100+ Irish Boy Names and Their Meanings

Irish Boy Names

Are you in search for strong Irish boy names? Why don’t you try fixing your eyes on these unique Irish, Celtic, and Gaelic boy names that hail from the Emerald Isle; these names are quite popular too.

Choosing a name for your baby boy is one of the most exciting and challenging task for a parent.

If you or your spouse happen to have an Irish or Celtic root (or you just love the sound of Irish names and want to gift your child one), consider an emerald isle-inspired name for your newborn baby boy.

Ireland is a beautiful country with great sites as lush green landscapes and a rich cultural heritage. Throughout centuries, these histories and Irish people have inspired many baby names that are employed all over the world.

Irish boy names go far beyond the common “Patrick” most known in the Western part of the world, no offense! Names like Connor, Declan, Liam, and Sean have also made their way up the list of most popular baby boy names in the Western world.

In Ireland that are some unique spellings (due to the Celtic and Gaelic heritages), if you want an unfamiliar Irish boy name, consider names like Fionn, Eamon, and Eoin.

Also, Irish surnames also make fantastic first names and middle names such as Shea, Donnelly, and Finnegan.

For Irish inspiration, try your luck below at the list of pseudonyms below:

Unusual Irish Boy Names & Meanings

  • Alfie

Alfie, short variant of Alfred, comes from the old English name ‘Elfred’. It is a name meaning ‘wise counsel’.

  • Alex

Alex is a pet name of the name ‘Alexander’. The name means ‘defender or protector of man’.

  • Alan

Alan is a popular Irish name. The name means ‘noble’ and has variants such as Allan and Allen.

  • Ben

Ben is short for Benjamin which has Hebrew origins. It means “son of the right hand”.

  • Brion

Brion is a variation of the name Brian. It is thought to mean ‘honorable’ and ‘strong’.

  • Colin

Colin is short for Nicholas, and it means ‘pup’.

  • Conor

Conor or Connor means ‘lover of hounds’. It can also mean ‘high desire’.

  • Connelly

Connelly means ‘love, friendship’.

  • Darcy

The Name Darcy has French and Irish origins meaning ‘the dark one’ or ‘fortress’.

  • Devin

Devin has Irish origins and means ‘poet’. Note: it is not the same as Devon.

  • Duncan

While the name has its origins in Scotland, it has been extensively adopted by the Irish. In Gaelic, it means ‘dark warrior’.

  • Darby

Darby ‘free one’ in Gaelic.

  • Donal

Donal is the Irish variant of Donald. It means ‘proud chief’ in Gaelic.

  • Darren

Darren means ‘little great one’.

  • Farrell

Farrell is an Irish name which means courageous.

  • Flynn

Flynn means ‘son of the red-haired one.’ This name has a deep Irish origin.

  • Finn

Finn is the anglicized variant of the Irish name ‘Fionn’ meaning ‘pure, fair, white, clear’.

  • Grady

Grady is quite a popular boy name with Irish Origins meaning ‘noble’ or ‘Descendant of a Foreign Helper’ from old translations.

  • Garret

Garret is a name from Gaelic origins meaning ‘strength of a Spear’.

  • Hugh

The name Hugh is an ancestry Irish name. Found also English and German languages, Hugh means ‘mind’ or ‘intellect’.

  • Harry

Harry means ‘home ruler’ or ‘army commander’.

  • Hugo

Hugo has various origins such as Irish, French and German origins. The name has a meaning of ‘heart,’ mind,’ intellect,’ or ‘spirit’.

  • Ian

Ian is originally an old Scottish form of John. It stand for ‘God is gracious’.

  • John

John is one of the oldest, biblical, and widespread names with a Hebrew Origins. It also means ‘God is gracious’.

  • Jake

Jake has its origins in the biblical form as Jacob. It means ‘supplanting’.

  • Jamie

Jamie is a nickname for James. It is also common as an independent name. It means ‘supplanter’.

  • Jordan

Jordan is an old name with Hebrew origins. It means ‘to flow down, descend’.

  • Jonathan

Jonathan is also a name with a Hebrew origin. It means ‘Yahweh/God has given’.

  • Kevin

Kevin means ‘handsome, kind, comely birth’.

  • Keith

Keith means ‘the wind’.

  • Karl

Karl has its origins in the German culture where it means ‘a man, peasant, freeman’.

  • Killian

Killian stands for ‘war, strife’.

  • Leo

Leo is an old Latin name which means ‘lion’. It has an Irish Root.

  • Michael

The name Michael has Hebrew origins. The name means ‘who is like God?’

  • Murphy

Murphy is a highly popular Irish name even among the English men. Murphy means ‘sea warrior’.

  • Mason

Mason is an Old Irish name that means ‘one who works/plays with stone’.

  • Martin

Martin comes from the Latin word ‘Martinus’. It means ‘One of Mars or war-like’. It also possesses Mexican roots.

  • Matthew

Matthew is a biblical highly popular name, it means ‘gift of God’.

  • Max

Max is a nickname name for Maximilian, which means ‘the greatest’.

  • Neil

Neil is derivative of the Gaelic word Niall. Neil in Irish means ‘a champion’ or ‘a cloud’.

  • Nathan

Nathan is of Hebrew origins and it means ‘gift’.

  • Noah

Noah hails from the Hebrew word ‘noach.’ It means ‘rest, comfort’.

  • Ollie

Ollie is a loving short form of the name Oliver with French origins. It means ‘olive tree’.

  • Oscar

Oscar is a popular name baby boys with French origins. It means ‘golden city’.

  • Owen

Owen is thought to be of Welsh meaning ‘lamb’ and also Gaelic meaning ‘youth’.

  • Paul

Paul has Latin origins, meaning ‘small’, ‘humble’.

  • Phillip

Phillip means ‘lover of horses’.

  • Shaun

Shaun is derived from Seán. It is also an Irish version of John meaning ‘God is gracious’.

  • Shane

Shane is the Anglicized Irish name Seaghan, which is another form of John.

  • Zach

Zach comes from the Greek culture name Zacharias meaning ‘remembrance of God’.

  • Aidan

Aidan has its roots from the Irish word Aodhan, which means ‘little fiery one’.

  • Angus

Angus is an old Irish name that means ‘strength’. Very similar to ‘Argus’ of Greek mythology.

  • Barry

Barry is an old Irish name, meaning ‘fair haired’.

  • Brendan

This name means ‘prince’ or ‘king’.

  • Brody

Brody means ‘broad eye’ or ‘broad island’.

  • Blaine

Blaine means ‘slender’ or ‘angular’ in Irish.

  • Cormac

Cormac means ‘charioteer’ in old Gaelic.

  • Cian

Pronounced as “keen”, Cian is a very popular name that means ‘ancient’.

  • Colm

Colm in Gaelic means ‘dove’.

  • Cullen

The name has Gaelic origins and means ‘holly tree’.

  • Cathal

Cathal is an Irish Celtic name which means ‘powerful in battle’.

  • Carson

Carson has an Irish-Scottish origin and means ‘son of the marsh dwellers’.

  • Clancy

Clancy is a rare name that means ‘red-haired warrior’.

  • Ciarán

Derived out of the Irish name Kieran, this name is popular with Irish and the English. It means ‘little dark one’.

  • Declan

Having an Irish roott, Declan means ‘man of prayer’.

  • Dillon

Dillon means ‘loyal’. It can also be spelled as ‘Dylan’ outside Ireland.

  • Donovan

In Gaelic, this name means ‘dark’.

  • Diarmaid

This Irish name means ‘free from envy’.

  • Daithi

Daithi is the Irish name, a version of the Hebrew name David. Pronounced as “DAH-HEE”, it means ‘beloved’.

  • Gulliver

Gulliver is a popularly known name that means ‘glutton’.

  • Ivo

Ivo has ancestry links in both Irish and German cultures. The name means ‘yew wood’ or ‘archer’.

  • Kai

Kai means ‘sea’.

  • Kellen

Kellen is inherited from both Irish and German ancestry. It means ‘slender’.

  • Kayden

Kayden means a good ‘companion’ or ‘friend’.

  • Kian

Kian is another form of the name Cian from Celtic origins. The name means ‘enduring’.

  • Killian

Killian is a variant form of the name ‘Ceallach’ of Irish origins. It means ‘war’ or ‘strife’.

  • Kermit

Kermit is a very old Irish name meaning ‘free man’.

  • Kerry

Kerry is an Irish name that means ‘dark’ or ‘dark haired’.

  • Keenan

Keenan is also an Old Irish name that means ‘Ancient’.

  • Lennon

Lennon has Irish origins; it means ‘small cloak or cape’. Some historian thinks it may even mean ‘little blackbird’.

  • Liam

Liam is an old Irish name that is also popular. It originates as a shorter name for ‘Uilliam’. The name means ‘resolute protection’.

  • Lucan

Lucan is an Irish derivative of the name ‘Luke’, which means ‘man from Lucania’.

  • Maguire

Maguire is a relatively popular Irish surname which means ‘son of the beige one’. It is also being used as a first name.

  • McCoy

McCoy is an old Irish name which means ‘fire’. It is mostly employed as surnames.

  • Marcus

Marcus is thought to mean ‘dedicated to Mars’, or ‘warlike’.

  • Nolan

Nolan is old Irish name that stands for ‘champion’.

  • Nevin

Nevin means ‘holy’. It has an Irish origin

  • Niall

Niall is an old Irish boy name which means ‘Cloud’. It is similar and may sometimes be confuse with the name Neil. It is pronounced as “NYE-AL”.

  • Phelan

It is pronounced as “FAY-LAN” and this Irish name means ‘wolf’.

  • Padraigh

Padraigh is an old Irish boy name which means ‘patrician, noble’.

  • Piran

Piran is an ancient Irish name which means ‘prayer’.

  • Quinn

Quinn is an Irish name which can mean ‘intelligence’, ‘chief leader’ or ‘descendant of Conn’.

  • Riley

This Irish name means ‘courageous’.

  • Rory

Rory is a strictly Irish name derived from Ruairi, meaning ‘rust-colored, red’.

  • Sullivan

This old Irish name means ‘black eyed one’.

  • Tristan

Tristan means ‘tumult, riot’.

  • Torin

Torin is an old Irish male name which means ‘chief’.

  • Tadhg

Pronounced as “tiger”, this Irish name means ‘Poet’.

  • Tyrone

Tyrone is an Irish boy name meaning ‘land of Eoghan’.

Traditional Irish Boy Names & Meaning

  • Aaron

Hebrew origins, Aaron is from Aharon which means ‘the exalted one’.

  • Adam

Adam is one of the oldest names around derived out of ‘Adama’ which means ‘red earth’.

  • Bradan

Pronounced as “bray-dawn”, the name Bradan means ‘salmon’. In old Irish, it signifies ‘wisdom’.

  • Brin

The word ‘bri’ means hill. Therefore the name ‘Brin’ in context mean ‘high/noble and strong’. It is pronounced as “breen”.

  • Carbry

Carbry is another old Irish name which also means ‘charioteer’.

  • Cashel

Pronounced as “Cash-ill”, the name means ‘castle, stone fort’ in Irish.

  • Callahan

Callahan is an old Irish name which means ‘bright headed’.

  • Darragh

Pronounced as “darra”, Darragh can be translated into ‘fruitful’ and ‘fertile’ or ‘dark oak’ or ‘oak tree’.

  • Declan

Declan is pronounced as “DAY-GLAWN” and means ‘son of prayer’ or ‘Full of Goodness.’

  • Eamon

Eamon is an old Irish name that means ‘keeper of riches’. It is pronounced as “aim-on” and has derivatives in Edmund and Edward.

  • Eoin

Pronounced as “OH-IN”, it’s commonly is ‘well born’. But Eoin also means ‘Yew,’ and the name is translated as ‘Land of the Yew’.

  • Fergus

Fergus is an old Irish name that means ‘strong man’.

  • Fintan

Fintan is derived from two names. Fin– means ‘white’ and —tan means ‘fire’, so the name is said to mean ‘white fire/heat/flame’ or ‘Pure flame’.

  • Lochlann

Lochlann is an old word which means ‘place of the lakes’.

  • Niall

Pronounced as “nile”, the name is associated with royalty as it was common with kings. It is thought to mean ‘passionate’.

  • Odhran

Odhran which is pronounced as “oh-dran” means ‘dark-haired’.

  • Oisin

Oisin, pronounced as “usheen”, means ‘young deer’ or ‘fawn’.

  • Ronan

Ronan means ‘little seal’.

  • Ros

Ros has old Irish origins and it means ‘prominent’.

  • Ultan

Pronounced as ‘ULT-UN’, the name means ‘Ulsterman’, one of the provinces or Ireland at the northern tip.

Unusual Irish Boy Names & Meanings

  • Bard


  • Benen

Name of an Irish saint

  • Berkeley

The Birch Tree Meadow

  • Brady, Broad

Meadow or Large-Chest

  • Brennan

Raven, Brave; Sorrow

  • Burke


  • Calhoun

From the Narrow Forest

  • Cashel

Stone fort, castle

  • Cillian

Little Church

  • Cory

From the Hollow

  • Derry

The People’s Ruler

  • Donnelly

Famous Irish surname

  • Faolan

Little Wolf

  • Ferris


  • Finbar


  • Finnegan

little fair one

  • Fionn

Fair or White

  • Gallagher

Descendant of Foreign Helper

  • Keegan

An Irish name meaning ‘Son of Egan’

  • Keir

A exotic usual name that means ‘Dark’ or ‘Mysterious’

  • Larkin

A manly Irish name that means ‘Rough’ or ‘Fierce’

  • Mack

Son of-

  • Nevin


  • Niall


  • Odhrán

Odhrán is an old uncommon Irish name that means ‘little pale’ or Green one’

  • Patrick

This was a very common Irish name that found it’s way up top western names. Patrick means ‘Noble’ or ‘Patrician.’

  • Rafferty

Abundance, Prosperity

  • Redmond

Wise Protector

  • Rian

Little King

  • Roan

Little Redhead

  • Rogan


  • Rooney

Champion; leader

  • Rowan

Little Redhead

  • Sean

God’s Gracious Gift

  • Seanan

Wise, Old

  • Shea

Old Popular Irish surname

  • Tully

Flood, Peaceful, or Hill

  • Tynan

This old Irish name means ‘Dark’ or ‘Dusty’

  • Veren

Great Hero


Irish Boy Names

Searching for Beautiful and popular names? Or unisex name trends, that is, unique names to be used as a middle names or first names with fearless meanings for your baby boy, baby girl, or even your boy girl twin?

May come with few factors to consider; the sound of the names, their popularity, and personal preference are just a few. It is fun to surf for names, and it does not have to be your ‘boring’ task alone.

You can engage your lover or spouse, close friend, and close relatives. Narrow down your search by striking down your favorites. Keep narrowing the list down until you find that perfect name.  

May this list of unique Irish boy names provide you with an interesting and exciting experience of naming your new male bundle of blessing!

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