31 Magic Baby Names for Your Little Wizard or Witch

Magic Baby Names

As you’re probably aware, names can significantly influence the lives of their bearers. As an adult, you may choose to change your name if you’re unhappy with it. Also, you can decide that you’d like to take on an entirely new identity. 

Though, for children, names have even more significance. Choosing the right name can be tricky. So it would be best to consider its effect on your child as they grow and develop over time.

That’s why we’ve put together these lists of Magic baby names. It will make your baby sound magical!


An old name, Aladdin, makes one of our favorite Magic baby names. Think of all those genies you can use to get what you want! Just ensure you’re not stealing anyone else’s wishes (If only you knew who had My Love in their pockets.).

Meanwhile, many famous people named Aladdin: The Disney character is just one example. He was initially called Ali Baba, and his story has been told and retold so many times that it’s hard to say if he was based on a natural person or not.

Likewise, It seems that he was, or at least some similar character from folklore, but we’ll never know for sure. There is also an opera by Mozart based on his story and several movies and plays.


Alvaro is an excellent option if you’re looking for a mighty name that means ruler. Originally a Spanish word, it became everyday use thanks to Emilio Estevez in The Breakfast Club. If you like more traditional characters, look at Alvarino, which translates as a handsome little one. 

There are plenty of adorable -(Italian) names. That is offered if you want something more creative than plain old John or Jane! Finally, if your chosen baby name ends in ‘o’. Then it could be argued that -tino fits better with most Magic baby names—even those ending in n!


Alfred, one of the listed Magic baby names, has Latin roots and means wise wolf. This name was popularized by Alfred Hitchcock, whose horror-thriller movies are still creepy even today! Other notable people with this name include Alfred Tennyson, who is one of England’s most famous poets; 

More so, Alfred Russel Wallace was a scientist famous for his work on evolution. And Alfred E. Neuman, who is better known as Mad Magazine’s mascot.


Basil is a herb of European origin that has been used in various ways throughout history. Including as a symbol of courage, It is among the Magic baby names. It’s mainly going well for baby boys whose last name starts with K, M, O, P, R, or S. 

Therefore, if you want to incorporate basil into your life in other ways and your child’s name. Perhaps a homemade mojito recipe? Make sure you plant lots of it—it can be grown indoors year-round. 

Meanwhile, after harvest, you can keep fresh leaves on hand. So you can enjoy them with meals and during cocktail hour; they’re great when added to marinades and sauces.


Bayard is one of the lists that is French Magic baby names origin, and its meaning is reddish-brown. The name comes from two words, one is ‘be,’ which means to be or exist, and another word is bard, which means red. 

Bayard was a character in Arthurian legend who was a hero and a knight of King Arthur’s Round Table. He had an impulsive nature, but he was also loyal to his king. It was said that Bayard never killed anyone during his lifetime. 

Yet, he did ride with Lancelot into battle on occasion when they fought against Mordred’s forces. He later joined Perceval in his quest for the Holy Grail.


There’s a reason a wizard named Borak is In pretty much every fantasy novel. It just sounds magical. You’d be hard-pressed to find magic baby names that signify power and majesty like Borak.

But there’s more: Borak means lightning in Persian—conjuring images of a powerful wizard, doesn’t it? Plus, we have no idea how to pronounce Borak, which gives it an even greater air of mystery.


Caspian is not so much as magical as classical, giving it a nice, timeless feeling. Caspian may be a great option if you’re looking for Magic baby names with a flair and some historical weight. It has several different pronunciations (CAS-pee-an; Kaz-PEE-an; KAZP-ee-an), but all of them are beautiful in their way.

Hence, you can remember that names can mean different things to different people. So be sure to research before choosing any name—for example, many associate King Caspian from the Chronicles of Narnia with Magic. At the same time, others think of Emperor Cassius from Star Wars and his unique lightsaber skills!


When thinking of solid and wizardly names. Many think of Gandalf from The Lord of The Rings or Merlin from King Arthur. And while both are excellent choices, there’s another famous wizard to consider. 

Thus, Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. Remember that boy who we briefly lost in the sixth year? He returned just in time to die protecting everyone else—the hero we never knew we needed. 

However, he also had a bit of an ego, evidenced by his taunting of Gryffindor and Slytherin students in his first scene. Even after his death, Cedric proved an excellent choice for Magic baby names.


Cleon is one of the unusual Magic baby names, but it’s one with deep roots in Greek mythology. Cleon was a character in Plutarch’s Parallel Lives of famous figures in Greece and Rome.

After performing several miracles, including healing the wife of Leonidas, King of Sparta, Cleon was declared a god.

Similarly, a story can be found in Ovid’s Metamorphoses, which tells how Teiresias (or Tiresias) was turned into a woman after being hit by a lightning bolt.

After three years as a woman, he became a man again, and he was later taken to Mount Olympus by Apollo and became an immortal God.


Suppose you’re hoping to give your child one Magic baby name. But also want something a little more mainstream than Minerva, then Cullen might be just what you’re looking for if your tot is going to grow up to have superpowers.

Meanwhile, you can choose whether they will be a Harry Potter-type wizard (because of connections to other names). An X-Men mutant (more about that in a minute), or someone who knows what Magic feels like. That’s because Cullen means handsome in Gaelic—and that’s fitting no matter how you spell it.

The popularity of Cullen was kicked off by Bram Stoker’s Dracula character but had been on a steady rise since then.


As popular in baby-naming today as it is in music and film. Dylan carries ancient Magic baby names of Anglo-Saxon origin. He comes from the words Dilwyn and Dylon, and both are assumed to derive from a combination of the deal, which means ‘pay attention, ‘and lin, meaning ‘forest.’ 

Therefore, the resulting name Dylan can be interpreted as one who pays attention to nature. However, there’s no evidence that Dylan has been used before as a first name, and it currently ranks among the top 1,000 names for boys in Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. Dylan might be your guy if you’re looking for more than a pretty face (and awesome new dad jokes).


Easton is a popular Magic baby name that has been used since before its first modern usage. This means it’ll be easier to spell, isn’t likely to be connected with anyone else, and has an air of elegance.

Therefore, if you’d like your little one to have a supernatural air about them even as an infant, Easton is an ideal option. It makes it excellent as a family name.

Think of how much potential there is! For example, if your daughter’s names are Alice and Mary, you can name her newborn son Easton.

Additionally, he’ll already have Magic attached to his name from birth. Like many of our other choices here today, Easton could easily also make for a fantastic surname.


The name Edward is from a Germanic name meaning rich guard. The eldest son of Queen Victoria was named Edward, as were her son and her grandson.

Some famous bearers of the name include Edward Teach (aka Blackbeard), Stedman Graham, Oprah Winfrey, and actor Edward Norton.

At the same time, if your child isn’t destined to be rich, choose a version of his name without it being rich. Teddy is a good choice because it sounds more like a teddy bear. It’s one of the best Magic baby names you can give your kid!


In Old English, Eric meant warrior, making it a classic but influential Magic baby name. It’s masculine and robust, perfect for your little boy wizard. (Think of king Eric Northman from HBO’s True Blood.) 

Meanwhile, If you want to soften it up, try spelling it Eirik (or Erik). You can’t go wrong with either variation! This moniker was also one of Prince Charles’ names before he was born. 

Nevertheless, if you’d rather avoid royal connotations, pick another option on our list. The most famous bearer of these names is probably actor Errol Flynn. In Harry Potter, Eric is one of Draco Malfoy’s cronies. But that could be because he has a crush on Harry Potter’s mother!


This is one of our top lists of Magic baby names with many variations. And there are many different meanings behind it. However, Alisa was initially used as a male name in Arabic. 

Meanwhile, it is now more common as a female name in Russian; in Arabic, Alisa means The Truth. In Ukrainian and Bulgarian, it translates to God’s Promise.

In Hebrew, Alisa means My God is salvation; germanic origins give us All-Powerful One. If you choose to use this name, you can easily make any adjustments necessary depending on your family’s heritage.


One of Shakespeare’s most beloved works is A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which features a character named Titania. Her name means divine queen, so it is one of Magic’s baby names. For a girl, you can switch out Titania with its Latin variation, Althea.

Moreso, the word also means healing herb and is considered good luck in Greece when given as a gift. So name your little girl Althea (or its alternate spelling: Althaea). And know that she will be Magic in more ways than one!


The name Arabella means My God is bountiful. That’s quite a fitting name. If you’re going to call your daughter any Magic baby names, it’s your best choice!

One of the country music singers, Brad Paisley, has Arabella in her name! The name has an Anglo-Saxon origin, and though it’s considered classic, it doesn’t have any negative connotations whatsoever.


Araminta is a Hebrew name meaning great lady. The Aramintas is an aristocratic family who appears in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. More recently, a rock band named themselves after one of its characters. 

Moreover, in 2004, 735 girls in England were given Araminta as their first name. As one Magic baby name, it has been largely out of fashion since 1904.

And is now used only on rare occasions. It has seen some use among Latvians and Armenians. Araminta is also sometimes used as a boy’s name.


With a meaning of an idyllic, peaceful, harmonious place. Arcadia is one of the familiar Magic baby names for a little girl born in spring. An excellent alternative to traditional spellings such as Araceli, Arielle, and Arielle. 

More so, it’s possible to use it as an independent first name. Arcadia has been used as a place name since at least 1560. It comes from Medieval Latin Arcadia, which Italian writers and poets used.

Besides, it refers to some imaginary lands where life was supposedly more uncomplicated and pastoral than in contemporary society. The Renaissance poet Jacopo Sannazaro published his long poem Arcadia about life in ancient Greece there (1504).


Astrid means divine strength, which sounds quite powerful and magical. Use it as an alternative to traditional Avril, and you can’t go wrong. It’s a little less popular than its other counterpart. 

Additionally, it could be a great choice if you’re looking for something fresh that fits your baby’s personality perfectly. (Don’t worry, though—it still has plenty of pop culture references.) On that note, it’s listed as one of our top-list Magic baby names.


Calliope, in Greek mythology, is one of the nine Muses and presided over epic poetry. The name Calliope, which means beautiful voice, has made a recent comeback—and it’s easy to see why! It’s also spelt Kalliope. 

Regardless, if you want your daughter to be an outstanding musician, then Calliope might be just what you’re looking for. You could pair it with a meaningful middle name like Love or Pearl.

Calliope is also a city in Oklahoma with a population of 1,445 as of 2013. So you know, some real people use these Magic baby names!


Calista means most beautiful. Calista is also a variant of Callista, derived from a Greek name meaning most beautiful. In Greek mythology, Callisto was one of Zeus’ many lovers and one of the conquests he made by deception.

He disguised himself as Artemis to trick her into bed; once, she was pregnant with his child. Furthermore, he turned her into a bear so that no one would ever know about their affair.

She remained in that form until her son Arcas threatened to kill her out of love for his mother. Zeus then made them both constellations.


Calypso, a nymph in Greek mythology immortalized in Homer’s Odyssey, is also one of the famous Magic baby names. The name Calypso (pronounced KAL-uh-pso) has an ancient feel, yet it’s also quite unusual. It is unique and excellent for parents looking to give their children something special.

With nicknames like Cal and Cly (pronounced CLY), Calypso might be perfect for a boy or girl, pronunciation: Kah-LIP-sah.


There’s no doubt that every baby deserves to have a magical name. Cassia is from Shakespeare’s Othello, and it means Myrtle tree. This plant grows across Europe, southern Russia, North Africa, western Asia, and northern India.

Besides, in ancient times Cassia was used for flavoring food, making medicine, and in religious rituals. It’s one of Solomon’s 72 names (Ecclesiastes 24:14).

Magic baby names like Cassia can also remind you of your faith as an adult. (think about what Cassandra would do when she had her powers back).

More so, you might want to choose an alternative meaning like strength. Instead, you can be more interested in its modern association with massaging creams and supplements.


Try Celestia if you’re looking for any Magic baby names with something regal and royal. This name has origins in Latin and means heavenly – an excellent fit for your little princess. Another option would be Celeste, which is Italian and means of heaven.

Although, you can think of it as a cross between Elena (meaning sun ray) and heaven (um, duh). We also love Selena, Hebrew meaning moon, so if you’ve already named your daughter Luna.

You can consider an alternative spelling to make them distinctive enough. And because Disney’s Tangled was one of our favorite movies, check out Flynn – yes! It’s a girl’s name!


Circe is one of the Magic baby names that are new but intriguing and attractive. Circe comes from an ancient Greek myth. Circe was a goddess who turned her lovers into animals when they failed to worship her. 

Although, other parents might be wary of choosing a name that conjures up images of witchcraft and sorcery. But there’s nothing wrong with giving your child something different. And who doesn’t love witches? 

Hence, here are some more great names inspired by mythology. If you have girls, consider Molly, too. Molly Weasley was one of Harry Potter’s best friends at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


Clio, famous in Greek, might not be what you think of when looking for Magic baby names. But it does make sense if you’re big into myths and Magic; Clio is a muse, the muse of history.

And as any fantasy writer can tell you, knowing history is very important to understanding how Magic works. 

However, Clio also has her month in March dedicated to her. That seems like an auspicious birth month to us! We love names inspired by mythology, so Clio hits all our sweet spots.


The name Cynthia means woman from Kynthos, a mountain in Greece. It is also of Latin origin, where it means dog. This name has been used by famous people, including actress Cynthia Nixon and singer Cyndi Lauper. 

Meanwhile, it’s not that common, with only around 3,000 people using it as their first name. But if you’re looking for something unusual and Magic baby names, it might be just what you’re looking for!


Delilah was a woman in Judeo-Christian culture who seduced men into giving her power over them. Her name comes from Hebrew origins and means woman of God or not pitied. A fun fact: Delilah is also an Arabic name that translates to honey.

Thus, if you love these Magic baby names but want something different, you can consider naming your daughter after other biblical women with similar names—Lilith (another trickster) and Esther (the hero).


Suppose you want your daughter to be a great sorcerer someday. You may want to consider using Elysia as a first name. Pronounced eh-LISS-ee-uh, it is derived from Greek mythology (think Elissa, after Dido’s sister), where it was associated with several goddesses.

Author George MacDonald later used it in his famous novel Phantastes. In recent years, Elysia has made appearances on several popular TV shows, including Charmed and Supernatural. Its most notable attribute was when it hit its peak popularity in 2014.

This means you’ll have lots of Magic baby names like Elysia to choose from if you want an uncommon baby name with its history and meaning.


As we said before, Esme is a made-up word. In its way, it can be one of Magic’s baby names. Few female names don’t have nicknames and spelling variations – especially if you live in Europe.

This one stands out because Esme isn’t just easy to spell and remember. But it also sounds like a name your daughter could live with forever.


Will your baby be a princess, prince, alien, witch, wizard, or hobbit? Just search our list of Magic baby names and let your imagination run wild.

Suppose you find a unique name but aren’t sure about its meaning. Therefore, you check out our baby name meaning dictionary for that added bit of inspiration.

Whether you’re looking to give birth to a wizard prince or perhaps a snow-bunny princess (we don’t judge). There are plenty of magical names to choose from!

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