How to Maximize Family Time in a Tech-world?

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Like it or not, technology is taking over the society ninety percent of what we do involves technology, from sending emails to making your morning coffee…everything!

Our family is not left out too, and we often get stuck for hours looking at the screen; phone screen, TV, computers. In some families, there is no bonding time; everything has to be done through technology.

It is scary to think that people no longer find solace in one another but through the internet.

Nevertheless, technology can still help us amend the distance between loved ones. All we have to do is to use it to our advantage. If you cannot fight, you might as well use it for your good.

One of the mistakes parents or guardians make is confiscating their children’s tech-products especially mobiles phones; it will only fuel hatred for you and push them further away from you and into the hands of the internet.

There are several fun activities you can do with your family using cool gadgets. They will love and respect you more for trying to bond with them without restricting them from what they love.

Find common grounds

Who says you can’t enjoy family time in this jet age? The reason children, most especially teens dread family week is because parents try to force children to love what they (parents) want to do.

You have to find a common interest, what everyone loves to do- then entice them by using gadgets from this century. Technology is not that bad as we think; we don’t just know how to use them to improve our lives. If you can use technology to bond with your kids, then you have the best of both worlds.

Your kids will be excited to spend time together, and you get to make those unforgettable memories with them.  Here are a few examples of excellent ways you can spend quality family time using technology.

DIY Projector

Make your family’s movie night more engaging by setting up a “do it yourself” projector; building something together is an excellent way to get the family together. It is less expensive; with a shoe box and magnifying glass, you are good to go.

The “gangs” will be proud and excited to watch a movie from a projector they created. If there is no time to build a projector you can always get one from major retailers, the whole point is to spend some quality time with your family.

Watching a movie outside with your family is completely possible using today’s technology. Most major retailers sell reasonably priced projectors that you can connect it to your phone.  A simple white cloth hung up in the backyard can become a movie screen.

Virtual Reality Headset

You can spend time with your kids using virtual reality headsets; the CEEK Virtual Reality Headset; it is a mobile virtual reality goggle, compatible with Android and iOS smartphones with 3.5 to 6inches screen sizes.

Its ultra-immersive field of view makes the virtual world appear bigger. All you need to do is to insert your phone, click the VR App and enjoy the fantastic view. The virtual reality App provides 360 videos, indulging games, and exclusive music concerts from your favorite artists.


  • Adjustable head straps for your viewing preferences
  • Patented anti-distortion lenses with optimal resolution
  • Soft, breathable facial bumper padding and lightweight
  • Ventilation slots to prevent Device from fogging and overheating

You can get your family CEEK Virtual Reality Headsets here

There are also virtual reality games for you and your kids, playing games with your kids give you more opportunity to bond with your children and also help you understand why they act the way they do.

Create a new tradition

Parents tend to import their children’s tradition to their home; there is nothing wrong with it but most times children become fagged out within a short time. Ensure to create exciting traditions of this century and not what your great-grandparents pass on to you.

Don’t get me wrong, traditions make us unique and respect our individualities, the challenge here is to spice things up by introducing technology to your tradition.

For instance, you can start a cooking competition, allow your children to take pictures and post it online; whichever gets more likes is the winner. If you can’t stop your kids from using social media, you can as well steer them to use it right.

Spend more time with your family

We get angry because children are always communicating with other people but fail to communicate with their family.

Most times it is as a result of parents’ action; they are always busy with their phone. Your children have no choice but to find solace somewhere else.

Try as much as possible to let them understand that they are much more important than your gadgets. They mirror what their parents do; children learn fast by watching what parents do and not what they say.

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