33 Lithuanian Baby Names You’ll Fall in Love With

Lithuanian Baby Names

The Lithuanian language has undergone many changes since it was first written in the 16th century. Yet the Lithuanian baby names on this list have stood the test of time and are still in use today.

You’ll find traditional Lithuanian words that have been used by generations of Lithuanians and others that are more modern.

But still have an unmistakably ethnic flair to them. If you’re looking for Lithuanian names for babies, look no further than our list of the 33 most popular characters!


It’s hard to find good baby names that are masculine and Lithuanian, but Ignas checks both boxes. Shortened to Iggy or Nika, it means burning one and is derived from Ignatius. If you prefer something a little more classic, look no further than Ignacijus—Ignatius in Latin form. 

However, It’s also an excellent way to get extra mileage out of other names ending with –us if you plan on having multiple children.

You can name them Lithuanian names! Some additional bonus titles: Ignotas (ignorance), Ignatius (the beginning), and especially Igniecius (of igneous rocks).


Lukas is a name that has lots of history and tradition behind it. It’s been used since 1826, making it one of Lithuania’s most common and well-loved names.

We love how unique Lukas is; it’s a rare name for American families but not for those who hail from Eastern Europe or Russia.

Perhaps, that’s why you never seem to hear it anywhere but in TV shows or movies about other cultures. Its meaning— which translates to Luke—speaks volumes about its popularity: Lukas is a reference to Luke, one of Jesus Christ’s apostles.

If you aren’t worried about people mispronouncing or misspelling your baby’s name, then we recommend considering Lukas, A Lithuanian character!


Andrius is a masculine name of Latin origin. Meaning: Manly and muscular. Nicknames: Andy. However, Variations: Andris, Anders, Andreas, Andreus, and more. When a notable Lithuanian name.


Perhaps you’re looking for something less common but a little more old-fashioned. That’s where Edgaras comes in, so this is a Lithuanian name made up of two different words. Edgar (meaning wealth) and garage (meaning spear). 

Nonetheless, It may be hard to imagine what it looks like, but no doubt it sounds fantastic. Edgars has been around for some time and is still very popular, even if many people don’t realize its meaning.

Or that it comes from one word. But why would you want to pass up such an intriguing possibility?. Perhaps your child will become a successful businessman who fights corruption as bravely as ever!


Ernestas is a robust and confident name. Like Ernest, after it’s named, it’s not afraid to stand out from other characters. It also has a long history of being a trendy choice for parents in Lithuania.

More recently, Ernestas has also started gaining popularity outside of Lithuania and is likely to become even more well-known as a Lithuanian name over time

Whereas earnest was included on our top 10 list of unisex baby Lithuanian names. We may eventually make our list of top male baby names for Lithuanians as well.

Keep an eye on how popular it becomes over time—you won’t regret adding this One to your shortlist of potential baby names!


Edvinas is a beautiful combination of two ubiquitous Lithuanian names. It means wealthy warrior and is a popular choice for Lithuanians living outside their home country that want to name Lithuanian names. In detail, it’s also growing as a first name in its native land. The best part? It works for both boys and girls!


Karolis is a masculine name that originates from Lithuania. The meaning of Karolis is merciful. It happened to be a trendy Lithuanian name in 2003, and its popularity is quickly growing. It would be an excellent alternative to Carley, Karlie, or Karly. 

For instance, you can use it as a first name for boys or as a middle name for girls (Carly Elizabeth, Charlene) if you want your baby to have exotic-sounding Lithuanian characters without being too unique. You should consider Karolis as one of your options!


Please take a note from John Lennon and his wife, Yoko Ono, who gave their son a unique name. Edgars isn’t ubiquitous in America, but if you’re interested in going out on a limb with your child’s name, Edgarius is an exciting choice for either gender. The translation of Edgarius means protection which could be a cute meaning for your baby boy or girl.

Moreover, these cool-sounding Lithuanian names also have roots in Wales and even Germany, where it was used throughout history—and not just as royalty.

If you want to make sure your baby has a unique name that stands out from everyone else. Then try giving them one of these 25 notable Lithuanian names today!


This feminine version of Adelbert means noble and ready. Aelita. These Lithuanian names mean the One who illuminates. Algimantas: This name means Protector of humanity. Arūnas: This name means warrior, bear-cub, good spirit. Ausra:

Nevertheless, this name means Dawn. Aviva: This Hebrew name means springtime or blooming flower, making it a tremendous meaning for a little girl.


Agnė is a famous Lithuanian name that means river. While it can also be spelled Agne, it’s pronounced ah-nyay. The meaning of Agnė comes from Anka, which means serpent or snake. Today, Agnė is most commonly associated with girls born in Lithuania and Prussia. 

Even after gaining popularity across Europe, today, you’ll find many people named Agnė living across America, too, if you’re looking for a place to start your family tree research project. Start searching for Lithuanian names like Agnė—it’s easier than you think!


This name is derived from a Latinized form of Adam. In addition to being a biblical name (Adam was a man created by God in His image), it’s also one of the Lithuanian names used as a middle name.

It means man or ruler, and some modern parents have chosen to give it to their children because of its powerful meaning.

Plus, Adamas is simply an alternative spelling of Adams. One famous Adomas is director/screenwriter Andrew Adamson, who got his start with films like The NeverEnding Story II: 

Yet, the Next Chapter (1991) and Shrek (2001). Other Hollywood actors with Adomas as a middle name include Ryan Ochoa and Eric Balfour.


Lithuania has a long, rich history of thousands of years. And is one of those countries with names that can be hard to pronounce.

However, they are also some of the most beautiful Lithuanian names, baby names around, even though many people outside Lithuania (and maybe even inside Lithuania) have never heard these unique baby names.

On the other hand, they are pretty popular Lithuanian names with many families who call themselves Lithuanians.

These top 100 Lithuanian names are great for children born anywhere in 2010 and their parents. Who wants to know what popular baby name choices will be available for their new arrival when it’s time to pick a name out.

The best part about Lithuanian baby names is that there are wide varieties to choose from. No matter if you’re looking for female or male options.


The name Gabrielius (pronounced ga-Bree-el-ee-us) is, of course, that of an angel. In Latin, it means God is my strength.

It also makes a great first Lithuanian name for boys because it’s a bit unique but not too hard to pronounce. And its meaning fits perfectly with today’s trend toward words that honor babies and parents.

To summarize, If you’re looking for something more unusual and less expected, consider Guido (pronounced ghee-doh). It means broad or ample in Italian. Or try Beauden (boo-den), which has Germanic roots and means brave as a bear.


It meant one who is bright, an exceptional choice for a child who has lost sight. These Lithuanian names mean bright One, Emilija: Meaning one who is similar to a girl/woman. It is an excellent choice for a baby girl as it means she will be as beautiful and intelligent as any woman.

Moreover, you will also have all of that with a lot of fun and joy, just like children are often known to be. Gimana: Meaning, thinking over something/somebody.

An exciting name implies you would think about them frequently throughout your life. And that would mean you liked them very much.


This name may come as a surprise, but it’s pronounced you-OH-zah-pus. If you see a baby named Juozapas on your way to work, don’t be alarmed, It simply means Joseph. Yes, one of those Josephs from your Sunday school classes was likely named Juozapas (or Joey for short). 

More so, while most countries have some version of traditional names that are passed down through families (think about all those kids named Jennifer and Jason), Lithuania takes it to another level by also using many Lithuanian names borrowed from other cultures.


Let’s begin with one of my favorite names, and I love how it’s not only a familiar name. But there are many variations, including Gediminas, Siaubas, and Sabuolas.

It’s a highly masculine name with an air of elegance. If you shorten it to just Ged or Mimas, you can get quite creative and make many pet names out of it.

Of course, my favorite is probably your grandma’s favorite: Juodis. This name means black and is commonly used as a nickname for Radvila. If given a thought like that, why wouldn’t you choose Jurgis?.As your Lithuanian names.


The name Matis means gift from God and has become synonymous with the wise gift. Matis, who lived in medieval Germany, was a prominent figure in Polish Christianity and is now considered one of its patron saints. Because of his prestige and import, Matis may be both a boy’s and girl’s name

In addition, Common nicknames for Matis include Matti or Mats. Lietuviai – people who hail from Lithuania, especially those living outside of it– typically refer to themselves as Lietuviai (pronounced lay-too-vee-ai). It means Lithuanian names, as they are descended from ancestors who came from that country.


Sooner or later, you’ll have to come up with a name for your baby. (Or children) If you’re expecting a baby, or just starting to think about it, don’t worry—you’re not alone.

Choosing a name is a vital step, one that can be both exciting and challenging at once. Fortunately, there are many options out there when it comes to Lithuania names for babies.

Some of these names have been around for generations. Other trendy new choices will make your child stand out from all their classmates and friends.


This name means hard-working, and that fits your sweet little guy. He might be full of energy and constantly busy with new projects, but he’s hard-working both inside and outside school. We love Dominykas because it’s one of Lithuania’s names; it’s a bit different.

Also, it has a special place in Lithuania as an honored name. A few famous namesake are Dominykas Budrys (sports journalist), Dominykas Jancevičius (Politician), and Dominykas Vaitiekūnas (basketball player).


While it’s a common name in English, Dovydas is one of many variations of David and has been used by famous leaders like Polish king Stefan Batory.

It also appears frequently as a Russian family name. Your baby will be able to thank you later for choosing such interesting Lithuania names and universal names! 

However, if they don’t seem too into it, they can always thank their grandparents. They’re sure to appreciate that you didn’t give them a traditional American name.


It means lion, so your little Leo will be a force to be reckoned with. This is such a firm name; you might think twice about using it as a first name among Lithuania names.

We certainly would! But, depending on your surname and where you live, it could work wonderfully as a middle name. 

If you want to go with more of an exotic flair without sacrificing power, choose Leontes. An interesting fact: Lithuania’s patron saint (the country’s namesake) is Saint Casimir.

His name comes from two Latin words: case (to acquire) and emeritus (meritorious). Pretty cool for such an old-school moniker! A nickname option?


There are so many incredible names from Lithuania names you really can’t go wrong with any of them. But for me, there’s something special about naming your child after a location with so much culture and history. It gives an added meaning to your baby’s name—and makes her feel like she has roots that go deeper than most kids her age.

However, by choosing a place name as a baby name. You can help instill in your little One a feeling of belonging and belonging somewhere specific (like right here).

And who doesn’t want their kid to feel like they have roots?. After all, isn’t that what we all want? A tiny home within us?


A popular name throughout Eastern Europe and Latin America, it’s easy to see why Jonas is such a hit. Jonas translates as God is gracious, making it a strong contender for parents looking for God-related Lithuanian names. 

Nevertheless, the Lithuanian version of its meaning is close to Joshua or John, both trendy names worldwide.


The name of Simas comes from ancient Lithuania names, a region that is now present-day Lithuania. The meaning of Simas is to cut it into pieces.

Legend has it that Simas was a dangerous man with great strength. He reportedly carried his sword everywhere and once killed a bear with it. 

Whereas Simas’ wife is also strong-willed, one day, she made him mad, and he drew his sword on her, intending to kill her. The woman fled and hid in a nearby church; when Simas followed her inside.

He saw an image of Jesus on a cross just as he raised his sword over his wife’s head. He could not bring himself to strike down the woman like he did the bear. So instead, he dropped his sword and changed his ways.


The most notable Lithuanian name for babies is Žydrūnas. Pronounced sheet-roo-this, it means ‘little blackbird.’ It’s a unique way to honor your heritage or pay homage to a favorite music group like The Black Keys or The Band.

Consider parents-to-be Sienna Miller and Rhys Ifans, who recently chose Žydrūnas as their son’s middle name. This little One will surely live up to his star-studded namesake!


The meaning of Kristijonas is Christian or Devoted to Christ, and it is also one of the Lithuanian names. Here are some famous Lithuanians named Kristijonas: Kristijonas Donelaitis, a 19th-century poet and writer; Kristijonas Donelaitis, a 16th-century Bishop of Vilnius.


When looking for a baby name with a relaxed and classy vibe, look no further for Lithuanian names than Jurgis. Just like its masculine namesake from Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle, Jurgis is fresh and new; but also distinctive.

Jurgis is just about as rare as it gets—which means you won’t have to worry about your little man sharing his name with any other kids in class! Plus, there are many fun ways to stylize Jurgis: Try using both is or play around with capitalization to make things unique. Is your son an aspiring artist?


Many parents are going with classic names for their kids, but it can also be fun to try something a little different.

If you want your baby’s name to stand out among Lithuanian names and break through all of the common ones, Paulius is a great way to do that.

This Lithuanian name connects with Paul (the apostle) and will give your son or daughter a distinguished look. Combine it with beautiful forenames like Antanas, Viktoras, or Donatas for even more cool style points.


Lithuania is a country with a rich history and a proud culture, making it an ideal place to raise children. And suppose you’re expecting a little Vincentas or possibly even planning on adopting one.

In that case, you may be interested to know that it’s one of the most famous Lithuanian names in baby names throughout Lithuania.

No matter where your family calls home, they can take pride in knowing that they live somewhere beautiful; moreover, they can appreciate just how beautiful their new baby’s name is.

After all, no matter what other cultural influences your family embraces over time (and there will be plenty), if you’re anything like me, your babies’ names are never going anywhere!


Short for Sigmund, Sigis is a name meaning protector of humanity. It’s been a popular name in Baltic countries since medieval times. In ancient Poland, women wore an amulet engraved with Sigis’ image on their belt to protect them from demons.

In other words, Lithuanian names have several spellings, including Seigi and Seidajus. Used most often as a first name, it also works well as a middle name.


If you like traditional baby names, but are having trouble finding one that suits your style, then we’re here to help. The name Mikolas is quite popular in Lithuania.

However, its popularity outside of Lithuania is more limited, and it’s scarce to hear it used by people who aren’t of Lithuanian descent. To some, Mikolas sounds similar to Michael or Micheal.

In contrast, it may also sound similar to Michaelis or Miguel. The last two names have a decidedly Spanish vibe thanks to their ties with Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra and Saint Michael the Archangel.

Thus, they can be given to children born on September 29th (in honor of St. Michael). In addition, Mikolas has a unique meaning among Lithuanian names: who is like God?


This beautiful name means great or glorious. It has several spellings, including Gratis, Grete, and Gryta. This is a perfect fit for parents hoping to give their little girl unique Lithuanian names with an old-fashioned sound. 

It can also be shortened to something more casual like Greer or Gretchen. Parents could pair it with Sia (pronounced Shy-uh) for a longer, sophisticated middle name that also has an aura of modernity.


An excellent name for a girl. Laima means blessed, pure, holy, and generous. How about a beautiful baby named Laima? It’s pronounced like lemma even though you might think of lettuce when you hear it; that the only because we’re so used to English spelling rules. What do you think? Are you ready to see other names spelled like Laima or sound similar?.

Therefore, what is your favorite One? Maybe there is even more than one name that ends with -ma in Lithuania.

What would be your next favorite One (after Laima)? Have fun. No matter which other word we might suggest, don’t forget how great it feels to have excellent Lithuanian names for a baby named Laims with you.


If you’re ready to find some great names for your Little One, scroll through our list of top Lithuanian names. If we missed any of your favorites, let us know. We’d love to hear about other excellent and unique ideas. Happy shopping!

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