14 Low Maintenance Houseplants for Your Homes

Low Maintenance Houseplants for Your Homes
Photo by Katka Pavlickova

Do you want to beautify your home with some leafy beauties, but you’re new to plant parenting? Low maintenance houseplants are the way to go!

Houseplants have a unique way of bringing life and peaceful energy to any space. They can also improve your house’s air quality and general well-being.

Low maintenance houseplants are reliable and heartening. These beauties are resilient and astonishingly resistant to over and underwatering.

Here are 15 hassle-free houseplants that you’ll fall in love with! They come in various shapes and sizes with patterned, glossy, and textured foliage. Let’s have a look at them!

1. Jade Plants

Jade plants are long-lived and simple to maintain, which is why you often find them in shops and eateries.

They stand out on a shelf, coffee table, or windowsill because of their slow growth, sculptural form, and captivating appearance.

Healthy plants have glossy, fleshy leaves and the ability to store water in their foliage, making life easier. Only water when the top inch of the soil is dry, and fertilize several times a year.

If left in the same spot, they will eventually grow to a height of 6-7 feet (2 meters), although they hate being moved.

2. Calathea

Calathea, with its dazzling colours, stripes, and oblong leaves, is one of the most distinctive and beautiful low maintenance houseplants available.

While they have a reputation for requiring a rather strict maintenance schedule, these tropical plants may be cultivated all year long and are relatively low-maintenance when the plants’ needs are met.

The most important thing is to keep them out of direct sunlight, which can burn their leaves. In addition, they prefer evenly moist soil, so be sure to water them and regularly mist their leaves.

3. Succulents

Use easy-care succulents to brighten up a windowsill or your workspace. These stylish plants are minimal care, making them ideal for novices, and are a great way to add a splash of colour to your house while still maintaining a minimalist design.

Succulents grow in a sunny spot, so make sure you set them in a bright room. However, as the days get shorter in the fall and winter, you can cut back on watering and feeding them.

Caring for succulents is simple, and there are many fascinating types of succulents to choose from in various shapes and colours.

4. Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese evergreen is a common houseplant for a reason: it requires little maintenance and has a variety of lovely colours.

These low maintenance houseplants, which range in colour from dark green and silver to scarlet, give your home’s decor uniqueness and a splash of colour.

Furthermore, because the Chinese Evergreen is a slow-growing plant, it is ideal for those who do not want to deal with a lot of upkeep.

Moreover, this plant can be potted and maintained year-round, so you won’t have to worry about your new houseplant being harmed by cold winters or scorching summers.

5. Rubber Plant

Rubber plants are undeniably attractive and have a relaxed vibe. They can reach heights of 6 to 10 feet (2 or 3 meters) indoors and have large, glossy leaves.

To promote healthy growth, water is completely dry when the top 2 inches (5 cm) of the soil.

These plants enjoy some humidity, so sprinkle with a water spray occasionally or place the pot on a tray with pebbles and some water.

6. Pothos

This sprawling beauty with its heart-shaped leaves is the perfect plant for a dim space or corner.

These low maintenance houseplants are ideal for those who sometimes forget to water their plants or have rooms that aren’t very sunny or bright.

If you’re taking care of pothos plants, it’s important to know that they thrive in humid, warm environments like the kitchen or bathroom.

You can also mist them frequently to keep them healthy. It absolutely detests sitting in water, though, as the roots will quickly decay and the leaves will become yellow.

Water once every three to four weeks or as needed until the soil is completely dry.

7. Corn Plant

The corn plant is a tropical African houseplant that requires little upkeep. They are mostly cultivated for their ornamental leaves, which resemble slow-growing corn stalks and are produced on thick canes or stems that can grow up to 10 feet tall.

However, owners who keep these plants indoors typically keep them much shorter through routine pruning. The glossy, bright-green leaves of the corn plant have a silky sheen.

Although they can survive in low light levels, corn plants prefer indirect sunshine. In addition, they are highly drought-tolerant and only require watering when the top inch of the soil is dry.

8. English Ivy

English ivy is an excellent choice for low maintenance houseplants because it is easy to grow and thrives in shaded areas around the house.

One of the most beautiful trailing plants for hanging baskets, its trailing branches of sharp, evergreen leaves look wonderful draped over the edge of a mantlepiece, high shelf, or hanging planter above the stairs.

This plant is beneficial for moist, frequently gloomy rooms like an ensuite or bathroom because it has also been proven to help reduce mould. It thrives in full sunlight, well-drained soil, and lots of water.

Maintain a constant temperature of 52–71°F (11–22°C) for healthy growth. They’re easy to propagate by cutting off trailing branches and placing them in a different container or water.

9. Donkey’s Tail

The Donkey’s Tail plant is a native Mexican succulent. It gets its name from the long, tail-like leaves that cascade over the edge of pots or hanging baskets.

Also, it’s among low maintenance houseplants and can handle a wide range of light, temperature, and water conditions.

The Donkey’s Tail can grow up to two feet in length if given the time and space to flourish. The plant not only has stunning foliage, but it also has tiny, spring-blooming white flowers.

10. Kentia Palm

The Kentia palm is among the most difficult houseplants to eliminate. It’s elegant, fills a vacant corner with gorgeous fronds that arch upward from the base, and doesn’t take up any floor space.

This elegant palm can reach a height of 10 ft (3 m), has slender leaves that cast lovely shadows, and exudes class and sophistication. It can tolerate most lighting conditions.

Furthermore, it is content if you place it in a pot away from direct light. They prefer moist soil but dislike having their roots soaked, so check the soil’s surface before watering.

11. Earth Stars

Earth stars are among low maintenance houseplants and are native to Brazil. While they are most commonly found in green, red, and purple shades, some species have striped or patterned leaves with different coloured stripes.

Earth stars are a great addition to any indoor garden because they require no maintenance.

They will only blossom once a year under the appropriate circumstances, resulting in small flowers that emerge from the foliage.

12. Snake Plant

This plant is the ideal show-stopper on a side table or placed neatly in a corner, with its dramatic striped and twisting sword-like leaves.

They are one of the few plants that can continue to produce oxygen in almost complete darkness despite their relatively modest growth and ability to tolerate low light.

Also, they are excellent at removing dangerous airborne compounds, many of which are present in synthetic carpets, glues, paints, and other indoor fixtures. 

These snake-repelling plants are native to west Africa and can survive outside HDSA zones 9–12. However, they will perish if left in temperatures below 50°F or exposed to frost.

Water your plants once a week in the spring and summer but only once a month in the fall and winter when they are dormant.

13. Lucky Bamboo

The lucky bamboo plant is among low maintenance houseplants and is said to bring luck and fortune.

The plant is indigenous to Africa and is frequently used in Feng Shui. It is simple to take care of and can grow in soil or water. The plant needs frequent watering and thrives in direct, bright sunlight.

14. String of Hearts

This attractive trailing plant is exceptionally low maintenance, tolerant, and undemanding. Silver-grey leaves in the shape of little hearts have a rose-pink underside.

It holds water in its long stems, which can be up to six and a half feet (2 meters) long, just like a succulent.

Also, it generally prefers damp but not waterlogged soil and is content at most room temperatures.

Avoid cold winds because the plant will be shocked by temperatures below 59°F (15°C). If you want to give it a boost now and then, sprinkle it with a water spray and put it by a window for a few hours in the morning or evening.


We hope you enjoyed this article on low maintenance houseplants and can find your perfect choice.

These plants can bring life to any room and even help filter the air. Pick your choice from the list above, and prepare to beautify your space!

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