30 Persian Girl Names And Their Meanings

Persian Girl Names

Persian names are interesting, traditional, and widely recognized worldwide as beautiful.

Due to this fact, they’re widely sought after by parents who want to give their daughters something memorable and meaningful, which will set them apart from other girls as they grow up and start families of their own one day. 

More so, with that in mind, let’s look at the following 20 most powerful Persian girl names and their meanings.

So you can start choosing your daughter’s name today.

From Esther to Violet, these are some of the most famous Persian girl names in Iran today. Given the many meanings behind each character, we broke them down for you below.

This should help you find Persian girl names that mean something special to you and your family while honoring your heritage.


Esther is a Hebrew name meaning star. Esther was born out of wedlock to Vashti and is also known as Hadassah, Esther of Persia.

She became queen of Persia through her marriage to King Ahasuerus (Xerxes I), ruling between 486 BC and 464 BC.

However, the book The Story of Esther tells how she stopped the plot of the massacre. For all Jews in Shushan by revealing that she was Jewish.

Therefore, this resulted in her elevation to the queen, empowering her people and restoring peace in Persia after Ahasuerus’s death. The holiday Purim celebrates this victory over assimilation.


Solmaz is part of the Persian girl’s name. The meaning of Solmaz in Persian is sunrise. Solmaz is common among Muslim families.

However, It was given to 8 babies in 2012, according to the US Social Security Administration. Solmaz’s name has been searched on social networks 138 times, making it a popular Persian girl name in the USA. People search for Solmaz more often than they search for Caitlin and Nicole together.


It was inspired by and meant like a bird. This is an excellent name if you want your daughter to be free-spirited. This is also a short name, so it will be easy for her to introduce herself throughout her life.

However, Ava will be easy for people to pronounce and won’t give others any trouble as the spelling goes. She can also shorten it up a bit for when she wants to have something more simple.

Therefore, Having an Ava in your life will always be powerful with any name choice. You’ll love how strong she can become and how much power she already has as a person.


This is a feminine name. In Greek, it means night, dark. In German and Yiddish, it means wave. 

In French, it means locked up. It’s derived from Lilith. Leila was also the name of an Indian love interest in Indiana Jones: Raiders of Lost Ark. Basically, Kate Capshaw portrayed her.

Sometimes used as a boy’s name or unisex by parents looking for alternative spellings to Leila, like Leah or Lelia. It can sometimes be pronounced LAY-la or LAI-la. Read More


From ancient Persian: Sunshine, brightness. Nasrin is not just one of the beautiful Persian girl names but also a Persian angel. It also has another meaning Nasrin means The illuminated ones. 

So, if you want to give your daughter a meaningful and powerful girl name, then try out Nasrin. So when she grows up, she can choose how she wants to spell her name. This can make it a perfect Persian girl name for parents who want a feminine and pretty-sounding name.


Tara in Persian means star, planet, and has a power rating of 8.1 on a scale of 1 to 10. In religion, Tara is known as one of Goddess Lakshmi’s incarnations who personifies beauty and perfection. Named after goddess Saraswati, she is considered to be highly auspicious. 

In Hindu mythology, Saraswati is revered as the personification of knowledge and artistry. It was often called ‘The Mother of Knowledge’ or ‘Goddess Mahashakti.’ 

In Buddhism, she is known by her Sanskrit name – Sārasvatī. Her specific power ratings vary from culture to culture, but her overall power remains very high throughout all cultures.


Maryam is an Old Testament name for girls. It is also derived from Mary, the mother of Jesus. It means bitter.

However, People with the name Maryam are passionate and have a powerful sense of humor. BabyCenter Staff – Community Expert – Persia Expert.


A character inspired the name Shirin in an ancient Iranian legend. The story goes that Shirin fell in love with Khosrau, a powerful ruler of Persia.

Unfortunately, he was already married to someone else. Despite being rejected, Shirin’s love remained unshakable.

Her determination impressed Khosrau so much that he ordered her execution halted and eventually agreed to marry her himself.

Therefore, after becoming queen of Persia, she became renowned for her beauty and wisdom. Shirin means sweet in Persian and is considered one of Iran’s most popular Persian girl names today. It’s also easy to use as a nickname or short form for Soroush, Shohreh, Sheri, or Sharareh.


The name Yasmin is one of the Persian girl names. In Persian, The meaning of Yasmin is Blooming, colorful. A poetic form of Jasmine. 

However, in the Islamic religion, Yasmin was a prophet’s daughter and patron saint for children who had not yet reached puberty. Alternative spelling: Yassmin, Jessamine, Jesamine.


Water – from Avestan Anahit and Vedic Agni. In Zoroastrianism, Anahita is both a divinity and an overarching concept of divinity (called Ahuramazda), predating even Zarathustra (Zoroaster).

She is revered as the supreme goddess of goodness and fertility and associated with life-giving water.

Moreover, Her name comes from the Avestan language ana – hita meaning female. The word Avestan is derived from the Proto-Iranian language, which was anciently spoken in Persia before Islam arrived.


The name Azadeh is one of the Persian girl names. In Farsi, the meaning of Azadeh is beautiful and God-pleasing. Other similar Persian girl names are Zainab, Areej, Homa, Atefeh, Farnaz, Sharareh, and Minae.

However, Similar boy names are Ezaar and Tawfiq. If you like it, then you should use it. Write your name in Farsi to find out what will be your lucky number today and month after month.


Shereen is a name of Iranian origin, originally from Iran, meaning blue-eyed or dark-eyed. It is also possible that it means snow. Shereen Hassan is an accomplished Canadian journalist who was born in 1969.

Moreso, Being of Canadian and Ethiopian descent. Shereen Hassan works as an investigative reporter for CTV’s investigative program W5. She has reported on international issues such as war crimes in Rwanda, human trafficking, and sex tourism in Thailand.

Also, she is a four-time Gemini award winner for her work at W5. And a three-time recipient of an RTNDA award (The Royal Television Society) for best news reportage.


Arzhang is part of the famous Persian girl names in Iranian culture, meaning Leader of a House of Wealth. The best thing about Arzhang is that it sounds impressive when you say it. It might not be super fancy, but it still comes off as elegant and formal in most cases.

Therefore, If you want to give your daughter something creative yet traditional-sounding, then Arzhang would suit her. On an exciting note, no historical figures or literary works with such names are mentioned anywhere in Iran.

Moreso, it is thought that its popularity comes from the 16th century after Turkic conquerors invaded Iran and imposed it on Persians. Their tongue includes various other names which have Turkic roots.


The origin of the name Ziba is Persian/American. It is an alternate spelling of Ziba. The meaning of the name Ziba is Flower.

However, the Abbreviation for Zahra Persian girl name. Name of a companion of Muhammad and daughter of Ali and Fatima. Representation of a saint in Islam; also a plant that grows in Persia.

Therefore, the names of many Islamic female figures such as mothers, daughters, wives, and sisters, especially from Shiite families.


Dana is one of the Persian girl names in English. It may refer to Dana Abdulaziz (born 1982), a Saudi Arabian professional boxer based in London Dana Air Flight 992 (2012).

Dana Anderson (born 1947), retired American hurdler, and former Olympic champion Dana Gillespie (born 1961).

American women’s basketball coach Dana Hilliard (1946–2013). American soprano singer and actress Dana Schutz (born 1977), American painter, artist, and writer. She was awarded a Rome Prize Fellowship from the Art Academy of Rome.


Donya is one of the Persian girl names. The meaning of Donya is THE WORLD. This is an optimistic name that relates to life and warmth.

However, it symbolizes a youthful woman’s innocence, purity, and beauty. Who will rise above all odds in her life just like dawn conquers darkness? Donya is an auspicious name that serves as a good inspiration for youngsters in their teens or early twenties. 

Also, fight for their dreams and wish they will ever be able to make it when they are much older than now.


In English, Iman means faith or belief. In Arabic, it means faithfulness. It is derived from Amana, which means to believe.

However, Iman is also a name in its own right, meaning faith and religion. Another derivative of Amana is Amena.

Therefore, this name was ranked No. 40 on Nameberry for 2016 girls’ names. Before becoming more popular with parents in 2017. It ranked 3255 overall at that time.


Niloofar is part of the Persian girl name that means blue flower. This can be used as a boy or girl name. The origin of Niloofar is French.

In English, Blue Flower has a poetic sound to it. And anyone using it as a first name might want to pair it with another meaning-rich name. 

Perhaps another blue flower such as Nerium? Those who use Niloofar tend to use its male counterpart when naming children: Niloufar.


Minoo is one of the sweet Persian girl names with a powerful meaning. Minoo means light, and it comes from the Old Persian word Mithra.

Minoo is famous for being a girl name in many Iranian female celebrities or prominent people. It was popularized by Maryam Mirzakhani, an Iranian mathematician and women’s rights activist.

Who became the first woman to win Fields Medal. Some examples of notable people of Persian origin named Minoo are


Ziba is a short, easy-to-remember name that’s common among Iranian families. It means admirable, which can empower parents who want their daughters to achieve great things.

It’s not hard to imagine an ambitious young woman named Ziba someday becoming president of Iran. 

In Farsi, Ziba refers to women, children (males and females), and people in general. The term for men is Zibak. Ziba derives from a root word meaning deed or accomplishment. 

Therefore, you can think of it as embodying masculine and feminine meanings simultaneously. Some may still feel it’s more appropriate for women than men.


Tarā or Tārā (Sanskrit: तारा) is one of the Persian girl names meaning star. In modern times it has come to be used as a female name in India and Nepal. The word tar means mark, sign and comes from Sanskrit tarati, he crosses, to cross over.

Therefore, Taraknath means the maker of marks, associated with Shiva. Taraka is one of the Navagraha in Vedic astrology, representing Shukra or Venus.


Narges, from Persian meaning delicate flower. It’s a variation of Nargis that means water lily. The name has no gender or ethnic origin in Iran. 

But women use it most commonly as a middle name because of its beautiful meaning. For example, Iranian-American model and actress Nazanin Boniadi (2000) was born with her full name being Narges Nazanin Boniadi. She is known as FBI analyst Fara Sherazi on Homeland (2011).

Therefore, we could say that Narges isn’t necessarily a girl’s name per se. However, it suits well as one due to its gentle and graceful nature.


Soheila is one of the beautiful Persian girl’s names, which means she has light. The name comes from Soheil, which means Sun. This could reflect one’s father, but Soheila can also stand on its own as a mighty female name.

However, it is an excellent representation of inner strength and positivity. The meaning of both Soheila and its male form Soheil makes for great branding.

Also, this female form of Sohei (or Sol) would be ideal for any creative work. Concerning happiness or inspiration, such as retail goods like jewelry or cosmetics with labels like Nurture or Wellness.


Violet is an exquisite name. It is not unique but has a beautiful meaning attached to it, lovely and pure. Violet represents elegance and class.

However, Violet will be a perfect match for your little angel girl if you love flowers. It can be an ideal way to show your love for flowers and nature. 

Also, if you want your daughter to stand out from others, then give her an exotic name such as Violet. Choosing an uncommon name for your baby will make her feel special. Remember that she will have to live with that name for years, so choose carefully.

Rare Persian Girl Names

Persians have always been known for their strong traditions and cultural identity. Since they are known to be a very traditional community, they follow some of those same principles when it comes to names and naming conventions.

Therefore, some Persians believe that having names that reflect their cultural background is essential. Because it shows off an appreciation for what they have and where they came from. 

However, these names may seem strange or difficult to spell or pronounce. Most of them become easier once you get used to them. 

So without further ado, let’s jump right into our list of rare Persian girl names. Let us know which ones were your favorites in the comments below!


Arezou is one of the Persian girl names with Persian origins. The meaning of Arezou is strong-willed, beautiful, and fortunate. Arezou is also a variation of Aryzwah, which means flawless diamond, and comes from an old name for Iran (Erez).

Therefore, another spelling of Arezou is Azoo or Irvina in Spanish. These Persian girl names are one of two names that we have listed in our database with these meanings. Check out our complete index to see a list of all names!


Many modern girls will want to learn more about Persian girl names and their meanings. One of them is Gol, which means ‘tree.’ This is an important name that can be used as a first name for baby girls.

Therefore, do not use it if you live in areas where the name Gol might have strong negative connotations. For example, it could cause many problems for a family living in Afghanistan or Iran. 

However, if you live in these regions and your surname is not Afghan or Iranian. Then you should feel free to give it to your baby girl without thinking about what others think.


Feminine form of Rand, meaning shield. Rana has no variants. Read on for more information about Rana or to see other conditions of the Persian girl names.

Moreso, this name is in use for all genders. (Persian) Variant spelling of Persian girl names. Pronounced: ran-ah. Meaning: A variant spelling of Persian girl names. Pronounced: ran-ah.


The name Parvin means Beloved, a wonderful word that perfectly describes Parvin. Its unique spelling stands out and has a special place in my heart. I am proud to have my daughter named Parvin because she is all of those things, plus so much more.

Nevertheless, the uniqueness of her name also makes her stand out from other kids, and in a good way. Not many people have her name, which makes me very happy for her future. I know she will succeed with an exciting and robust name like hers.


Elah is a Farsi and Iranian name for a girl that means kindness and gracefulness. Another meaning of Elah is my God is most gracious. The popularity rank of Elah is #788 (view more).

However, we have found people named Elah in Iran, the United States, and Saudi Arabia. Click here to get more life & style tips. 

Therefore, explore our site for more info on familiar Persian girl names suitable for your new baby—Edit Article How to Pronounce E.


This name means power and strength. This is an ancient and meaningful name in Iran that derives from Parthian Golanar. It has been popular with parents for centuries and was revived by an influential movie director.

Nevertheless, Abbas Kiarostami used it for one of his lead actresses. Today, Golnar is a widespread female first name in Iran and has seen its popularity steadily rise since 1984. (SFS) Golnar’s meaning can be interpreted to mean strength or power. 

In Persian origin, Golnar’s meaning is Powerful Lady.


That wasn’t so hard, was it? With a little effort and research, you can come up with influential names for your daughter.

Therefore, the name you choose for your baby will represent her as she grows and in her life. It is essential to ensure that you find a name that suits her personality and means who she is.

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