36 Jewish Boy Names and Their Meanings

Jewish Boy Names

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy can be challenging, but selecting the perfect Jewish boy name takes that challenge to another level.

A Jewish name must be meaningful, easy to spell and pronounce, and family-friendly. And it should incorporate elements from both Hebrew and Yiddish traditions. 

Also, some people give their sons Hebrew names while giving their daughters Yiddish names. You can also just go with one tradition or the other (or neither).

If you’re still trying to decide which option would be best for your family, check out this list of America’s most famous Jewish boy names!


Meaning high mountain, Aharon is one of three high priests in Hebrew history. You also spelled Aaron, Aron,, and Aran. A variation of Aaron has become quite popular as one of the Jewish boy names in these recent years.

Also,, it’s perhaps due to its relative simplicity compared to other versions of Aharon. In Hebrew-speaking cultures, it’s considered a common male name.


Abba is one of the Jewish boy names. In Hebrew, Abba means daddy. Abba was widespread among parents in 2013 and has since become less popular. In 2012, 12 of 516 babies born with Abba as a baby name were named Abba. 

In addition, about 2% of newborns in that year are named Abba. The number dropped to 10 babies out of 679, or about 1%, by 2015. That’s still more than 1 out of 200, making it one of the top 50 most popular names for boys in America for 2015. 

Also, it’s not currently listed within the top 1000 names for boys, according to Nameberry. The trendier boy names here are Abram (#47), Avi (#64), Abraham (#64), and Adam (#85). [12]


 One of the Jewish boys’ names, David, has a Hebrew origin and means beloved. Throughout history, kings and leaders have borne it.

Among these is King David of Israel, Biblical hero David; Scottish poet Sir David Lyndsay, or the Monarch of Montgomerie (1490-1555). 

In addition, David Livingstone, a 19th-century British explorer known as the man who could smile God into existence for his missionary work among Africa’s natives. Actor Gary Cooper’s character is from Frank Capra’s classic World War II film Arsenic and Old Lace (1944).

A host of characters in novelist Margaret Mitchell’s fictionalized accounts of Georgia society, including her heroine Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With The Wind (1936); future authors James A.


Doron is one of the Jewish boy names which means gift. It has Arabic origins, and its meaning is ‘gift of God.’ The popularity of Doron as a baby boy’s name in 2016 was 88 out of 100.

The number represents a position in the ranking. From above, Doron was ranked 1401 in 2015, 1874 in 2014, 1253 in 2013, and 1522 in 2012 among all boys.

Although Jewish boy names came to prominence via singer Elvis Costello and English soccer player Peter Crouch – both have sons named DORON. Prince William used DORON for his son, born on St. George’s Day, 2018.


Eitan is one of the Jewish boy names. It means ‘lion.’ Eitan is rated A, which means it’s a famous name, and no one in particular ranks it. 

Also, the names above are similarly rated, indicating that they are not incredibly trendy now. To see more, thousands of other Jewish boys’ names, please use our advanced search facility.


This is one of the Jewish boy’s names. Eldad has a Hebrew origin, and its meaning is a gift. The name Eldad is a boy’s name. Eldad became popular in the 1970s. It has evolved from a baby boy name to a familiar boy name.


Gad is a Biblical male name, meaning good fortune or luck. In Hebrew, it’s spelled gd, but it’s usually pronounced like gad. This is one of the Jewish boy names, and Gad appears in both the Old and New Testaments as a reference to good luck. 

For example, in Numbers 23:23, we learn that King Balak of Moab sent messengers to Balaam — who was blind — with instructions to put a curse on Israel. 

But when Balaam spoke his blessing upon Israel instead of cursing them, he exclaimed that it was because God had not permitted him to do so. He said: How can I curse whom God has not cursed?


Gamliel is a Hebrew name for boys. The meaning of Gamliel is God’s portion. This Jewish boy’s name, Gamliel, is very unusual. The popularity of Gamliel has been growing since 1993.

Also, it reached its peak position of #4 in 2015 with 3,960 baby boys named Gamliel. In 2016, it ranked at #7 with 3,931 occurrences, 2017, it ranked at #8 with 4,092 events; in 2018, it ranked at #9 with 4,252 occurrences.


This Jewish boy names Gil is a variant of Gideon. The name Gideon means devouring, destroying. Gil is a variant of Gavin. The name Gavin means white hawk or shining warrior or white. 

However, it’s often used as a nickname for someone with bright white hair. Gil is an alternate spelling of Gail, which means boy and girl, initially referred to as young goats. Nickname: Gilly.


Hillel is one of the Jewish boys’ names. The meaning of Hillel is destruction. In Jewish, The purpose of Hillel is The name of an eminent Talmudic scholar and teacher. A variant form of Chilkiyyah.

Also, Eliyahu is a Jewish boy name: Eliyahu is a Hebrew boy name. The meaning of Eliyahu is God; my God has answered me.

In Jewish, The purpose of Eliyahu is the Variant spelling of Elijah, which means Jehovah is God. Famous bearer. Biblical prophet Elijah, who was taken to heaven in a chariot, also known as Saint Elias in Christianity, was also one of John’s disciples in the Christian tradition.


One of the Jewish boys, named Kalman, means men of peace. The origin of Kalman is Hebrew. The meaning of Kalman is men of peace. Other sources for the name Kalman include Hebrew and Celtic. Biblical: a form of Caleb. 

Also, it is from a Semitic word meaning dog. Saint Cornelius was martyred in Rome under Emperor Diocletian around AD 30s.

His body was thrown into the Tiber river but miraculously recovered and transported to Centumcellae, where he was buried. His bones were later moved to Genoa by Bishop Saint Simplicius during an invasion from Saracens around AD 810.


In Israel, one of the Jewish boy names, Lior, is more popular than in any other country. It’s a common name with a nice meaning. In Hebrew, it means to lighten and is derived from a word that means light. It has been used by Jews as well as non-Jews all over Europe.


This is one of the Jewish boy names; Meir means one who enlightens. Meir was also a famous rabbi who, in Talmudic legend, bravely fought tyranny. His grandson is also said to have been named after him but called Menachem (meaning comforter). 

In addition, this name is trendy among modern-day Jews, ranking at No. 1 in Israel and No. 6 in America. A famous bearer of the name was Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir; her son’s middle name was Meir, and her grandson’s first name was Menachem.


Mendel is one of the Jewish boy names that mean wished-for child. This famous Jewish boy’s name first appeared in 1940 and has since increased in popularity. It was #609 in 2016, but it jumped 45 spots just last year to reach #566 on 2017’s list of top names for boys. 

In addition, its notable bearers include Mendel Schreiber (born 1937), a Canadian politician; Ezra Mendelsohn (1929–2015), an American art historian; and saxophonist Kenny G, born Kenneth Bruce Gorelick (1959). [Read more…] about The Origins & Meaning of Layla: A Muslim Baby Girl Name That Means’ Night’ or ‘Darkness.’


Micha is one of the Jewish boy names. Who is like God?. Read below for famous people named Micha, or check out our name generators to find yet another baby boy’s name.

If you already have a baby named Micha but are just looking to see if it makes a good surname, use the above tools to generate more ideas. 

However, if Micha is not your style or you are just looking for more options, then simply click here to see all our male names.

Jewish names are typically historical and biblical in origin. The Strongest influence on modern terms began with Jews arriving in America during the early 20th century.


This is one of the Jewish boy’s names Mordechai, a form of Mordecai, a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew, the name Mordechai means He who brings down his enemies. A biblical name. The masculine form of Naomi: pleasantness; deliverer; lady gift from God. 

Although, it has a significant character in The Book of Esther from Persia who helped defeat Haman by revealing his plan to exterminate all Jews and on whom Queen Esther relied for protection during a time when it was illegal to be a Jew. He was rewarded with marriage to Esther, becoming an uncle to their son, Ahasuerus/Xerxes I.


What does this Jewish boy names Moshe mean? Is it an old-fashioned name? Why do some people call their child Moshe? In Hebrew, Moshe means He drew out.

This may refer to God’s drawing of Moses from water when he was a baby. God’s picture of manna from heaven for him and his people during their wanderings in the desert. 

Also, the most notable person with that name is Moses, whose life story can be found in Exodus 2-24; Deuteronomy 34:1-12; and Numbers 1:1-2:16. On Mount Nebo, he had a vision of the Promised Land but died before entering it. Another famous bearer is baseball player Moisés Alou Sosa.


One of the Jewish boy names, Naftali, which means Wrestling in Hebrew, is one of many names that can be traced back to a Biblical figure. In Numbers 13:1-2, we read about an individual named Naftali, who is one of Caleb’s descendants.

And one of several spies sent by Moses to survey Canaan. The first use of Naftali as a name occurred in Germany during medieval times. 

However, by at least 1500 AD, it had gained some popularity; it appeared on early death records as Naftelye and later evolved into Naftali.

Today it ranks #35 overall with roughly 7600 occurrences per year and has more than doubled its usage from 1989 through today, showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon! It’s most popular in New York and California.


Nachum is a Jewish name for boys. The meaning of Nachum is Comfort, consolation, or Compassionate, or loving.

Other Hebrew boy names starting with Na- are Nadav, Nadiv, and Nagid. Common nicknames for Nachum are Chanoch and Nechemia. 

Also, Jeremy is one of the Jewish boy names: Jeremy is an Israeli name for boys. The meaning of Jeremy is My gift; God will add to me. Other Hebrew boy names include Je- Jehoshua, Jeffery, and Jeremy. Common nicknames for Jeremy are Jerahmeel and Jaromir.


Natan is one of the Jewish boys’ names that means gift or grant. In Christianity, Natan is more commonly known as Nathaniel, meaning God has given. The biblical character of Nathan is a famous storyteller who lived during the reign of King David.

Also, he was one of King David’s courtiers and served as his counselor and prophet. His book explores God’s word through its prophets: Daniel, Hosea, Amos, Micah, and Isaiah.


This is one of the Jewish boy names with a variant spelling of Noach, meaning rest or comfort. In Judaism, it is considered a variation of Noah. It is also used as a diminutive of Elan.

Also, the most famous bearers: were Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin; former US senator Richard Lugar. US Supreme Court justice Benjamin Cardozo; Canadian comedian Norm MacDonald; singer Neil Diamond. Nicknames: Noodles. Origin: Hebrew.


Nissim is one of the Jewish boy names for boys: Gift. In Jewish culture, it’s believed that one’s proper name comes from a higher power.

Before parents ever give their newborn a name, they pray to God and ask for help finding the perfect moniker.

Also, During ancient times, parents often turned to Judaic or biblical texts like The Tanakh, or Old Testament of The Bible, to find meaning and inspiration behind their child’s first and middle names. Many modern Jews continue to follow these traditions today.


This one of the Jewish boy’s names, Noach, means rest, repose. It is related to biblical Noah, the ancestor of all humanity. Name day: March 5 (See also Noach).

In Hebrew, Na’eh means satisfied, content, or full-grown. However, Nahum has a Jewish boy name: Nahum means comfort or consolation. It is sometimes spelled Nachum or Nehuma.


Ovadia is an Aramaic name and one of the Jewish boy’s names meaning servant of God or God’s servant. It is one of many Biblical names given to baby boys.

Also, It was a top 1000 boy name from 1900-to 1929, rising in popularity until it reached its highest ranking of #92 in 1918. After World War I and through the present day, Ovadia has not appeared in a single rankings list of either boy or girl names.


Oren is one of the Jewish boy names for boys that means mountain of deer. It’s also translated as the raven, which is another nod to his meaning because ravens are known for their dark plumage.

Oren is an uncommon name in Jewish culture, so it might be tough to find him on a roster of other little ones with familiar characters like Jake and Ben.

However, he has some great nicknames: Or, Ory and Looney. His middle name could be anything, though. Make sure you talk it over with your partner beforehand to avoid any conflicts later on in life… *cough* My first choice was Avram *cough*. We had a boy!


This is one of the Jewish boy names; Rafael means God heals. Rafael is a popular name for boys, also used as girls’ name Rafael. It is pronounced REE-fahl.

Also, it is of Hebrew origin, meaning God heals; God has healed. Rafael is not frequently used as a baby boy name. It is not in the top 1000 names.

From Spanish origins, but now more commonly given to babies of other nationalities. It became more popular with Jews in 1998. Rafael was previously a family surname in Spain during medieval times.


The Jewish boy names Reuven means behold a son. Jews, Hindus, and Christians have used the name as a given name and surname. 

In addition, there is a midrashic tradition of saying that Reuven was Leah’s most beloved son; to comfort her after his death. God gave her more children. The Talmud tells of how Rabbi Reuven once prayed so earnestly for rain that it began to fall from his head.


Seth is one of the Jewish boy names for boys that means placed or appointed. He was a son of Adam and Eve in biblical and Hebrew tradition. 

Seth is also considered one of the seven ancient patriarchs of humankind, each of whom was granted eternal life by God. In Christian belief, he was regarded as an ancestor of Jesus through his son, Enosh.


Selig is a Yiddish and German name meaning happy. The name seems to have originated as a surname, but it has been used as a first name for more than 100 years, according to Nameberry. 

However, it might have come from German elements, which mean holy and fortunate; other sources say it means blessed by God.

Other similar names are Seligman, meaning happy man, and Selim, which originates in Hebrew but was also borrowed into English via Turkish. Both of these also mean happiness or blessing.


Shay is one of the Jewish boy names meaning gift. It is an ordinary baby boy’s name. Shay was ranked #185 in 2016 and #195 in 2015 among American boy names. 

Also, the name Shay has several variants, including Shey and Shai. Common English spellings for Shay are Shaye and Shay.


Shilo is one of the Jewish boy names of Egyptian origin, meaning God will dwell. The name was used for one of the gates in Jerusalem and referred to God’s dwelling place. 

Also, it has been used by both Jews and Christians, but usually for boys. In modern times it is rarely used except among Orthodox Jews, who use it as an equivalent to Solomon, or secular Israeli Jews who wish to honor their heritage.


This is one of the Jewish boys’ names; Shimon means heard, derived from Shimeon, which derives from Shimon. There are several characters named Shimon mentioned in the Torah.

In modern times, Shimon has been considered an appealing choice for parents seeking to name their son after Rabbi Shimon Bar. Yochai, a second-century mystic and scholar, is said to have had mystical conversations with angels.


Shlomo, or Solomon, is one of Judaism’s most important male figures. The second son of King David and a noted sage, he was said to have never erred in judgment, and his wisdom is still celebrated in traditional Jewish literature today.

Also, an alternative spelling is Shlomo. While it can be used as an English name on its own, Shlomo has become more common as a Jewish boy name. Its root means peace, making it a popular choice for Jews by birth and converts alike.

Other spellings include Shelomoh, Sholom, and Salomon. The name can be abbreviated to L’Shmo or even just Mo.


Other variants, like Alter or Halter, have been used since 1900. Alter is a Hebrew name meaning old. Alter has roots in Yiddish and appears in Slavic and German words from centuries ago. 

However, these Jewish boy names are also often used as a surname and first names for boys. In fact, according to Behind The Name, Alter was one of the two most famous last names among Ashkenazi Jews in 2005. It’s also common as a middle name or an additional name alongside another moniker. 

Although, it doesn’t appear on the top 100 lists of today’s most popular boy names. You can still find lots of little Alters today—just look at Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick’s son.

If you love nature-inspired baby boy names with definite meanings but don’t want something too trendy right now, consider giving your little guy an authentic classic that could stand the test of time.


 One of the Jewish boys’ names means oak tree. It is an ancient name found in several parts of Israel. However, today it is mainly found among Sephardic Jews. 

 Also, Alon became famous after being used as a character in Israeli soap operas. It’s not related to Alan/Allen or any other Alon-name listed below; instead, it’s from Hebrew’ aln’, meaning oak tree.


This is one of the Jewish boy names; Avner means my father is my strength in Hebrew. Prime Minister Menachem Began popularizing the name. It’s also commonly used as a surname, especially in Israel. 

Although, Lately, it’s becoming increasingly popular as a baby boy name of its right outside of Israel. In 2016, it reached #503 on The Baby Name Wizard list of the top 1000 most popular Jewish boy names for boys in 2015; only eight other Avner’s were listed.


There are many different approaches to naming a baby boy in Judaism. Some parents choose popular names; some create their own unique Jewish boy names. 

Also, no matter your approach, you can rest assured that as long as you pick a name that’s not overly generic or specific to a particular period or place (like Daniel).

Your child will have plenty of opportunities to develop his identity and stand out. And if that’s what you’re looking for, by all means, don’t feel pressured into choosing an ultra-traditional name.

In addition, whatever you decide, remember: it’s just one small part of raising your child. Focus on their health and safety; everything else will fall into place. It’s going to be okay! You’re doing great!

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