37  Beautifully Long Girl Names

Long Girl Names

What’s in a name? Well, if you’re trying to pick out the perfect long girl name for your daughter, the answer is quite a lot!

Name your little lady something pretty and memorable with these long girl names that have seven or more letters.

You’ll find everything from short-and-sweet to long-and-trendy. You’ll find them along with their meanings and popularity levels.

Also, you’ll find tips on pronunciation from experts in baby naming.


It’s one thing to have a long name, but another to have an interesting one. This Biblical name for girls means evidence, sign, or miracle. If you prefer something a little more playful, try its variations Aja or Aya. 

Furthermore, if you want something a little more formal, its meaning makes it perfect. If you’re a parent looking to give your daughter an inspirational name that still feels warm, chooses Aya. It’s one of the fantastic long girl names you could give your daughter.


This exotic-sounding name means sky in Arabic. The meaning is interesting, but what we love most is that it’s easy to pronounce. It’s also easy to spell, super pretty, and just happens to be fairly common! 

Also, it would be an excellent choice for parents looking for something unusual but not too out there. It also works as a nickname if you want a more conventional (but still pretty) name like Ashley or Sarah. In addition to that point, Ainun isn’t exactly weird.

There are over 1000 baby girls named Ainun in the U.S. alone! Your baby girl would bear one of the most amazing long girl names in history.


The Arabic name Amira is derived from emir, meaning commander. The character first appeared in Spain around AD 1000. It spread through Europe via Germany, where it became Emma. 

Also, Amira is short for Emma in England, but that spelling was not used before 1800. Other forms include Emily (from German), Emergency (Hungarian), Emerita (Spanish), Merissa (English), Mireille (French), and Miriam/Miryam (Hebrew).


There are more than half a dozen ways to spell Abida, but my favorite is Abida. The name means servant in Arabic, so parents looking for an old-fashioned girl name will love it. 

However, some people find it odd that someone would want to give their child such a long name (10 letters long). Abida can be made into a nickname Abi. Despite this, many don’t think it sounds pretty fitting. 

Besides, I like Abida and think it makes a great choice as one of your top 100 long girl names. I believe you just have to decide if it’s perfect for your baby girl or not.


This is a name that fits perfectly with many personal styles. It has a slightly exotic sound, partly due to its possible Arabic origin. While you may not think at first glance that it sounds like an Arabic name, Amar means love in Arabic.

This makes sense, given that there are several forms of love. If you want something more romantic or whimsical than a plain Jane-type name, go for amarina.

However, if you want something shorter than many other long names for girls, Amarin is an excellent choice. Long girl names like Amarin come from languages around the world. You can choose one from your heritage or an exotic one like Irish or African.


This Arabic name is pronounced ah-LAH-haan, meaning bright or shining. You can use it as a middle name or an English given name. The female version is Alanah. 

All variations are relatively popular. So you don’t have to worry about giving your baby one of the long girl names that sound weird.


Leena is an Indian name that means queen. This robust and elegant name is an excellent choice for long girl names. This name is perfect for a girl who will grow up as powerful as Cleopatra. Leena also has warm nicknames, like Lena or Lee. It’s pronounced (LEE-nuh).


This name means Brightness in Arabic. Nahar also happens to be a musical note. It makes a great choice if you’re looking for a short phrase that still has character! 

If your daughter is drawn to nature, you might want to consider it since it comes from nahr—Babe, Arabic for the river. If you are planning on giving her names starting with N, we recommend Naomi and Nicole. 

Further, Noor (which means light), Nomi (an abbreviation), Noureen, or Nevada are also great options. There are many meanings associated with these fantastic long girl names!


Charlotte is a French name meaning free man or brave. Variations on Charlotte include Charlene, Charlotta, Carlota, Charlesetta, Carla, Carly, and Cate. In addition to being a fairly common girl’s name in France, it’s also an American top 10 names.

Additionally, it has ties to England, where it was also used as a boy’s name, Charles. It’s pretty formal with plenty of femininity without feeling old-fashioned. Common nicknames include Charlie or Lottie, but it’s okay if you don’t want one.

You can check out other long variations on Charlotte because there are many! You have so many options to choose from. Read more about long girl names here.


The name Abigail comes from Hebrew. The meaning of Abby is my father’s joy. It is a biblical girl name that has been popular throughout the ages, especially in America. 

The most famous character with this name is Abigail Adams. She was a wife to John Adams, one of America’s founding fathers. Abigail continues to be used regularly, and many people also use variations like Avigail or Abi as short nicknames.


It is a serious name that also sounds lighthearted and one of the beautiful long girl names. It’s not unusual, but it’s uncommon enough to feel special. In England, it means light or brightness; her nickname could be Ellie (pronounced A-lee).


Meaning son of Maud, Madison is a surname used as both a boy’s and girls’ names. While it’s generally more popular with females, it can be given to either gender. If you’re looking for baby boy names that mean Son of Maud, we recommend Malcolm or Merle. 

Consider naming your daughter after the Shakespearian character Lady Macbeth for an exotic alternative. Whichever you choose, make sure you come up with the best long girl names.


This Greek name might conjure up images of a nanny with a huge mustache, but it’s derived from Pinella. The name means full or plump. In ancient Greece, Peneleos was one of Penelope’s suitors. 

The name’s modern popularity has likely been helped by its use in Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility. It has nothing to do with body shaming. It speaks elegance and confidence. I think your baby girl is lucky to have one of the best long girl names.


It’s a Brooklyn thing. If you live in New York, you must call it Brook-lyn. If you don’t live in New York or aren’t from New York, then you call it Brook-lyn. It sounds amusing to non-New Yorkers when you say it that way. 

Also, it does make sense; Brooklyn is a place, after all! But what about our other favorite Noo Yawk City? Many still shorten Manhattan to Man and Staten Island to Staigie (or Sita). 

However, fewer are using their version of local terminology in Brooklyn. Of course, if your family is from B.K., just don’t try too hard.


The name Madelyn is just one letter from its male counterpart, but it feels much more feminine. Also, think about how many other women with your first name will be high school freshmen. Probably not a lot. 

This makes it one of the tremendous long girl names if you plan to start your family sooner or later. She’ll never have to worry about sharing her name with a classmate. This can only make things easier for both of you down the road.


From Arabic origins, Aaliyah means holy one. Some call her Aly or Liyah, but she doesn’t go by either. As you know, Aaliyah was tragically killed in a plane crash in 2001 when she was only 22 years old. 

This singer/actress has significantly impacted fashion and music for two decades since her death. Some might say that her influence continues to grow with each passing year. Her name has been used quite often by her parents.

Also, it is still a great one to consider today if you want something short, catchy, and unique. Here are some other variations of Aaliyah, including Aleah, Aleesa, Aleighna, and more! Which of these long girl names do you prefer?


A simple but graceful name, Gabriella, means God is my strength. It was also a reasonably popular name in the 1990s when it ranked in the top 200 long terms for girls. Today, however, Gabriella has slipped from its peak. 

That said, however, we don’t think it will be disappearing any time soon, and for a good reason! It’s such a pretty name that has elegance without being overly complex. Plus, its meaning is incredibly fitting as well. 

A strong Catholic family would appreciate seeing their daughter carry such a divine name throughout her life! It’s a good choice for your little princess.


It means a gift from God in Hebrew. While it is a top name for American girls, it has fallen out of favor over time. So, if you are looking for something with an older feel, Samantha could be a great choice. 

Furthermore, it’s also popular in England (where it ranked #10 in 2012) and Australia (where it ranked #2). That gives you some idea of how globally renowned and recognizable it is.

More modern alternatives include Sophia (#35 in America), Elena (#122), Annabelle (#127), Elodie (#109) and Corinne (#216). 

Finally, the musical talents Julia (#19) and Jaymee (#176) fit well here as well. Samantha is one of the long girl names you won’t regret naming your daughter.


It’s a French name that means pleasant, fair. It also has a rare nickname, Hailey. This girl will be charming, and she’ll have her admirers. 

They might even call her ‘fair,’ too! We like how it fits in so well with other similar-sounding long girl names—for example, Hailey, Hayley, Gracelyn, and Abigail. 

Also, the name feels both traditional and fresh at once. It’d also make an easy shortening option as Hallie or Haylie. Do you like the name Haisley? I think it’s a good one.


Alluringly feminine name with a Hollywood pedigree. The well-known Bellamy family is legendary, including legends like Clark Gable, Rita Hayworth, and Judy Garland.

Other Bellamys include a writer (Linda), an actress (Minnie), a politician (Charles), a supermodel (Giselle), and more! 

The origin is French, but it’s gaining popularity in America as a modern alternative to Bella or Gillian. If you’re looking for inspiring long girl names, start with Bellamy.


The Celtic origin meaning of hazel tree makes Brynleigh one of the best long girls for a baby girl. It is a good one if you’re looking to give their daughter a name with meaning. People who like short but notable names are likely to love Brynleigh. 

Although not as popular as some of its counterparts on our list, it has a bit more versatility. This is due to its use as both a first and last name. Briona. It’s a pretty Irish name meaning heroine that could be an excellent inspiration for baby-name enthusiasts.

However, that’s if they are looking to find new ways to honor female role models in their lives. Nora may seem too normal or classic at first glance, but it’s an option with major historical significance.


This is a modern spin on a classic name. It’s one of the long girl names you don’t hear very often, but it has a pretty sound to it. We like it because it is sweet-sounding but isn’t overly sentimental either. 

This could be an adorable middle name if your daughter is named Aubrey. There are plenty of nicknames that pair well with Aubrielle (like Bella).


The name Ellianna is of a Greek origin, meaning sun ray. The name was in use as early as 1822. It became rather popular during the middle of 2010 when it was one of six chosen by Revlon.

It was given away in an online contest to help choose a new perfume name. As its popularity rose, so did its meaning, with people drawing comparisons between Ellianna and famous actresses. Examples are Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Elisha Cuthbert, Rachel McAdams, and Mandy Moore. 

Also, its sound is similar to that of several popular names like Alanna or Alison. Some have claimed that Ellianna may be a spin-off name explicitly created to capitalize on those trends. I think it’s one of the long girl names that sounds nice.


In French, it means gentle. The name came from Shakespeare’s play As You Like It (1599). It was given to a girl in love with Rosalind. 

More recently, Clementine has been used as a character in Herge’s comic books about TinTin (1930). For someone so good, it’s hard to find bad things to say! Clementine is one of the beautiful long girl names you should consider.


Meaning strong, mighty in Latin, Priscilla is a feminine form of Priscus. The name has been used since Biblical times. Priscilla was a follower of Paul’s, who appears in his epistles and Acts. 

The name also occurs throughout literature, appearing in such works as Pride and Prejudice. Over time, it has made something of a comeback. Do you find these suggestions on long girl names helpful? Let us know!


This is a Greek name that means gift of God. Theodora was also used as an anglicized form of Theodosia by Jane Austen in Mansfield Park. No other famous Theodoras comes to mind.

However, I can see why you wouldn’t want your daughter to have one of the standard long girl names. After all, your little one deserves something unique! It also makes me think of the Canadian band Tegan and Sara, which makes me happy. 

Also, note that this is a good Instagram username. It’s short enough not to look weird when written like Theo. It’s also clear enough that most people would understand who you are if they saw it on their feed.


The name Antoinette is originally French, meaning like Anthony. Anthony was a traditional male name in Britain until 1960. It has since become one of the famous long girl names with its rise in popularity.

Furthermore, it is believed to be linked to musicians like Diana Ross and members of royalty like Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice. A famous bearer is actress Toni Collette. In use outside France since around 1980, it ranked among the top 100 US baby names in 2017.


A Spanish feminine form of Eulalius, a derivative of Latin eulogia meaning praise or well-spoken. This name is highly unusual today, but it was popular in England during medieval times. Interestingly, it was one of several variations used by Frankish royalty before Charlemagne’s reign (ca. 742 A.D.). 

However, some believe that it means bright fame. It makes sense since its parts can be translated as famous (eul) and voice (logia). You could also shorten Eulalia to Lalla or Elly. 

Finally, variations on the short form include Elle, Elyse, Eileen, and Eliza. If you’re a parent that doesn’t want one of the famous long girl names, try Eulalia.


It’s a variation on Hermoine from the Arthurian legend. The name has Ancient Greek origins, translating as the gift of Hermes. It was used in England before becoming popular in America, where it originated during World War I. 

As a baby name, Hermione has been given to English, French, and German speakers worldwide with (mostly) Anglo spellings.

Actress Emma Watson made her character Hermione Granger hugely popular around 2010-2011. There have been several babies named after her fictional counterpart since then.


Meaning earth worker or farmer, Georgiana is a bright, cheerful name with a charming nickname (Georgie). It’s rather popular in England, which has been steadily climbing since 2010. 

Further, Nameberry rates it #14 on its list of Top 100 Names of 2015, one place above more-popular sister Georgia. Georgiana has also made a few rare but stylish appearances on film. It’s one of the fantastic long girl names you should think about.


This name derives from a Greek name, which was itself inspired by a character in Greek mythology. For English speakers, it was first popularized by use in Arthurian legends. It has been widely used throughout Britain, as far back as Shakespeare’s plays. 

As a result, it has grown steadily more popular over time, particularly since 1960. Today, Lorraine is on its way to becoming a widespread long girl name across Europe. Several variants are even more common still. 

Lorraine is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something old-fashioned but appealing! If you think it’s suitable for your baby, go for it!


If you’re looking for a great first name to set your child up with some cool nicknames, try Izzy. Isabella is a sweet choice and one of the fantastic long girl names. The Latin root Bellus means beautiful, and it doesn’t get much more fitting than that. 

Also, It has an exotic sound that makes it seem like a particular name, especially when paired with traditional nicknames.

Some notable people who carry Isabella are model Isabella Hervey, author Jacqueline Winspear, and actress Bella Thorne. In addition, comedian Bella Heathcote, blogger Abigail Ward-Holmes and tennis player Isabelle Panafieu are some of our favorites!


A noble name that evokes royalty, tradition, and hard work. This four-syllable baby girl’s name is one you’ll be happy to say aloud as your little one learns to talk. The origin is English. 

Kinsley first appeared on U.S. naming charts in 1955 when it was used only sporadically. It saw a massive surge in popularity around 2012–2013. Don’t be surprised if you have a Kinsley or two in kindergarten come fall! 

Finally, as one of the fantastic long girl names, it means castle. Your baby girl is a princess!


This name is from a Scottish town where lace was made. The name was also given to boys, but in recent years it’s been used almost exclusively for females. Paisley often goes by Paisleigh, or Paislee or Paisleigh. 

Using double ee isn’t common, but other double consonants are fine. Just don’t go overboard! All those sounds at the end get a little irritating when you’re talking about your daughter all day. Still, Paisley is a rare and one of the sweet long girl names that carry with it an air of timelessness. 


The name Philomena is a derivative of its Latin root, meaning loved one. This traditionally feminine name was once exclusively male in origin, but it has transitioned into a female moniker over time. Its definition is an apt description for all little girl’s mothers.

It describes loving, nurturing, affectionate mothers (ideal characteristics) who are deeply connected to their children. Philomenas are often named after her father’s sister or mother (or both). She will always be near at heart to them since they always carry a piece of her with them.


With its mix of cultures, it’s not hard to find unique baby girl names from diverse backgrounds. Rosalinda is one such name that can be traced back to Spanish roots. It was then altered to fit into a more traditional-sounding moniker. 

The result is one of the sweet long girl names with some serious flair! The feminized version of Rosalind dropped off most popularity charts in 1890. In 1989, along with being on The Bold and the Beautiful as Dylan’s first wife in 2000, it’s now famous.


This is a very well-liked traditional Italian girl’s name. The origin of Vincenza is Latin which means victory. A variation on Victoria, it was popular in Italy from 1469 to 1527. 

It’s made up of Vincent (from Latin vincere – to conquer) and Anne (from the Greek feminine form of Ananias – grace). In modern Italian, it can be spelled Vincenzina, with or without a diacritic. A diacritic accent mark is used to denote vowel length in written language.

There are over four thousand ways to spell your daughter’s name! She could even have a double middle name if you choose an unpronounceable last initial. Vincenza is not one of the standard long girl names!


Your name is a core part of your identity, which is why parents spend years picking a good one. Names can often make us feel like we’ve always been ourselves.

They are a small piece of who we are. So, when naming your little one, think about what kind of person you’d like them to be. 

What would they aspire to be? What values do you want them to grow up with? Once you know those things, you’ll find it much easier to settle on a name. You’ll be able to pick one that will suit your baby well throughout their life. 

So here are 37 suggestions that I hope help make naming your new daughter or son just a little bit easier for you! Just pick any of the long girl names you feel suits your child.

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