Household Chores for Teenagers

Chores For Teenagers

Do you think there are specific domestic chores for teenagers? For a home to run smoothly without setbacks, every member must perform daily tasks; and this applies to teenage children.

It’s not unusual for teens to participate in domestic activities. Before we continue, what do you think chores are? What are the importance and impact of duties in a teen’s life?

Let’s find out in this article. However, before we delve further, what are chores?

Chores are daily flexible domestic duties a child below the age of puberty should carry out.

Carrying out domestic chores helps teenagers in various ways, so take a ride with me as I take you through the importance of setting aside chores for teenagers.

Six Importance Of Carrying Out Domestic Chores To Teenagers

Chores create bonds between family members

We often complain that giving out chores to our teenagers takes a lot of their time, thereby depriving us of the lovely moments we should have with them.

However, these daily tasks create wonderful moments between parents and their teenagers. They feel special, thereby improving their confidence.

Even the grumpy teens tend to lighten up when duties are shared, creating a solid attachment among household members.

Chores give teens a sense of responsibility and self-dependence

Appointing these teens to a particular daily task will make them happy that they are being looked at as mature enough to handle themselves with little or no supervision.

Domestic duties such as tending to their rooms and doing their laundry can give them a sense of self-reliance, making them dependable.

Chores teach teens how to face life

Teens don’t remain young forever, so the earlier they are trained to handle simple chores, the better. This is because these are rudimentary skills they’ll need to start life once they eventually leave home.

You should also remember that they will not be taught all these in school, so it’s your responsibility as a parent to guide them.

Chores help to enhance their planning and time management prowess

There are usually tons of things to be taken care of daily. These generally range from shuffling between time limits of school work, house chores, and social life.

Chores can help these adolescents build the good habit of setting priorities and maximizing their time.

It encourages synergy

Learning to be a proactive member of a team can be encouraged through domestic work. You can achieve this by making your teen understand that each home member is a team that is answerable to each other.

They should also understand that there would be punishments if chores are not done correctly.

Chores can help to bolster appreciation

When teenagers are given specific domestic tasks to undertake, it may help them realize the hard work it takes the parents to keep the house tidy.

It may also help them learn to appreciate the efforts put in by the parents in managing the home. Hence, when their parents are away, they automatically take up keeping the house.

Regarding teens and household chores, you might want to consider if compensating them for carrying out house tasks seems like the best idea.

While some schools of thought maintain that paying your teen for chores has its merits, others feel it’s not a welcome practice.

This section will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of paying your teens for performing their daily duties.

Advantages of compensating your teens for performing their daily domestic duties

It breeds motivation

Adopting the habit of compensating your teenager for carrying out simple tasks can help to instill a sense of achievement in them. This can motivate them to do more and better going forward.

It gives them an understanding of work

Giving these children monetary value for their work can help them understand the importance of work around the house.

Parents can give them a few dollars to pay for whatever work is done depending on their tasks. Ultimately, doing this sends the message of “more work, more pay.”

Compensating them makes it easier to get them to do their chores

Instead of getting yourself worked up over reminding these kids now and then what they ought to do, adding a little incentive will do the talking. To be clear, including monetary rewards in the mix will propel a teen to do their chores.

Giving incentives teaches a teen to save up

When kids are paid for carrying out their domestic chores dutifully, they learn the habit of saving to get something they’ve been craving.

So it’s a good idea to let them buy what they want from the money they worked for, instead of buying it for them all the time.

Disadvantages of compensating your teens for performing their daily tasks

It makes them assume they have to work in the house to get paid

Paying these Kids could give them the wrong notion that they have a job they are being paid to do.

When money is being taken out of the way, it makes them know that everyone contributes equally to the smooth running of the household. However, it helps if you explain and show them that you also perform your daily domestic duties.

It gives them the mindset that they should be paid for everything

Once they start getting paid for carrying out domestic duties daily, they may begin to have this entitlement of being paid for whatever they are asked to do.

However, this could be balanced by letting them understand that they are not being paid for doing the job but are motivated to complete the chores in ample time.

They might decide to place much value on money

Parents should encourage their teens to do voluntary work and help others selflessly without expecting any monetary reward.

It might make them part with money to escape chores

Teens should be consistent in carrying out their chores daily. You would not be happy to hear them proudly say, “mum, you can keep your money because I don’t feel like washing or doing anything.” This only happens when they begin to weigh their chores with a job they are paid to do.

Now it’s time to look at the chores that teenagers should be involved in.

Household chores for teenagers

Some specific household chores are meant for teenagers, and they include:

  • Setting the table
  • Doing laundry
  • Washing the family restroom
  • Cleaning sink, bathtubs, and restroom
  • Placing belongings in their rightful place
  • Clearing the table after a meal
  • Preparing meals once in a while
  • Feeding and taking the household pets for a walk
  • Mopping the floor

You can assign other chores to your teen, depending on how comfortable you are appointing them.


As much as you want your teenagers to perform their daily duties without being nagged to do so, we should also know that making it a pay-as-you-go venture might have a negative turn of events. However, we need to balance things out to run the household affairs smoothly.

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