10 Hottest Peppers in the World

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Do you love your food spicy? Then you may be a fan of at least one of the 10 hottest peppers in the world. The earth’s hottest pepper is continuously switching, almost evolving.

A new pepper seems to be developed or discovered every year, so do well to watch this space to get information on the latest record-breaking peppers!

Besides, the nutritional value of this rather means spice can’t be overemphasized.

Here is our World’s Top 10 Hottest Pepper List without further ado.

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1. 2,200,000 SHU’s Carolina Reaper

Carolina Reaper

Carolina Reaper, the previous world champion, was defeated! But by none other but itself.  The Carolina Reaper is again technically the Hottest Pepper of the Planet.

Originally ranked in 2013 as the earth’s hottest, the reaper was rechecked with an even stronger SHU in 2018. (71,000 SHU greater, to be precise) This gives a revived reputation to the reaper as the hottest on the planet!

With an estimated average SHU of 1,641,000 and peaks of 2.2 million SHU, it was created for heat, and that it is!

With a look at it, you know this is just a mean pepper. There is a unique stinger tail in the Carolina Reaper that is unlike any other pepper. From being a cross between a Red Habanero and a Ghost Pepper, it gets this crazy fire.

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Strangely enough, not only does this pepper have a fire, but it has a great fruity flavor to match. Oh, that’s until your face melts away.

2. 2,009,231 SHU Trinidad Moruga Scorpion

Trinidad Moruga Scorpion

The Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper Blend, AKA Moruga Scorpion, straight from the pits of hell, is a rare pepper that has only recently been discovered.

Native to the lands of Trinidad and Tobago, Moruga. The fire never stops building up until you take a bite of this formidable pepper.

The reaper’s stinger may lack this pepper, but do not let that fool you. The Carolina Reaper is every bit as fiery as the Moruga Scorpion.

3. 1,853,936 SHU 7 Pot Douglah

7 Pot Douglah

One of the seven pod strains’ rarest and hottest is the 7 Pot Douglah, which is fondly called the Chocolate 7 Pod.

Currently, behind The Carolina Reaper at number 1 and the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion at number 2, the third hottest pepper in the world.

This dragon pepper has dark brown/deep purple skin dotted with many “pimples” above the surface. The pepper begins with green flesh and ripens to the Douglah ‘s dark unique color.

You can instantly see pools of liquid capsaicin oils that give this chili so much heat when you slice a fresh Douglah open. The placenta is where the pepper’s capsaicin oils are stored. It has an excellent fresh taste and is super tasty as a powder.

4. 1,469,000 SHU 7 Pot Primo

7 Pot Primo

The enigmatic pepper Primo. This is a very unusual pepper, and it’s hard to come across real primo seeds.

The 7 Pot Primo with its long, skinny “tail” is quite distinctive. Some recent pepper cultivators have tried to recreate this look because the tail (i.e., Carolina Reaper) is just terrifying. You can tell it’s going to be blazing hot with one look at this pepper.

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5. Trinidad Scorpion Butch T (SHU 1,463,700)

Trinidad Scorpion Butch T

The Trinidad Scorpion Butch T is from Australia, a former Guinness World Record Holder (2011). It’s no doubt insanely hot, but it has been proven that other peppers are hotter.

Due to the scorpion stinger found at the pepper’s tip and the maker, Butch Taylor, it’s aptly called. This pepper burn is unlike any other.

6. Naga Viper ( SHU 1,349,000)

Naga Viper

For a very short time, the Naga Viper held the record for the world’s hottest pepper and has been beaten by 4 other peppers since then and is actually the 5th hottest pepper.

It is an unpredictable 3-way hybrid that was formed in the UK between a Naga Morich, Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper), and a Trinidad Scorpion. This has been one of the rarer and more difficult to locate seeds due to its short reign.

7. Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) SHU 1,041,427

Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper)

Thanks to the amount of press it has earned in the past, The Ghost Pepper is the most popular “Super Hot.”

It is the first pepper to have over 1 million Scoville’s clinically tested.

8. 7 Pot Barrackpore (SHU 1,000,000)

7 Pot Barrackpore

One of the hottest of the Seven Pot peppers is the 7 Pot Barrackpore. This harsh pepper is from the Trinidad and Tobago town of Chaguanas. Many of these “super hots” originate from this region.

After their capacity to heat up 7 pots of stew, the 7 pots were called, and the Barrackpore is no exception. For hot sauces and powders, this is a great pepper to develop because of its high yield, great flavor, and unrelenting fire.

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Quantity: Seeds 10 +

9. 1,000,000 SHU 7 Pot Red (Giant)

7 Pot Red (Giant)

The seven pots were named after their ability to heat up seven stew pots, and that does it! (Jonah and Yellow have other varieties)

10. 500,000 SHU Red Savina Habanero

Red Savina Habanero

To yield larger and warmer fruit from the Caribbean Red Habanero, the Red Savina Habanero was selectively bred over generations.

The selective breeding of this habanero allowed it to reign for 12 years from 1994 to 2006 under the World’s Hottest Pepper title.

That is the longest that any pepper has retained the title to date. Many other peppers, including the Ghost Pepper and Carolina Reaper, have been found and bred to be hotter since then.

The Red Savina Habanero is a legend for its flavor and intense heat among pepper growers, of course.

This red guy has a sweet, almost fruity flavor. It is one of the easiest to grow and a very productive plant for Super Hot Pepper Varieties.  

So, guys, these are the 10 hottest peppers in the world, and we hope more exciting and fiery hot breeds are found.

Let us know which pepper is your favorite and why. To find the peppery food recipes, you can run through our blog and try out the ones you fancy.


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