Old English Names for Boys and Girls

Old English Names for Boys and Girls

A name is not just a label, tag, or a cute pseudonym for a baby. A name goes on a lifetime to shape a child’s personality as well.

While there are so many ranges to pick from, traditional or old English names and their meaning exude a charm, elegance, superiority that will always remain in style.

Now, let’s acquit ourselves with some information about the Old English era. The era existed between the 5th and 12th centuries, spoken from England to Southern Scotland.

The era birthed the earliest historical form of the English language. Many arguably suggest that modern civilization began during the Old English era. Old English arrived in countries as a result of Anglo-Saxon settlers, who arrived around the early-5th century.

Old English boy names and girl names are heavily influenced by the German and Scandinavian invaders that existed before the Norman Conquest. Before the pre-Medieval, dating back to 1150AD, when the Middle Age began, these baby names almost shifted completely to Norman names like Robert and William.

Before the end of the 5th century ended, fewer than a thousand monikers were in use- and the most popular were John and Alice. As of 2009, there were about 60,900 names in use in Wales and England. 

Are u in search of a selection of old English or traditional names for your new baby boy or baby girl? Or investigating the origin of a name? Then you are in luck. We provide the Parentian guide to the best traditional names known in the old English era. As a bonus, you get to understand some variations and meanings.

You can also consider looking into the origin of these baby names. It has already been established that many of these names are of German origin and English origin.

Some of them possess associated origin like place names, biblical names of Hebrew origin, Roman origin, Latin origin, Greek origin, or Anglo Saxon names.

Old English Boy Names and Meaning

These boy names can be employed as a surname, middle name, or even personal names for your baby boy. While some may sound like feminine names and old-fashioned names, none of these names are of vernacular nomenclature.

Their meanings are interpreted in old English word:

Male Old English Names, Variants & Meanings:

  • Abbot                                                                          

Meaning: Head of the Land

  • Ackley, Aykley

Meaning: Meadow of Oaks

  • Acton

Meaning: Town with many Oaks

  • Adam

Meaning: Son of the Red Earth

  • Addison, Adyson

Meaning: Son of Adam

  • Adger, Adgar

Meaning: Happy Spear

  • Aiken, Ayken

Meaning: Made of Oak

  • Albert

Meaning: Bright and noble

  • Alcott, Walcott

Meaning: Old cottage

  • Alder, Eldred

Meaning: Revered One

  • Aldrich, Aldred

Meaning: Old King

  • Alexander,  Alex, Alexis

Meaning: Defender

  • Alfred, Freddie

Meaning: Wise Counsel

  • Allard, Ellard

Meaning: Noble and Brave

  • Alston, Alton

Meaning: Al’s town

  • Alvertos, Albert

Meaning: Shepherd

  • Alvin, Alwyn

Meaning: Elf’s Wine

  • Andrew

Meaning: Manly

  • Arledge

Meaning: Lives at the hare’s lake

  • Arley, Hartley

Meaning: From the hare

  • Arlo, Arles

Meaning: Famouse throughout the Land

  • Armstrong

Meaning: Strong-armed warrior

  • Arnold

Meaning: A good ruler

  • Arthur

Meaning: Bear

  • Arundel

Meaning: He who dwells with Eagles

  • Ashley, Ash, Aslan

Meaning: Ash Tree

  • Athelstan

Meaning: Noble Stone

  • Averill, Everil, Averiel

Meaning: Boar warrior

  • Awarnach

Meaning: A giant

  • Baldwin

Meaning: A brave friend

  • Ballard, Balerd, Balad

Meaning: Dancing Soul

  • Bancroft, Bankroft

Meaning: Bean field

  • Barclay, Barkli, Barksdale

Meaning: Birch meadow

  • Barnett, Barr, Barret, Barnet

Meaning: Mighty as a Bear

  • Beacher, Beech, Becher

Meaning: Dweller by the Beech tree

  • Beardsley, Bardsley               

Meaning: Beard, Wood

  • Bede

Meaning: Prayer

  • Beldon, Belden, Belidon

Meaning: Beautiful pasture

  • Benedict

Meaning: Blessed

  • Benjamin

Meaning: Son of the Right Hand

  • Bentley, Bently, Benet

Meaning: From the moor                                            

  • Bernard

Meaning: Strong and brave

  • Birch, Birk, Byrch

Meaning: White, birch tree

  • Blake, Blanco, Blayk

Meaning: Fair

  • Booker,Bucher

Meaning: Beech tree

  • Booth,Bothe

Meaning: Home

  • Borden, Bordon, Bordyn

Meaning: Near a boar’s den

  • Bradley, Brad

Meaning: Broad meadow

  • Brandon, Brand, Bran, Brent

Meaning: Fiery hill

  • Brewster, Brew

Meaning: Brewer

  • Brian

Meaning: Of high and noble birth

  • Brigham, Brigg, Bringham

Meaning: Soldier

  • Brinley, Brin, Brinly

Meaning: Tawny

  • Brock, Braxton, Brok, Broc

Meaning: Badger

  • Bromley, Bromwood, Bromli

Meaning: Brush-covered meadow

  • Brook, Brooke

Meaning: Clear Flow like a Stream

  • Buckley, Buck

Meaning: Meadow of deer

  • Bud, Budd, Buddy

Meaning: Herald

  • Burgess, Burg, Burgiss

Meaning: Free Citizen

  • Burne, Byrne, Burney

Meaning: Stream                                            

  • Burt, Bert, Berton

Meaning: Bright flame

  • Buster, Bustar

Meaning: One who breaks things

  • Byron

Meaning: Associated with cattle sheds

  • Cade, Cody, Kade

Meaning: Round

  • Calder, Caldre

Meaning: River of Stones

  • Caldwell, Cadmus

Meaning: Cold spring

  • Calhoun, Calhaun

Meaning: Warrior

  • Calvert, Calvex

Meaning: Shepherd

  • Cameron¸Camry, Camren

Meaning: Bent nose

  • Carden, Cardon, Card

Meaning: Wool carder

  • Carleton, Carlson, Carston

Meaning: Carl’s town

  • Carlyle, Carley, Carlos

Meaning: Carl’s Island

  • Carter,  Cartrel

Meaning: Cart driver

  • Carvell, Carsyn, Carvel

Meaning: Wood carver

  • Catcher

Meaning: One who keeps

  • Cedric, Chadrick, Caddaric

Meaning: War leader

  • Chad, Chadwick, Chadric

Meaning: War-like

  • Channing, Channon, Channe

Meaning: Knowing

  • Charles, Chuck, Chas, Carlo

Meaning: Freeman

  • Chevy, Chevrolet, Cheval

Meaning: Knight

  • Chilton, Chill

Meaning: Farm by the Spring

  • Christian

Meaning: Someone who is a Christian

  •  Christopher

Meaning: Christ bearer

  • Clark, Clarke, Clarkson

Meaning: Cleric

  • Conrad

Meaning: Bold                 

  • Cooper, Coop, Kuper

Meaning: Barrel Maker

  • Dale, Dallen, Dal, Dalton

Meaning: Valley dweller

  • Darren, Darin, Daren

Meaning: Rocky hill

  • Darwin, Darwen

Meaning: Beloved

  • Dean, Dino, Dyne

Meaning: Valley

  • Donald, Don, Donley, Donal               

Meaning: Ruler of the world

  • Douglas, Doug, Dugan

Meaning: Dark Water

  • Dover, Dove

Meaning: Water

  • Doyle, Doyl, Doile

Meaning: Dark stranger

  • Drake

Meaning: Brave

  • Duncan, Dun, Dunkan

Meaning: Dark warrior

  • Dustin, Duston, Dustain

Meaning: Dark Stone

  • Dwight, Dwite, Dwyte

Meaning: Fair

  • Earl, Erie, Erl, Earld

Meaning: Nobleman

  • Edgar, Edger, Edgard

Meaning: Prosperous warrior

  • Edmund, Aimond, Ted, Ned

Meaning: Rich warrior

  • Edward, Eduardo, Eddy

Meaning: Rich Guardian

  • Edwin, Edwen

Meaning: Prosperous friend

  • Eldon, Elden, Elton

Meaning: Ella’s mound

  • Elmer

Meaning: Famous and Noble

  • Emerson, Emyrson

Meaning: Emery’s son

  • Eric , Ericson

Meaning: Always a Ruler

  • Esmond, Desmond, Esmund              

Meaning: Protective grace

  • Farley, Farly

Meaning: Distant meadow

  • Farrell, Farrow, Ferol

Meaning: Man of Valor

  • Fielding, Fielder, Field

Meaning: Field

  • Fletcher

Meaning: Arrow Craftsman

  • Ford, Forde

Meaning: River crosser

  • Frederick

Meaning: Peaceful ruler

  • Fuller, Fluer

Meaning: One who works with Cloth

  • Fulton, Folton

Meaning: Town near the field

  • Gary, Gar

Meaning: Spear

  • George

Meaning: Farmer

  • Gerald

Meaning: One who rules with a Spear

  • Gerard, Ged, Gera

Meaning: Brave and strong as a Spear

  • Gilbert

Meaning: one who is famous and bright

  • Goldman, Gold, Goldwin

Meaning: To shine                                         

  • Gordon, Gordie, Gord

Meaning: Fertilized pasture

  • Gower, Gowell

Meaning: Harness maker

  • Grant

Meaning: One who is large at heart

  • Gray, Grayson, Grey

Meaning: To shine

  • Gregory      

Meaning: A watcher

  • Halbert, Bert, Halburt

Meaning: Bright stone

  • Hamilton, Hamel, Hamil

Meaning: Flat-topped hill

  • Hannibal, Han, Hanley

Meaning: Steep incline

  • Hendrick, Hendric, Henrik

Meaning: Lord’s manor

  • Henley, Henly, Hanley

Meaning: High meadows

  • Henry, Harry

Meaning: Ruler of an Estate

  • Hubert

Meaning: one who has a famous heart or spirit                

  • Hulk

Meaning: Heavy Weight

  • Humphrey, Humfrey, Humpty

Meaning: Peaceful force

  • Hunt, Hunter, Huntley

Meaning: Searcher

  • Ivor               

Meaning: Bow warrior

  • Jack, Jackin, Johnkin

Meaning: God is gracious

  • Jasper, Jas

Meaning: Bearer of Treasures

  • Jonalthan, Jona

Meaning: Gift from Above

  • Kemp           

Meaning: Athlete or Wrestler

  • Kenley, Kenly, Kenrick

Meaning: Dweller at the king’s meadow

  • Kent, Kentt, Kenny

Meaning: Dignified

  • King, Kingsley

Meaning: Ruler                

  • Knox, Knoll

Meaning: From the hills                                               

  • Landon, Landen, Landyn

Meaning: Long hill

  • Laurel

Meaning: One who is like a Tree

  • Lawrence, Laurence, Laurent, Laurel

Meaning: crown

  • Lawson, Lawrence, Loren, Larry

Meaning: Son of the Crown

  • Legolas        

Meaning: Highest Angel

  • Leonard, Leo

Meaning: Lion

  • Lincoln, Link, Linc

Meaning: Home by the pond

  • Litton, Lyton, Lyten

Meaning: Hillside town

  • Louis

Meaning: Renowned warrior

  • Lyre, Lyr

Meaning: A Harp

  • Mace, Maci, Maco, Macy

Meaning: Weapon of a Knight

  • Magnus

Meaning: One who is great

  • Mark            

Meaning: One who is Brave

  • Marlow, Marson, Marston  

Meaning: Field near water

  • Miller, Mills, Millson

Meaning: One who Treads

  • Milton, Milt, Melton

Meaning: From the mill town

  • Nash, Nashe, Ash   

Meaning: Cliff

  • Nedes

Meaning: Necessity

  • Nelson, Neil

Meaning:  A champion

  • Newman, Numen

Meaning: Newcomer

  • Nicholas

Meaning: Victor

  • Olin, Olaf, Olan, Olie

Meaning: Royal ancestor

  • Orman, Ormond

Meaning: Spearman

  • Osbert, Osborn, Osted

Meaning: Divine

  • Oscar

Meaning: Spear of the gods

  • Owen

Meaning: one of noble birth

  • Oxford, Oxon, Oxton

Meaning: From where the oxen ford

  • Palmer, Palma

Meaning: Palm-bearing pilgrim

  • Parker, park, Parke

Meaning: Cultivated Land

  • Patrick, Padraig

Meaning: Nobleman

  • Philip, Phil

Meaning: Lover of Horses

  • Porter

Meaning: Keeper of the Gates

  • Preston, Prescott, Presten 

Meaning: Church Dweller           

  • Raleigh, Rawley, Lee, Rawls

Meaning: Dweller in the deer meadow

  • Ralph, Ralf, Rolph, Raul

Meaning: Wise counsel

  • Ramsey, Ramsay

Meaning: Ram’s land

  • Ransford                     

Meaning: Raven’s Ford

  • Raymond                    

Meaning: Wise protector

  • Raymond, Ramon, Rayner, Wray

Meaning: Worthy protector

  • Redford, Redfield, Red, Redd

Meaning: From the red ford

  • Richard

Meaning: A dominant ruler

  • Rider, Ryder

Meaning: Horseman

  • Ridley, Ridlea, Ridleigh

Meaning: Reed clearer                                 

  • Robert, Rob

Meaning: Bright flame

  • Scott, Scot, Scottie

Meaning: Son of Scotland

  • Shaw

Meaning: A grove

  • Sherlock, Sherlocke

Meaning: Old man

  • Slade, Slayde, Slaid

Meaning: Child of the Valley

  • Spencer, Spence

Meaning: Keeper

  • Stanley, Stanford, Stan

Meaning: From a Rocky meadow

  • Theodore, Theophilus

Meaning: Gift of the gods

  • Thomas, Tom

Meaning: A twin

  • Timothy, Tim, Timmy

Meaning: Honoring God

  • Trent, Trenton

Meaning: Dweller by the Trent

  • Tripp

Meaning: Traveller

  • Truman, True, Trueman                       

Meaning: Disciple

  • Tye, Tie

Meaning: Enclosed

  • Victor, Vincent

Meaning: Victorious or a Conqueror

  • Wallace, Wally, Wallis, Walsh             

Meaning: Welshman

  • Walter, Walt

Meaning: Commander of an Army

  • Warner, Warn

Meaning: Army Guard

  • Washington                , Wash

Meaning: Town near water

  • Wayne

Meaning: Wagon Maker

  • Wilfred, Wilfrid, Wilfried

Meaning: Abundant Peace

  • William                                                                        

Meaning: Protector

  • Winston, Winfield, Winton 

Meaning: A Friend

  • Wright, Writ

Meaning: Capenter

  • York, Yorick

Meaning: Yew tree

Old English Female Names and Meaning

Below are some old beautiful feminine names for your girl child. Though not indicated, many are of Saxon origin. Ensure to enjoy these female names and meaning:

Female Names Variant & Meaning

  • Afton, Avon              

Meaning: River

  • Aida

Meaning: Joyful

  • Aislinn, Ashlyn, Aisling

Meaning: Dream

  • Alden, Alvyna

Meaning: Wise Counsel, Protector

  • Arantxa

Meaning: Thorn bush

  • Ariana

Meaning: Silver

  • Arleigh, Arly

Meaning: Meadow of the hare

  • Ashley,Ash

Meaning: Ash tree

  • Aspen, Aspyn

Meaning: Tree

  • Audrey

Meaning: Ancient Power, Noble Strength

  • Bailey, Baley, Baily

Meaning: Fortification

  • Beatrice, Beaten

Meaning: Beautiful        

  • Beverly, Beverlea, Beverley               

Meaning: Meadow of the beavers

  • Blaine

Meaning: Source of the River

  • Blossom

Meaning: Full of Promise

  • Blythe

Meaning: Gentle, Pleasant

  • Brenda, Bren, Brynna

Meaning: Little raven

  • Brook, Brookie

Meaning: Stream

  • Chelsea

Meaning: End of the River

  • Corliss, Carlisle

Meaning: Cheerful and Generous

  • Courtney                                                                    

Meaning: Dignified

  • Demelza                                                                     

Meaning: Fort on a hill

  • Eartha, Hertha, Heretha

Meaning: Daughter of the Earth

  • Edda                                                                             

Meaning: Rich

  • Edith                                             

Meaning: Expensive Gift

  • Ethel, Adele, Ethelda

Meaning: Noble

  • Eve, Evy, Evelyn

Meaning: Mother of All

  • Farrah, Farreh

Meaning: Beautiful                                                        

  • Fern, Fearne, Ferne

Meaning: A leafy plant

  • Fiona, Fionn

Meaning: Fair

  • Flora

Meaning: Flower

  • Godiva

Meaning: gift of god

  • Golda, Gold

Meaning: To shine

  • Hazel, Hailey, Hally

Meaning: Heroine/Wise one

  • Haley

Meaning: Hazel tree

  • Hedwig

Meaning: Hidden weapon

  • Harmony, Harmon                  

Meaning: Soldier

  • Hollace, holly                            

Meaning: Close to the holly bush

  • Hope                                                                            

Meaning: Faith

  • Isolda, Isolde, Eseld

Meaning: Fair

  • Ivy, Ivyn, Ivi

Meaning: A festive plant

  • Jocelyn, Joslyn, Jocelyn

Meaning: The Only

  • Kim, Kimmy               

Meaning: Chief, Fortress

  • Kyla, Kayla

Meaning: Narrow

  • Leigh, Lee

Meaning: Glade

  • Leslie

Meaning: Small meadow

  • Locke

Meaning: Stronghold

  • Luella, Louella, Loella

Meaning: Elfin

  • Maida

Meaning: Maiden, Young

  • Mirth

Meaning: Happiness

  • Misty, Miste

Meaning: Covered by Mist

  • Morwen

Meaning: Virtuous

  • Nara, Nera, Narah

Meaning: Near one

  • Odilia

Meaning: Wealth, Prosperous

  • Radalla, Rada

Meaning: Wise Counsel

  • Sacrifice      

Meaning: Sacred


The “old-fashioned baby names” mentioned above are all old English names that birthed most vintage names. They were popularly ascribed by philologists into the Domesday Book and used in the 19th century to be used in this modern English era.

Many of these great names may be employed as di thematic names for boys’ names or girls’ names, or even twins. And there is hundreds of variant spelling to pick from for most of the English names.

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