37 Native American Names and Their Meanings

Native American Names

The name you choose to be called is your given name or the one you’ve decided to call yourself. It should reflect who you are, what you believe in, and how you want to be seen by others.

However, People often choose names that are special to them because they like how it sounds or they see them as an extension of themselves.

While other people want something unique and different that will help them stand out from everyone else around them.


According to legend, the name Achak is a Native American name of a child born with a golden medallion around his neck.

His parents, white Europeans from Germany, met an Indian woman on their travels through North America, and the woman gave them food and shelter when they were lost in a snowstorm.

 When she discovered she was pregnant, she went to live with her tribe. Her child grew up as part of her tribe but was given his father’s name, which is why he carries it today.


Aditsan is one of the Native American names, which means the first man. Other origins for the name Aditsan include English. This is a male name. Aditsan is suitable for parents who want a beautiful and exciting character. 

Also, it will be easy to pronounce and remember by both you and your child. Your son will have a unique name that has not been overused or overly popularized in recent years but remains in use today.

He can introduce himself quickly wherever he goes because his name isn’t one that many people are likely to forget hearing at least once before.


There are no accurate versions of Ahusaka as it is a Native American name. It is a modern creation, though it has a significant meaning. For many tribes, if someone died in battle or had some other cause for death, it was considered to be heroic. 

However, his name would never be used again by another person, so it would not seem like he was still alive. Ahsoka was created to remember those people who died for their tribe but did not have time to earn one of their names during their lifetime. The name means something along the lines of Hero.


The origin and meaning of this Native American name Baal-Hermon, also known as Hermon. According to legend, it was one of five peaks that marked the northern boundary of Israel.

All are beautiful mountains—the literal meaning in Hebrew. Also, the name is derived from Baal (lord) associated with (and worshipped upon) Mt. Hermon for hundreds if not thousands of years by various nations, including Phoenicians, Canaanites, Arameans, Assyrians, Babylonians & Persians.


 This Native American name known as Cacey is a unisex name meaning The noble one or The brave one in Cherokee. Cacey (pronounced Kah-see) is a beautiful, firm name that would be perfect for a girl or boy with an extraordinary personality. 

It could also be used as a shortened version of Kasey, which means a happy child. Cacey can have many variations, including Kacee, Cacy, Cacie, Kaycee, Cassey, and more.

If you’re looking for something not so familiar but still full of character, then definitely pick out Cacey as your baby’s name. This is truly a unique but stunning name!


These Native American name cachi is a Spanish name that comes from cachicamo, which translates to rain. The term is used by both men and women in other Latin cultures.

However, it was initially used as a female name only. Those who are Cachi are known for their intelligence, wisdom, and kindness. 

Also, the unique meaning associated with their name makes them outgoing individuals committed to following through on what they say they will do.

They love adventure and exploring new things, although sometimes they get bored quickly with the daily grind of life.

They enjoy learning new things, whether through classes or self-teaching, but can have difficulty focusing if it’s something that doesn’t interest them at all.


The Native American name Daamin was a Lenape-Delaware leader during colonial times. He united his tribe with neighboring tribes in 1701, forming an alliance that successfully drove out the Iroquois from territories. It is claimed by Delaware, Mohegan, Algonquin, Susquehannock, and others.

Also, Following a battle with British troops in 1755 at what is now Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Daamin’s popularity within his tribe waned as a result of many losses.

He lived to see England hand over its lands east of the Ohio River to the newly formed. The United States, following the Treaty of Paris in 1763, refused to acknowledge a new government on land he believed belonged to him and other Native Americans.


Damodar, a Fearful Bear, means bear. Males mainly use it. Sometimes it can be used by females as a nickname. The nickname version of Damodar is Mighty Bear.

These Native American names are most popular among people who are part of Cherokee, Choctaw, Navajo, Iroquois, and Sioux tribes. 

However, no famous people go by Damodar yet, but there might be one day soon! So don’t forget to add them to your contact list if you meet one someday!


If you’re looking for a new native American name, here are some interesting facts about Eichmann. It’s derived from ee, which means first-born daughter; -chan is used to indicate little one. 

Also, Eechann means little first-born daughter. The original spelling was Eachennough – there was no H in its spelling until after the 19th century. Also, it wasn’t always a girl’s name.


The Native American name Edgar has Germanic roots, meaning rich spear; in Old English, it was spelled as Eadgar, which may have inspired author Anthony Hope when he wrote The Prisoner of Zenda in 1894.

Zenda was an ancient kingdom that eventually became part of Transylvania; it is where Hope got the name for his classic tale. Outside of pop-culture references, Edgar is a popular baby boy name, ranking #38 in 2016.


The name Faris is a Native American baby name. In Native Americans, Faris means dawn star. The Navajo refer to themselves as Dine, meaning ‘the people.

That’s why they call their language Diné bizaad, which translates to the people’s language. Also, Navajos retain a prosperous heritage; their way of life has hardly changed for centuries.

Navajos are devout Christians, though many still practice certain aspects of their religion handed down from older generations – it is not uncommon for Navajos to attend church in traditional dress (though nowadays it usually consists of jeans or skirts rather than deerskin) or to keep an animal around that was ritually killed so that its soul can protect them from evil.


These Native American name Faarouq is a name commonly used by many nations across North America. Amongst some Algonquian speakers. Faarooq means eagle that soars, but it has different meanings among other countries. 

Also, for example, amongst Cree-speaking nations, it means to fish. And it also implies an eagle in Mohawk. Other tribes refer to it as a word for wolf or dog.

It wasn’t until Europeans began writing down information about native languages that people started referring to Faarouq as an eagle name instead. Various writers have made up their definitions for Faarouq (such as bird or flying).


The Native American name Gabbai is a baby name. In Native Americans, the meaning of the name Gabbai is: Different. (Zuni) An Indian tribe in Arizona. The Zuni are noted for their distinctive jewelry made from shell beads and turquoise stone.


The name Gabathar is a baby boy’s name. In Native Americans, it means the bird that flaps its wings. The name originated as an English name. Gabathar is pronounced GAY-but-that. Other notable versions include English, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Latin, and Turkish.


This native American name Hadiya was initially used as a male name but is more commonly used as a female name today. It means Gift, Great Spirit, or Good Gift.

Hadiya is derived from Dakota (A native American name). The original Dakota form of Hadiya is Hadiyíhila.

Also, In case you’re wondering why it’s different from other names like Micah. It’s also because Dakota had no /h/ sound in their language, so even though it was spelled like some words would have an h sound at that point in English, it wasn’t pronounced that way.


This Native American name comes from a Sioux word meaning snowbird. Many Haida names are composed of two parts, one given by a parent and one earned through an act of bravery or another accomplishment.

Also, Hajar is another name given to a girl who fought off an attacker during an ambush on her village when she was just eight years old.

While Haajar’s father was killed in the attack, her uncle would have been honored to bestow such a fitting name upon his niece as she grew up into a capable young woman.


The Native American name Ibadah is simply Arabic for worship—something that every one of us should strive to do every day. When we worship, we learn more about ourselves and our connection to everyone around us. 

However, it’s not hard; all you have to do is think about what makes you grateful in life and start paying attention to those things.

Some Muslims pray five times a day—but I don’t have time for that. Well, maybe you can find time by setting the alarm on your phone or making it part of your morning routine—whatever works best for you! If five times a day is too much, start with once a week, then twice a week, and so on.


These native American names Ibadat is an Arabic name for girls. The meaning is praised. Ibadat is a variant form of Abida. Ibadat may also be used as a short form of Abdia, Habiba, Ibada, or Ibadeen. 

In addition, Among Muslim parents in India and Pakistan, Ibadat was first given to daughters in 2005. In 2007 it ranked in position 50 as a girls’ name. The name sounds like: Abidah, Ahbaidah, Oubayda & Yabita. Similar names are: Yafet & Yazidat


This native American name, Kamil, is a Navajo baby name. In Navajo, Kamiil means – carry with a pack on the back. Read more about Kamil.

However, the meaning of Kamil is lovely; if you like it, then use it for your newborn babies. The naming date for Kamiil is Nov 18, 2017.


These Native American names Laban are one of the unique names on our list. It has a significant meaning and comes from an interesting background. The origin of Laban is unclear, but we do know that it was considered a firm name in Biblical times. 

However, unlike many Native American names, there’s no real consensus about its meaning or pronunciation.

For example, some claim it comes from Labaneh (to be white), whereas others say it means to bathe or pure. And to make things even more confusing, each family may have its interpretation of how it should be pronounced. 

Also, the overall, though, Laban is pretty cool as a name — just keep in mind that you may have to clarify how you want your child to be pronounced!


Whether you’re looking for a Native American name that represents strength, leadership, or power, numerous influential Native American names exist.

Chief among them is Naaman, an effective military leader in Syria who eventually became a prophet in Israel. 

In addition to being strong physically, Naaman was also gifted with a mighty spirit (2 Kings 5:1). Both qualities make his name perfect for babies beginning their journey into life.

If you love working out, share your passion by giving your baby one of these ten gym-inspired Native American names! There are few things more empowering than finding your inner warrior—and it just might help a baby grow up to be healthy and happy.


These native American name Oaka is a derivative of Ouachita, which was a tribe in what is now Louisiana. The tribal name was approximately OO-uh-sit with a complex/k/ sound (French speakers would pronounce it wa-shee-tah). In English, Oaka means Good or Happy in Native American terms.

The word has been used as an ethnonym to refer to tribes associated with Ouachita territory. Another example is Oklahoma, where several people have no other cultural identity than being Oaka.


Obadiah is a Hebrew name meaning servant of God. As a Native American name, Obadiah is a mighty name with numerous interpretations such as keeper of secrets and understanding god. Although not widely used today, Obadiah was an essential prophet to ancient Israel. 

Also, according to tradition, he was known for his prophecies concerning Edom and his continuous preaching, which eventually ended in his death.

Thus it can be easily interpreted that one named after him would be a keeper of secrets or someone who would never stop until their goal had been reached. I hope you enjoy using Obadiah as your little boy’s name!


It’s a Lenape word meaning to know. These native American names are reserved for those who are brilliant thinkers and good at explaining complicated things to others.

The term can be traced back to an ancient Lenape leader named Pandowah. Also, It is often used as a girl’s name, though it can also be given to boys in some communities.

Pandua can be for both genders in many cultures but tends to lean more towards girls than others. Because of its feminine roots, there are several variations of it (Panduee, Panduwa, etc.).


These Native American names Paarthar are a fun way to add uniqueness to your child’s name. Most name meanings are inspired by mythologies, languages, or cultures worldwide. Paarthar is also an excellent example of one that draws from multiple sources. 

Also, the name stems from two words—the Navajo word for antelope, paara, and thorny, thar—and it means little antelope with thorns.

As you can see in other names throughout the country, thorniness is a common theme among many Native American people.

Many chose their children’s names based on qualities they desired them to have or strengths they believed were important; animal symbolism was also commonly used.


The Native American name Rajiv means King in Hindi. It is an exciting name since many people associate Indian names with spirituality or religion rather than royalty. However, in Sanskrit, it simply means King; Rajiv was also a prominent member of India’s Nehru-Gandhi family.

In addition, he was one of India’s youngest Prime Ministers and was assassinated in 1991 by a female suicide bomber who opposed his policies for Kashmir.

So you could certainly use Rajiv as either a boy or girl name—I can think of several baby girls I know named Rajiv.

But whether it’s traditional or modern, I like it as a boy’s name—it fits perfectly with popular male baby names like Kamran or Karan.


According to a census, the native American name Raanana is one of Israel’s most popular baby names. As for boys, it is 30th on that list. The name came from Mizrahi Jews who immigrated to Israel during the mid and late 20th centuries. 

Also, it means My Garden in Arabic, which makes sense since an Arab-Israeli family brought it. Also, it has become more popular due to cultural influences such as Lior Narkis’ song Layla Al Raanana (Layla from Raanana), which became a hit in 2005.


These native American names, originally from Indian languages, mean Thunder and are used as a given name and surname.

It’s attractive for any gender but is most commonly used for females. The meaning behind Saachi shows strong characteristics that will be passed down through generations. 

However, these Native American names have been attributed to have positive connotations such as bravery, intelligence, perseverance, strength, etc., which can inspire a future generation to strive for excellence in all aspects of life.

As you may already know, Indians always use meaningful names that mean something to their language, making them stand out when naming their children. Keeping with tradition, Saachi represents inspiration, clarity, and courage.


The Native American name Saafir, which means wisdom, is a famous African-American male name. It’s also a popular Muslim name meaning (one who) lived on top of a mountain. Other variants include Saafi, Safir, Safiyr, Sabur, Sayf, Seif, and Sifter.

In addition, Saafir is derived from Arabic origins. Another option for an African-American male baby name is Sahib (sah-heeb): not just another Arabic name but one that has roots in both Indian and Asian cultures.


What a great name. Doesn’t it sound like you would be riding across an endless plain on a solid stallion? Tamir is from the Native American word taami which means to carry. You must be curious to know that there are many other names too in Native American terms. 

Also, which we will talk about some moment later, if you want to choose a name for your baby, go through our list and pick one.

What are your views about these names? Do not forget to share your feedback in the comment section below, as you can also help others who want new terms for their babies.


These Native American name Tabanan is a masculine names, which means Sturdy, Confident. Tabanan is a Navajo name, meaning he belongs to one of North America’s indigenous peoples. The Navajo or Diné people live in parts of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah. 

Also, their culture has its roots in traditional beliefs that predate European contact with aboriginal North Americans. The Navajo are famous for weaving rugs with vibrant colors and intricate patterns; they are excellent sheepherders, horse trainers, silversmiths, and farmers.


The Native American name taani means flint in Ojibwe, a member of an Algonquian language family spoken by more than 200,000 people in Canada.

The Algonquian tribes first occupied land from Lake Superior to Maine, reaching their peak between AD 1000 and 1650. 

Also, the language is still spoken on reserves in Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and Labrador. As taani, you’d be tough like flint, offering protection and support to those around you.


Ubah is part of a growing movement toward reclaiming traditional Native American names. The name has deep roots in tribal tradition, but it’s now beginning to be used by modern Americans. Ubah, which means rabbit, honors the spirit animal of a great Sioux warrior. 

In addition, for generations, it was a secret native American name known only to members of that warrior’s family — until today. With so many characters to choose from and their beautiful meanings, there’s no reason to settle for a name you don’t love!


If you’re just beginning to consider names for your unborn child, one option that might seem a little out of the left-field is going through a list of Native American names.

There are thousands upon thousands of beautiful names from which to choose, and many have deep-rooted meanings behind them. 

However, the Native American name varies its roots in French. But was brought into use as a baby name in 1987 by parents who wanted something with an authentic sound.

However, if you look at it closer, it means well-known soldier or fighting warrior—which is perfect for a little boy who already likes to be at the center of attention!


 This Native American name Wacuman means The House of First Man in Cherokee. According to a Cherokee legend, every newborn was placed in a basket with his father’s name written. 

Also, If he survived, he could be considered part of that family. If not, another name was selected. However, when adopted into a new tribe or family group, they assumed their father’s name.


Wacian is a Pawnee name meaning to arrive at daybreak or early-bird. It’s often used as an English name as well. Wacian is also used as a nickname in some English-speaking countries. 

Also, It’s not known if it’s ever been used as a Native American name for a baby, but some nicknames have been given to boys over time, including variations on Wacian.


The Native American name Zabby is a girl’s name. (Zach-bee). Zabby means bright cloud. It is an alternate form of Zabeth (Hebrew). Zabby is also a variant form of Sabina (Latin, Greek).

In addition, compared with other forms of Zahby. See also Zakiyyah. Zabby entered the list in 2006 at #3834. See also related documents, Sabina, Sabine, and Zahby.


It’s been more than 100 years since Carlisle Indian Industrial School opened its doors. But for some tribes, it’s a part of their history that many have tried to forget. Learning more about our heritage can make real strides toward strengthening tribal identity. 

However, there are many different ways to do so—from naming babies with Native American names after relatives to carrying on tribal customs in our day-to-day lives.

No matter how you honor your heritage, it’s essential to hold onto who you are as a person. So keep searching—and don’t be afraid to celebrate where you came from!

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