45 Puerto Rican Names for Boys and Girls

Puerto Rican Names

Puerto Rico’s rich culture and history have led to the development of some exciting names. Particularly in the realm of given names. You won’t find too many John Smiths on this list.

Most of these names are derived from Spanish or Native American influences. Our complete list of Puerto Rican names includes origin, meaning, and pronunciation!


In English-speaking countries, Luis is a common given name for males. It is also used as a surname in English-speaking and Hispanic countries (e.gMexico, Spain, and Peru). Spanish-speaking countries use it as a given name or nickname.

Furthermore, a similar meaning with no relation to Luís would be Louis, another common given name for males.

Luis has been among the top ten Puerto Rican names given to newborn boys in Spain every year since 1910. According to I.N.E. statistics, it was number one from 2005 to 2010 but dropped to #4 in 2011.


Sebastián is one of the typical Puerto Rican names in Spanish-speaking countries. It is a common first name for men in Spain, Mexico, and many other countries. It is derived from Latin Sebastianus, meaning from Sebastia. 

Additionally, the Latin form was taken from Greek(sebastianós), derived from (sebastós). A venerable, a derivative of (basein), foundation. In ancient Rome, it was pretty standard as an epithet bestowed upon those freed by Emperor Vespasian.


Diego is a Spanish name that was popularized by Saint Diego de Alcalá. It’s also derived from the Old Germanic language and translates as Lord.

Some famous Diegos include rapper Wisin, actor Diego Luna, soccer player Diego Maradona, and basketball player Manu Ginóbili. 

Also, Gustavo (derived from Swedish) translates as watchful or vigilant. Classic-sounding Latin names like José (Joseph), Leonardo (Leonard), Martín (Martin), Rodrigo (Rodrigo), Santiago (James), and Ángel (Angel) are popular. They are all still trendy in Puerto Rican names.


Adrian has a variety of possible origins, including Celtic, Roman, and Gaelic. It’s believed to have first appeared in England during the Middle Ages.

It wasn’t until later that it was brought to Latin America. For example, Adrian may sound foreign when you hear it for the first time.

If you look into its roots, you’ll find it’s a relatively common Puerto Rican name, even in many places outside Puerto Rico, like Mexico. 

We bet some people from your school or workplace have one or two Adrians as co-workers. Adrian is one of those popular Puerto Rican names that would fit your child.


With 11 characters, Carlos is considered one of the long Puerto Rican names. This makes it shorter than average (considering the average length sits at 12.97 characters). Of note, however, Carlos is pretty famous as a name for both boys and girls in America. 

Also, it ranks at #2439 on our Social Security Administration’s most recent list of Puerto Rican names by popularity. In other countries, it is less commonly used as a male name. Outside of America, it uses only about 0.001% of nicknames/variants.

However, it has never been ranked among the top 1000 Puerto Rican names. Depending on the context, Spanish speakers may pronounce Carlos in English differently from how an English speaker would pronounce it in Spanish.


Jose is one of the famous Puerto Rican names, both as a first and second name. As a first name, it ranks ninth in popularity. Josephine is an English form of Jose. 

Also, it has several spelling variations, including Joséphine, Josèphe, Josette, Josefa, and Josefine. The phonetic equivalent to Joséphine is Hosefina or Hzefina.


Although many people don’t know it, Dylan is one of the Puerto Rican names. It comes from Don and is originally Celtic in origin.

Historically, Dylan was primarily used by Welsh speakers and writers before becoming more popular with English-speaking artists and musicians. 

However, if you find that there are other Dylans or Dylands where you live, it might be worthwhile. You can research why that person ended up being called that way. Is it because they have an Irish background? 

Besides, do you think their family has an odd sense of humor? Either way, as a Puerto Rican name, go; Dylan is a beautiful one! Especially for little boys who want to sound cool when talking about themselves!


Gabriel is a common name for boys in Latin America but is also widely used in Europe and North America. The name means hero or strong man and is derived from Gabriel. One of several angels with supernatural powers named in The Bible. 

Furthermore, Gabriel has recently become more prevalent in Puerto Rico. However, don’t expect your son to be the only Gabriel he knows.

According to research by BabyCenter, over 230 boys were named Gabriel on average between 2010 and 2014! Even so, experts say you can use Gabriela as a unisex alternative if you prefer it. Do you think Gabriel is one of the Puerto Rican names you’d like to try?


Jaden is a name you might not expect to see in Spanish-speaking countries. However, a few notable people have one of these Puerto Rican names. Jaden Smith is the son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith.

He is an actor who first gained popularity through his role in The Pursuit of Happyness. Jaden is one of those popular Puerto Rican names your child can gain favor from!


In both English and Spanish, Kevin has more than one meaning. Pronounced keh-vin, it means little fountain in Celtic. When written Cevino, it can also be the last name with no relation to Kevin Costner.

However, both ways are used in Spanish, although Cevino is more common. Kevin is a great name and one of the unique Puerto Rican names.


Also popular in Ireland, but not as expected. It is a common name for boys and girls in England and Wales. A few famous Miguels include tennis player Miguel Ángel Jiménez, boxer Miguel Cotto, and screenwriter Miguel Arteta. 

Additionally, in Arabic, Miguel means who is like God. Think about that before you give your son such a huge ego boost. Do you know any Spanish speakers? 

Then ask them if they know anyone named Miguel. I’ll bet you $10 they do. Miguel is one of the famous Puerto Rican names.


Rian, as a boy’s name, is pronounced REE-ahn. It is of Hawaiian origin, and the meaning of Rian is royal presence. Variant spelling of Irish Gaelic Riordan, meaning little king. 

Furthermore, Rian was also an author. Do you want any of these Puerto Rican names for your baby! Rian is a good choice!


Ricardo was once a trendy name in Spanish-speaking countries, particularly Mexico. In that country, it means leader or brave. Although today it’s not as common as it once was, it’s still a lovely and masculine name. 

There are also many variations: Riquelme and Riquelme are both common examples. The former is considered more elegant, whereas the latter is more boyish. Choose any of these Puerto Rican names if you want something with less flair.


Gustavo is a unisex given name, mainly used for males. It is a Germanic name derived from two Germanic words. Gust means spirit or wind, and wodan, which means God. 

As a result, this gave gust-wodan, which became Gustavo in Spanish. In Latin America, it is pronounced as Guŭ status. It is one of the tremendous unisex Puerto Rican names.


Jariel is a name that means Power or Thunderbolt. The term has Hebrew origins. Jariel can be traced back to Biblical characters like Jair and Haniel. 

Also, the most famous person named Jariel was probably an archangel. Whose name probably appeared in 3 different books of the Bible. Also, there are five saints by that name, two popes, and two church doctors. 

There are also other notable historical figures. Overall it’s safe to say it’s one of the pretty rare Puerto Rican names you won’t run into every day. Also, it isn’t hard to remember since it is so unique and sounds like a cool last name!


YUahir is a puertorican name. The meaning of YUahir is excellent and famous. What does YUahir mean? The exact definition of YUahir is an outstanding and remarkable man. 

Furthermore, in Puerto Rico, there are thousands of first names, and every day more children are born with new ones.

Puerto Rican names from various origins and meanings, biblical or mythological, have reached our days! Also, they have been loved by thousands of people throughout history.


The name Yandel comes from Ancient African origins. In the Latin language meaning Strong, robust, and their variants are names that begin with Yande. It is a Spanish variation of the female given name Yandere, which is believed to have originated in Asia.

Also, it is a short form of various names beginning with Yan or In Japanese or Korean. The modern forms of these Puerto Rican names generally come from Chinese transliterations and combinations involving yan. Other variations include Yen.


Jomar is a Spanish name for boys. The meaning is ‘someone who appreciates’ The name Jomar is most commonly given to American boys. 

However, this name is not popular in The United States. It was listed as #2990. Amarion, Manuel, and Kameron are the main alternative forms of Jomar rated in current use in 2015. Adoption of these relations of Jomar was at its highest seven years ago.

In conclusion, it has remained as common to this day. Omar, Jalil, and Jamari are three popular variations.


Although it has different meanings and origins, Roberto is a common name in Spanish and English-speaking countries. Most typically, Roberto is used as a masculine given name.

In Spanish, it means brave wolf, while in Portuguese, it can mean bright fame. However, Roberto is also sometimes used as a surname in English-speaking countries.

Its origins are much more straightforward. The Old French variant of Robert was popularized by Robert Guiscard. He was one of William The Conqueror’s chief lieutenants during his conquest of England in 1066.


One of the female Puerto Rican names, Yadriek, combines Yadira and Ariadna, both familiar-sounding Spanish names.

It can be used as an alternate spelling for Yadierka, which is one way to spell Yaderica. Those are just some examples you can find in any church book or birth certificate. 

Also, the list is pretty long. I’ll leave it at that so you don’t get overwhelmed by all those friendly-looking Puerto Rican names. Remember, most will have i somewhere since many Puerto Rican surnames end with -i. Good luck with your search!


Email is one of the masculine Puerto Rican names. This name has six letters and two syllables. This name is used as both an English and Spanish female name.

Yamail means Warlord or Powerful Ruler. Further, Yamil’s origin is Latin. Yamail is a contraction of Liam.  


The name Sagio was given to boy babies in 2012, ranking at #872. Sago is a unique name with no exact English translation that Native Americans and Spanish-speaking countries commonly use. It is said to mean wise or intelligent. 

Furthermore, the nicknames for Sagio are Siagio, Sergio, Aggie, and Godo. The names similar to Sagio include Gaia, Skye, and Lacey.

The origin of our Puerto Rican names found on SpanishNamesPedia comes from many different cultures throughout history.  

For instance, Greek mythology, Hebrew language, Celtic/Gaelic, Latin, etc. Sagio is a fantastic Puerto Rican name that might fit your baby well!


Omar is a common first name in many Spanish-speaking countries, particularly those with large Muslim populations. In Spanish, it means Vigorous. It was popularized by a character named Omar (played by Ben Kingsley) in 1985’s Sexy Beast. 

However, if you’re looking for an exotic first name, Omar could be it! While not typically given to children, especially outside places with large Muslim populations, it’s used in some parts of Latin America as a surname instead. But there are plenty more.


Denzel is also among the masculine Puerto Rican names. This was among those names given to babies born in 1940 and 1960. Denzel means God has heard. 

It is commonly used as a baby boy name. It belongs of Spanish origin. Denzel is one of the beautiful Puerto Rican names you can give your baby boy.


You won’t see Yarelis on many lists of popular female Puerto Rican names. This doesn’t mean it isn’t a great choice. This name has an appealing nature that might make you wonder why more parents don’t take advantage of it. 

For starters, Yarelis is a soft and feminine name that would complement your daughter’s traditional and feminine last name.

As you may already know, having her first and last words match up perfectly is excellent! It is something you can never have too much of. 

In addition to being easy on your ears, Yarelis possesses a certain charm and grace with its soft R. This makes it an excellent choice for both older and younger girls.


Julian is one of the old female Puerto Rican names popularized in 1904 by a Puerto Rican fiction writer. The given name Julianys has been around for nearly 100 years. In 2015 it reached its highest position yet, with 0.1195% of baby girls being given names that year. 

Also, for many centuries before 1900, Juliana was not much used as a first name. However, it existed relatively commonly as a surname on a global scale.


Kamilah is a feminine given name with Arabic origins. It is a variation of Kamal. Kamilah means perfection and fulfillment in Arabic. Other forms include: Kameelah, Kamela, Kamilla and Komala.

The latter two are found mainly in India and Pakistan. Kamilah, one of the Puerto Rican names, can also be used as an anglicized version of Cemile.


Jarielys is a puertorican name. Jarielys comes from Spanish origins. The meaning of Jarielys is the Lord is my helper. They come from a variety of different cultures. 

Also, in English, which is also commonly used, it means Jehovah has helped me. The feminine form for JarielysisisAsi is one of the Puerto Rican names. Asi comes from Spanish origins. The meaning of Asi is I am with Him. 

Consequently, they come from a variety of different cultures. In English, which is also commonly used, it means with God. The feminine form for the Asipuertorican name, Aimee, comes from Spanish origins.


In most Latin American countries, Angeles is considered a male name, and Annelies is a female name. If you’re looking for a Puerto Rican baby girl name and are interested in unique names, give Angeles some consideration. 

This baby girl’s name has been growing in popularity in recent years but still doesn’t have too much market share.

Angeles was given to over 500 Puerto Rican girls in 2016 but only 300 girls in 2007. The top names right now that have been given to Puerto Rican girls include Myrajuliz and Maryarielis. 

As a result, it might be tough for Angeles to compete with these two current favorites. Twenty times more babies use these Puerto Rican names than Angeles.


Elias is a female name with Latin origins. The meaning of Elianys is ‘Eliana’s.’ How prevalent is Elianys? 

Of 5,902,681 records in the U.S. Social Security Administration public data, 160 people have the first name Elianys. That’s about 0.002% of the population. In other words, it’s a short first name for females. 

However, a somewhat common surname really like Guadalupe is a Spanish surname. Elias is one of those Puerto Rican names you can’t go wrong with.


The meaning of Claudia, Spanish for lame or to limp, might seem a bit harsh. You’ll feel differently if you remember that all our names come from Spain. This was historically a way to inform others that someone wasn’t from Spain, so it also means foreigner. 

Consequently, it makes sense when you look at it like that! The history of this name doesn’t mean it isn’t one of the best Puerto Rican names.


Dariana is a feminine given name of Spanish origin. It has been very rarely used as an English name since 1840. Since 2012, it has reached a new peak in popularity in Spain, ranking among the 400 most popular girls’ names

Furthermore, its use as a given name has also increased in France and Italy. Dariana was originally a Latinized form of Daria derived from Persian Darya, meaning sea. The modern Persian word for sea is daryâ.

In addition to its use as a female first name, Dariana may also be used as a Puerto Rican name for males. It can also be used as a surname. 


Daniella is a girl’s name, meaning God is my judge. Daniella is a popular Spanish and English feminine given name, equivalent to Danielle in English.

It was #82 on the 1900–1909 list of top-ranking American names selected by the Social Security Administration since 1934.

However, it was not in the top 1,000 from 1901–to 1910. Daniella, one of the Puerto Rican names, ranked in the Top 200 until 2010 when it dropped out.


This name is a feminine variation of Vincent, which comes from Latin meaning conqueror. The male version of Bianca, one of the Puerto Rican names, is Vince. Bianca was used as a character’s name in Flaubert’s Madame Bovary.

Furthermore, it was also used as Hermione Granger’s middle name is Harry Potter, which likely propelled it to popularity. In recent years, it has been ranked among the top names for girls in France and Italy. It has also appeared on television several times.

For instance, Friends as Rachel Green’s sister, Gilmore Girls as Paris Geller’s sister, and Devious Maids as Marisol Suarez. It was also in Pretty Little Liars (as Wren Kingston). In other forms, Bianca is also famous throughout South America and Europe.


Alana is a feminine name in Latin America. She is pronounced: ah-lah-Nah. Alana has roots in Aramaic, Arabic, and Hebrew, meaning Joy. Based on these namesakes, Alana is a new and unique baby girl name. 

How famous was Alana as a baby girl name? A recent trend for baby girls named Alana was #1467 in 2015. Alana is one of the most sweet-sounding Puerto Rican names.


The name Ayelshia is a baby girl’s name. The meaning of Ayelshia is life, plant. Ayesha is used mainly in English, and its language origin is Arabic. 

There are other forms of Ayelshia, such as Alesha, names that sound like Ayelshia, and Aalisha in English. Other similar Puerto Rican names are Alisha and Elisha. Similar names can be found under Aaliyah or Aleasha. 


Michaella is a female name of Latin origin. The meaning of Michaella is Who is like God?. Other variations include Michael, Michelle, Micaela, Michelina, and Michelle. 

Additionally, this name was first used in Spain during the period between 1800 to 1999. It was most popular in 1999 when it was given to 556 newborn girls. As one of the best Puerto Rican names, it gives you a different outlook on religion.


Kimberly is a name that has English and Spanish origins. Kimberly is listed in other languages, including Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, and Greek. Other examples include Hebrew, Hindi, and Urdu. 

Additionally, it is mentioned in literature and songs as one of the Puerto Rican names. As far as we know, it may have roots in Persia/Iran or France. It was first recorded in 1485 to be used by a Flemish baby girl.


Melanie means honey or sweet. It is of Greek origin and a cognate to Melinda, a feminine name in many different languages. However, Melina with only one n is also used as a first name in Spanish-speaking countries. 

Moreover, it can be found on many lists of American names. Melanie has recently become more popular among Puerto Rican names than it was before. The top movie star Melanie Griffith has had quite an influence on its popularity!


It’s one of those pretty Puerto Rican names, but it’s also used in French. Spanish is a language that comes from Latin and a mix of Basque and other languages native to Spain. It has similar rules for names as French, which is another romance language that comes from Latin. 

However, both cultures have many similarities; family ties are pervasive, especially during colonial times when people traveled back and forth to make business deals or trade goods. 


Yarielis (pronounced yar-REE-eels) is a female name. In Spanish, it means princess or lioness. In some cases, you may see it written as Yarelis or Yarellis. 

Also, the name may be given to girls born in November. For example, if your daughter were born on November 2nd, she would have a birthday of 11/2. If she’s named Yarielis, her full name would be Yarielis Desiree. 

In addition, there are no nicknames associated with it. Sometimes, people will shorten her first and last names to just Yari or Ariel. You can choose any of these Puerto Rican names depending on your destination!


Many people in mainland U.S.U.S. believe that Kiara is one of the Puerto Rican names. It’s not true, though. This is a generic nickname used by some Spanish-speaking people to refer to Kimberly and other similar names. 

There is no way you could use it as a first name for your baby girl. If you tried, she would be Kiara forever because official documents won’t let you change her name later in life. She will have issues applying for jobs, getting her driver’s license, or any other personal document. 

In conclusion, the best course of action here is to stick with nicknames and avoid using them as official names, and using them as official names would be completely lame anyway!


There are two main types of Spanish last names. The first is the last name originated in Spain, with one and two syllables. The second is the last name created in Latin America, which has only one syllable. 

Fabiola is a Latin American name, although it’s sometimes considered a variant spelling of Fabiola, Fabiolita, or Fabiola. However, it is an entirely different name altogether. The origin is believed to be from fabulosa or fabular, meaning to tell stories. 

Also, a less common English nickname for Fabiola is Fae. However, most people with the name aren’t familiar with that pronunciation. Fabiola is one of those Puerto Rican names you should consider.


Paola is a common name in almost all parts of Latin America. Paola is a diminutive form of María (Mary). In Spanish-speaking countries, it can be used as both masculine and feminine given names.

However, it is more common for girls than boys. Its use began with the 1991 American television soap opera Days of Our Lives. It was chosen for one of its central characters, Dr. Paola Pao Maria Bertinelli Cassadine. 

As a result, the character’s popularity increased in name popularity. Have you always wanted to give your child these Puerto Rican names? Try Paola.


Kaminia is one of the typical Puerto Rican names for girls. It means excellent, calm, or collected. As with many Puerto Rican names worldwide, Kaminia has been used by families. 

Also, it has been used worldwide for centuries and is still a popular name today. It was the #803 most popular female baby name in England & Wales in 2012.  


Several criteria have to be met when it comes to selecting Puerto Rican names for your baby. First, your child should have a name that is easy to pronounce and doesn’t sound like something else.

Second, it needs to be short enough so people can easily use it when addressing them. Lastly, perhaps most importantly, it should reflect your values as parents.

With these things in mind, you should be able to select a perfect name for your little one! And remember, don’t overthink it’s just a first name after all!

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