200+ Igbo Baby Girl Names and Their Meaning

Igbo Baby Girl Names

Have you recently welcomed a beautiful Igbo baby girl into your family, or are you expecting one? Regardless of your answer, a baby is worth celebrating with a beautiful Igbo baby girl name.

There are so many great Igbo baby girl names that you can choose from, regardless of your orientation, religious background, or the circumstances surrounding the birth of your daughter.

We understand that finding the perfect Igbo baby girl name can be a daunting task, and when you find three or more options, deciding which one is best can also be a challenge.

For this reason, we have decided to carefully curate a list of Igbo baby girl names to make your name search easy, and these names come with their meanings so that you are confident whether it is befitting for your child.

Before we look at the names we have organized here for you, let’s learn a little about the Igbo people of Nigeria. Nigeria is a large and culturally diverse West African country.

The nation has caught people’s attention worldwide for many reasons and is also known as the most populous black nation.

There are three major ethnic groups in Nigeria, selected based on the occupied landmass, the number of language speakers, and the population.

Igbo people are one of the big three. Holding the entire Eastern part of Nigerians and some parts of the south, the Igbo people have made a mark in all of Nigeria’s 36 states with their unique business skills.

Known to be Nigeria’s most business-inclined ethnic group, the Igbo have people and businesses in every major and small market nationwide.

Regarding love and care, the Igbo people also seem to have a place in the hearts of Nigerian women from other ethnic groups, as it is believed that the wealth of an Igbo man is reflected in his wife.

The Igbo culture is also vibrant and has strong roots in religion.

Most children are named in connection to what parents think the Supreme God “Chukwu” or “Chi” has done through the child’s birth or will do in the child’s life.

When it comes to naming an Igbo child, parents take their time to select an Igbo name.

Because they are predominately Catholics, the parents of Igbo babies of Catholic background also search for Hebrew or other catholic names for their babies.

We can go to business now that we have some background knowledge about the Igbo people.

We hope you love the Igbo baby girl names here and eventually choose one. Check out Igbo names for boys.

Igbo Names for Girls

AdaegoDaughter of wealth
AdaezeDaughter of a King/Princess
AdaibaThe people’s daughter/ Daughter of the people
AdakuDaughter born into wealth/ to bring wealth to the family
AdammaBeautiful daughter
AdannaHer father’s daughter
AdannayaHer father’s daughter
AdanneHer mother’s daughter
AdaobiFirst daughter in the family compound (obi)
AdaolisaGod’s daughter
AdaoraThe people’s daughter
AdaugoBeautiful daughter/Daughter of an eagle
Adauke/AdukeDaughter of Uke (town in Anambra State)
Adaure/AdureDaughter of Uruala (town in Imo State) / A beautiful daughter/ A daughter of pride/ A daughter born with joy
AhunnaBody of her father
AkuabataWealth has come in
AkuadaDaughter born into wealth/ to bring wealth to the family
AkwaugoPrecious daughter
Amara/Amarachi/AmarachukwuMercy/Mercy of God
AnwulichukwuJoy of the lord
AnwulikaMy joy is great/Joy is greater
ApunanwuPrecious girl/ beautiful girl/ not to be tainted by the sun
AzukaConfidence/ Well experienced/ Confidence built from past experiences
BinyelumStay with me
BinyerechukwuStay with God
ChetachiRemember God
ChiachogomnmaGod has decorated me/ God has beautified me
ChiagozieGod has blessed me
ChiamakaGod is beautiful/good
ChiamandaGod will not fail
ChiasokaGod is too sweet
ChiazakamGod answered me well
ChiazokamGod saved me well
Chibarameze/ChimeremezeGod called/ made me a king
ChibinobimGod dwells in my heart
ChibuifemGod is my light
ChibundoGod is my shelter
Chibuogwu/ ChibuoguGod is my medicine/ my strength/ my weapon
ChichetaramGod remembered me
ChideraOnce God writes/says it (destiny can’t be changed)
ChideziriGod wrote my story (destiny) well
ChidiebereGod is merciful
ChidinmaGod is good
ChidiogoGod is gracious
ChidumebiGod lives with me/ God leads me in my daily life
ChiechezonamDon’t forget me lord
ChielotemGod has remembered me
ChigemezuGod will complete or perfect all things
ChigozieBless me oh lord
ChijiokeGod is the custodian of all shares/ talents/ blessings
ChikairanyeluWe’ve committed it to God/ In God’s hands
ChikamdabereI’m leaning on God
ChikamharidaMay I not fail, lord
ChikaneleLooking up to God
Chikanene/ Chikanele/ ChikamneleIt’s God we are looking up to/ I’m looking up to God
Chikanyima/ ChikaimaIt’s only God we know
ChikaodiliIt’s all up to God
ChikasimmaGod is the best
ChikasirimobiGod consoled me
ChikenyelumGod gave me my portion
ChikumnakaGod is carrying me in his hands
ChikwudolumMy God stood for me
ChilotemRemember me oh lord
ChimagozielamMy God has blessed me
ChimalumeGod did well
Chimamanda/My God will not fail/
ChimasokaMy God is too sweet
ChimbuchiMy God is God
ChimbusommaMy God is so beautiful
Chimdi/ChidiMy God is a living God/ is alive
ChimdiomimiMy God is mysterious
ChimdireMy God is omnipotent
ChimdiutoMy God is sweet
ChimedaramobiGod consoled me/comforted me
ChimeluogoGod granted me a favour
ChimeremmaGod has done something good
ChimeremoñuGod made me happy/ joyous
ChimereyaGod did it!
ChimerikaMy God is big/ limitless
ChimezirimGod did me well/ fixed me up well
ChimezuruGod completed the work he started
ChimfumnanyaMy God loves me
Chimkarifa/ChimkalifaMy God is greater than them
ChimkasiMy God is the greatest
Chimkasimma/ ChimkachammaMy God is the best
ChimkasiutoMy God is the sweetest
ChimkezirimMy God created me well
ChimkodinakaIt’s in the hands of my God
ChimleziemanyaMay God take good care of me
ChimmaranmaMy God is beautiful
ChimnoraAs long as my God is present/ in control, all shall be well
Chimsimchia/ ChimsirimchiaMy God told me/ has given me a reason to laugh
ChimsonariMy God is the sweetest
ChimuanyaMy God is awake
ChimudinmaMy God is beautiful
ChimziteiheMy God, send your light
ChimzuruokeMy God is complete
Chinaraekele/ChinaraekeneMay God receive all the praise
Chinazaekpere/ChinasaGod answers prayers
ChinazorGod saves
ChineloGod thinks for me/ In God’s thoughts
ChinememmaGod does good
Chinemerem / Chukwunemerem,My God will continue to do for me
ChinenyeGod gives
ChinonsoGod is near
ChinuruekperemGod heard my prayers
ChinwenduLife belongs to God
Chinweotito/ ChinwekeneAll praise belong to God
ChinyeakaGod help me
Chinyere/ChinyeluGod’s gift/ God has given me
ChiomaGood God!
ChisimbiriGod says I shall live
ChisimdiGod says I shall live
ChisimñuriaGod says I shall rejoice/ God gave me a cause to celebrate
ChisomGod is with me
ChisombiriGod lives with me
Chizaramekpere / OzaramGod answered my prayers/ God granted my request
ChizimuzorGod show me the way
ChizirimuzoGod showed me the way/ God directed my path
Chizitelu/Chizitere/Chizitel/ChizitaluSent from God/ God’s gift/ God-sent
ChizuaMay God nuture/supply my needs
ChizurumGod is sufficient for me
ChizuteremGod met me at the point of my need
ChukwubuzoGod is First/God is the Way
ChukwumeziauzoGod, straighten my path
Daberechi/DaberechukwuLean on God
DaluchiThank God
EgoamakaMoney is good/ beautiful
EjimetochukwuPeople praise God because of me
EkpereamakaPrayer(or praying) is good/beautiful
EkperezoromPrayer saved me
EkwutosiDo not speak bad about me/ condemn me
ErinmaA child of beauty and great prospects
EsimnachibiaI came from God
EtomchukwuI praised God for what he did
EziamakaGood things are obtained by going out
EzichiGood God!
EzichimMy good God
EziheA good thing
EzinneGood mother
EzinwanyiGood woman
Febechukwu/ FebechiWorship God
GinikaWhat is greater?
GinikachukwuWhat is greater than God? What is too big for God?
GinikanwaWhat is greater than a child?
HaluchiLeave it for God
IfeatuA thing of reference/ example
IfechiluruWhat God has done
IfechimamandaThe light God has given me shall not go dim
IfechukwuLight of God
IfedikachiakonamMay I never lack the presence of God in my life
IfedimmaSomething good
Ifekerenma/ IhekerenmaBeautifully created
IfemyolunnaWhat I asked of God/ What I prayed for
IfeomaA good thing
IfeyinwaNothing can be compared to a child
IhedimmaA good thing
Ihuaku/ IruakuThe face of wealth
IhuomachukwuGod’s Favour
IjeaweleSmooth journey
IjebusommaMy Journey is/ was beautiful
IjechikammaA journey with God is the best
IjemabalumMy journey brought me gain
IjemmaGood journey/ My Journey was worthwhile/ Going out brought me something good
IsiomaFortunate/blessed/ Goodluck
Iyorachi/ IyorachukwuOnce you ask God for something, he answers/ Ask and you shall receive
JachinmaGlorify my God/ Hail God for his goodness
JenetanachidimmaTaste and see that the lord is Good
JeweluchioziDo God’s work/ God’s messenger
KachimraThe size of my God
KachisiemeamakaThe deeds/ acts of God are beautiful
Kaefeechukwu/ KamfeechukwuLet’s worship God/ Let me praise God
Kaineneolisa/KainenechukwuLet’s look unto God
KairaluchukwuLet’s choose God/ Let’s leave it for God
KairamarachukwuAs we know God/ The lot of us who know God
KaisoluchukwuLet’s follow God
KamarachimdiHow great is my God’s grace
KamarachizuoroanyiLet the grace of God be sufficient for us
KamaranachimdiLet the world know that my God is alive
KambiliLet me live/ I shall live
KambirinachiLet me live in God
KamharidaI shall not fall
KammarachiLet me know God
kamsichorHow I wanted it/ My wish
Kamsiyochukwu/ KamsiyonnaAs I asked God, so he answered/ God granted my request
KamtochukwuLet me praise God
Kandibe/ KamdibeMy consolation/ Let me be consoled
KanebinudoLet’s live in peace
KanyibirinudoLet’s live in peace
KanyidirinachiLet us live/be in God
KanyiñuliaLet’s rejoice
KaodizerachiLeave it in the hands of God
KaomasirichiAs it pleased God
KaraluchukwuLet’s leave it for God
Kasarachi/ KasarachukwuTell it to God
KasiemobiComfort me/ Console me
KesanduSpread life to all
KetanduYou shall live/ You shall have abundant life
KiriemmachukwuAdmire the beauty of God
KorafummachukwuLet the world/ people see the goodness of God
Kosarachi/ KosaluchiTell it to God
KosisochukwuAs it pleases God
KosoluchiAs it pleases God
KosoluchukwuAs God pleases
LebechiLook unto God
Lotachi/LotachukwuRemember your God
MakuachukwuEmbrace God
MkpulunmaA seed/ thing of beauty
MkpuruomachiGod’s beautiful seed
MmachimeremThe beauty God bestowed on me
MmachukwuBeauty of God
MmasichukwuWill of God
MmasinachiBeauty comes from God
MmerisinachiVictory comes from God
Mmesomachukwu/NmesomachukwuGod’s goodness
MukaosoluPleasing to me
MunachimsoI am walking with my God
NachukwukambiI live in God
Nchekwube/ChekwubeHope/ Trust in God
NdidiamakaIt’s good to be patient
NefechiKeep worshipping God
NesochiFollow God
NgozikaGreat blessing
NjidekaA bird in the hand/ Survival
Nkechinyere(m)The one given to me by God
Nkemdilim/ NkemakonamMay what is mine be mine
NkemjikaWhat I have is greater
NkemyochukwuThe one I asked God for
NkennaBelongs to the father (God)
NkennanyeremThe one given to me by my father (God)
Nkiruka/ NkeirukaGreater things are ahead/ The future is bright
NkolikaPeace/ Dialogue is better than war
NkwachiGod’s promise
NneamakaMother(hood) is beautiful
NnebuifeMother(hood) is great
NnediMother(hood) is beautiful
NnekaMother(hood) is great
NnekasiMother(hood) is the greatest
NnennaHer father’s mother
NneomaGood mother
NonyelumStay with me
Nwabundo/ NwandoA child is a shield (or a resting place) / A child brings peace of mind
NwabuonaA child is gold
NwadiutoA child is sweet/ Sweet child
NwamarabiaThe child came at the right time
NwasinachiA child comes from God/ A child who came from God
ObiageliBorn to win/ born into wealth
ObialunanmaBorn/ arrived in the midst of plenty
ObianujuBorn/ arrived in the midst of plenty
ObiomaGood heart
Odigomma/ OdiwommaThings are good now/ my situation has improved
OdinakachukwuIn the hands of God
OdirachukwummaAs long as it pleases God
OgechukwuGod’s time is the best
OgochimereGod’s favour
OgochukwuGod’s favour
OgonnaGod’s favour
OkwuchiGod’s word
Olachi/OlachukwuGod’s pearl/jewel
Olaedo/ OnaedoGold/ Precious
OlanmaBeautiful pearl
Oluchi/OluchukwuWork of God
OmasirichiIt pleased God
OnonujuThe one in the midst of plenty
OñumsinachiMy joy comes from God
Onyinye/OnyinyechiGod’s gift
OnyinyeomaGood gift
OrahjimetochukwuPeople praise God because of me
OsoluchiIt pleased God
OsorachukwuAs it pleases God
OzinnaMessage from the father
OziomaGood message/news
RanyerechukwuCommitted into Gods hands
RapuluchukwuLeave it for God
SochikaimaIt’s only God we know
SochukwudumebiOnly God accompanies me in my daily life
SofuchiThere’s only one God
SolumgolibeRejoice with me
SoluzochukwuFollow the way of God
SomadinaI shall not exist alone
SomtochukwuPraise God with me
Sopuruchi/SopuruchukwuHonour/ respect God
UdodirimPeace be unto me
UgonmaA beautiful eagle
UgonnaHer father’s eagle / Her father’s pride
UgonwaEagle child
UkamakaDialogue is good / Church or religion is good (especially given to girls born on a Sunday)
UloakuHouse of wealth
UlomaGood house
UrennaHer father’s pride
Utochi/UtodinachiSweetness of God/ There is sweetness in God
UzoamakaBeautiful path/way
YagazieLet things go well/ It shall be well with you
ZamekpereAnswer my prayer
ZelunjoAvoid sin/ Do good
ZienachimdinmaSpread the news that my lord is good.
ZieozichiSpread God’s message/ Be an evangelist
ZifanaibuchimShow them that you are my God
ZikachihaShow the greatness of God
ZikoraebubechukwuShow the world the glory of God
ZikoraifechinemeLet the world see the lord’s doing
ZikoraifenkechukwuShow the world the light of God
ZikorammachukwuShow the world the goodness/beauty of God
Zikoranachidinma/ZioranachidinmaShow the world that the Lord is good
Zikoranaibuchukwu/ZikoranaibuchiShow the world that you are God
ZimuzochiShow me the way of God
ZinachidinmaShow that the Lord is good
ZinachimdimmaShow that my God is good
ZinachimdinduShow the world that my God is alive
ZinachimereShow the world that God did it
ZioraifechukwuShow the world the light of God
ZirachiAsk/ send God to do anything for you, and he will
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