tradition of all life
Ruhithe spirit of the soul
Saachiborn with the blessings of Gods
Saarpreetessence of love
Sargunall the quality
Safathe clear purity of innocence
Tavguna woman of all good qualities
Taraa girl as bright as a star
Upneetsomeone close to the heart
Viharithe one loved by Krishna
Yugneetforged by the divine fire
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