100+ Mexican Boy Names and Their Meanings

Mexican Boy Names

There are hundreds of Mexican boy names for your adorable male child that you as a parent can select from, and here we have correlated an excellent list of Mexican boy names for you!

Many of these Mexican boy names, particularly the traditional ones, entail a significant width in their meanings and origins.

Some can also serve as a baby girl’s name. Let us make choosing a Mexican boy name for your blessing ‘baby’ a great experience.

Here is the list containing common Mexican boy names, unusual popular names, and traditional names:


Aaron is one of the baby names of Hebrew origin, it means ‘exalted’ or ‘as mighty as a mountain.’ It also has many biblical connotations.


While it originated from Hebrew culture, it is known to African cultures. The name is also known in Mexico as one of the popular Spanish names. In the African tradition, it means the ‘one born on Thursday’. In the Hebrew tradition, it means ‘a father’ or ‘a grandfather.’


Abelino is a Spanish name from the Mexican culture, and it means the ‘heir of Adam and Eve.’


The name means ‘bee’ in Spanish.


The name is from the Hebrew word Hevel. It means ‘to breathe’. In the biblical connotation, the name was first known to the second son of Adam and Eve in the Old Testament.


This very lyrical name is of Spanish origin and it means ‘the one who is solid and generous’. It is also a variation of the French name Adelard.


While the name sounds unique, it was part of the Egyptian mythology where it was considered as the ‘name of a Supreme Being.’ The term A-bra-ca-da-bra, known worldwide to magicians and illusionists, was derived from Abraxas.


A Spanish name meaning ‘abundance,’ this name can be employed for both a baby boy and baby girl.


It is a variant of the name Abun, but a more extended version. It also originated from the Spanish culture and means the ‘he who will have abundance in life.’ If you select Abundio for your baby, you could probably employ Abun as a nickname.


This is a name that originates from the German culture, and it means ‘noble.’


Derived from a Latin word ‘hadrians,’ it has been a popular name amongst Popes and Saints. The name means ‘he who comes from the Adriatic Sea region’.


This is a sweet Celtic name referring to ‘one who is noble,’ or ‘handsome, and fair.’


A Spanish name, variant of Alexander, the name is pronounced with a silent ‘J’ as Ale-han-dro. According to Greek mythology, it is taken as a combo of two words, Alexein meaning ‘to help or defend’, and -Andros which means ‘man.’ Hence Alenjandro means one who is a ‘helper or defender of man.’


A famous name having a Greek root, but also found in different cultures. It means the one who defends mankind.’


Alonso is an Italian name for one who is ‘eager to war.’ Alonso is also a variant of the name Alfonso.


The name hails from the Italian culture and is a variation of Alfonso. It means the ‘one eager to fight’ or ‘battle.’


It means ‘guardian’ in Spanish.


Amador comes from, Latin and it has other variations such as Amato and Amator. It means ‘one who loves.’


Amistad is a Spanish name that means ‘friendship’.


It is the Spanish variation of the Hebrew name Andrew. The name means ‘manly’ or ‘strong.’


Angel is a name that is popular across many cultures, in Mexico it means the angel too. The name is also popular in the Greek, Latin, Spanish, Western cultures, and used as Mexican girl names.


Here is a name that has an immediate charm and exotic appeal to it. Antionio name originated in Spain, which means one who is ‘beyond all praise.’


The name Anthony has forever been immortalized by Anthony Hopkins a Welsh actor. It is one of the Mexican baby names widly used in different parts of the Western world. It means ‘worthy of praise.’


Arturo is a beautiful name that passes on from a Spanish and Portuguese origin and is a variant of the name ‘Arthur’. It means ‘brave one’.


The name appears from Roman origin. It stands for ‘venerable.’ It is another variation of the name Augustus.


The name originates from the Hebrew culture and means ‘father of peace.’


The name is Latin and stands for ‘a farmer’ or ‘a ploughman’. It is used popularly as a surname.


Beltran is of Spanish origin, meaning ‘a bright raven.’ The name is commonly known in Spanish, German, and French cultures.


This Spanish origin name is also a variant of ‘Barnaby.’ It means ‘son of the prophet.’


The name Basilio has both a Spanish origin and an Italian variation. It means ‘noble’. In Greek culture, it means ‘royal.’


In Spanish, Berto means ‘intelligent’. It is also said to be a derivative of the German word ‘berht,’ which means ‘bright.’


While the name is used mostly given as a first name or middle name, it serves as a nickname for a person who has white hair and a fair skin. The name originates from the Italian culture and is a variant of Bianco. It means one ‘who is white or blond.’


This beautiful name originates from the Spanish culture and it means ‘blessed.’


The name is popular among various cultures, such as the Spanish, American, Portuguese, Italian, and German. It is a variation of the name Bernard, and it means ‘strong and brave as a bear.’


It is a Spanish version of Blaise, which means ‘stuttering.’


Prevalent in both the Latin and the Italian cultures, the name means ‘one who will have a good fate.’ A variation of the name is Bonifaco.


This cute Mexican boy name rhymes with ‘button.’ It refers to a ‘fifth born child.’


The name was first present in the Old Testament and comes from the Hebrew language word Binyamin. It means ‘son of the right hand.’


This is the Spanish version of the name ‘Baptist’ and is used to reference John the Baptist.


It is a German term for ‘brown,’ and is derived from the word ‘Brun.’


The name originates from the Roman culture, and was possibly gotten from the Latin word Caesaries. The name means ‘long hair.’


It comes from the French surname Chauvin. It means ‘bald.’ Another variant of the name is Calvino.


Carlos is from Spanish origin, it means ‘manly.’ The name is still popular among the French.


It is name derived from the Latin word castellum, which means ‘castle.’ It is also a variant of the English name Castle. It means ‘nobility.’


Casimiro is a Spanish name for ‘peaceful.’


The Spanish name is pronounced as KAT-AAN, it stands for ‘knowledge and wisdom.’


The name is the Spanish short version of the name Isadoro and it translates as ‘gift.’


It is a name of Spanish descent and means ‘strong and manly.’ It also means ‘one full of youth.’


The short and unique name that comes from the Chinese culture. But it is also quite popular in Mexico as ‘snow’.


This Spanish name is especially a famous in Argentina. It was originally employed as a nickname for cowboys. Charro is also thought to be a short version of the name Rosario.


Chayo is a name that has a Chinese origin and is actually used as an abbreviation.


This name is borrowed from the Greek name Christophorus, which means ‘one who bears Christ.’


This is the male version of Camille, and comes from a Latin origin. It means ‘born free’ or ‘is noble.’


Daniel comes from Hebrew. It means ‘God is my judge.’ The name is biblical, as Daniel was a Hebrew prophet whose story appears in the Old Testament. Over time famous persons has owned this name such as Daniel Radcliffe is an English actor (Harry Potter), and Daniel Craig is an English actor (played the famous James Bond).


While many Spanish feel it is a short version of the name Santiago, it is the Latin variant name of the word Didacus. The name also has roots from the Greek, which was didache. Diego means ‘famous bearer.’


The name comes from a Welsh mythology, where Dylan was regarded as a hero or God of the sea. It means ‘born of the sea’ or ‘by the sea.’


The name a unique and famous name derived from the Hebrew language and it means ‘beloved.’


This name may sound like a Mexican name, but it is of English origin, which comes from ‘Edward’. It means one ‘who is happy and rich’ or ‘nobility’.


The name comes from the Hebrew culture and also has biblical references and means ‘God is with us.’


Emiliano is an Old Roman family name which is also used commonly as a first name. It means ‘rival.’


Esteban name is derived from the Latin name ‘Stephanus,’ it comes from the Greek word ‘Stephanos’ and means ‘crowned in victory.’


This name has a very lyrical sound giving off an exotic feel. It originally comes from Spanish and Portuguese cultures and is a variant of the name ‘Francis’. It was used to refer to ‘a child of France’ and also means ‘a free person’.


This name is a variant of ‘Ferdinand’ and means the ‘one who loves adventure’. It is of Spanish and Portuguese origin, but is also popular in American and German cultures.


The name is a Spanish variant of the name Philip and means ‘one who loves horses.’


Fabiano is an exotic popular name that originates from Latin and Italian cultures. It means a ‘bean farmer’.


It has a Spanish meaning of ‘fertile.’


Unique, heavenly and famous, Gabriel is comes from a Hebrew origin, it refers to the phrase ‘God is my strong man’ or ‘sent one.’ As per the Hebrew culture, Gabriel is also a name one of the seven archangels.


Coming from an Italian culture and some part of Spain, the name is a variation of Gerard. It means ‘he who rules with the spear.’


Coming from both a Celtic and Gaelic origin, the name is used to refer to the one who is from Ireland. It means ‘one who is jovial.’


The name is popular to the English, Mexican, Scottish, and French dwellers, and it is another form of Hektor. It is derived from a Greek word ‘ekhein’, meaning ‘restrain.’


Ian is a Scottish name originating from Scotland. It means ‘gift of God.’


The name is gotten from the Roman family name Egnatius, but it is mostly common to the Spanish culture. It means ‘fiery.’


It is a name that has a Hebrew origin and means the ‘he who laughs’ or ‘is always happy.’


Jose is one of the popular boy names of all times; it is pronounced with a silent ‘J’ as ‘ho-sey’. The name is from a Spanish and Portuguese root, where it is a variation of the ‘Joseph’. It is also a biblical name which means ‘the one who pardons’. In Spanish, Jose means ‘may God give the increase.’


Jorge is a name of both Spanish and Portuguese origin, and it is of the name ‘George’. It means the ‘one who is a farmer’.


Javier hails from the Spanish culture and means the ‘one who is bright’. There is a variant of the name; it is ‘Xavier.’


The Hebrew name meaning ‘lifted by Yahweh’ is also a biblical name.


This simple name is solid and traditional name, meaning “gracious” or “merciful.”It is the English form of the name John.


This is an English name and is also from Old Roman families’ clan name, particularly among royals. It means ‘Jove’s child.’


The name comes from a Hebrew origin, and it means’ Yahweh is salvation.’


Jonathan name comes from the original word ‘Yeho-na-tan’ in the Hebrew language. It went through some transitions like Yonatan and finally Jonathan. The name means ‘Yahweh has given.’


It is a Hebrew origin name meaning ‘God is salvation.’


This is a variant of the popular name Geronimo. The name is also has a Spanish variation as Jerome and means ‘saved.’


It is the English version of the name Caoimhin which comes from the Irish culture. It means ‘one who is handsome.’


The name is trendy among various cultures, such as Portuguese, Dutch, and Spanish. It means ‘son of Lucania’, a place in southern Italy.


This is not just a popular name in Mexico but in most parts of the world. The name is found in other cultures including Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian cultures, and it means ‘brave as a lion’ or ’lion.’ This name is also used as dog names.


The name stands for ‘daring’ in Spanish language. It is pronounced as ‘LAAW-TAARO,’ the name is not really popular among Spanish male names.


This Spanish and Portuguese name derivative means ‘full of light.’


Luis is a Spanish name that comes from the name ‘Louis,’ rooted in French royal history. It means ‘famous warrior.’


Miguel is a Spanish variation name of Michael. It is originally of Hebrew roots derived from Mikhael and means ‘one who is like God.’


Manuel is famous in Spanish, Hebrew, and English cultures. It means ‘God with us’. The name is also has roots in Italy, France, Greece, and Roman cultures.


Originally with a Latin origin and referring to a ‘Roman God of war,’ one of the notable personalities with the same name was Martin Luther King Jr.


Marco is an original Italian name which is also known to Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Dutch languages. The name also refers to the Roman God of war, and has an associated meaning of ‘one who is brave and fearless’ or ‘one who can lead the people to war.’ Marco is popularly employed in any Spanish speaking country.


This exotic-sounding Spanish origin name means the one who is ‘a gift of God.’ An excellent fitting for your little boy.


This name is Italian origin and stands for ‘greatest.’


It is an Italian name meaning ‘greatest.’


The name came from the land of Portuguese, meaning ‘a native of Mars.’ In the Roman language, it refers to the ‘God of fertility.’


Mauricio is the Spanish version of Maurice; it means ‘staying on the moor and dark complexioned.’


Mario is of the Latin culture and is thought to be of the feminine name Mary for males. It also referring to the Roman God of war.


It is a Greek name which means the victory of people. It is also a variation of the name Nicholas. Nicolas Cage is an American actor.


The name is an extremely popular name in various cultures like the English, Danish, Irish, Portuguese, Swedish, and Norwegian languages. It is a merge from two different Gaelic words – os meaning ‘dear’, and cara meaning ‘a friend’, and thus, Oscar means dear friend.


Pablo is the Spanish variant for Paul, and it means ‘small.’


The name also has its origin in both Spanish and Portuguese cultures and is a variant of the name ‘Peter’ and means the ‘strong as a rock.’ The name is also associated with a Chilean origin.


The name has a Hebrew origin referring to the phrase ‘God has healed.’


Ramiro is the Spanish and Portuguese variant of the name Ramires. It comes from the Germanic words Ragin meaning ‘advice’ and Meri meaning ‘famous.’ It means the one who is the ‘supreme judge.’


It is a variant of the name ‘Ralph’, and it stands for ‘wolf counsel.’


The name is used widely in the Portuguese and Italian cultures. Ricardo means the ‘one who is a powerful’ or ‘great leader.’ Ricardo Kaka is a famous Brazilian football player with the name.


Roberto is a Spanish of the name Robert. It means one who is ‘full of fame.’ The name is also associated with Italian origins.


It is of Spanish origin, Rodrigo means ‘famous ruler.’


A variant of the name Samuel, the name is of Hebrew. It means ‘God has heard’ or ‘the name of God.’


The name is a combo of two words, the first one Santo, which means ‘Saint,’ and the second word Yago, which is a variant of the name James.


The famous name is an Italian name meaning ‘little saint.’


The name originates from the Latin name Sebastianus, which comes from Sebaste, a town.


Sergio is an Italian name meaning ‘attendant.’


It is a biblical name in the New Testament, but has a Spanish form. Simon means ‘he who has heard.’ Simon Baker is an Australian actor, and Simon Cowell is a well-known American television personality.


It is known as a shorter version of the name Santiago. It refers to ‘Saint James’, who is a patron saint of Spain.


This name came from the Aramaic language. The name is also an old biblical one and means ‘a twin.’


It is a name of both Spanish and Portuguese origin, ‘for one who conquers’ is the meaning.


It is a name of both Spanish and Portuguese origin, ‘for one who conquers’ is the meaning.

Valentino is the Latin variant of Valentine. It means ‘brave’ and ‘strong.’ It also has a feminine form; Valentina.

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