How to Get Lizard Out of House?

How to Get Lizard Out of House
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To maintain cleanliness and avoid being infested by lizards in every nook and cranny of the house, it’s important to keep your home free of pests. 

It won’t be fun to open your cabinets and drawers just to be met with the unsettling sight of lizards; therefore, you must know how to get lizard out of house.

o ease your worries, we have put together a list of efficient ways to get lizard out of house permanently.

How to Identify Lizards

Common House Gecko

Despite widespread throughout the United States, these lizards prefer to gather in areas with milder conditions. They have a flat, arrowhead-shaped skull and a long, thin body that grows to 3-6 inches.

They often have a delicate spotted pattern and are brown, green, or grey. Pink throat fans are seen on male anoles. Winter is when they are most likely to move indoors.

Alligator Lizards

The term “alligator lizard” refers to the distinctive scales on the animal’s body. They are skilled climbers and are often discovered in high areas, such as under large pieces of furniture or on walls. 

They range in length from 3 to 7 inches and are often brown, green, gray, or yellow in color. These lizards often live close to people and go outside in the mornings and nights to hunt.

Western Fence Lizards

Western fence lizards are widespread in the states of Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and California. This lizard is sometimes referred to as “the blue-belly lizard” since adults tend to have blue abdomens. These are little lizards, often around 3-6 inches in length. 

They have black stripes on their backs and are brown or black in appearance. Since they are active throughout the day, these lizards could emerge to bask in the sun on rocks, fence posts, or decks.

The Carolina Anole

Small lizards called Carolina Anoles may reach heights of 5-8. Depending on the circumstances in their surroundings, they are either green or brown.

The lizard’s back may have many indistinct patterns if it is brown. Males have a pink neck fan similar to the common house gecko, which aids in attracting females.

While they may be found everywhere, these lizards usually live in trees. They especially like perching on roofs and fences, and they will go inside during cold weather.

What Attracts Lizards in the House and Yard?

Since lizards are tiny reptiles, most people do not consider them pests. Even so, they have the potential to take over your house, garden, or yard. However, you could be dealing with a major issue when they do. 

Finding the source of a lizard issue is the first step in knowing how to get lizard out of house. Listed below are some of the main reasons why lizards may want to visit your home and yard:

Food Sources

Lizards are pests, just like any other pest, and they will gladly establish a home anywhere they can find food.

Although lizards like to eat worms, ants, spiders, beetles, and flies, you’ll likely have a lizard problem if you have any of these other pest issues. 

As a result, they are often found in bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor areas like gardens and compost piles.


Any indoor or outdoor water sources will attract lizards to your house. Pet bowls, birdbaths, or even dripping faucets and pipelines may provide lizards with enough water to live and grow for months.


Homes provide a lot of the cold, dark environments that lizards like. They commonly hide outside under sheds, raised garden beds, benches, and beneath furniture and cabinets.

How to Get Lizard Out of House?

This guide may assist you if you’ve ever wondered how to get lizard out of house. Then this simple instruction and useful techniques may help you get rid of them. 

Some lizard removal methods are all-natural, while others call for the use of commercial items like lizard repellant. Here are a few quick and simple methods on how to get lizard out of house:

Use Pepper Spray

The best option if you don’t want to start killing lizards is pepper spray. Pepper spray has to be at the top of your list if you’re seeking an effective at-home method on how to get lizard out of house. 

Spray a solution made of water and black pepper in areas where lizards are present. Lizards avoid pepper spray usage areas since pepper irritates them and triggers an allergic response. 

Red chilli powder, spicy sauce, or red chilli flakes may be used in place of pepper spray. Spray it in a dark, empty room to get rid of lizards since it could hurt your eyes.

Reduce Room Temperature

Lizards like warmer climates since they can’t control their body temperature and like to dwell in groups. They are rare and struggle to live in warmer regions, where people don’t have to worry about how to kill lizards. 

Unfortunately, removing lizards from home requires more than just opening windows. The air conditioning system’s cooling will push out the lizards. 

Try lowering the room’s temperature using coolers and air conditioners, as lizards dislike the cold. This is among the simplest methods for preventing lizards from entering your house.

Use Peacock Feathers

Natural lizard deterrents made from peacock feathers have been used for centuries. Lizards should be kept away from your house if you add peacock feathers.

You may get rid of lizards without really killing them by using anything to frighten them away, as well as the scent of peacock feathers.

It is recommended to use peacock feathers to get lizard out of house naturally since they enhance the aesthetic appeal of your houses.

Dispose Unused Food

This is more of a preventive measure than a response to a problem since lizards often enter a residence searching for open leftover food. This is a quick and easy way on how to get lizard out of house. 

Crinkles and spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible. Regularly deep-clean your cabinets to remove any food that may have fallen out, and regularly wash your wet waste bins. This will prevent lizards from visiting your house.

Vent Kitchen Cabinets

One of the most common areas to find lizards is in kitchen cabinets since they enjoy moist, damp environments. Therefore, keeping the cabinets under the sink clean and dry will hopefully prevent lizards. 

Although you won’t learn how to kill lizards from this, you will learn how to get rid of them at home without hurting them. Fixing burst pipes or corners is essential if you want to keep lizards out of your house.

Use Naphthalene Balls

This works well to get lizards out of the house, but only in homes without children or pets since naphthalene balls may be dangerous to their health. Naphthalene balls have a strong odor that lizards can’t stand; therefore they stay away from them. 

Place the balls in kitchen cupboards, storage racks, and beneath the sink to get rid of lizards. It’s a good idea to keep them away from the food source.

Place Garlic or Onion at Frequently Visited Spots

You may learn how to get lizard out of house without killing them by using garlic and onions, which give off a pungent odor that is another attack on the lizard’s senses. As a result, lizards become less likely to inhabit or visit a certain spot. 

Place a few onion slices or fresh garlic cloves as wall hangings around your home. You may put them in a plastic bottle with water and use it as an effective lizard-repellent home cure to avoid leaving them around.

Spray With Tabasco Sauce

House lizards do not like hot or spicy foods. Like their hatred of pepper, they are likewise sensitive to the scent of tabasco. You may quickly learn how to keep lizards away by mixing two teaspoons of Tabasco sauce with half a cup of water in a spray bottle. 

This lizard killer will keep them away from your property if you spray it in places where you often see lizards or even on the ceilings of your home.


There are a few things you can do to prevent a lizard infestation, apart from drastic steps on how to get lizard out of house.

The best methods to get lizard out of house are to fix leaky pipes, close windows and doors, switch off lights when leaving a room, and regularly clean the house. 

You may even engage pest control companies to get rid of lizards and other pests from your house. If you can’t tolerate them, lizards are repulsive to any household.

Using the abovementioned methods, you may get rid of them and keep your house clean and pest-free. 

Along with the previously mentioned methods of removing lizards from the home, you may also acquire a cat to drive the animals away. 

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