30 Hunter Names for Boys

Hunter Names for Boys

Some parents who are lovers of hunting tend to reflect that love in the names they give their children. Hunters are usually part of history stories, fantasies, and myths. It is no news that hunting requires special skills.

Hunting for humans is as old as their very existence as it dates back to their most primitive days. Fast forward to the modern era; many people are engaged in the activity as a form of recreation or hobby.

Hunting skill demands strategy, accuracy, intuition, and then attacking. Also, hunting can be an inspiration for several names, and these names do not only have a nice ring to them; they also have a bit of ruggedness.

The following are hunter names for boys that parents can select for their sons:


This is the name of a well-known hunter in Greek mythology. Actaeon was transformed into a stag (a male deer) and was later eaten by his hounds as punishment for seeing goddess Artemis having her bath.


Apsat was one of the pantheons of hunting deities in mythology admired by the people of Georgia. He’s also a patron of fish and birds. This stems from the idea that the eagle, being a fishing bird, is linked with both sky and water. Apsat is gotten from the Abkhaz word a-psaf, meaning bird.


Arawn is of welsh origin, and it is the name by which the Welsh god of hunting is known for. This name is suitable for your male children. It doesn’t just sound exotic and cool; it is also very easy to pronounce.


Aristaeus is rooted in Greek mythology. It was historically the name given to the son of Apollo and Cyrene. He was reputed to be the Greek god of hunters. He was also popular for exploring many vital arts and found pleasure in bee-keeping.


Artemas is one of the popular names associated with Greek mythology. It means the god of the hunt. If you want, you can even shorten it a bit. It is among the famous mythical hunter names.


Although not an easy name to spell and pronounce, it means forest hunter. However, if the name catches your fancy, you can shorten it to Canoe to make it easy to pronounce. It is of native American origin.


This hunter name holds a significant position in Celtic mythology. It is the name given to the horned god of the hunter. The name isn’t easy to pronounce, but it’s a worthy name for a child birthed by hunting lovers.


This name is the respelled form of the name “Chase” by Crawford. In other words, it is a variant of Chase or a combination of Ace and Chase. Chace means “huntsman”, and it is of English or old French origin.


Chase is a welcomed addition to the list of hunter names, especially since hunting involves chasing. The name simply means “hunt”.


This is ideally given as a first name, and it shares similarities with “Chase”.


This name means “mythical hunter god”. It is one of the unusual choices or hunter names that sophisticated parents use for their sons. Romans and British regarded Cocodius as the god of war and hunting. The name was prominent in the Romano-British religion.


Fowler is a surname that was typically used for “wild bird hunters”. It also means “hunter of wildfowl”. It makes a suitable name and is easy on the tongue in terms of spelling and pronunciation. It is one of the most widely-used hunting names used and is rooted in old English history.


This is of Rwandan origin. It is a very exotic and resonant name. It is a rare hunter name, and it simply means “hunter”. It is a beautiful choice for African parents who are hunting lovers.


This means “a great hunter” and can be derived as a surname from one of the Norman-French Family members. It is one hunting name that echoes nobility and elitism.


Hearne means mythical hunter. This name is becoming increasingly renowned, even beyond the cultures of Britain and America. It is a wonderful name, and it perfectly compliments certain surnames.


The name Holter means hunter. It is the perfect name that parents who want to maintain the “hol” sound can give their sons. It is smart, manly, sassy, and easy to remember.


Hunt is a straightforward name but may see it as a bit too blunt. It was once popular, but that is no longer the case as Hunter is a more preferred choice. Hunt is now more suitable as a nickname. It is of Middle English origin.


This name speaks for itself as many men who enjoy hunting bear it. What makes the name unique is its mild masculinity. Presently, many boys, including girls, go by this name. It simply means “a person who hunts”.


Several individuals have been seen to turn their heads when they hear the name “Huntingden”. It is a catchy old-fashioned name that means den of hunters.


Parents who are looking to give their sons a prim and proper name can settle for Huntington. It could also be given as a nickname if you prefer the name Hunter. This hunter name means “hunter’s settlement”.


Many parents give their sons this name because it not only manly but also very catchy. The name means “hunter of the meadow”. Huntley is well-known because of its alliance with Brinkley news partners.


This is an excellent hunter name for a baby boy, and it means “hunter settlement”.


Jaecar means “hunter”, and it is of German origin. Parents who don’t mind can give their son these two-syllable names. While its rare usage, mainly because not many people know about it, it is still a great hunting name.


In Banbuti pygmy, it is the name given to the god of the hunt. This deity wields a bow that is fashioned from snakes. The name isn’t easy to pronounce.


Lelantos is the name of the son of Coeus and Phoebe. He is the god of air and hunters’ caliber for ambushing prey. This is of Greek origin, and it means “furtive escape”. It is affiliated with biblical allusions.


Makya means “eagle hunter”. It is a popular hunter name among communities in America. It is of native American origin.


In the Mesoamerican culture, Mixcoatl is the given to the god of hunting associated with the stars, heavens, and the Milky Way. Even though it is an unusual name, it is sure to turn heads when heard in public.


Nodens is a name of Celtic origin used to refer to the Celtic god of hunting. It is one of the names with the highest availability level when looking for hunting names to give your son.


This name is of Finnish origin, and it means god of cattle and hunt. Nyyrikki, according to Finnish mythology, was the offspring of Tapio and Mielikki. Nyyrikki was tasked with providing small games to hunters.


Odin is of Scandinavian origin. It is the name of Thor’s father. He is the Nors god that appears in several forms but as the leader of the wild hunt. The name is quite renowned in Norway. Odin is one of the most revered hunting names.


This name is hard to pronounce, but it has a clear meaning. It is the name of the Aztec god of hunting and fishing. The name has its roots firmly entrenched in Aztec mythology.


Oringo is a hunting name of African origin. It means “he who loves hunting”. It originates from Kenya, and it is a rare hunting name.


Rigel sows the left foot of a hunter in the Orion constellation. It is also the constellation’s most massive and brightest star. Rigel is a blue star, and it is one of the best eccentric hunting names.

Picking a name should be easy when you know what you are looking for. Different hunting names from different origin have great stories attached to them. Parents looking for something spectacular can do their research before giving their son any hunting names.


Rudra is the name given to the Hindu Rig Vedic deity connected with hunting, storm, and wind. He appeared in the form of Lord Shiva and was worshipped as the mightiest of the mighty in the Rigveda. A hymn of Yajurveda was also dedicated to Rudra. The name means “roarer”.


Many parents who have Anatolian ancestry might want to consider this majestic name for their son. In Hittite mythology, Rundas was the name given to the god of hunting and good fortune. The emblem of this diety is characterized as a double eagle with hares in each talon.


This Greek name was obtained from the Phoenician port city Sidonia. Sidon sounds friendly, youthful, and cutesy, unlike your average mythological names. Sidon means “fish hunting”.


This is a name given to the East Finnish hunting god. It is prominently featured in Kalevala. Back then, hunters say prayers to Tapio before heading out to hunt. This is because they believed he could help them succeed in their hunting quests. Tapio is the name of one of the municipal centers in Espoo city.


Theron is presently recognized as the last name of Charlize. Nonetheless, it also has a history of first name usage. It was ranked in the top 500 list in the 20th??century but has found its place in the 1000 list at the turn of the 20th??century. While it is a bit similar to Theon, both names carry different meanings. Theron means “hunter”.


This 70’s beach boy name, was given as a surname for “fox hunters”. Like Chad, Brad, and Scott, hundreds of parents are now giving their sons Todd, even as a first name.


Woodman is an English surname that means “hunter”. This is a name that signifies strength and masculinity.

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