8 Highest-paid Twitch Streamers in the World

Highest-paid Twitch Streamers
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Making money by playing a different variety of games isn’t the only way to be an esports player.

The gaming industry has developed in ways that no one could have predicted; streaming and content creation are now competing with TV stations’ monopolies on content distribution.

Along with other streaming services and YouTube, Twitch is one of the most popular online media consumption platforms.

On Twitch, individual streamers can make their own video, allowing the network to have millions of individual channels suited to an infinite number of various styles and interests.

Many people and platforms have attempted to challenge Twitch, but almost all of them have fallen short since it has evolved into a worldwide streaming hub, making it nearly impossible for any newcomer to succeed.

Though Twitch is filled with various channels, some stand out for the quality of their content and the number of viewers they attract.

These two elements impact how much money may be made through streaming platforms, and the numbers are compelling enough to persuade anyone to try it.

The popular streamers listed here are at the top of the Twitch mountain, and they frequently receive more donations than they can thank one by one each time they go live.

It’s difficult to pin down a precise figure for a streamer’s earnings because so many aspects go into it.

Below are the highest-paid Twitch streamers.

1. Ninja

Ninja, also known as Richard Blevins, is one of Twitch’s highest-paid and one of the favorite streamers with the most Twitch followers and earns the most money from streaming.

His 50,000 subscribers alone bring in at least $500,000 every month. He is also one of the biggest streamers in the gaming community or streaming industry.

Ninja had been a professional gamer since he was a child, playing various popular games. However, it wasn’t until Fortnite’s popularity exploded that he was truly recognized.

Since then, he has hosted a game with Travis Scott and Drake that set a new record for the most views on a single video.

Ninja is still popular on Twitch, with approximately 60,000 viewers weekly. He treats it as if it were his full-time job, and he streams five days a week.

  • Followers: 14.7 million
  • Earnings: $5.4 million per year

2. Ibai

Ibai Llanos is a shout caster for the LVP League of Legends in Spain, though he has been focusing more on content creation. Ibai became a Twitch sensation among the Spanish-speaking Twitch community even while casting games on occasion.

Over the years, the league has been his primarily streamed game, but the introduction of Fall Guys and Among Us and the game’s delayed rise to the top allowed the streamer to take off.

His average number of viewers suddenly increased to more than 70,000, making his channel one of the most subscribed channels on the site.

According to a SavingSpot report from Twitch, Ibai earned over $1,373,605. Ad revenues account for $456,855 of this total, putting Ibai second afterAuronPlay in terms of ad revenue.

Earnings: $1,373,605

3. Shroud

Shroud will be retained on the list of highest-paid Twitch streamers even though he departed Twitch for another site called Mixter. He was eventually one of the top ten highest-paid Twitch streamers.

Micheal Grzesiek, known as Shroud, was near the top of every Twitch analytic and statistic.

Shroud was the second most popular channel on the platform, with fans tuning in on a regular basis to see them win game after game.

Fortnite, PUBG, Rainbow Six: Siege, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty were his favorite games. This Canadian streamer has remained at the top of his game since switching to the competitor platform.

  • Followers: 6.1 million
  • Earnings: $4.4 million

3. XQc

With Ninja and Shroud departing Twitch, the platform top spot became vacant.

From his days as a professional Overwatch player, Felix “xQc” Lengyel has been streaming on Twitch over the years and has always had a decent stage of followers.

Despite his reputation for toxicity, a recent cheating scandal, and a few pop-offs, the former pro Overwatch player has made huge strides, with his streams soaring in viewership and earning nearly $2 million in ad revenue, which he was the fifth-highest earner.

When some streamers took off earlier this year, xQc was at the forefront of the game, hosting streams featuring other big streamers.

On the drama front, he’s also not been quiet, at one point getting into a blood feud with Ninja and his wife/manager.

xQcOW has the highest subscription earnings, with an estimated $1,595,167 each year from 55,246 subscribers, which appears to be increasing yearly.

This year, he had the tenth most bits and cheers, earning around $80k through stream donations.

Earnings: $1,984,000

4. Odablock

Odablock, most known for his very outrageous outbursts and uncanny noises on broadcast, is the only Runescape player on the list in classic Twitch fashion.

Odablock is married to Twilies, another streamer, and it’s a good thing he doesn’t need Runescape money to get paid in the real world, as his subscribers have helped him earn nearly 1.3 million dollars in real money, despite the fact that he was in debt (in Runescape money) of over $100 billion this time last year. That’s complete lunacy.

As I previously stated, odablock makes 14 percent of his total income only from donations, demonstrating the strength of Oda’scommunity.

Earnings: $1,300,000

5. Timthetatman

A few personality traits are required to become a good Twitch streamer. Being good in your chosen game will make you gain few views, but to have a long-lasting career, you must be able to entertain the masses.

While some people strive for it, TimTheTatman’s ability to back himself into a corner in practically every game he plays takes care of it for him.

TimTheTatman has been one of the platform’s more steady names for a time, but last year was his year.

With the release of Fall Guys, the streamer’s viewers increased, and he became an icon as a result of his inability to win the platform-based battle royale.

TimTheTatman had another regretful moment last year when he was locked out of The Shadowlands: Expansion of the World of Warcraft, but he made a $1,210,739 fortune by streaming on Twitch.

Almost 70% of this money came from his subscribers, and he was one of Twitch’s top 10 subscribed channels for a good chunk last year.

Earnings: $1,210,739


For as long as anybody can remember, Nick “NICKMERCS’” Kolcheff, one of the highest-paid Twitch streamers, has been a household name in the Call of Duty and Fortnite communities.

NICKMERCS already had a decent-sized following when he moved over from YouTube, but that didn’t stop him from streaming for over four years.

His high-level gaming and entertaining team battles helped him extend his fanbase on a second platform, and he was the second-most subscribed Twitch channel last December.

Last year, he earned an estimated $1,737,535 through Twitch, with around $1,373,397 coming from his subscribers.

Despite the fact that NICKMERCS receives a lot of donations throughout each of his streams, his continuous subscriber base has been important to his channel’s success.

Earnings: $1,737,535   

7. AuronPlay

Rallvarez “AuronPlay” Genes, a former YouTuber, has made live streaming more of a habit. Before starting to stream, the Spanish content creator already had a following.

He mostly concentrated on comical commentary videos, in which he would watch and react to other videos trending.

His Twitch games of choice allow him to showcase his humorous ability to the fullest, and the numbers prove that whatever he’s doing is working.

When AuronPlay plays GTA V, Minecraft, or Among Us, he has an average of nearly 82,333 viewers.

Last year, AuronPlay made $1,209,556 through Twitch, with commercials accounting for half of his earnings.

This indicates that, despite having over 8,000 monthly subscribers, it was his massive audience base that did the majority of the heavy lifting in terms of his total revenues some years ago

Given that the majority of active users employ ad-blocking software, AuronPlay is one of the more unique entries on this list, generating more than $600,000.

Earnings: $1,209,556

8. HasanAbi

As one of the highest-paid Twitch streamers, Hasan “Hasan Abi” Piker began his career in online media with The Young Turks and has always strived to make a difference with his thoughts from the beginning.

His Pop-Crunch series was important in the channel’s growth, and he switched to streaming.

HasanAbi is well known for his political live streams, in which he discusses his thoughts on current events.

During last year’s presidential election, his Twitch stream outperformed major news outlets, which is unheard of for a Twitch stream.

He also teams up with other well-known streamers to play games he enjoys. HasanAbi made an estimated $1,062,826 from Twitch some years back, and he can surely climb the ranks later on if he maintains his current pace.   

Earnings: $1,062,826

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