33 Beautiful Jewish Girl Names and Their Meanings

Jewish Girl Names

Just because you’re Jewish doesn’t mean you must stick with the more traditional Jewish boy names. When naming your daughter, these beautiful Jewish girl names have rich meaning behind them. 

However, their unique sounds make them stand out from the crowd. Find the perfect name for your little lady with this list of the most beautiful Jewish girl names you might not have heard before, along with their meanings!


Hebrew baby name, Ravishing, is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin. Hebrew Meaning: The name Aviva is a Hebrew baby name.

In Hebrew, the meaning of the name Aviva is Ravishing. Gilded. A Biblical place-name refers to an area in Egypt near the ancient Philistine city of Zoan (2 Samuel 15:23). 

Nevertheless, Ashira is a Jewish girl name: a Hebrew baby name meaning; Dignified is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin. Hebrew Meaning: Ashira is a Hebrew girl name for your baby. In Hebrew, the meaning of the name Ashira is Dignified.


Rivka is a Hebrew girl name; the meaning of Rivka is to flow, gush forth. Ruchama is a Jewish girl name, and Ruchama is a Hebrew girl. The purpose of Ruchama is Compassionate, Merciful. Rachel as a Jewish girl name: It is a Hebrew girl name.

The meaning of Rachel is Sheep; one who moves (or wanders) along. It as Jewish girl name: Sarah is a Hebrew girl name. The purpose of Sarah is Princess or Laughter. Leah is a Jewish girl name, and Leah is a Hebrew girl.


Sarah is an Old Testament Biblical name that means Princess or Noblewoman. It is Abraham’s wife, and her name is used to describe someone who is cherished, beautiful and unique.

The name Sarah has its roots in the Hebrew language. And it has been used in English-speaking countries since the 19th century. 

In detail, It is a Jewish girl’s name and holds special significance among Jews because it refers to Rebekah. Who is Adam’s first wife in Tanakh (Judaism), It can sometimes be spelled as Sara, Sarai, or Serah?


Rachel means ‘ewe’ in Hebrew, the name Rachel is inspired by a reference to biblical times, according to tradition. It was Jacob’s first wife and mother of Joseph. Rachel is one of several sisters born into a family that could not afford to keep all their children.

So, her father sent her to live with his brother Laban (Genesis 29:9). Laban promised Jacob that he would take care of Rachel until he returned for her.

But it didn’t quite work out like that; Jacob worked for Laban for many years before marrying her (and also Leah!). Rae-Leigh has become increasingly popular as a feminine form of a Jewish girl name.


Leah is originally a Hebrew boy’s name, reflected in its meaning weary or tired. It’s a Biblical name that appears in Genesis 29 when Leah is born to Jacob and Rachel.

In Genesis 30, we see her sister, Rachel, giving birth to her son, Joseph. Judaism defines women as vital, independent individuals who have an essential role in shaping their community. 

Nonetheless, in Hebrew tradition, three pillars hold up society. Torah (the Bible), Mishnah (the oral law), and Talmud (the book of learning). Giving your daughter a Jewish girl name, a name with deep meanings like Leah, can help her build a connection with her religion from an early age.


Chaya means life, and the name Chaya is often used as a girl or female name. The origin of Chaya is Hebrew. Chaya is ranked #2 in our popularity charts and #1 in our list of unique Jewish girl names by state.

Moreover, In 2016, Out of 597 baby girls born in America, 14 were named Chaya. You may want to share more information about your child’s name on their page. Enter their birth date to get started!


Daniella, as a Jewish girl name of Hebrew origin, means God is my judge. Dana is a Jewish girl name: Hebrew. The feminine form of Daniel, meaning God is my judge. Also, Devorah is a Jewish girl name: Hebrew origin. Means bee—Einat as a Jewish girl name: of Hebrew origin.


Dafna means laurel in Hebrew, and Laurel symbolizes honor and victory. So it is a fitting Jewish girl name for a daughter. Other spellings include Daphne, Dafne, Davina, Davinia, and Dayvah/Daviah. The words can be used interchangeably because they all have identical meanings.

On the other hand, use a traditional spelling like Dafna or try something modern like Davina. The purpose remains intact either way; one additional note: sometimes girls are given variations on their birth name as their middle name to signify that they will always be connected to their heritage (e.g., Aviva Sara). For example, Sarah Faye Cohn = Sarah Faye Aviva Cohn!


Dikla is a Hebrew name for girls, and the meaning is ‘gift, present.’ Read more on our partner site, Baby Names. This Jewish girl’s name is derived from Middle English. Dikla has 12 variant forms that are used in English and other languages. 

Variants include Dillie, Dilli, Dilley, Dillee, Dyllie, and Dylly. Dylle is another form of Dikla that can be found in Dutch (mainly Flemish). The name Dyllie or Dilley seems to be a combination of two names, David and Alicia (pronounced A-LEE-sha).

In addition, this girl’s name is invented by her parents. Who had previously used one or both names individually as given names in previous generations within their family tree? But it had never been a widespread given name outside their family before they gave it to their daughter.


Hebrew name meaning fragrant, Einat is a Hebrew name for baby girls. The meaning of Einat is fragrant (Hebrew). Read about Einat: Israeli Baby Names, Hebrew Baby Names, Bible Girls Name.

Also, Popular Israeli baby Names are Hebrew Girl Name, English Boy Name, Hebrew Boys Name, Jewish girl Name, and Biblical Boys Name.


The name Gili is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew, it means Lily. The name Gili is the most commonly Jewish girl name given to American girls.

In contrast, (2 more meanings) Read about Gili: Means, Girls, Name Days, Origin, Flower, Hebrew, Popularity.


This name is Hebrew for dedication, and it’s used in Judaism as a form of Hodayah, which translates to rejoicing. This name is a Jewish girl name reasonably common in Israel. It’s also been used by writers to give a Hebrew twist to their characters. 

Nevertheless, Including Baudelaire’s 1857 poem Hymne d’amour à ma mie and Hemingway’s 1926 short story Cat in the Rain.

One actress who bears it is Sela Ward, Born Sandra Sandra Boyd. She held it when she began her acting career as a teenager. She chose it because she loved how it sounded with her birth name.


Idit is a girl’s name; the meaning of Idit is purification. Idit is most commonly given to English and Welsh girls (1,600st) Popularity. This name is not popular in the US, Ranking #1953 on our charts and #2915 globally. (2015 Birth Statistics).

Also, Similar Names: Eydie, Adi, Itai, Itay, and Ada A’dita a Jewish girls’ names. A’dita is a girl’s name; the meaning of A’dita is higher.

A’dita is the most commonly Jewish girl name given to American girls. (2010 Birth Statistics) Iettie is a Jewish girl name, and the name Iettie is a Jewish girl name.


Liat is a Hebrew name for girls that means poetry, beautiful, and gazelle. It’s believed to be a modern version of an old poetic name.

Liat is popular among non-Jews in North America and England. Liat can also be used as a surname in Israel. These Jewish girl names have been given to at least seven baby girls in the US since 1880. 

However, the most common age for motherhood is between 30 and 34 years, with a median age of 31 and 3 months. The average age is 32 years and four months old.

The most common age for fatherhood is between 25 and 29 years, with a median age of 27 and six months. The average age is 28 years old.


Hebrew name, means water, Mayim Chaya Bat Hen: Birth name for Barbra Streisand. (3/4) Mayim Bialik: Played Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory. (4/4) Hebrew name, meaning water.

Notwithstanding, In Christianity, associated with Saint Maria Magdalena, Kabbalah is connected to the water element. A common Jewish girl name since 1980.


Meaning, who is like God?. It sounds like Michelle in English, Mitzi: Meaning God’s promise. Matilda: Meaning Gift from God, the short form is Matty or Tilda, Molly as a Jewish girl name: Mother-like. Reka is a Jewish girl name Short for Rebecca, meaning The one who binds. 

In other words, Rivkah is a Jewish girl name: Nickname for Rebecca, meaning (the) grandmother/in-law Zelda a Jewish girl name.

Thanks to Katie for submitting: The germanic variant of Sheindel, meaning God is my oath. Though Zelda was not used as a popular baby girl’s name when it was introduced in 1901, it has since experienced a popularity surge.


Biblical in origin, Noa is a Hebrew name for girls meaning ‘fragrance’ or ‘bliss. Noam: Biblical in origin, Noam is a Hebrew name for boys meaning pleasantness. Noemi: Italian in origin, Noemi is a Hebrew name for girls meaning ‘my joy.’ 

In contrast, Noga: Biblical in origin, Noga is a Hebrew name for girls meaning ‘rainbow.’ Raisa: Russian/Greek in the head, Raisa is a Hebrew name for girls meaning ‘wise one.’ Sonia (סוניה): Russian/Greek in origin, Sonia is a Hebrew name for girls. These names are unique Jewish girl names.


If you’re looking for a name that’s truly as unique as your little girl is, consider Orna. The name means sapphire, a gemstone known for its incredible deep color. It also has ties to other gemstones; according to Nameberry, it originates from an ancient Hebrew word meaning gem.

Yet, there are different Hebrew words associated with Orna that translate into fascinating things: or (bear), your (light), and Rama (rose).

Suppose you go with any of these spellings for Jewish girl names for your baby girl. You can be sure she will stand out in a crowd, read more about our picks for beautiful Jewish girl names.


Reut, the meaning friend in Hebrew, is one of those names you must love because it’s so rare. These unusual Jewish girl names have a long history, beginning in biblical times with Rut. Who happened to be a great-granddaughter of Judah. As a surname.

Notably, Reut is given initially to people who lived on or near a mount or mound. Later, around 1950, Reut became popular with parents looking for an alternative to Rebecca (another rarely used name). And yes, it is pronounced like Ruth without an h.


Ilan Leibovitz from The Yiddish Connection states that Sivan is a Hebrew name for girls derived from Greek mythology.

He says it is derived from Phoebe, the fair-crowned goddess of abundance whose name gave rise to that of their children, Apollo and Artemis (two sun gods). In fact, throughout Greece, there were various variations of Phoebe. 

This is to say, the equivalent in Rome became Juno. According to him, these two were fertility goddesses; Juno, in particular, had her share of lovers, including Jupiter (Zeus).

Who fell in love with her while she was married to Vulcan – without his permission. This affair seems to have been common knowledge among their contemporaries, who weren’t surprised by it.


Your name must have a certain amount of weight to it to carry through life. It must sound like something that can be trusted, admired, or envied if you want your children to grow up with a firm name that can support them throughout their lives.

Regardless, pick a Jewish girl name with a rich history—and one as beautiful as you are. Tova is Hebrew for excellent or pretty, so if your child isn’t being chased down by adoring admirers at her Bat Mitzvah yet (all things considered). You may have an issue on your hands. Luckily her last name will make up for it.


Yaara is a Hebrew name for girls that means beautiful. It is a common Jewish girl name, the first name for women in Israel. 

This is to say, the origin of Yaara is Hebrew. It is also a girl name in Arabic, Hindu, Marathi, Sanskrit, Telugu, and Tamil.


A Hebrew name meaning sweetness, the feminine version of Lionel, also a Hebrew name meaning lion man. It has been in use in America since 1982. Naomi is a Jewish girl name, a Hebrew name meaning delicate and gracious.

In short, Delilah is a Jewish girl name: Biblical: Delilah is Samson’s mistress (and possible wife). Who betrayed him by cutting his hair while he slept, thus making him defenseless against his enemies.


Kineret is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew, the meaning of the name Kineret is Pure, Defend, and fortress. Also, a place in Israel, this cute Jewish girl’s name has only recently become popular in America.

From 2001 to 2011, it is not even listed among the top 1,000 names). Some people speculate that its Popularity may be due to socialite Paris Hilton naming her daughter Kyd, but no one knows!

Regardless of how it started, it certainly looks like Kineret is here to stay. It means pure or clean, which fits with other Israeli names like Shira (song) and Tamar (palm tree).

If you want something traditional but still new-sounding for your daughter, then Kineret might be just what you are looking for!


Is an Hebrew girl name that means: Hazelnut. It is used as a variation of Hibah, meaning grace. Inbar is an unusual Jewish girl name as a baby girl’s name. The term was only recorded in 2004 when eight babies had Inbar as their first name.

However, the last time we checked, there were no girls named Inbar in our database. For more information, see related names Abiram and Tzipporah. 

For more information, see related names Abiram and Tzipporah.


Hebrew feminine name, the meaning of Daniel is God is my judge, or He has judged. Danielle is a Jewish girl name: Hebrew feminine name. The purpose of Danielle is God is my judge, or He has considered.

Whereas Daniella is a Jewish girl name: Hebrew feminine name. The meaning of Daniella is God is my judge, or He has judged. Dana is a Jewish girl name: Hebrew feminine name.


Miriam’s name means bitter or sea. It is number ten on last year’s list of most popular Jewish girl names for baby girls. So it’s no surprise it’s back on our list again. What makes Miriam such a unique choice for parents these days?.

In particular, as the Times notes, in Hebrew, Miriam means rebellious. This might be part of its appeal. It has an edge that other traditional choices like Hannah or Sarah lack.


Myrtle, the name Hadassah, is derived from Hebrew origins. In Hebrew, it means myrtle; Hadassah would be an excellent name for your daughter if you are looking for something unique and a pretty Jewish girl. 

On balance, this name has an exotic feel that will make her stand out in a crowd. If you want to give your daughter a meaningful yet beautiful name, go with Hadassah. This is one of those names that will become popular in no time!


Malkah is a Hebrew name for girls meaning queen. Malkah is also a pet form (English) of Málkhā in Biblical times, and some consider Malkah to be a title for queens. Today, it’s used much more commonly as a girl’s name. 

Malkah appeared in data from recent years with greater frequency than many other Jewish girl names that are much more popular today. It has been given to babies less frequently over time.

Nevertheless, In 2015, it ranked #1714 with only two occurrences. It ranked #1904 in 2014 with three events, and its highest popularity ranking of #1342 was reached in 2001 with six circumstances.


Its origin is Hebrew, and its meaning is the palace. The name Orli is most commonly given to English and Hebrew girls. #1.

Dara is a Jewish girl name: Its origin is Irish Gaelic, and its meaning is the oak tree (the tall one). Jewish girl names to American girls most commonly given the name Dara. #2. 

Although Esme is a Jewish girl name: Its origin is Germanic, and its meaning is derived from a pet form of Elizabeth (helmet; protection).

This beautiful-sounding girl’s name has become mainstream use and has been adopted by Jews worldwide in recent years. Despite not being traditionally Jewish at all! #3.


Rotem is a Hebrew name for girls. The meaning of Rotem is noisy, flowing water. Rotem is used as a first name by Jews; another variation of Rotem is Roqayya, which means female date-palm tree in Arabic.

Where would you use it? If your last name starts with R, consider using Rotem as a middle name. (Example: Rosemary Reneé). 

Nonetheless, You could also use it as a middle or last name if your surname ends with T . Example: Rosalind Ruth Tanya, And remember that boys and girls can have any given character. So if you’re expecting twins, why not pick two names that work well together?.

That way, one child can have their ‘surname’ as their middle name. If you’d like to choose another option, try our random Jewish girl names finder tool to help kickstart your search for ideas.


Sigal is a Hebrew name for girls that means (sage). The origin of Sigal is Biblical. Related terms: Sigla, Segal. Meaning: Similar to Sage.

Wise; a herb used to cure various ailments; a unisex name. Lists of Jewish girl names that mean Sage, wise or similar include Ayse, Gayle, and Gayl.

However, the original spelling of Sigal is Signe. A bearer of these names can be very talented in art, music, and singing.

This is why you may come across many famous artists with these beautiful girl names, such as Sigourney Weaver, David Bowie, and Gillian Anderson.

On the other hand, another meaning for Sigal includes ‘tender.’ As a result, it has also been used as part of many pet forms, such as Skye. Which became popular after Skyler White on the Breaking Bad TV series was born!


Yael is a Hebrew girl’s name; the meaning of Yael is Deer. Other origins for the name Yael include – Hebrew, Celtic, and Hawaiian.

This is only a short list of relations for Yael; for more information about Yael, see below. Yael is an English baby name in English. The meaning of the name Yael is God’s deer.

The most popular variations are Jael (English), Gail (English), Gayle (English), Gayl (English), and Gayla (English).

These relations tend to be more commonly used than Yael. See names in meaning and etymology. More Jewish girl names that start with Y.


No matter what you name your daughter, she’ll end up embracing her family’s heritage in her way. But if you want to ensure that your little girl grows up knowing a bit about her background and ancestors. Consider these Jewish girl names also; remember that some of these names have several variations.

So if you don’t see one on our list that suits your taste, try a different spelling. After all, nobody will complain when a little girl named Maya wants to call herself Mae-Mae instead.

And one more thing, it may help to know that many Jews are named after heroes or people they admire. Some parents decide to honor relatives who have passed away by giving them a namesake.

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