35 Popular Persian Baby Boy Names and Their Meanings

Persian Baby Boy Names

Choosing baby names can be complicated and overwhelming, whether you are having your first baby or your tenth.

Many parents want to give their children the perfect name, one they will love. But also one that isn’t too hard to pronounce or spell.

As well as one that will give their child an identity that fits them perfectly. Suppose you have a Persian heritage.

However, it can be even more difficult because of the uniqueness of Persian boy names. And the precise meanings behind many of them.

As well as the fact that Persian culture and language are so different from other cultures and languages around the world.


It means my God is Ali, a modern name for Muslim parents to give a unique touch of style to a character. This reminds me of those Abbasid caliphs who were considered part of God’s incarnations.

Abu Ali al-Hasan Ibn Ali al-Hadi Muhammad Ibn ‘Ali al-Naqi ibn Ahmad al-Hadi. 

Whereas Ali is an Arabi word meaning high, exalted, lofty, or preeminent. It is commonly used as given Persian boy names in many Muslim countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.


Babak is an ancient Iranian Persian boy name; It means One who makes things grow. The name Babak comes of Iranian origin and is used mainly in Persia.

However, boys and girls in many other countries bear that excellent name these days. There are various opinions on what Babak means because there is more than one word with that meaning.

The word Babak itself could be translated as newly born (baby). Or it can mean something like a sprout or shoot that grows out of something else.


Behrooz is a Persian boy name meaning; happy (see Mohsen). Behrouz and Behruz are Arabic-Persian forms of Behrooz. Behrouz, Behruz as Persian name: Behrouz is a Persian name for boys meaning; happy. Nevertheless, Aarmin is a Persian boy name: Aarmin is a Persian name for boys meaning; affectionate (see Ardalan). Armin, Armind, and Ormin are Arabic-Persian forms of Aarmin. Arman as a Persian boy name: Arman is a Persian name for boys meaning; honor. Araman is an Arabic-Persian form of Arman.


Born of Aryans Doran as a Persian boy name: Land Ehsan as a Persian boy name. Reward Erfan as a Persian boy name: Purity, innocence; dignity Esmaeil as a Persian boy name. 

More so, God-given by God, the man of God’s grace, helper from God Feysal as a Persian boy name: Calm, ease; also prosperity and wealth. Firoozabadi, a Persian boy name: means stands for riches in blessings. He who gives others his inner peace.


Has a significant meaning as a Persian name for boys. It means that it is full of humility. Khosrow, as a Persian boy, Has an essential meaning as a Persian name for boys. It means that it is religious by birth.

In addition, the name ‘Hamid’ comes from the Arabic origin language and means’ Praiseworthy.’ The word Hamid has a great value in its root, which refers to ‘quality’ or ‘type.’ In old-time, this word meant Golden.

Moreover, Hamid, a Persian boy name: Has a grand meaning as a Persian name for boys. It means that he was born in the Rose garden. Hamid as a Persian boy name: You can not understand the sublime significance behind his name.


The name Mehdi is a Persian baby name of Persian origin. It means Universal ruler or Ruler of all or Uniter of All, Belongs to Allah, Herald, Herald of Salvation, etc. 

In short, Mehdi is an important figure in Ismaili Shia Islamism, known for bringing back Sunnis from Twelver Shia Islamism. Mehdi is also used as a girl’s name. Its symbol is Mu.


Mostafa is one of a list of 100 most popular Persian boy names. Itis a male name originating from the language/country: Iran, which means victorious or to is praised. Persians initially used Mostafa as a praise name. 

Nowadays, it is also used by other people around the world as a male Persian boy name due to its simplicity, popularity, and meaningfulness. The name sounds elegant in many languages like English, French, Arabic, German, etc.


Rāhman is an Arabic name for boys meaning merciful and compassionate. It is also a Persian word for God. In Persia, Râm means kind, trusting, and loyal.

However, the name was chosen as #1 in 2007. According to the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) list of the top 1000 US Persian boy names…


Reza is a typical Persian boy name, a male name in Iran. Notably in families of Azeri origin. It means: Respectful.


Nader, Naejel, Nahid, Nadir, Nadirah, or Nadine can be used for both boys and girls. In Persia, Nader is a typical Persian boy name with different meanings. If you want to find out what they are – just read on! 

Also, the first meaning of Nader is victorious. This name has its origin in the Persian word Nadar which means victory.

The second meaning of Nader is a saint. The third meaning of Nader is kingly, or the king’s son. The fourth meaning of Nader is sun-like. The fifth meaning of Nanger (Nadir) means Victorious; Sun-like; Kingly; Saint.


Salaman (سلامان) is a male given name of Iranian origin. Salaman may also refer to Salman Khan, an Indian actor; Salman Khan Films, a production company founded by Salman Khan.

Therefore, Salman Al-Farisi, companion of Muhammad; Salman Rashid Al-Awdah, Saudi Arabian cleric and scholar. Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, King of Saudi Arabia since 2015.


Meaning High, Ali is a famous Persian boy name for new parents, especially those with Muslim heritage. The name has a long history in Islamic cultures because of its association with Muhammad. 

This is to say, In Islam, Ali is one of Muhammad’s top advisors. And he is also his cousin.


Kamran is a Persian name for boys that means throne. The origin of Kamran is Arabic. The Persian boy names Kamran is of Muslim origin, meaning one who gives honor, noble person, or esteemed man. 

Nonetheless, A variant form of Kamran is Camron. Other variations of Kamran include Kameron, Camryn, Kimmer, Khmeron, and Kymani.


Farid – (Persian) meaning of Farid: From Farad, means The Lamp. Farad is one of many Persian boy names for God. It is a name of Arabic origin.

The word Farad can also mean lamp since lamps are lit with electricity, making them farads. Muslims from Iran have used it as a given name in recent years. 

Also, Afghanistan and Pakistan but also westernized, given names in some European countries. A notable bearer of this name is Faraday, an English scientist who discovered electric induction.

Among British Somalis, Farid means sword or can be translated as the hero or courageous person.


The name Soroush is a Persian boy name. In Persian, The meaning of the name Soroush is The Sun, Wisdom.

Thereupon, Life, Light. Redness in face, red, rosy; good looking. A collection of poetry by Sohrab Sepehri was published in 1947.


It is a Persian name for a boy meaning having been given a fine and quality education with good manners. Kind person, It also means victory.

The origin of Kasra is from Iranian; it also means ‘crown’ or ‘wreath.’ It is also an Iranian surname that comes from a word that implies cap or hat, worn in ancient Persia to indicate the honor and power of somebody.

Nevertheless, the etymology of Kasra as a girl name means wisdom, man’s radiance. Its origin is Old Greek, Old Persian languages, and Arabic-Iranian languages.

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Nasser is a typical Persian boy name. The meaning of Nasser is Protector; support.


In Persian, Rostam means strong sword; a hero inspires these Persian boy names in Shahnameh. In general, Rostam is great for baby boys and has no negative meaning behind it. 

Yet, there are also several similar names like Rutik that you could consider giving to your child if you’re a big fan of Persian literature and culture.


Mansour is a Persian boy name meaning victorious. Its pronunciation is MAN-sawr, Mansour, Mansur, and Mansoor are other spellings of Mansour. 

Mansour and its variants are common among people from Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Palestine.


Cyrus is a name that suits both boys and girls. The meaning of Cyrus is sun-ray. The origin of Cyrus is Persian. It is often used as a last name for Persian boy names. But rarely as a first name, if you are looking for unique Persian boy names for your baby.

In short, check out Cyrus and its variations. Cyrus’s nicknames/variations/spellings are Cyrias, Ciresh, Cyrice, and Cyris.


According to American naming conventions, Amin is a unisex name. In Iran, it is more common for men to use their given names rather than nicknames.

Here are some great male and female baby names for boys and girls starting with Amin: Amineh. A feminine word that means cub or little cat.

Overall, Amineh is a lovely Persian boy named for parents who want something memorable without being too offbeat. It also sounds beautiful in its feminized form, Aminah.


Kazem is a Persian boy name; of Persian origin; the meaning of Kazem: is auspicious. Kazi as a Persian girl name: Kazi is a popular pet form of Kazim, Qazi, and other variants of Qazim (qasi).

It means one who decides or an arbitrator or judge in Turkish and Urdu languages, respectively, and has positive associations in Islam. 

However, its popularity has spread over to other cultures as well. For example, it is one of the top 10 baby names for both genders in the United States, according to Social Security Administration data from 2005 to 2006.


The name of an Iranian revolutionary hero is used as a girl’s name in Iran, not Persian boy names. Kaveh is an 11th-century Iranian blacksmith who led a rebellion against Seljuk and Ghaznavid rulers, starting in 1029 AD. 

In essence, the Afghan army turned on him and killed him in 1040 AD. But he became a folk hero for Iranians later, and his life is celebrated every year on November 17 in Iran. He is one of The 100 names of God.


Javad is a Persian boy name; it means powerful. Javad is a great king in Persian mythology. Notable people include Javad Shirvani (Iranian), Javid Sadr (born 1960), and an Iranian historian of Islamic architecture. 

Moreover, Javid Name: Jalal al-Din Muhammed Rumi’s Masnavi I Ma’navi (The Spiritual Couplets): My heart is broken; I’ve no strength to weep. O Moslem brother! Know that at night from my pillow came The cry of a peacock soaked in blood. You may also like these Persian boy names for girls.


Like many Muslim names, Hassan has a religious meaning. It comes from the Arabic حسن (which means goodness or beauty).

However, it is considered more popular in India and Pakistan as a girl’s name. Mexico and South America are generally considered male, but with a feminine spelling: Xasan/Xasna. 

In modern Persia (Iran), it can be used as both Persian boy names and female. In Turkey, Sudan, and Arabic countries like Palestine, Palestine-Jordan, etc., Hassan is commonly used for boys while Xasan/Xasna is for girls.


Mehrdad is a Persian boy name. The meaning of Mehrdad is: Victorious; conquering. (Persian) I am victorious, and I beat. In mythology, this is one of King Kai Kavoos’ names when he ruled Iran after he was released from prison by Esfandiar, son of his vizier Mihr Nodar. 

In short, he gave his daughter’s hand in marriage to him. Other stories also attribute it to some other famous Persians like Siavash, Jamshi,d, and Esfandiar himself.

In addition to its use as a Persian boy name, it can also be used as a surname for males and females. How do they say it?


This is a Farsi boy’s name. In the Farsi language, there is the meaning of Hormoz is a Persian boy name. 1) Lucky 2) Alert 3) Merry 4) Intelligent 5) Happy 6) Clever 7) Victorious 8). Other top online baby name websites supported Hormoz as a Persian boy.

On the other hand, you can select another origin as your choice. Knowing Hormoz’s meaning in each country and language is essential.

So please make sure it’s the same or similar when you want to choose a Hormoz name for your newborn baby as a Persian boy name.


A mighty name with reasonable meanings, It means independent, free. It is of Iranic origin, and its purpose is free. The name Azad also means soldier is a Persian boy name. It is popularized by a poet named Nima Yooshij. 

Some famous bearers are Iranian football player Ali Daei; Olympic weightlifter Hossein Rezazadeh; director Abbas Kiarostami; singer Ebi; actress Bahareh Rahnama.

And also football player Mehdi Mahdavikia (Persian footballer); soccer player Ali Karimi; singer Siavash Ghomeyshi (born 1979); pop singer Shohreh Solati (born 1975).


The name Aziz is a Persian boy’s name. The meaning of Aziz: Unique, eminent, Powerful, Strong, capable, wealthy, and prosperous. Aziz as a Persian girl name: Yet, the name Aziz is a Persian girl name, the meaning of Aziz: Unique, eminent. Powerful. Strong, capable, rich, and prosperous Persian boy names.


Payam comes from Persian origins; the meaning of Payam is Perfect and virtuous. A boy or girl name with a pretty powerful meaning. You can choose Payam for your baby as they grow up and attain heights.

More so, they will symbolize success and prosperity to you. It’s great if you want to give something original to your baby, so pick a Persian boy’s name!


Jahan is a Persian boy name; the meaning of Jahan is Alive and flourishing. A type of tree, Jahnik, mentioned in The Arabian Nights, means alive and flourishing. Jahan as a Persian girl name: Jahan is a Persian girl name. The meaning of Jahan is Alive and flourishing. 

In addition, a type of tree, Jahnik, mentioned in the Arabian Nights, means alive and flourishing. Shahnaz as a Persian girl name: Shahnaz is a Persian girl name. The meaning of Shahnaz is (A) precious (hem). 

Also, an Iranian female given name; is probably derived from Shahnazar, ‘ made by God.’ Nasrin as a Persian girl name: Nasrin is a Persian girl’s name

Its origin is Native American, meaning the name of a brave Indian chief. Navud is a Persian girl name: Its origin is Native American, and it means: the name of a bold Indian head.

Shiri is a Persian girl’s name: Its origin is Hebrew, and it means: fawn. Nonetheless, Silken is a Persian girl name: Its origin is Anglo-Saxon and means: Diminutive of Silvia, meaning woodland.

Holly is a Persian girl name, not a Persian boy name: Holly’s popularity has increased in recent years. With actress Natalie Portman often being cited by new parents as their inspiration for choosing holly – short for Holley.


It means hope in Arabic (♂) and is of Persian origin. Omid’s language of origin is Arabic, and that language uses the same word to denote both hope (عميد, ʿamīd) and faithfulness (إيماء, ʾimām). Based on these definitions, it can be deduced that Omid means dedication in hope or trust.

So, It also means expectations in Persian(persian:عمید). It is a male name with 12 letters. Some famous people with the name Omid include:*. Omid Djalili *.Omid Sansoni.


Kian is a variant of Kian and can be used as both a boy or girl name. The meaning of Kian is the Lord’s testimony. Kian is most commonly used as a Persian boy or male name.

It consists of 6 letters and two syllables and is pronounced Ki-an. The name Kian is of English origin. More so, Kian has one variant form: Kiernan. Ciarra is a Persian girl name.

Ciarra is a variant form of Ciarra and can be used as either a girl or female name (Kiah). The meaning of Ciarra is dark. Ciarra is ranked #948 in popularity out of 8671 words.


The meaning of Mirza is prince or monarch; the origin of Mirza is Spanish. This name is most commonly given to English and Spanish boys. We consider Mirza as a formal name and a Persian boy name. 

In other words, the exceptional quality of it is that it ends with -za, which means something like language; tongue, speech; dialect; idiom, or accent (depending on its placement in words)—for example, caro, Amico, Culo, siciliano, francese, etc.

Za can be seen as a prefix for names all over Europe: Marcello/Marcel-/-czyk, Giacomo/Jack-/-son, and so on.


With so many names to choose from, parents will have no problem finding an ideal match Persian boy names for their little bundle of joy.

Many parents may choose Persian boy names based on a popular current or past celebrity. Parents with no children are often excited about learning traditional Persian boy names to honor their heritage.

Finally, it’s important to note that there is no pressure on parents when naming a child. As long as they love and care for them throughout their life, they will grow up healthy and successful in life regardless of what name they have.

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