How Much Does a Tattoo Cost?

How Much Does a Tattoo Cost

A tattoo decorates the skin by inserting colored substances under its surface by piercing it with a small needle.

The starting price is solely based on the tattoo shop, and it is dependent on the size, placing of the tattoo, and how it is represented.

It is crucial to properly consider things from the pain to the cost of getting a tattoo done.

On that note, let’s have a glimpse at how much getting a tattoo will cost, things that will affect the price, and designs that will make you pay extra.

So here are few factors that determine the cost of a tattoo.

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Factors that determine tattoo prices

The artist level of experience and great skill in the art

A tattoo artist is someone responsible for putting a permanent or temporary form of branding on your body which may likely attract more charges.

It is vital to invest in a good tattoo artist because they answer questions like the kinds of machines and ink they use to what designs they prefer doing.

Hiring a tattoo artist typically costs $120 to $150 and how long it will take for the tattoo to be drawn.

The shop location

This affects the final price of your tattoo because of factors like expenses, taxes, and the shop and because of more of the owner’s total cost.

It is essential because the quality of the service delivers would be more expensive.

Tattoo shops located in smaller cities cost less than urban areas, which cost more because of the high cost of living.

It is better to pay for the added safety that the shop guarantees because it is clean and well maintained, and you can demand a refund if the design doesn’t suit your taste.

These shops have been legalized by the law, so they are fully aware of the fact that they can face a lawsuit by a displeased customer at any given time; this makes them your best shot at getting a unique tattoo.

The design

Good art is all in the details, and a simple piece of body art will not require so much detail as a complex one would.

Getting a tattoo design that is complex and has factors like detailing, color scheme, and shading to be put into consideration will evidently be more expensive than a regular simple one.

Certain styles like realism, 3D, and shadow work can be gotten using only a few color additions require a great form of artistic ability that will take hours before it comes out highly detailed and exceptional.

Cost of tattoo

When a tattoo is started small with different body artwork, it makes it more affordable, and because of its size, they don’t attract extra charges for custom work, and not a lot of ink is used.

But larger tattoo designs take longer hours to finish, and it equates to more taxing for the client and more stress on the artist.

Plus, the fact that when getting a larger tattoo design, clients could lose their patience, shiver or even move at the wrong time, which can make the chances of the plan being ruined very high.

In this case, an expert is not only paid for his steady hand, but his ability to know when something wrong is about to happen.

The size of the tattoo

It takes about 45 minutes to get even the most petite tattoo done because the artist has to properly set up the station, ready the machines and inks, ready your designs, prepare the part on your body to tattoo, make and place your stencil, get you rightly positioned in the chair then tattoo you.

Once the tattoo is done, it has to be properly cleaned and wrapped and run over tattoo aftercare with you before checking you out.

On average, a small tattoo will cost about $50 to $80 total. For a medium tattoo, you can expect to pay up to $200 and over $ 250for a large tattoo.

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