46 Unique and Meaningful Indian Baby Girl Names

Indian Baby Girl Names

When considering Indian baby girl names, you’ll want to find ones that stand out and mean something special.

With thousands of options from which to choose, the task can seem overwhelming. However, these lists of Indian baby girl names should make it much easier!

Use these lists to discover what some popular and unique Indian baby girl names mean and how they are pronounced. You can start thinking about which ones might be right for your little one!


It has Indian origins. The meaning of Ati is the princess. A Sanskrit name for a baby girl, Moksha, means free or happiness. Furthermore, it is originally an Assamese name meaning little bird or singing bird—the Hindi word for hope, joy, or happiness. Telugu form of Ati means to love a lot, to like a lot and great pleasure comes from her.


A name from Sanskrit, Adya, is unique among Indian baby girl names. It means first. It’s pronounced ah-dee-yah. It can also be used as a middle name. This has a traditional feel but would still be a fresh addition to any name list.


In Hinduism/Sanskrit, Amairas are eight sacred rivers that emerge from Lord Shiva’s body. The word also means sweet stream. Variations of the name include Amira, Aminah, & Mariah. 

Also, the name is famous in Arabic countries for its soft & sweet sound. This can be an excellent meaning to give your baby girl a great life. You should consider this name among Indian baby girl names!


Amrita is a Hindu baby girl name. In Hinduism, the meaning of Amrit is Nectar; immortal. Similar to Amber with meanings. 

Also, the Indian meaning is Nectar; immortal. The Amrit tree produces a sweet, honey-like sap used in traditional medicines and sweets. It is believed to have healing properties similar to that of Nectar.

Consequently, it makes an excellent baby name choice among Indian baby girl names, especially for parents looking for a truly unique name option. Our list contains characters that are related to Amrit!


Brinda is a name that’s popular among Indian baby girl names. It is an abbreviation of Brindaban. Brindavan is known as a heavenly garden located in north India.

Furthermore, the garden is where Lord Krishna spent his childhood days with his foster parents, Yashoda and Nanda. Then God Krishna was taken to Vrindavan by Yasoda (his foster parent). This is to escape death from King Kansas; Lord Shiva gave him spiritual powers. 

Consequently, as he flew over Vrindavan, flower petals fell from him. Also, wherever they fell, beautiful gardens were formed.


Bina means intelligence in Hindi. It is also an Arabic name meaning goodness. In Sanskrit, it means strength of character. Also, the name was popularized by mathematician Bina Ramamurthy, who worked at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

This one could be tough to pull off today. However, it could work as one of the unique Indian baby girl names in years to come—pronounced been-uh.


Bimala is a Hindu baby girl name. In Indian origin, its meaning is moonlight. The name Bimala has Hindi roots. 

Also, as promising as it sounds, Bimalas are unique, uncommon, but impactful among Indian baby girl names. Your daughter will love to tell her friends that her name means moonlight.


Chaaya, which means moon, is among many unique Indian baby girl names. It’s prevalent in India, with more than 1.6k Google search results. However, we haven’t seen it used much as a baby name in America yet. 

Also, we think Chaaya has a lot of potential. This is because it’s an unusual spelling that differs from similar-sounding common names like Shayla or Shaia. This makes it more likely to stand out from other baby names.

Also, it’ll stand out if you use it for your daughter – if nothing else! People who don’t know how to pronounce it will try to say something close (like Shaya). They’d do that rather than just call her any old thing.


Chanchal is a Hindu baby girl name. The meaning of Chanchal is flame. Also, Chanchal; Chandan; Chandani; Chakor. Kshama, meaning patience in Sanskrit. It is one of many unique Indian baby girl names that mean tolerance. 


Is ‘Chavvi’ one of the Indian baby girl names? Yes, it is. ‘Chavi’ is an Indian baby girl name. Furthermore, it is considered a unisex name. It has Indian origin in it. Chavi means lovely, cute & precious in Hindi / Urdu language. 

Also, Chavvi is used as a pet form of Hindi / Urdu Cavyia. Pet form of Hindi / Urdu Swati: Like-minded, Beautiful flower, One with friends


Divya, as a name for girls, means God’s gift. It is an alternate form of Devia (Latin, Greek). The modern representation, derived from the divine, was based on the Latin Deus god. 

Also, its root is Sanskrit Devas meaning: God. It is associated with: Latin, greek. Related names: Devie, Divine. Variants: Dipika 


Radhika is one of the charming Indian baby girl names. It has its root in Sanskrit. Also, the meaning of Radhika is the God Krishna; tremendous. Rada is another variant form of Radhika.


Diya is another one among Indian baby girl names. The meaning of Diya is the lighted lamp. This name can be used for Indian baby girls. 

Also, if you like such a name for your newborn baby girl, please consider Diya your choice. Here you can find all details about Diya.


Servant of God Dalaja is an uncommon one among Indian baby girl names. Dallas is also a unique surname.

Also, this baby name has not been used in any previous listings on Nameberry. Would you like to add Dalaja to your baby name list?


Falak is among Indian baby girl names. The meaning of Falak is a celestial body, a heavenly body. 

Also, the origin of Falak is Arabic. This is the culture in which the name originated, or in the case of a word, the language. 


Gauri is a modern baby girl name. In Hindi, Gauri means white; pure. The name Gauri is most commonly given to English and Welsh girls. 

Also, it is pronounced as go-rai in the English language. Gauri is given to baby girls by their parents as it can be equally suitable for any religion or caste. The name Gaurav has many similarities in terms of religion and origin, as well as its spellings.

However, it’s not popularly used as a baby girl name, unlike Gauri. You should consider Guari among Indian baby girl names for your girl child.


Regarding baby names, India is a great place to look for inspiration. Though sometimes, specific fad names can show up with astonishing frequency. 

However, there are still many, many classic Indian baby girl names that have stood firm since their origin. You can use a word or phrase in an Indian language to bestow a traditional feel on your new daughter. 

For example, traditionally meaning sunshine or golden, Parvati translates beautifully into English as Paris or Payton. You can also see how easily her nickname could be Patty!


Eliya is one of the Indian baby girl names. The meaning of Ekiya is royal and noble. The origin of Ekiya is Hawaiian. 

Furthermore, this is the culture in which the name originated, or in the case of a word, the language. Name your daughter Ekiya today!


Hiral is a Sanskrit baby name that means peace. It is pronounced heerahl. It sounds like Irel, Israel, Iran, or Yer-ah-l. 

Also, Hiral is a variant of Erla, which has several spelling variations, including Erla, Erald, Aerial, Herald, Heril, and Erill. Other similar baby names are Jairas (English), Jairus (English), Niharika (Indian), and Pankhuri (Indian). 

Lastly, another name with a similar meaning is Aruna which means the sun in Sanskrit. Hiral is one of the perfect Indian baby girl names you can name your child.


In India, Hema means red. Other meanings for Hema include honeybee and the red planet Mars. Hema is derived from Sanskrit origins. 

Furthermore, this name is traditionally given to babies born during spring or summer. It is a popular name among Indian baby girl names.

However, it has only been sporadically used outside of its origin. In English, it may have Sanskrit origins or Hebrew roots. In either case, it is considered an exotic name.

Also, it’s a name that can be an exciting choice for those looking for something traditional yet different. That is, different enough to stand out as well as a way to share their culture with their children’s names.


You’ve heard that name before, haven’t you? Ira is another name among Indian baby girl names. But what does it mean? 

Interestingly, it means courageous. If you have a fearless daughter who makes you proud, consider naming her Ira! For more brave baby girl names, check out our list of positive names for girls (including Ira).


The name Jalsa is one of the Indian baby girl names. The name Jalsa comes of Indian origin. In India, the name Jalsa is a Celebration, a joyous event. 


The name Jhansi is among Indian baby girl names. The name Jhansi comes of Indian origin. In India, The meaning of the name Jhansi is Queen of Orchha. 

Furthermore, Orchha is a city in Madhya Pradesh state, India. It was ruled by the Scindia family, the birthplace of Rani Lakshmi Bai (1828-1858), the warrior queen who fought against the British East India Company. 

Also, they fought the company’s rule in 1857. This was called the First War of Independence or Sepoy Mutiny. The site today contains several palaces built by Scindia rulers between the 17th and 19th centuries that are now tourist attractions.


Lipika means – a goddess Durga, an aspect of Devi; she is depicted in blue, often shown riding a tiger or lion. Lipika is an uncommon first name among Indian baby girls names. Lipika is also a unique last name for adults and children (2000 U.S. CENSUS).

However, which version is better? With its source form and related girl names. Leica, Lipka, and Lipkah are the primary variation forms of Lipika (NOT RANKED). Other variants, like Lippi, are seldom used.


You don’t have to travel far from home to find a world of possibilities for your baby. Ubika is one of the countless examples that can help you find a name for your daughter in many cultures. The term Ubika originates in India, where it means moonlight princess.

Also, Ubika is more common as a last name among Indian baby girl names. However, choosing it as a first name put an exciting spin on it by spelling it Oobee (like b-o-e). When written that way, Ubika means come out like the moon.


In Hindu mythology, Unni is one of Indra’s many names. It is also popular among Indian baby girl names. In Sanskrit, it means youth. 

Also, as a masculine name, Unni means Lord Vishnu or Lord Krishna. Usage: Saint Unni was an eighth-century poet who wrote hymns to Lord Krishna praising his beauty. He was born into poverty and, therefore, could not afford proper schooling.

However, his natural poetic genius earned him respect from many learned scholars of his time. The legends say that he was only 18 years old when he died peacefully from a poisonous snake bite.


Urmi is a Hindi baby girl name. In Sanskrit, Urmi means rainy season. Urmi is used as a symbol of purity. However, it is also said to be indicative of passion, creative energy, and adventure.

Urmi can be considered for those who are looking for an unusual Indian baby girl name. The great thing about Urmi as one of the Indian baby girl names is that it can mean many things. 

Furthermore, it’s not just one thing or two things, but many different qualities simultaneously (purity, rain season). Unusual names are great in theory because they expand our horizons. 

However, they don’t always work well in practice because they’re unique! Fortunately, unlike most other noteworthy names, Urmi is quickly turned into a nickname.


Upma is a top-rated breakfast recipe in India. It can be eaten with paratha, roti, naan, or plain rice. It’s simple and delicious, and mostly everyone makes it home, including kids.

Consequently, it can be named a favorite family name for baby girls. One more thing about Upma is that every region of India has its style of making up. 

Also, you can choose any region you like to name your baby after their local dishes! You should consider Upma among Indian baby girl names for your girl child.


Vansha is a Sanskrit name for baby girls. The meaning of Vansha is desired. The numerology number for Vansha is 5. 

Also, read more about baby name numerology—the meanings of Vansha name at India Birth Chart. Among Indian baby girl names, you should consider Vansha!


It means a laugh/smile. It is also of Sanskrit origin, meaning auspicious or good fortune. Citi was among 2015’s most famous Indian baby girl names.


Yadav is another name among Indian baby girl names. It means the Gift of God. They were invented by parents looking for a different name that was both beautiful and had a good meaning. 

Moreover, because of its uniqueness, Yadav quickly became popular. Learn more about what Yadavi means with Nameberry’s detailed profile, which includes the origin and meaning of each name.


Yutaka is one of the beautiful Indian baby girl names. It means beautiful. It has a rating of 8 out of 10 based on three votes. 

However, you can view the popularity of Yutaka on the BabyCenter website. Also, check out other similar names like advice or yaelisa. 


In Hindi, Yachana means The act of bringing together. In Hindu mythology, Yachan is considered a manifestation of Shakti. Her name derives from yoga, which means union or joining. 

Furthermore, she is often depicted as holding two serpents, one in each hand. She can be seen standing on a lotus flower with a wand in her right hand.

Yachana has various other meanings in different other cultures, including to introduce, to unite, or reunion; memory; remembrance. 

However, the name belongs to an ancient family of deities and is linked with love, artistry, and harmony. Yachana is another nice name you should consider naming your girl child among Indian baby girl names.


Yasti is a baby girl name mainly popular in the Hindu religion, and its primary origin is Hindi. The last name meaning is Agile. Other similar-sounding names can be Vishwa, Yetty, Yeshiva. Yasti is another nice name among Indian baby girl names you should consider naming your child.


Zanis is one of the Indian baby girl names that start with Z and ends with S . It has at least four letters. It is used mainly in the Urdu language. 

Furthermore, if a baby name ends with s, it means it has two syllables, i.e., two vowels. And if a baby name ends with y, it has one syllable, i.e., one vowel(s). To our knowledge, ‘Zansi’ can be used for both girl (feminine) and boy (masculine) babies. 


Zill, which is a Persian name meaning little flowers. It is also a baby girl name of Arabic origin meaning sweet fragrance, first appeared in 2008 on our charts at #1894. (Source: SSA)

Furthermore, in all charted territory, it was not in the top 1000. In 2016, it ranked #1894 with one occurrence. Zill is also popular among Indian baby girl names.


The name of a flower. Zara can also be used as a term of endearment to address girls who are cute, adorable, beautiful, or pretty. Zara is also considered an auspicious name and is common among Indian baby girl names for girls.

Also, people with Zaitra are often referred to by others as bubbly, cute, or adorable. People with itchy feet may well be tempted to go wandering with Zaitra. When people speak of you, they often say your beauty is incomparable.

Furthermore, your spirit lifts their hearts like music, and when you smile at them, their troubles seem far away! You truly do live up to your Indian baby girl’s name!


Lopa is popular among Indian baby girl names. The Sanskrit meaning of Lopa is lotus. See Lopa’s other purposes, origins, similar phrases, nicknames, variations, and pronunciations. Also, this baby girl’s name has not been ranked yet. See below for more information on Lopa.


In Hindu mythology, Lajita was a girl who had been married off to an abusive husband. Instead of continuing to endure his cruelty, she burned herself alive on her funeral pyre. In modern times, Lajita can be used by parents who want something substantial for their baby girl.

Also, they can use Latija to at least honor her example. Note: There are no records indicating that Lajita ever actually existed.

It is believed that she may have been an amalgamation of three different characters from various mythologies. Other parents pay homage to mythical figures for much less complicated reasons.

For instance, naming their baby after Robin Hood might just be because they like how it sounds. Among Indian baby girl names, Latvija is a heroic name you can consider naming your girl child.


As one of the Indian baby girl names, Megha means cloud. The name is primarily used in Hinduism. It is also used in Gujarati, Marathi, Nepali, and Telugu.

Furthermore, it is not popular as a girl name in western countries with significant populations of Indian ancestry. It has been in the top 1000 names over the prior decade. In 2015 it was among the top 10 names for girls born in New Jersey.

However, this was higher than average use. Name Megha has somewhat frequent use (~0.1%) as a baby girl name in the United States (2016). If it continues to rise, it will probably replace shares of Maisha, which had 0 unique users last year.


Mitali means medicine in Hindi. It is a Hindu baby girl name. This name can be used for your daughter. Also, Mitali is one of the famous Indian baby girl names on our site. A celebrity named Mitali is Mitali Shah (Director). Read below for more details and popularity ranking about Mitali. Check it out further.


Netra is one of those names that sound modern but has a vintage vibe. It was popularized in India by actress Neetu Singh, who played Deepti in ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak .’Neeta means seeing, or looking, so Netra could be interpreted as watching eyes or clear sight. 

Also, it relates to words like the prophet, seer, and not — someone who sings traditional dances. It could work well for parents as one of the Indian baby girl names. Especially those are hoping to give their daughter a strong sense of identity.


In Hindi, Nikita means blue lotus flower. Among Indian baby girl names, it’s not a name you hear every day. However, we love how feminine it sounds. And it’s perfect for a baby girl with eyes as big as saucers! 

Also, if your family is looking for something more traditional, why not consider Neha? It means cloud in Sanskrit. Or go on a short adventure with Namrata, which comes from Sanskrit. However, it translates to a pleasant journey. Namaste!


Nilima was originally a Sanskrit name meaning lotus blossom. It has some regional variants, such as Nilamani, Nellamani, and Nilima. In 1947, it became more widespread when Dr. Rajendra Prasad chose it for his daughter. 

Furthermore, as an adult, she became India’s first female president. She is under her official name of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (though you probably know her better by her nickname: Sarojini).

Among other achievements, she was one of India’s chief negotiators in their war with Pakistan over Kashmir in 1965. 

Also, she’s considered a symbol of solid feminine leadership. Among Indian baby girl names, there’s no reason your daughter can’t be proud to share a namesake with Nilima!


Umoja means unity. It is an excellent choice among Indian baby girl names and is also easy to pronounce. Umoja falls into that outstanding category of words that aren’t super common but not rare.

Also, you can find Umoja on any list of famous or unique baby names published recently. It means she has a good chance of sticking around for years.


Prisha is one of the Indian baby girl names. In India, the meaning of Prisha is: Happiness, Poetry, and Wish fulfillment. A Hindu girl name and also used for girls in India.

More so, it means to bring peace, prosperity, or bestow happiness. It also means desire, wish, or satisfaction. Lastly, it is used as a first name by Hindus in India. Representation of one of Lord Vishnu’s consorts.


Your baby girl will go through phases of wanting to change her name. With more than 500,000 baby girls being born in India each year, there are tons of options to pick from. You can choose a name that reflects your heritage while creating an identity that works well with modern society. 

However, avoid choosing names with solid religious ties or symbolic meanings as they can become contentious later. You might not be sure how long your child will like her given name.

Nevertheless, you can opt for a name that can be shortened or is easy to spell. Ensure she doesn’t hate it later when she has a more challenging time spelling things in school. We hope you’ve found a unique name for your child among our list of Indian baby girl names!

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