100+ Pagan Names for Boys and Girls

Pagan Names for Boys and Girls

Pagan means to be closer to nature, regardless of a religious group. Looking to the natural world for Pagan baby names can only bring positive associations.

Pagan names are uncommon names; they are not as common as Greek and Roman names, but they are naturally calm and have good meaning.

So, when looking for a Pagan name with natural meaning for your handsome prince or your beautiful princess, which is not like the rest, you can find them below.

Pagan names are naturally the best name for your child.

Table of Contents

Pagan Names for your baby boy

  • Achak: The name Achak is a Native American Origin name which means “Spirit.”
  • Adonis: Adonis means extremely good-looking (handsome), also of the Greek god of beauty and desire. 
  • Aiden/ Aidan: Is of Celtic, which means “little fire.”
  • Alun: Alun means “harmony.”
  • Albus: This name means “white.” 
  • Angus: The name Angus means “special or unique.” Celtic god of wisdom.
  • Astro: Astro is suitable for your baby boy who is born under suspicious stars. It means “of the stars,” in Greek origin.
  • Bedwyr means “someone who knows the grave.”
  • Brenin: Breninmeans “king.”
  • Bearach: This name means “sharp,” and it is pronounced BAR aKh.
  • Brion: Brion means “noble.”
  • Brynn: means “hill,” and the name is connected to the pagan reverence nature.
  • Cadmun: It means warrior 
  • Caradoc: Caradoc means dearly loved or beloved. This meaning helps you to express the love you have for your child.
  • Caron: Caaron means “Loving.”
  • Castor: This is the name of one of the twins in the Gemini constellation. It means “Cepions one.”
  • Cedric: It means “bounty.”
  • Cernunnos: This name is the Celtic god of life.
  • Chatan: This is a Native American meaning “hawk.”
  • Desmond: Is of Irish Origin, which means “a Knowledge man.”
  • Dragomir: The name means “something peaceful and precious.”
  • Emrick: It means “immortal.”
  • Evander: Evander means “good man”. That is someone who is known for goodness.
  • Fergus: This is a good name for your son. It means someone who is “strong and manly.”
  • Fial: It is pronounced FEE ul, and it means “honorable.”
  • Finn: Is of Irish Origin, and it means “fair or white.”
  • Fox: Fox means “sleek or cunning.”
  • Gawain means “defender of the weak and needy” in the Arthurian Legends.
  • Gwydion means “born of a tree.”
  • Herne: Herne represents “the god of hunting, vegetation and all of the forests.”
  • Huritt means “handsome.”
  • Jade means “a precious green stone.”
  • Janus is a boy name of Greek origin, meaning “gateway.”
  • Jupiter: Jupiter is the god of the sky and thunder.
  • Kegan: This is an unusual name that means “a small flame.”
  • Khonsu means “traveler.” Also, the god of the moon.
  • Lazarus: means “God is my helper.”
  • Leaf: The name “Leaf” takes you close to nature, helps you reverence the leaves that grow on trees, also makes you have the feelings of heart might.
  • Leigh: means “someone who has the power to heal.”
  • Llyr: “god of the sea.”
  • Lucifer means “light-bearer.” Lucifer is connected to the morning star, which the Pagans have worshiped. 
  • Lumin means “the light.”
  • Lysander is usually answered by the Pagans. It is a variant of “Alexander,” and it means “one who liberates.”
  • Neptune: Neptune holds power over all seas, and it is derived from a prominent Roman god name. 
  • Nikan: This name has a good meaning which can be best for your son, meaning “my friend.”
  • Oberon is the king of faeries.
  • Omen: It means “prophecies at the ready”
  • Pagan: This name refers to the Pagan faith itself. It means “countryman.”
  • Pan means “Shepherd.”
  • Percival is a name that is mainly answered by Pagans meaning “one who pierces the valley.”
  • Pollux: Pollux is a royal name meaning “the crown.”
  • Roane sounds very peaceful and impactful. It means “one who has red hair.”
  • Rowan: means “lush tree.”
  • Sahale means “falcon.”
  • Stone: Pagans takes inspiration from nature when naming their child. The name Stone conveys “ robustness and strength.”
  • Takoda: Takoda is a nice name meaning “friend of all.”
  • Terrwyn means “brave.”
  • Trevor means “a wise person.” It also means someone that is “ambitious or prudent” It is a name that sounds decent for your Pagan child.
  • Ukko: This is the name of the Finnish Sky god Pagans have worshipped. It means “twin.” 
  • Varden: The name Verden sounds magical, meaning “a green slope.”
  • Wild means “Unbridled” (someone that is without limit or restraint). It represents everything that is untamed and natural and also a good name for your Pagan son.

Pagan Names for your baby girl.

A name becomes part of a person throughout their life, which is why it is advisable to check the meaning of a name when choosing a name for your baby girl.  

  • Aether means upper regions of the air beyond the sky.”
  • Aine means “radiance.”
  • Akasha means “spiritual essence.” 
  • Alawa means “pea.”
  • Amaya means “night rain.”
  • Amber means “Germstone.”
  • Ariadne: Is the goddess of fertility
  • Astral means related to the stars
  • Athena is the goddess of “wisdom.”
  • Aura means “breath or wind.”
  • Aures means “gold.”
  • Aurora means “dawn.”
  • Autumn means “season.”
  • Branwen means “beautiful”
  • Brigitte means “strength.” 
  • Calliope means “musical instrument.”
  • Celeste means “heavenly.”
  • Ceridwe means Celtic divinity of poetry.
  • Crisiant means “crystal-like.”
  • Daisy means “Flower.”
  • Demeter is the Greek goddess of the harvest.
  • Devanna is the Russian goddess of the hunt
  • Ember means “spark.”
  • Fae is the variation of fay, meaning “fairy.”
  • Fianate is pronounced FEE Uh nit meaning “wild creature.”
  • Fiona means “Fair.”
  • Fionnula was a swan for 900 years and Llyr’s daughter in Irish mythology (sea god)
  • Freya means “Lady.”
  • Gaia means earth mother or divinity.
  • Galatea is a carved statue that came to life in Greek mythology.
  • Galilahi means “mother”
  • Glenys means “holy.”
  • Glinda means “good or fair.”
  • Grian is pronounced GREE un. It is the sun goddess 
  • Iris means “Flower.”
  • Isaura means “a gentle breeze.”
  • Kali is the divinity of time 
  • Kaida means “little dragon.”
  • Liadan means “grey Lady.”
  • Luna means “moon.”
  • Maeve means “intoxicating effect on others.”
  • Morgana means “a circle in the sea.”
  • Nimue means memory 
  • Ostara is the goddess of spring 
  • Raven means “wise or dark-haired.” 
  • Rhan means “Fate.”
  • Roisin means “little rose.”
  • Rose means “Flower.”
  • Rosemary is a great and sweet name for a beautiful Pagan baby girl, meaning “protection herb.”
  • Rowena means “slender and fair.”
  • Ruby means “Gemstone.”
  • Saffron means “spice.”
  • Sage means “someone who has wisdom.”
  • Soleil means “sun.”
  • Tablita means “crown.”
  • Thalia means “blossom.”
  • Willow means “a tree that is believed to have magical powers.”
  • Winona is “first daughter,” and the name can be suitable for your first girl child.

Pagan Names for both your baby boy and girl

Below are some neutral Pagan names that both genders can answer. That is, either male or female can answer it. Pagan names are inspired by nature, which is why it has a natural meaning.

  • Brynn means “hill.”
  • Dancer is a natural name.
  • Emerald means “Gemstone.”
  • Mage means “practitioner of magic.”
  • Moon is a perfect name that can be suitable for both your baby boy and girl. The moon reflects the light of the sun at night.
  • Mountain is a name you can give your Pagan babies when looking at nature.
  • Mystic is a magical came for both genders.
  • Opal also means “Gemstone.”
  • Rain means “refreshing and indispensable.” It is a natural name as the name implies “Rain.”
  • Rainbow is a natural name which means “color,” it signifies all the colors.
  • River is indeed a natural name.
  • Singer is a cute name for your Pagan baby. Before there is a dancer, you see a singer.
  • Sun is a natural name. Sun is a good name for your baby because it is a source of energy for the earth.
  • Topez means “Gemstone.”
  • Wind can be the name of your Pagan baby. It is the natural movement of air.
  • Wolf means “strength and Freedom.”