How to Get Your Toddler to School Early?


Being a parent is one of the most difficult parts of life. No one seems to know it all when it comes to dealing with kids. At some point, almost every parent feels like they are doing a bad job or failing as a parent when their kids get out of control or display a bad character.

The truth? kids are so much to handle, so if you think some other parent is doing a better job at parent than you are because their child appears more composed than yours, you are making a dangerous assumption that isn’t good for you because all parents try their best to bring up their little ones the best way possible.

You probably are finding it difficult to get your cute little toddler to prepare for school in the morning and you have to battle with them week in week out just, so you can drop them off at school and get to work in time. This is very exhausting, and it seems to be the story of almost every mum with an active toddler.

We know there’s no manual for parenting, so we just try to support each other with ideas we get from different sources. In this post, we will be looking at simple and fun ways to get that demanding toddler of yours to school early enough without going through as much stress as you used to. I do not guarantee a tantrum free morning, but you can sure will find this new routine helpful.

First things first, take care of yourself. One of the possible reasons why you run late for work in the morning is because you have to attend to the kids and prepare for work simultaneously and sometimes you might end up leaving the house a mess or forgetting something important at home. The best way to avoid this is by waking up earlier than your kids to prepare yourself for work.

If you get out of bed as early as 5AM, take a shower, pack your bags and other work materials and set them aside before the kid’s wake up by 6AM. Do not put on your work clothes just yet because you don’t want to get them wet while you give the kids a bath so just picks them out.

If they require ironing, try to iron them the night before so you don’t have to iron in the morning. Brush and style your hair and wear a protective cap or net over it and make breakfast. Then you are set to handle your kids.

Check the weather the night before to help you determine what kind of clothing your child will be needing the next day and pick them out. Get uniforms set, backpacks packed, and home works done the night before. However, there is usually little or no time in the morning to do all the things that need to be done because you either wake up late or the kids wake up late.

If you notice waking up late is the problem, then you need to check when you and the kids go to bed at night. The earlier you sleep the easier it is for you to get out of bed early in the morning. If you want the kids out of bed by 6am, send them to bed by 8pm.That way they get all the rest they need before morning.

Wake your kids up once you are done arranging your work supplies. No matter how much time you are trying to save, give your little people a hug and make them smile in the morning. That way, they are more co-operative thus making preparing them for school easier.

If you have a baby in hand, put him in a rocker close to the bathroom door if it’s safe, while you give your toddler a bath (Remember to pack your baby’s diapers, wipes and extra clothes in a bag the night before).

Once you’re done giving your toddler a bath, dress him up and give him some toys to play with or have him watch his favorite cartoon while you give the baby a bath. Dress your baby up and get ready for breakfast time.

Since you already had breakfast made before waking up the kids, you can go ahead with feeding them. Your toddler should be able to feed himself but if you are concerned about him soiling his uniform you can go ahead and feed him then have him watch his cartoon again. Feed your baby and plug a sucker in his mouth as a pacifier while you quickly put on your work clothes.

If you have to cook fresh lunch for the kids to take to school, try to set all the ingredients in the refrigerator the night before and all you have to do in the morning is cook and pack the lunch in their lunch boxes. Fill water bottles and do a last-minute check around for any other important thing you need to pick or do before it’s time to go out.

Quickly munch on your breakfast and arrange the dirty dishes neatly in the kitchen sink and you are ready to head out with the kids. It is not so easy to get everything prepared the night before. What you have to do is start preparing as early as 7PM so that by 8:30PM you’re done and ready to relax.

There’s no such thing as the most skilled parent especially when it comes to handling week day mornings with little humans. Just take it easy on yourself and try to minimize stress as much as you can. Remember, happy mothers mean happy kids.

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