55 Hippie Baby Girl Names You Should See

Hippie Baby Girl Names

Adding a new addition to the family is always an exciting experience for parents, and one of the fun parts is choosing a name for your bundle of joy.

There are a lot of conventional names, but you’ll need to find one that stands out from the others. Choosing a perfect name can seem challenging to do, especially if you’re a free-spirited person.

But not to worry, we always have your back. Here’s a list of the best hippie baby girl names that have been compiled to make it easy for you.

Below are some hippie baby girl names you may like to consider:

1. Autumn

Autumn is one of the popular seasonal and weather-inspired names. So if you want to stick with a seasonal theme, then this is the best name for you because it brings nostalgic memories.

2. Azalea

This is a feminine-sounding name; it’s a beautiful set of flowers possessing colorful shrubs. Azalea is a name that will be perfect for your little girl.

3. America

The name America has been believed to be derived from the Latin geographical name Americus, which refers to the continent discovered by Amerigo Vespucci in 1507. This name has continuously been in use since the 1800s. This name will suit your little one perfectly.

4. Ambrosia

This is the feminine variant of the name Ambrose, and it means ‘food of the god.’ It wouldn’t be a wrong pick for your cute girl.

5. Blossom

This is one of the cutest hippie names you could give your baby girl. It is even cuter than rose or lily.

6. Breeze

This name is an excellent option for a gentle and calm soul, such as your little girl. She’ll really appreciate this name.

7. Bluebell

Bluebell is a lovely name inspired by nature. It’ll suit your daughter perfectly. What’s more? It’s a very attractive name.

8. Cayenne

Cayenne is a fun and spicy name to bless your daughter with. Your little one will have a mind of her own if given this name.

9. Celeste

Celeste is a soft-sounding name with ‘light’ as the meaning. This name stirs up images of doe-eyed, curly-haired, and peace sign flashing hippies. It’s a nice name to consider.

10. Crystal

Crystal is another beautiful name you should consider for your little girl. The ‘y’ in the middle of the name makes it even more trendy. The name crystal comes from ‘Krystallos’; a colorless glass cut into the shape of a gemstone.

11. Carly

The name Carly is a beautiful and sweet-sounding name to give your little girl. It is an alternative to the name Carla. One famous bearer of this name is the popular singer and songwriter, Carly Simon.

12. Clover

This is another nature-inspired name. It is a flower with a sweet smell and taste that is considered a symbol of wealth and comfort. It has been the hippie’s favorite for a long time. When the ‘lo’ sound is expressed, it makes the name even more trendy.

13. Dawn

The name Dawn is a feminine name inspired by the sun; this name gives a reminder of the calm moment of the day when the sun rises.

14. Daisy

This is a free-spirited and popular name since the 1800s down to the 20th century. Its one bright and happy name to give to your daughter.

15. Essence

Your little girl is definitely the essence of your life, joy, and happiness. Here is a name inspired by the same.

16. Freedom

This name has become one of the popular hippie girl names. Freedom is the ability to think, speak, and act without any form of constraint applied. This wouldn’t be a wrong choice for your baby girl.

17. Genesis

This is a cool hippie name that will suit your daughter perfectly. It’s one biblical name that comes with the nickname, Genny.

18. Gypsy

Gypsy is a lovely hippie baby girl name that signifies a girl who wants to take her path through life. It’s a nice name to consider.

19. Harmony

Harmony comes from the Greek word ‘Harmonia’ which means ‘a musical sound.’ The name harmony means ‘unity, understanding, agreement.’ It’s a beautiful name for a beautiful girl.

20. Henna

This name is adorable and will appeal to yoga-loving girls. Henna is a variant of the popular name Hannah.

21. Heaven

Heaven is one angelic hippie name for girls; it is nice, lovely, and sweet-sounding. It definitely will make a good choice for your little girl.

22. Heather

Heather is an adorable name that stands out from the others. It’s a lovely purple flower.

23. Hope

This is another nice name to give your little girl as she brings with her a ray of hope to uplift your spirit and make everything change for the better.

24. Infinity

This name is so attractive and catchy. It’s another nice free-spirited name you could give your girl.

25. Juniper

This name has a freshness so appealing that it makes it a great name for your girl. It is inspired by the evergreen shrub renowned for its sharp, clear, and flavored gin. Just like humans, the plant can adjust to different climates.

26. Journey

This is a cute name and an alternative to the name Jurnee. This name is also one of the popular hippie names that could be nice for your daughter.

27. Kai

This is an adorable name that originates from Hawaii. Kai is a powerful, yet simple name for your little one. It means ‘sea.’

28. Leaf

This is another nature-inspired name that brings about good and positive energy. This is a name that kindles a happy and calm feeling.

29. Light

This is a sparkling name to bless your little one with. Giving this name to your daughter, she’s bound to have a sparkling and carefree personality.

30. Love

Love is a beautiful and wonderful hippie name you could consider for your girl. This is the purest emotion for the purest little one in your life.

31. Meadow

Meadow is a beautiful name that prompts relaxation. It is an attractive hippie name that puts a smile on the face of anyone.

32. Moon

Naming your beautiful daughter after one of nature’s most beautiful creations wouldn’t be a bad idea. The moon is really inspiring and outstanding compared to the others.

33. Moonbeam

Moonbeam is a lovely and friendly hippie name for your baby girl. It is the light that brightens up your nights.

34. Ocean

This name brings about power and calmness in equal amounts. If your little girl possesses blue eyes, then this is the perfect name for her. Ocean is a name she’ll be proud of for the rest of her life.

35. Ode

This is a poetic baby girl name that wouldn’t be a bad idea for your child. One nickname for the name Ode is Odie.

36. Patience

Patience is a really wonderful name for your girl. Teach her always to be patient in whatever she does, and she’ll forever be grateful to you.

37. Peace

This is another beautiful name to gift your daughter with. You should ensure that your little girl remains peaceful in every one of her dealings. She’ll definitely appreciate it all her life.

38. Petal

Petal is another bright hippie name for your sweet little girl. Its a name she’ll definitely appreciate.

39. Petunia

This name arouses a sense of peace and happiness. Petunia is a name you should really consider for your girl.

40. Promise

Promise is a popular hippie girl name; this name is said to bring joy into people’s lives. Why don’t you choose this name for your girl and you’ll be glad you did.

41. Radiance

Radiance is another lovely hippie girl name you could give your little girl. The name Radiance signifies the light that shines bright in your life through your little girl; therefore, it is a great name for her.

42. Rain

Rain is a lovely name to consider for your child if she brings the feeling of hope and happiness.

43. Rainbow

The name Rainbow is one of the colorful hippie names. You wouldn’t go wrong choosing this name for your girl.

44. Raven

This is a name so beautiful, confident, and profound that it has become popular over the years. It is an excellent choice of name for your angel.

45. Rebel

Rebel is a name that stirs up a sense of respect and pride. Choose this beautiful hippie name for your little girl, and you’ll be glad you did.

46. Robin

If you want your daughter to grow up into a nice, caring, and sweet person, then Robin is the name to give her. It’s the name of a lovely bird, and will definitely suit your little one.

47. Saffron

Saffron is the name of the world’s most expensive spice, its a beautiful color and spice and will surely be a nice name for your girl.

48. Sage

Sage is a nature-inspired name; if your little girl brings a sense of calmness and wisdom, then this is the best option to go for.

49. Sequoia

This is a lovely modern-sounding nature name for your baby girl. This name is for girls who are spirited and outdoorsy.

50. Serenity

This is a peaceful baby name that stirs up calmness. The name is highly sought after; if you want, you can go with serene. It is definitely a name you should consider.

51. Shine

This is another cool name you could give to your daughter. You surely want your little one to shine out bright to the world, don’t you? Then consider this name.

52. Skye

This is another cute hippie girl name and could be the shortened form of the name Skylar. It’s a very popular name that your daughter will grow to love.

53. Tulip

Tulip is a gorgeous pink flower; they will surely put a smile on the face of your daughter. It’s an outstanding option for you.

54. Venus

Another beautiful hippie girl’s name is Venus. Its a planet associated with female energy, making it an option for you to consider.

55. Willow

Willow is a beautiful slender tree. Its an adorable hippie name that pays tribute to nature.

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