10 Countries With the Most Beautiful Women in Africa

Beautiful Women in Africa

Africa happens to be the most diverse continent in the world, and this reflects not only in on the map but also on the different types of women you can find in different countries on the continent.

Africa hosts different kinds of women, and they come in different shapes, nationalities, skin colors, e.t.c.

African countries are home to some of the most beautiful women in the world regardless of their nationality and skin color; it can even be argued that African women are generally more beautiful compared to women in the western world.

Women from certain parts of Africa are synonymous to having certain qualities and attributes, and so we have carefully picked the top ten countries with the most beautiful women in Africa.

Countries with the most beautiful women in Africa

1. Ethiopia

Ethiopia women

Number one on our list is Ethiopia. Ethiopia women are very charming and gorgeous, Most of their women are chocolate skinned, and they have stunning facial features with soft, shiny hair.

Many Ethiopian women in recent times have gone on to become household names in different countries all over the world.

Ethiopian women in ancient times were said to have fought various battles as warriors.

However, modern Ethiopia, like many other traditional societies, measures a woman’s worth by her role as both a mother and wife.

Studies have shown that over 85 percent of Ethiopian women are resident in the rural areas, where agriculture and farming is the primary source of livelihood; this usually takes a heavy physical toll on the women and children.

However, It can still be argued that Ethiopian women are the most beautiful women in Africa.

It is said that Ethiopian women are very similar to women from Eritrea, Somalia, and Djibouti, in terms of beauty and physical features

2. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe women

Zimbabwean women are known for both bravery and beauty. Even though their traditional gender roles are often considered subordinate to those of men, Zimbabwean women still have substantial economic and traditional and social responsibilities.

Zimbabwe is another African country where Polygamy is practiced. Still, in their tradition, a polygamous man sometimes grants his senior wife the “male status,” and this allows her to act in the same capacity as her husband, as an equal towards other men, and as a superior toward his other wives.

3. Nigeria

Nigeria women

Nigeria happens to be the most populated and one of the most demographically diverse countries in Africa, and it’s only logical that Nigeria has so many beautiful ladies. What’s more, they have an enormous fashion sense.

Nigeria is host to some of the most beautiful women in Africa, and in the world, in fact, a Nigerian has once won the winner of the miss world beauty pageant.

The social role of women in Nigeria may differ according to tribal, ethnic, religious, and geographic factors.

The primary roles of Nigerian women are known to be those of wives and mothers. This is why women from Northern Nigeria are more likely to be secluded in the home than their counterparts in Southern Nigeria, who are more exposed.

Most women in southern Nigeria have held significant positions in politics, religion, the public sector, and interregional trade.

Women from southern Nigeria have also received Western education since the nineteenth century, which explains why they have occupied various positions in politics and many other professions.

Nigerian women are famous for their beauty, bravery, intelligence, fashion, and creativity, all of which can always be seen in the home video of the Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood.

However, several reports show that child marriages are still very common in Nigeria, with 43% of Nigerian girls given out in marriage just before their 18th birthday, and this is mostly due to religious practices

4. Tanzania

Tanzania women

Tanzania is located in the Southeast region of Africa, and She is host to some of the most beautiful women in Africa and the world.

Tanzanian women are very beautiful, gorgeous, and a vast majority of them are known to have red lips.

The most intriguing thing about Tanzanian women is the fact that they are well behaved, their culture allows them to raise their women to be very caring, and this means they tend to show so much love and affection to their spouses.

In 1985, the Tanzanian government signed the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against women.

So this means that Tanzanian Women and men in Tanzania have equality for the law, and there are no gender discriminations.

The Tanzanian government also requires that the elected members of the National Assembly also constitute 30% of female members.

5. South Africa

South Africa women

South African women are mostly very charming and stunning; the majority of their women are very beautiful and romantically appealing; their women are known to be very humble and submissive to their spouses.

More still, they are known to be non-materialistic as a vast majority of them will rather work hard for their own possessions

6. Ghana

Ghana women

Anyone who has been to Ghana will obviously know that Ghanaian women are not only beautiful but very friendly and romantically appealing; the country is so blessed with pretty women.

The role and status of Ghanaian Women in Ghanaian society has evolved over and over again with time, and both genders are given equal rights under the Constitution of Ghana

7. Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast women

Ivory Coast is one of those places that a single guy would love to explore.

The women are stunning beauties, and what’s more, a vast majority of them are hard-working and not so materialistic, as cool as you like it.

8. Kenya

Kenya women

The inclusion of Kenya might be surprising to many, but this is what it is, Kenya is host to some of the most beautiful feminine creatures in Africa and beyond, and she sometimes prides herself as the country with the most beautiful women in Africa, which is arguable.

One might have to take time to explore the beautiful city of Nairobi, and you’d be surprised at the beauty you find.

Kenyan women are stunningly beautiful with attractive features and good fashion sense too.

The majority of the women in Kenya are synonymous with dark, glowing beautiful and have attractive skin.

The role and status of the female population in Kenya has evolved with time, even as the evolution of the traits, appearances, and behavior of Kenyan women is said to have a history that can be traced back to a division between Women in British Kenya, Women within the Swahili culture, and post-Independence Kenyan Women

9. Egypt

Egypt women

Egypt, popularly called “The land of the pharaoh,” has lots and lots of beautiful women, and She is home to many of the most beautiful women in the world.

Still, a majority of these beauties are hidden behind shrouds due to religious demands.

Egyptian women are usually preoccupied with household tasks and looking after the family, that they rarely have opportunities for contact with men outside the family, and this is due to their culture and traditions.

10. DR. Congo

DR. Congo women

DR Congo is a very diverse African country with over 300 ethnic groups, their women are arguably one of the most beautiful in Africa, they are very warm, caring, and they have a strong sense of survival.

They are naturally endowed with the original African tribal looks, high cheekbones, good curvy rears, dark shiny skin, and all of that.

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