How to Get a Bee Out of Your House?

How to Get a Bee Out of Your House
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Although most people know the important work bees do for the environment, having bees near your houses may sometimes be dangerous since they can sting. Another issue is how to get a bee out of your house and its hives without using chemicals.

Many people fear honey bees since a mere bee bite may kill someone with a bee allergy. Depending on their level of ferocity, their sting may sometimes cause severe agony. Bees are thus killed, or their hives are burned. 

Since they pollinate, bees are among the most important insects because this enables the growth of food. Bee populations are steadily declining, disrupting the pollination cycle and lowering food output.

Below is a guide on how to get a bee out of your house.

Why Should You Get Rid of Bees

Allergies to Bees

Some people have bee allergies that are so severe they risk passing out from a single sting. Make every effort to ensure that there are no bees near your house if someone in your family has a bee allergy. 

Knowing how to get a bee out of your house is a knowledge that might prevent them from going to the hospital or possibly save their lives.

Aggressive Bees

Bees may be dangerous enough when they’re not feeling aggressive, but sometimes they’ll turn the heat up and start attacking. They may become more hostile when there aren’t enough flowers nearby to pollinate them, among other factors. 

The scorching temperature and the need to defend their nest are additional pressures. Finding ways on how to get a bee out of your house is a great idea if you have to deal with bee aggression.

Bee Stings

Most people have experienced a bee sting at least once in their life. Bee stings hurt; that much is certain. Your family’s risk of getting a bee sting significantly rises if a bee nest or hive is located close to your house. 

Some bee stings are more painful than others, and a nest’s position, such as in the ground, increases the risk that your kids or dogs, who could be playing outside, would get several stings.

How to Get a Bee Out of Your House

Bee removal naturally may be done using a variety of methods. While some of these methods are safe for the environment but harm bees, others are safe for the environment and bees. Here are six methods on how to get a bee out of your house.

Moth Balls

Bees don’t like certain odors, one of which is the one from mothballs. Mothballs may be used to discourage bees from returning by hanging them close to the bee nest. Additionally, you may hang mothballs throughout your yard to keep bees away from the whole area.


Bees like sugary drinks. To use this method, split a soda bottle or can in half, fill it with a particularly sweet soda, and set it in a place with many bees.

The soda will attract the bees, who will then come and consume it. The bees will die using this method even if it is ecologically friendly since they will ultimately drown in the soda.

Use Smoke

Bees see smoke as a natural warning that their environment is on fire and that it is time to move and find a new home. Bees may be easily and successfully driven from their hives using smoke. 

Use rotting wood, cardboard, or paper and burn it underneath the beehive in a well-ventilated area, or burn it in an incinerator where the smoke may directly reach the hive. It should only be done at night to ensure that all bees are in the hive and that the smoking will have the intended results.

To stop bees from entering your house, shut all the windows and doors before producing smoke. After smoking, it takes the bees around 8 to 10 hours to completely leave their hives.

Vinegar Spray Solution

Making vinegar spray is a quick and simple natural method on how to get a bee out of your house. When the bees are resting at night, mix equal amounts of water and vinegar in a spray bottle, shake it, and spray the mixture around the nest. 

All of the bees will be simply driven away. Bees depend largely on their sense of smell; therefore an overly strong fragrance might quickly turn them away.

Garlic Spray

Bees depend largely on their sense of smell; therefore an overly strong fragrance might quickly turn them away. 

Spray the area where they live for a week with a mixture of water and crushed garlic cloves. They will be forced to leave their present location and locate a new one.

Citronella Candles

Citronella may help keep bees at bay in addition to repelling mosquitoes. Use these candles to drive or chase the bees away simply. Honey bees cannot be killed by citronella, although they will undoubtedly get agitated by its fragrance. 

They will be forced to leave if multiple candles are burned below their hive for several days. However, since the light would burn out in rain or wind, this method is only useful for indoor beehives.


The overpowering scent of cinnamon repels bees. Sprinkle cinnamon about the bees’ colony for approximately a week to force them to move without killing them. Once they smell the cinnamon, the bees will begin searching for a new location.

Repel Bees Using Plants

Planting bee-repelling plants around your house is an excellent method on how to get a bee out of your house without having to kill them. These plants should keep bees from visiting your house if you have them nearby. 

Bees are attracted to citronella, mint, and eucalyptus plants, which are also simple to cultivate. Try citronella candles if you don’t do much gardening to help ward off various bee species.

Steps to Take When You See a Beehive at Home

There is no doubt that getting a bee out of your house may be quite difficult. However, as soon as you see a beehive in or close to your home, you should take the following actions:

Find the Source

Searching for the source should be your first action. Try to identify their source as soon as you see bees pouring into your home like unwelcome visitors. 

However, if you see the hive, don’t try to stop them from leaving since they could locate another, which would mean they might get into other areas of your home.

Refrain From Provoking Them

Even though bees are tiny, they have a deadly side when provoked. Although it is in our nature to be afraid, refrain from acting in any way that would make them feel threatened or provoked. 

Keep in mind that bees may probably strike if they feel threatened, so avoid the hive until you have a workable solution in mind.

Do Not Use Traps or Insecticides

Do not use insecticides or bee traps even if you need to since things might go wrong. The angry bees can be difficult to handle, or you might kill them all. Once again, insecticides may not always kill the bees, and you can injure yourself by provoking them.

Keeps Children and Pets Away

Kids and pets are particularly vulnerable to bee stings because they may accidentally agitate these tiny insects. Therefore, if you see a hive inside or close to your home, isolate the area and keep kids and pets away from it.

Get Rid of All the Traces and Mend the Damages

After the hive has been removed, make sure the walls, attic, or any other area where it was removed has been completely cleaned. Remains may sometimes draw in other insects or pests. 

Seal off the place or the spot where the bees entered your house by sealing it up. By doing all of this, you may be able to eradicate the remaining remains of the bee infestation in your home.

Call For Professional Help

If the hive is not very large, you may be able to get rid of it on your own. However, if the hive is large, you should seek professional help. 

The removal of beehives is a specialty of many pest control services. Contact one as soon as possible. Beehive removal may seem simple, but professional pest management services are needed.

When to Call In a Professional

Even if you feel confident trying to get a bee out of your house yourself, there will be situations when hiring a professional will be your most effective option. Bees may build nests in challenging places, including the ground, your home’s siding, and other difficult-to-reach places. 

Use the experience of specialists that work in this field. Knowing how to get a bee out of your house is your top priority. 

Also, bees play a significant role in sustaining the planet’s food supply and beauty. As it is for you, Environment Pest Management’s primary concern is to figure out how to keep your family and the bees safe.


Since they pollinate, bees are among the most important insects because this enables the growth of food. However, you are to manage them without harming them if you want to prevent the extinction of honey bees. 

If you want to know how to get a bee out of your house without harming them, follow the methods above.

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