45 Nautical Baby Names for Your Boys and Girls

Nautical Baby Names

Suppose you’re expecting a baby or know someone who is. You might be looking for some fun and cute nautical baby names for boys and girls to choose from! Many people who love the Ocean enjoy giving their children names that have something to do with the sea. 

Whether it’s directly associated with it or has some other meaning, that just works well with watery associations.

Nautical baby names for boys and girls are also great if you live near the water. Or even if you’re close enough to feel at home on your little boat.


I meant lovable in Haitian Creole. Ezili is one of the heart-warming nautical baby names for boys and girls for an adorable child. This name is unique without being gimmicky. 

And if you want to stand out with a traditional name, Ezili will do that without requiring too much explanation. Your friends will love it, and strangers won’t think it’s weird or know what it means.

So, you get all of those benefits without having to sacrifice any uniqueness. And that’s pretty great if you ask us!


In Sanskrit, Gali means a small stream or creek; Gali is the first name in Hindi, which translates to the river. These nautical baby names for boys and girls speak to calmness and tranquility. The inspiration behind choosing one of these names is pure and crystal clear water flowing peacefully through a stream.


Though most often associated with earth, Gaia has Greek roots and means womb. One of the unique nautical baby names for boys and girls that will go perfectly with a nautical-themed nursery. It’s also simple enough to be used as a nickname or pet name (it goes well with the Navy)!

Also, If you prefer an unusual nature-themed name but aren’t in love with Gaia, consider using Nereus instead. He was one of Gaia’s sons and is often used interchangeably.


For parents looking for any nautical baby names for boys and girls to give their child a solid foundation. When spelled with an h instead of a y, Haf is used in Scotland and England to refer to harbors. 

However, some of its variants include Had and Haff. This makes it a perfect pick for babies born near water.


Another beautiful choice from nautical baby names for boys and girls. And it’s pretty unique if you’re looking to give your child a unique nautical name. This could be pronounced (ma-REEN-ah) or (MAIR-een-ah); Marina means of/from the sea in Greek.

For example, Marina Abramovic is a world-famous performance artist. Who has often created performance art pieces while surrounded by water?


What could be more fitting than a name like Yara as an alternative to Ariel, which means little mermaid? It’s pronounced like yar, while it might not have quite a mystique like Ariel. It definitely would get her in touch with her inner sea creature.

Also, It reminds you of Yara Greyjoy from Game of Thrones, giving you a reason to rewatch Season 6. A unique name to consider among nautical baby names for boys and girls. 


Bayou is one of the nautical baby names for boys and girls. English speakers borrowed the word Bayou, meaning the small body of slow-moving water, from Choctaw.

It first appeared in 1879 in Louisiana and Arkansas and remains most popular today; it ranked #52 in 2013.

So, Is Bayou an excellent name for your newborn? Bayou may be more appropriate as a middle name.


For any parents looking to go with a classic name. Coral is an attractive option from the nautical baby names for boys and girls.

Feminine, pretty, and on-trend, a perfect blend of old and new, Coral has been given to girls in America since 1880.

However, Its roots are Latin and English, having originally been a surname before transitioning into a first name during Victorian times.

While Coral can refer to coral reefs ( therefore more masculine), it’s most commonly used as an entirely female name.


Not exactly a play on sailors, but Evian is easy to say and spell (critical when it comes to kids!). And its meaning is only slightly related: It’s French for water, a bit of a stretch?, Perhaps. Whatever floats your boat.

Another great nautical baby name for boys and girls that means water? Lori, It might take some parents a while to get used to saying it. But once they do, you can bet they’ll love it!


Hali means river in Hawaiian; this is a cute name from nautical baby names for boys and girls. But it also has some boldness that might be appealing as a nautical boy’s name. For example, if you’re on team Nemo and looking for a name that suits an adventurous boy, try Hali.

And Here’s more information about Hali as a nautical baby girl name: The word Hal means salt in Gaelic. There are many hal-related words, including cold, gale, and Ocean Spray. 

However, the first use of Hal went back to around 700 BC and was used by ancient Greeks. To refer to religious sacrifices made at sea, other cultures adopted it over time.


Lake is a less popular nautical baby name for boys and girls with an aquatic feel. Good with any first name, but best paired with a more traditional first name like John or Mary. Your son will have plenty of lakes to swim in and sail on, so why not give him a start?


The name Lynn is a boy’s name of English origin, meaning lake; pool. This name is one of the nautical baby names for boys and girls that is particularly popular in New Zealand. It ranks #33 on our popularity charts, despite its Anglo origins.

Although, Lynn has not been making many appearances on our US lists. But perhaps we are about to see a revival thanks to singer/actress Jennifer Aniston (nee Anastassakis). 

However, in other countries, Lynn remains unchanged primarily, appearing as an alternative spelling of lion. The most notable bearer was a British novelist and poet Walter de la Mare, born Walter Stuart De La Mare.


There’s no question that Maris is a boy’s name; it belongs to former slugger Mark The Rocket McGuire. That said, girls often rock their brothers’ names as nicknames.

Maris is probably not an option if you don’t want your son to be teased in elementary school. Although, if you just love it, and are ready to explain, go ahead and use it on a girl.

It may even have some geek cred from being named after Maris Former – the actress who played Ginger on Gilligan’s Island. This is one of the nautical baby names for boys and girls who need much thinking before you decide.


Maya was originally a location in ancient India and meant water. It made waves as one of the nautical baby names for boys and girls since Mexican superstars popularized it.

Her name is Maya Azucena Malpica Flores, aka Missy Elliott; she got her name from her father’s love of sailing. 

Also, he named his boat Mayan Princess, and it’s also a moon of Jupiter and a Sanskrit word meaning illusion or fancy.

Although given its association with raves and MDMA consumption, we’re not sure if that should be considered positive or negative. We prefer to think of Maya as water which suits both its celestial associations and an ocean-faring life.


It’s a unisex form of Oceanus and Ocean and also one of the nautical baby names for boys and girls. Oceane has been popular since its use in Roman mythology, where it was borne by a sea nymph who was sister to Tethys and wife to Neptune (god of the sea).

And the Ocean is one of her symbols, along with dolphins and ships. You can take inspiration from the Ocean if you wish: as a unisex name, it’s got both masculine and feminine connotations. But whether you want to honor Poseidon or Aphrodite, there are plenty of ways to make it work in 2016.


It’s from Galicia, a region in Spain also a unisex name from the nautical baby names for boys and girls. It was popularized by actress Audrey Hepburn, who named her daughter Talisa after Talisa Soto, a friend of hers.

For boys: It has been popularized by actor Dennis Quaid, who called his son Dalton after nautical filmmaker James Van-Der-Beek.

Also, a famous fictional character with that name is Dr. T.J. Eckleburg. A giant advertising billboard in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.


Celeste is an excellent pick from the nautical baby names for boys and girls, for anyone with sea legs. It means heavenly and is linked to St. Celestine, a 5th-century Italian saint, and Cassiopeia. One of the seven sisters from Greek mythology who became stars in what we now call The Big Dipper.

And a different version of Cassiopeia means rotten as pie. And yes, I’m telling you about it because every once in a while. I got an email from someone named Celeste but only after considering that other name.


Caspian, One of those names from nautical baby names for boys and girls that come up in almost every fandom. This means that you’ll likely be able to find a lot of art fans with it. Not an immediate bonus, but it’s something to consider if you have doubts about whether Caspian will stand out. 

While in school or on future job applications, Caspian is also a Greek name meaning King of Persia. In Persuasion, Captain Wentworth presents Anne Elliot his walking stick. And tells her she must learn to love Caspian before she receives her next gift from him.

And indicating that he’s got quite an imagination, and we know who said the dream was dangerous? Captain Wentworth.


The Crew is a short name derived from Crew, as in a group of people working together on a ship. It sounds excellent when you say it aloud and works well as either a masculine or feminine name.

If you love other nautical baby names for boys and girls like Fin and Poseidon but want something less common

Then, Crew is another good choice. Plus, there are plenty of cute nicknames to consider.


Finn is considered one of the nautical baby names for boys and girls. In Scottish, Irish, and Welsh mythology, Finn Mac Cool was a warrior who wielded an unbreakable sword. He also had quite a reputation as a ladies’ man.

So, If you’re looking for an unusual option that celebrates daring and bravery, consider naming your son Finn.

This unique boy’s name will set him apart from his peers in an unforgettable way. For other great ideas, check out our lists of Celtic and nautical baby names for boys and girls. 


The heron is an elusive water bird but also one of great beauty. With its slender neck and delicate feathers, it’s a perfect symbol of grace. The bird can mean many things; in China, it means a wise man, and in Japan, a symbol of marital happiness.

But no matter what, you’ll find that herons are universally associated with movement through the water. An idea that makes it one of the great choices among nautical baby names for boys and girls. 


I bet you didn’t know that Leif Erikson was a real-life Viking explorer who discovered North America (not Columbus). If you love history and want to give your child a fun, evocative name, this is it. Its origins are ancient Nordic, meaning heir to all.

And it has roots in pop culture; Leif Garrett was an American singer and actor back in our parents’ day. It also works as a girl’s name; you can spell Leigh or Lief if you prefer something more feminine.

Additionally, In Norse mythology, Leif was one of Thor’s sons! Oh yeah, and he was also King Eric’s son in The Little Mermaid. Leif is one of the most important historical names among the nautical baby names for boys and girls.


The word return means isle or islet. That makes Orton perfect among nautical baby names for boys and girls for anyone born who loves islands. Orton is also an unusual variation of Orlando, which means famous land.

And was used by Shakespeare in his play As You Like It. If you are looking for something more traditional and like place names. Consider Oceanus (if you are into Greek mythology) and Oceana (if you like that Roman goddess thing).

Of course, always respect nautical tradition and seriously consider Ocean if it fits your family’s needs. Consider it if you have given birth at sea!


Bay comes from Old English, Old Norse, and other Germanic languages; these words come from a root meaning dwell. The term is used to describe a wide, deep inlet of water. This can be an actual inlet, such as Puget Sound or San Francisco Bay.

And it can be symbolic: When someone has many great qualities, they are in one another. However you use it, Bay is one of the sweet nautical baby names for boys and girls. It was shortlisted by America’s Social Security Administration (SSA) as one of their most popular names for boys in 2013. 

Also, It made it into their top 100 list alongside more established favorites like Jackson and Noah! But what do you think? Would you prefer your son to go down with a storm?


Though most commonly used as a boy’s name, Blue is occasionally used as a girl’s name. Its popularity has been upward since 2010; from 2001 to 2004, it was ranked #722. In 2016, it ranked #479 and was five times more popular than in 2001

However, from its peak rank of #123 in 2015, Blue seems to be going strong. Blue remains a top-ranked name with much usage that is slightly lower than it was ten years ago. One of the nautical baby names for boys and girls appeals to parents who are fond of nature.

Perhaps, because of its connection with clear blue skies or ocean depths? The meaning Blue is the color between green and violet. It originates from the English language. 


A classic but not-too-common name among the nautical baby names for boys and girls. It has a long history and was even a unisex choice among many parents in years past. 

Although far less common as a boy’s name than girls, you can choose to call your son Harbor. Or keep it on hand as an option if he has a brother or sister down the road. Either way, it makes an easy fit into family traditions and unique holiday cards.

However, nautical baby names for boys and girls are popular choices. Especially when it comes to boys’ names, there are many potential pitfalls. Not to mention fads that you’ll want to avoid if possible.


Clove is a perennial herb belonging to Indonesia, East Indies, and Brazil. It is used in preparing foods as well as perfumes. Sailors and pirates commonly use clove spice during voyages and raids, giving a sense of protection against all sea-based perils.

And you kids will feel protected by such a name when they grow up aboard their ship. Cloves are also one of the most potent spices on earth, symbolizing courage and strength! If that doesn’t fit perfectly with being a sailor or pirate, we don’t know what does!


Choosing a name from nautical baby names for boys and girls is a great way to get started with ideas. The word Fjord refers to both a type of sea and Norwegian heritage popular in US culture.

This means it’s been used as a first name since before 1900, so you can consider using it for your modern baby. 

Certainly, Fjord is not common, it ranks 1,059 out of all male babies born in 2017, but it’s also very unique. This will make an exciting choice if you’re looking for something outside traditional themes. Or names that others have overused.


One of our top picks for boys, a fantastic and robust choice among nautical baby names for boys and girls. Perfect for parents with a love of wind, water, and adventure.

If you’re looking to give your boy an adventurous name, look no further than Gale! And if you want something even more unusual. Take a look at all of our other sea-themed baby names.


It means king in Gaelic, an excellent choice among nautical baby names for boys and girls with a history of being unisex.

While some spellings are generally used as boys’ names (Raymond, Ray), others are usually given to girls (Rae). In either spelling, it can be used as a nautical name because of its association with rainbows.

And when pronounced ray, it also sounds like port or starboard. So consider using Ray if you want to draw attention to an object rather than someone. At any rate, Ray remains one of the best nautical baby names today.


Sailors are also known as sands. This is why it only makes sense that Sandy should be among nautical baby names for boys and girls. If you choose sandy, you can choose whether to spell it with an extra E at the end: Sandra or Sander.

And you could even name your child after someone who loves sailing; how about Sandy Koufax, former baseball player? If it doesn’t work out, he finds himself playing golf instead of going out on a boat all day. Then he can just change his last name to Woods.


The one thing you’ll never see when visiting Bondi Beach is whales. There are whales in Australia; they’re just a bit harder to spot than in other parts of the world. It also happens to be a popular place to live among new parents.

So, both might explain why so many babies with Bondi as part of their name. And that makes sense, too: When we think of Bondi, we think of sunny skies and warm waters.

There aren’t many beaches that provide better inspiration for choosing any of the nautical baby names for boys and girls. 


The name Delta means triangular or triangle; a triangle symbolizes life, health, and well-being. You want to give your child a name that represents strength and power. But you also want to ensure that it sounds appealing as well.

And the word “Delta” refers to something triangular in shape, and the term ‘delta’ is made up of two Greek letters.

Delta and epsilon make up a triangle when they are combined in their standard form of δέλτα. Delta has many meanings associated with it as one of the nautical baby names for boys and girls.

However, in Ancient Greek mythology, Delta represented Zeus or Jupiter. While it means Pluto’s Gate on Atlantis and Nile River as well.


You’re probably wondering what on earth Iluka means? Well, Iluka is an Aboriginal word meaning the rising sun, a beautiful name for a cute kid. May your new bundle of joy bring you much happiness.

And not just during their childhood but also in all aspects of life. And we think Iluka is perfect because it starts with an “I,” so they’ll be known as Iluka. (See what we did there?) Think about it! It’s a win-win situation.


Isla means island, and it’s easy to see why Isla is a popular choice among nautical baby names for boys and girls. This girl’s name has been climbing in popularity recently.

This may be partially due to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West naming their daughter North West. So, your baby can be known as an ‘island’ if you choose to use Isla as a unique name for your daughter.

Pairing it with another nautical name like Ocean or Bo might confuse the road. But an Isla rose by any other name would still smell just as sweet.


Meaning beach in Spanish, Laguna is a name perfect for parents who love to spend time at their local shoreline. This modern twist on Lauren has an exciting nickname, “Lag,” that could easily be used as a child grows up. If you’re looking for a cool name that also means something special, Laguna might be just what you need.


There’s a lot to love about the Zambezi, but what sold us was that it has more than two different pronunciations.

In addition to ZAM-been, there’s also zam-BEE and ZAM-bit, all of which are equally awesome. It could serve as either a first or last name; in fact, we almost considered shortening it to Zane. 

And it’s from a Swahili term that can be translated as living well. Not too shabby for a boy whose parents want him to have an adventurous life.


Ripley was not so famous in North America then, but it’s been growing in popularity over recent years. Some of that growth might be due to actor Jim Carrey and his role in the cartoon character The Mask.

In addition to starring in comedies like Dumb and Dumber and The Mask, Carrey has played various roles.

And it includes action movies such as Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Truman Show, and Bruce Almighty. Ripley is one of the nautical baby names for boys and girls that is rising in popularity.


Were you considering a name among the nautical baby names for boys and girls? Athena, named after the Greek goddess of wisdom and war, a great option if you’re looking for something strong yet feminine.

The name means wise and has been around since before ancient Greece. Also, It can be used as a nickname for Athina or Theano and as an alternative to Atlee.

A supermodel with a similar name is Athena Karkanis (She simply went by Athena in her modeling days). Another modern namesake is actress Chloe Sevigny (She goes by just Theia now), whose father was Malcolm McLaren.


Lucerne is a French and English boy’s name meaning famous warrior. Wilkie Collins first used a hero’s name in 1852 for his novel The Woman in White. As one of the nautical baby names for boys and girls, Lucerne could work well with many different surnames.

And it would make an exciting alternative to Lucas, and it certainly has more flair than Luke or Luka. Whether you’re into classics or you prefer something a bit different. Some great nautical baby names for boys and girls have been passed down through history. 

And they would make perfect additions to your growing family tree. Whatever their origin or meaning, we think they’re all pretty cool!


If you love boats and water sports, you’ll adore naming your new bundle of joy, Como. The name Como was derived from the Bay of Camogli, a small bay in Italy where yachts and sailboats gather during the summer season. 

So, If you want to choose nautical baby names for boys and girls, try giving your child a moniker like Diana or Remus. They can grow up to be lifeguards or become avid boat enthusiasts just like their parents.

However, never forget that all babies are born sailors, whether they love sailing. So when picking out a name, don’t limit yourself.


You’ll find a harbor in Aberdeen Harbor in Aberdeen, Scotland. The English word Aberdeen translates to a stream of salmon, which is pretty cool if you want to pick from the nautical baby names for boys and girls with a rich historical reference. 

And you don’t want to call your son Fish Breath or Anchor Face, go with Aber (rhymes with Hurley). That’s short for Aberdeen and also means stream in Gaelic.

A great alternative to Ashton and Ashwin, two other hot boys’ names from the nautical baby names for boys and girls.


The name Adrian originates from Latin. A derivative of Adria is from Adria, a region in southern Italy. It was popularized in Britain by King Edward III’s royal physician and friend, who lived near Adria in Italy. 

And the Swedish form is Adrie. In Scotland, it was used as an anglicization of Áedán. In Ireland, it has been used as an Anglicization of Áedáin. Another good choice among the nautical baby names for boys and girls. 


A classical choice from the nautical baby names for boys and girls. But it’s a bit of an unusual pick, even by maritime standards. If you’re looking for something simple but attractive, consider using Cliff as a middle name.

However, naming a child after a geographical feature might conjure up images of rugged cliffs or towering waves.

And if you live near an ocean, these surroundings may appeal to you. But if Oceana feels too trendy or modern for your tastes, remember that there are plenty of other places. 

Also, with cool-sounding names that are inspired by natural elements. For example, islands (although many islands have been permanently altered by human activity), lakes, and rivers.


In honor of John W.Conway, Commander of USS Nautilus (SSN-571), named after Jules Verne’s submarine in 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.

One of only three submarines to ever receive a Navy Unit Commendation. And the winner of two Presidential Unit Citations during her short career.

While stationed in Hawaii, she earned everlasting fame when she sailed under the North Pole on August 3rd, 1958.

She was decommissioned from service on March 24th, 1980. Then, she was sold to Norway, where she is now preserved as a museum ship at Vardø.

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