Outdoor Movie Night Ideas You Should Try

Outdoor Movie Night Ideas

Watching a movie is an excellent way to spend quality time with family and friends; the easy banter before, during, and after the film is almost as fun as watching the movie.

However, just staying indoors watching Netflix tends to suck out the adventure and fun of watching movies.

Still going to the cinema can be expensive, and might be an appropriate choice for sensitive children, they could feel scared or uncomfortable.

Also, being in a big, closed room with recycled air can be pretty painful; the smell of popcorn in large quantities in one secure room with many people can be revolving.

This is where outdoor movie night ideas come in; outdoor movie night is fun for adults and children.

It feels like going on a short camping trip; it is often free or at most a minimal entry fee rather than the expensive entry fee charged at the cinema (movie theater).

Outdoor movie night is friendly to both kids and pets; there is a sense of freedom associated with it.

When you have a kid, you can easily sit, stand, walk or crawl(the kid) around without feeling guilty like you are disturbing people. You can quietly talk without anyone “shushing” you.

Watching a movie in the open air with lights and balloons floating around is more romantic than having to be cooped up in a cinema.

The experience generated in an outdoor movie night can never be forgotten; Mother Nature tends to feel the atmosphere with excitement and a beautiful backdrop before, during, and after the movie.

How to throw an outdoor movie night

There are two ways to have an outdoor movie night; the community could organize it, and people get to pay a minimal entry fee or set up your outdoor movie night.

Especially during summer, it is nice to stay outdoors late at night.

So, with a few easy improvements to your backyard, you can host an outdoor movie night where you can spend quality time with your friends and family, But like everything, outdoor movie night has to be planned and set up to be enjoyable.

Things needed to set up an outdoor movie night are;


A projector is essential for an outdoor movie night; when getting a projector, invest in a good projector compatible with your favorite streaming device.

Getting a compatible projector is necessary because it allows you to watch the movie no matter how it is stored or streamed.


You can project the movie onto the side of your house or garage if your backyard is properly organized.

You could also buy an outdoor screening designed especially for outdoor movies, or you can hang a white sheet over the side of your building and project the film on it.


Even though your projector has an inbuilt speaker, it’s always a nice choice to use additional speakers to guarantee that everyone can hear the movie clearly.

Small wireless speakers are a great option because you don’t have to worry about plugging them in, and they can be discreetly placed throughout the yard without it being in the way.

Extension cords

 If the speaker or projector isn’t battery-operated, you’ll need a few extension cords to connect the gadgets to the closet outlet.

Keeping at least two extra nearby is also necessary, in case one shorts out or you need an extra few inches to run a line.

Comfy chairs or pillows

You should arrange the seating in a picnic-like environment and put your patio furniture in front of the screen.

The chairs and pillows should be thrown around the yard quickly and efficiently to provide guests with a sitting place.

Everyone has a preference of they like to sit on, so, if possible, tell your family and friends to bring their seating options (Chairs, pillows, or blankets)


You should provide some cozy blankets; this can be used to cover up when the sun goes down, and the temperature drops.

Twinkle lights

You can use Christmas bulbs or decorative mini lanterns; you can hang them from trees or the movie screen anchors.

Also, glass solar stake lights can be used as well as a paper lantern—this helps create a serene, beautiful atmosphere.

And at the same time, providing enough light for guests to walk around without being a distraction to others.

Citronella candles or bug spray

Nobody wants to watch a movie with bugs and mosquitoes. Citronella candles and bug sprays help to keep bugs and mosquitoes away.

The film is more enjoyable when these insects are not buzzing in your ears. A pot of bug-repelling plants such as lavender, basil, mint, and rosemary can be set up in the yard.

Flashlights or lit pathways

Flashlights or lit pathways is essential for bathroom breaks; it helps prevent accidental tripping over any equipment or stepping on a fellow guest.


For an outdoor movie night, snacks are essential. An outdoor movie night would be incomplete without a few sweets and salty snacks.

Popcorn is described as the ultimate movie night snack. During an outdoor movie night, instead of plain old popcorn.

You can set up a popcorn bar where there is a big batch of plain popcorn along with a variety of toppings and mix-ins such as cheese, ranch seasoning, melted butter, caramel sauce, salt, cinnamon sugar, and butter salt.

Candies such as Twizzlers, M&M, junior mints, Swedish fish, etc., should also be provided.

Finger foods such as meatballs can be delivered to ensure that guests enjoy their food while watching the movie.

Grilled foods like hot dogs and hamburgers could also be provided outdoors, and grilling goes hand-in-hand.


Instead of using plain blocky, ugly coolers, go for an inexpensive galvanized steel or painted tub and fill it with ice along with bottled water and soda.

Beer and other adult beverages should be served in a separate tub from the one accessible to the children.

Hand-wipes or sanitizers along with a trash can with a lid You should provide hand-wipes or sanitizers for guests to use to clean up after themselves after eating.

In other to make cleanup easier, disposable cups and plates should be utilized. A trash can with a lid helps to keep animals away and make the environment neat.

Activities before the movie

The movie is the primary event at an outdoor movie night, but there are some other entertaining activities to do before the movie starts.

This includes playing charades or movie-related trivia to get people excited while guests are still trickling in.

Before the movie starts, give the kids glow sticks to light up the night and to delight and mesmerize them. If there is a fire pit available, s’mores can be roasted as a treat.

How to select the movie for an outdoor movie night

Outdoor movie night includes both adults and kids; finding the perfect film that the audience will enjoy is significant.

You don’t want a movie that will bore the adults, nor do you want the children to be bored or scared of the selected movie.

Below are some categories of movies that are entertaining to both adults and children.

Marvel/DC comic Movies

Everyone likes watching superheroes. Movies like Captain America, The Avengers, Superman, Aqua-man, Spider-man, etc., are sure to entertain both the adults and children in the audience during an outdoor movie night.

Star Wars Films

An outdoor movie night movie idea is the Star Wars franchise; whether you watch the classic such as A New Hope or the new trilogy like The Force Awakens, the audience will be entertained and captivated.

Disney Movies

Disney doesn’t have an age bracket; their movies (either animation or live-action) are entertaining to both young and old.

This is evident from the millions of people, both old and young that visit Disney-world yearly.

Disney movies like Maleficent, Sing, Beauty and the Beast, Moana, Zootropolis, among others, are sure to entertain both adults and children.


You can never go wrong with showing a classic; everyone enjoys re-watching classics. This is evident as classics are always a popular choice on outdoor movie nights.

Movies like Grease, Wizard of OZ, The Goonies, ET, Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, etc., are always entertaining. Comedy Everyone enjoys relaxing and laughing at silly things, even kids.


is an excellent choice when choosing a movie for an outdoor movie night. Movie-like Big Momma’s House, White Chicks, Madea Movies (Witness Protection, Boo, etc.) will entertain the audience.

Organize an outdoor movie night when you feel like hanging out with your family and friends; these outdoor movie night ideas are sure to make the night a memorable one for your guests.

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