How Long Does It Take for a Tattoo to Heal?

How Long Does It Take for a Tattoo to Heal

Tattoos are beautiful. Sometimes, they tell a story or represent something important.

However, tattoos are painful, and not everyone has the strength to draw a tattoo on their body. But how long does it take for a tattoo to heal?

It’s essential for the courageous ones hoping to get a tattoo someday to know the basics and how much pain they endure.

Read on!

Here’s What You Should Know About Before Getting a Tattoo

As I said, a tattoo represents something important or tells a story. So, you should know you are not going there for the tattoo artist to decide what to draw on your way to the tattoo shop.

You should also know that it takes a period before a tattoo completely heals. The healing process depends on where you got the tattoo or how the process went.

However, the most important thing is feeling happy after your tattoo session.

The Healing Process

The healing times of a tattoo process are in stages, and let us check the various stages involved in its process and the tattoo aftercare.

However, it is essential to note that the healing process depends on the body type, complexity, type of tattoo ink, etc.

First Stage – Fresh Wound

Though a tattoo seems like a design, it is a fresh and open wound. So, your body starts healing immediately after you get a tattoo.

When your tattoo is new, your body’s first injury responders begin to heal the fresh tattoo from inside.

It is essential to treat your tattoo like it is a fresh wound by treating it with warm water and antibacterial soap, applying an ointment or lotion, and tying it with a bandage.

This is to avoid a tattoo infection. However, be sure to expect burning sensations, oozing, or swelling.

Second Stage – Peeling

Generally, all wounds start to peel when they get to a particular stage of healing. The same applies to a tattoo healing process.

The inflammation must have reduced at this stage, and a new top layer of skin would have formed, causing flakiness and dry skin. So, this dryness causes itching and peeling of the dead skin.

Third Stage – Drying

At the last stage of the healing process, your tattooed skin starts to get dry. Once you’ve gotten to this stage, the itching, swelling, and all other irritations stop.

However, note that if you didn’t treat your tattoo like a fresh wound from the start, the healing skin might not get to this stage as sooner as expected.

Fourth Stage – Healed

After going through all these processes, the last healing stage is where the tattoo finally heals up. The drying, itching, and pains disappear.

Then, you can start rocking your new tattoo design.


As much as a tattoo is pleasing to the eyes, it is a painful experience.

However, getting a tattoo before doesn’t mean you wouldn’t experience some pain while getting another one.

Nevertheless, always remember to treat your tattoos like an open wound to avoid future infection and complications.

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