300 Igbo Baby Boy Names and Their Meaning

Igbo Baby Boy Names

Welcoming a handsome little Igbo prince into your home requires carefully selecting Igbo baby boy names.

We know there are wonderful names like Nnamdi, Gozie, and Emeka that you may have thought about, but if you take your time to run through the list of Igbo baby boy names that we have put together here, you’ll be amazed at the options available to you.

Let us start with names that make reference to the Chi or Chukwu.

Those are some of the most popular among the Igbo people, and these names seem to have some fantastic meanings.

Knowing that the Igbos are a closely-knit ethnic group, it won’t be surprising to know that Igbo baby boys can be named after a family member the parents love and respect.

Before we begin to run through the list of names, let’s talk about the Igbo people as a part of Nigeria.

As you may already know, Nigeria is a multicultural and multilingual nation, and the Igbo people are one of the majority ethnic groups.

They also occupy a large part of eastern Nigeria and some parts of the south.

Igbo people are the most business-inclined Nigerian Ethnic group, and they hold their culture dear.

Let’s look at some Igbo baby boy names and their meanings you can try. Check out Igbo names for girls.

300+ Igbo names for boys

AdimchimkpaI am important to my God
AdimchinobiI am in God’s heart
AfamefunaMy name will not be lost
AfunwaelotannaFather’s resemblance
Akachukwu/AkachiThe hand of God
AkamnachiI am greater in God
AkaolisaThe hand of God
AkuabataWealth has come in
AkuchinyereWealth sent from God
AkunnaFather’s wealth
AkuomasinachiGood wealth comes from God
AmadiFree man
AmaechiWho knows tomorrow?
Amandi/Amandianaze Trust no one
AmobiWho knows the heart of man?
Anozie, AlozieWe are now settled/ well positioned
ArinzechukwuIf not for God/Thanks be to God
AyorochukwuWe prayed to God for this
AzubuikeStrength gained from experiences of the past
AzukaConfidence/ Well experienced/ Confidence built from past experiences
BeluolisaIf not for God
Belusochukwu/ BerechiIf not for the sake of God
BugarachukwuekeneCarry all thanks to God
BunkechukwuBelongs to God
CheluchiWait for God’s time
Cherechi/ CherechukwuWait on God
Chetachi/ Chetachukwu/ ChetannaRemember God
ChiadikanmaGod is too good
ChiakasiemobiGod has consoled/comforted me
Chiaruka/ ChialukaGod has worked wonders
ChibubeaghaMay God continue to fight for me
ChibudomGod is my peace
ChibuezeGod is King
ChibuifemGod is my light
ChibuiheGod is light
ChibuikeGod is strength
ChibunduGod is life
ChibunkemGod is mine
ChibunnaGod is my father
ChibuzorGod first/ God leads
ChidebemMay God keep me
ChideraDestiny cannot be changed/ Once God says/writes
ChideziriGod wrote my story (destiny) well
ChidiadiThere is God
ChidiebereGod is merciful
ChidiebubeGod is glorious/great
ChidoruoMay God bring peace
ChidozieMay God fix it/Make it good for me
Chidubem/ChuwudubemLead me oh God
Chidumaga/ChukwudumagaGod Leads me
Chidumeme/ ChukwudumemeGod is working with me/ God is with me
ChiebunigomGod has lifted me
ChiedozieGod has fixed it/made it good for me
ChiekezieGod has made it good for me
ChiemekaGod did a great thing
Chiemerie/Chukwuemerie/ ChiemelieGod has won
ChiemezieGod has made it good for me
ChiemezuonkwayaGod has fulfilled his promise
ChigaemezuGod will do it all/ bring it to a completion
ChigbooromoguMay God end this fight for me
ChijidemMay God hold me
ChijindumMy life is in God’s hands
ChijiokeGod is the custodian of all shares/ talents/ blessings
ChikamchoroIt is God I want
ChikamjimerieI won with God
ChikamnwereIt is God I have
ChikamsoI’m following God
ChikanmaGod is better than any other thing
ChikelueMay God make me whole/complete
ChikezieMay God appease me with my share/portion
ChikumnakaGod is carrying me in his hands
ChikwadoGod’s approval
ChikwesiliotitoGod is worthy of praise
ChileziemuanyaMay God take care of me
ChimagozielamMy God has blessed me
ChimaijemGod knows my journey
ChimaluijemMy God knows my journey
ChimalumeGod did well
ChimamkpaGod knows my wants
ChimaobiGod knows my heart
ChimaraobimGod knows my heart
ChimarokeGod knows my share/portion
ChimbuchiMy personal god (chi) is the main God
ChimbuoyimMy God is my friend
ChimdaaluThank you my lord
ChimdinduMy God is alive
ChimdiutoMy God is sweet
ChimechefunamMay my God not forget me
ChimechetagomMy God has remembered me
ChimeguzolaMy God stood firm/ is standing firm
ChimelotamMy God has remembered me
ChimerenkaGod did this
ChimereucheyaGod did his mind
ChimezieMay God make it good
ChimkezirimMy God created me well.
ChimmuanyaMy God is awake
ChimnadinduMy God lives
ChimnoyaMy God is present
ChimsimgolibeMy God says I shall rejoice
ChimzuruokeMy God is complete
ChinagoromGod speaks for me/ God is my mouthpiece
ChinahuzorGod sees
ChinakaGod decides /God schedules
ChinanuGod hears
ChinaraekeleReceive all thanks lord
ChinaraotitoReceive all glory lord
ChinazumThe lord is my Shepherd
ChinecheremGod thinks/worries on my behalf
ChineduGod Leads
ChinekwuGod says
ChinemelumogoGod grants me favours
ChinemeremGod does good things for me
ChinemezuokwuyaGod fulfills his words
ChinezeGod protects
ChinezieMay God look after/ take care of
 ChinkembudikeMy God is great
ChinomnazuGod is behind me/backed by God
ChinonaobimGod dwells in my heart
ChinonsoGod is near
ChinualumoguMay God fight for me
ChinweikeStrength belongs to God/ Strength from God
ChinweokeGod allocates gifts
ChiolileanyaGod of hope
ChiribeotitoTake all glory oh lord
Chiwetelu/Chiwetere/ChiwetelGod-sent/ God’s gift
ChizimuzonduMay God show me the way of life
Chizitere/ ChiziteluGod-sent
ChizulukemeGod is great/capable
Chukwuanugo/ ChianugoGod has heard/ answered
ChukwubuoyimGod is my friend
ChukwubuzoGod is First/God is the Way
Chukwuchebem/ NnachebemMay God protect me
ChukwuchetaRemember me Lord
ChukwudaluThanks be to God
ChukwudiThere is God
ChukwudiegwuGod is wonderful/ powerful/ awesome
ChukwuebukaGod is great
ChukwuelofunaMay God not forget me
ChukwuelokaGod thought well
ChukwuemekaGod has done something great
ChukwuemikaGod is mysterious
ChukwukaGod is the greatest
ChukwukaimaIt is God we know
ChukwukamjiI walk with God
ChukwumaGod knows best
ChukwumeziauzoGod, straighten my path
ChukwunedumijeGod walks with me in my journey
Chukwunemerem / ChinemeremMy God will continue to do for me
Chukwunuru/ ChukwunuluLet God hear
DaluolisaThank you lord
DiarachukwunduLive for God
EbubechukwuThe glory/greatness of God
EbubemsinachiMy glory comes from God
EchezonannaDon’t forget your God/ your father
EgwuchukwunatumI am in awe of God
EjikemeIt’s not by power
EjimchimemeonuI brag about my God
EjimetochukwuPeople praise God because of me
EjimgietochukwuI praise God because of you
EkenedilichukwuThanks be to God
EkenemchukwuI Thank God
Elochukwukwu/ ElonnaGod’s thought
ElozonachukwuDo not forget God
EmenikeIt’s not by might/power
EnweremchiI have a God
EnyichukwuGod’s friend
Enyinna/EnyinnayaHis father’s friend
Esomchukwu/EsomchiWalking with the lord/ I follow God
EtuosuluchukwuAs it pleases God
EwelikeIt’s not by power
EwezugachukwuIf not for God
EzeudoKing of peace
FesochukwuWorship only God
GosifechukwuShow the light of God to all
GosioranachimdikeShow the world that my God is mighty
Haluchi/ Hanyechi/ HanyechukwuLeave it for God
IfeanyichukwuGod is most poweful/ Nothing is greater than God
 IfebuchechiA manifestation of god’s desire/ thought
IfechukwudeWhat God has written
IfechukwudeniWhat God has written
IfediasoA holy thing
IfemyolunnaWhat I asked of the lord
IfemyorochukwuWhat I asked of the lord
Ifesinachi/Osinachi/ IsinachiSent from God
IgwebuikeStrength in numbers
Iheanacho/ IfeanachoPrecious/what everyone seeks
IkechukwuStrength of God
IkemMy strength
IkemakolamMay I not lack strength
IkembaStrength of the nation
IkemefunaI shall not lose my strength
IkennaStrength of his father
IwegbunaBe happy
IzigoranaibuchimYou have shown the world that you are my God
Izuchukwu/IzunnaGod’s counsel
JachikeGive praise to God/ Hail God
JachimikeHail my God
JamalumchiKeep hailing/praising God for me
JamuikeMotivate me/Encourage me
JayammaPraise him
JeozichukwuDo God’s work/ God’s messenger/ Evangelist
JidechukwuHold God
Jidekene/ Nnajidekene
Jideotito/ Nnajideotito
Thanks/ Praise be to God
JidemmaHold on to good
JidennaHold on to your God/father
JideoforHold on to your truth/You are justified
KachimsilotamHow my God remembered me
KachisichoGod’s desire
KachisideAs God has written it/The will of God
KachisiemeamakaThe deeds/ acts of God are beautiful
KachizamekpereMay God answer my prayer
KachukwusideyaAs God has written it
KachukwusiemeThe deeds/ acts of God
KaetochukwuLet’s praise God/ May God be praised
KainyechukwuekeneLet’s praise God
KaitobennaLet us praise God
KaitochukwuLet’s praise God
KambiliLet me live/ I shall live
KambirinachiLet me live in God
KamdikachukwuLet me be like God
KamdilichukwuLet me live for God
KamfeechiLet me worship God
KamgolibeLet me rejoice
KamnyechukwuekeneLet me give thanks to God
KamnyechukwuekeneLet me praise God
KamsiyonnaAs I asked God
KanayochukwuLet’s keep begging(an intention) of the lord
KanyibirinudoLet’s live in peace
KanyifeechukwuLet’s worship God
Kaobichimdi/ KobichimdiA manifestation of how the heart of my God is
Kaobichimra/ KobichimraA manifestation of the size of my God’s heart
Kaobichukwume/ KobichukwumeLet the will of God/heart of God be done
Kaobimkenechi/ KobimkenechiLet my heart thank God
Kaobimsiyochukwu/ KobimsiyochukwuHow my heart asked of God/ My heart’s desire
Kaobimtochukwu/ KobimtochukwuLet my heart praise God
KasiemobiComfort me/ Console me
Kelechi/Kenechi/Kenechukwu/KeneolisaPraise God/ Thank God
Kelenna/ KenennaThank God
KenelumchukwuThank God for me
Kodilinye/ KodinnaLet this child live for God
kosisochukwuAs it pleases the lord
KwesikenachukwuBelieve strongly in God
LotachukwuRemember God
LotannaRemember the father/God
MadukaPeople are worth more than riches
MmaduabuchukwuMan is not God
MunachimsoWalking with the lord
MuochukwudebemMay the spirit of good keep/ preserve me
NachikambiIn God I live
NachikamdiI belong to God
NachukwukambiI live in God
NaetochukwuKeep praising God
NchedochukwuGod’s protection
NdubuisiLife is more important
NdukaLife is more important
NdukakuLife is more important than wealth
NdukweHope/As long as there’s life
NdumdinakachukwuMy life is in God’s hands
NdumzoronachiMy life is hidden in God
NebechiLooking up to God
NkemnasochukwuMine pleases God
NkennaBelongs to the father (God)
NkennanyeremThe one given to me by God
NkwachiGod’s promise
NnabuenyiFather is great
NnabuifeFather is great
NnamdiMy father/ my God is alive
NnanyelugoGod has given victory/honour
NwabuezeA child is king
NwachimerezeA child who God crowned King
NwachukwuChild of God
NwadinobichiA child in God’s heart
NwaekerenduThe child destined to live
Nwankpa/NwadinkpaVery important child
NwaokochaChild of a fair man
NwokeochaA fair boy/man
NwokeomaA handsome man
NzubechukwuGod’s plan/God’s wish
Obarameze/ ChibaramezeGod made me a king
ObiajuluI am comforted or consoled/ My heart is at peace
ObimajurugonachukwuMy heart is comforted/ rests in God
ObimdinachiMy heart belongs to God
ObimkenechukwuLet my heart thank God
ObimnaetochukwuMy heart praises God
ObinnaHis father’s heart
ObiomaGood heart
ObioraHeart of the people
Obumnaeme/obumnaekeIt’s not my doing/making/
OderaOnce God says/writes it (destiny cannot be changed)
OgadinmaIt shall be well
OgonnaFavour from God
OguguamakwaHe consoled me
OkaforMale child born on Afor market day
OkechukwuBelongs to God
OkekeMale child born on Eke market day
OkemsinachukwuMy share/ portion comes from God
OkezieHe has created/ allocated/ shared it well
OkonkwoMale child born on Nkwo market day
OkoyeMale child born on Oye Market day
OkwuchukwuGod’s word
God was very thoughtful
God has done well/ God did something great
OmezikamGod did me well/ Fixed me up well
OnuoraMouth of the people/ Spokesperson for the people
OnyebuchiNo man is God
OnyedikachukwuWho is like God?
OnyeisiThe first/ Winner/Champion
Onyeka/OnyekachiWho is greater than God?
OrahjimetochukwuPeople praise God because of me
Osita/OsitadinmaMay good things stay permanent
Ozichukwu/ OzinnaMessage from God
SinobichukwuFrom God’s heart
SobechukwuFollow God
Sochikaima/ SochikanyimaIt’s only God we know
SochimaOnly God knows
SochimamkpamOnly God knows my needs
SochimbuchiMy God is the only God
Somadina/SomayinaI shall not exist/ walk alone
Sombili/DumbiliStay/Live with me
Sometochukwu/DumetochukwuPraising God with me
Somkenechukwu/DumkenechukwuPraise God with me
Somtochukwu/DumtochukwuPraise God with me
SonnamaijemOnly God knows my journey
SoyabuchukwuOnly him is God
TobechukwuStart Praising God
UbahsinachiWealth comes from God
UchechukwugaemezuThe will/mind of God shall be done
Uchenna/UchechukwuThe wisdom of God/The will of God
UcheomaGood sense/ good thoughts
UgosinachiPride/ prestige/ Honour comes from God
UgwumsinachiMy honour comes from God
UrudinachiThere is gain in God
There’s greater gain in God
Usochi/UsochukwuThe sweetness of God
UtokanachiThere is more sweetness in God
UtonduThe sweetness of life/ Life is sweet
UwajimetochiThe world praise God because of me
UzochukwuGod’s path/Way
UzomaGood way
YadichimmaLet it be pleasing to God
YadilichukwuLeave it for God
Yobanna/Yobachi/YobachukwuAsk/beg God
ZamekpereAnswer my prayers
ZikoranachidiShow the world that there is God
ZimchikachimShow me a god who is greater than my God
Zimife/ ZiemifeShow me the light
ZimihekachimShow me a thing that is bigger than my God
ZimuzoShow me the way
ZinachidinduShow the world that God is alive
ZinachimdinduShow that my God is alive
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