60 Hebrew Baby Names for Your Newborn

Hebrew Baby Names

Almost every baby name list you come across contains one or two Hebrew names.

This owes to the fact that its usage dates as far back as the 10th century BCE, and it’s the only existing example of a revived dead language. Hebrew is a Northwest Semitic that originated in Israel.

Before its complete revival at the end of the 19th century, the language slowly tapered out of usage somewhere between 200 and 400 CE. It managed to survive through the Jewish liturgy and literature.

Thanks to its Jewish origins, a lot of Hebrew baby names are also biblical baby names.

Hebrew baby girl names

Here’s a list of some of the most popular and unique Hebrew baby girl names you can consider for your little barbie.


Abigail is an original Hebrew baby name that means ‘my father rejoices’ or ‘source of joy.’ It was quite popular in the U.S. in 2005 as approximately 16,000 people were given the name.


This name is mostly used as a girl’s name, but it’s a beautiful gender-neutral choice on this list. Ariel means ‘lion of God.’


This name is of both Latin and Hebrew roots. The name means ‘devoted to God’ and is one of the unique options on this list.


Meaning ‘springlike’ or ‘dewy and fresh,’ this unique baby name is also of Hebrew origin. It hasn’t made its way into the top 1,000 list of baby names yet.


This name means ‘God is my judge’ and is the female diminutive of the Hebrew baby boy name Daniel. A famous bearer of this name is bestselling American novelist Danielle Steele.


Davina means ‘loved’ or ‘cherished .’ It’s a not-so-popular baby name of Hebrew origin. Another variation of the name is Davi.


Meaning ‘God is my abundance’ or ‘God is my oath,’ Elizabeth is one cute and powerful Hebrew name you can consider for your baby girl. Queen Elizabeth of England is a famous bearer of this name. It is a female derivative of the Hebrew baby boy name Elisheva.


This is an original Hebrew baby name and also the name of a book in the Christian Bible. Esther means ‘star’ and is just the right choice for your child.


This name draws its origin from Hebrew and Latin, and it means ‘life.’ Other variations of the name include Eva, Evita, and Ava.


Meaning ‘God is my strength,’ Gabriella is a mighty name you should consider for your pretty angel. This name has its roots in Hebrew and Latin, and over 6,000 people answered the name in 2010.


Another beautiful name worth considering, Hannah, is an original Hebrew name that means ‘grace’ or ‘favor.’


Ilana is an adorable nature-inspired name. In Hebrew, the name means ‘oak tree.’


Iman means ‘God is with us’ and is one unique option you should consider. Giving your girl this name will make her stand out among her peers as it is not a popularly given name. This original Hebrew baby name can also be used as a gender-neutral moniker.


This name comes from Greek, Hebrew roots and is quite a trendy name. Iris means ‘flower’ or ‘rainbow,’ and a variation of the name is Eris.


Meaning ‘supplanter’ with variations Jackie, Jaclyn, and Jaquelin, this name is a unique choice that your daughter will cherish for her entire life. Jacqueline is of Hebrew origin.


This Hebrew name also has English roots and is the feminine variation of the masculine name John. Jane means ‘God is gracious,’ and its variations include Jayne, Janie, Janee, Jaine.


Meaning ‘to flow downward,’ Jordan is a Hebrew masculine name that has been adopted as a feminine name for quite some time. One fun fact about this name is that it’s also the name of the river in Palestine where Jesus was baptized.


This name is of both English and Hebrew roots. Leah, which means ”weary,” was quite popular from the late 90s and rose to its peak in 2009.


Lila mystical name your child would come to love as she grows. This Hebrew name translates to ‘night’ and also means ‘dark beauty’ in Sanskrit and Arabic.


Madelaine means ‘from the tower’ and is an original Hebrew name. A lovely moniker to consider for your little angel.


This is the rarest name on this list and is also a suitable gender-neutral choice you can look into. In Hebrew, Mayaan means ‘natural spring of water.’ A shorter version of the name is Maya.


This Hebrew name also has French roots and has positive meanings that you’ll want for your child. The meaning of Nanette is ‘favor’ and ‘grace’, and other variations include Anne, Nanny, and Annette.


Naomi is also a biblical baby girl name as it was the name of Ruth’s mother-in-law in the Old Testament. This original Hebrew name means pleasant.


This unique name comes from Hebrew, Greek, German, and French origins. The name means praising God, melody, prosperous, and wealthy.


Meaning ‘one with purity’ or ‘ewe,’ Rachel is one Hebrew/German name you would want to consider for your baby girl. It was a popular name from 1970 to 2012 and is still enjoying a fair amount of usage.


Meaning princess, this Hebrew name embodies all that your daughter means to you. Gift this name to your child, and she’ll forever be indebted to you.


Sharon is the name of a plain in ancient Palestine where roses grow abundantly. The name enjoyed a peak in popularity from 1935 to 1970. One famous bearer is actress Sharon Stone.


One of my personal favorites, Tamara, is a Hebrew baby name that means palm tree. Tamara is also an Ijaw baby name that means ‘God.’


This is a female given name which means ‘worthy’ or ‘to be praised.’ Zinnia hasn’t been a popular name for many years, making it a very unique and outstanding name choice for your daughter. Other variations of the name include Zia, Zin, and Zinny.


A rare but powerful gender-neutral name for your baby means ‘brilliance’ or ‘light’ in Hebrew. A more feminine and appealing variation of the name is Zohara.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular and unique Hebrew baby boy names you can consider for your little prince charming.


Meaning ‘inspired,’ ‘strength,’ or ‘high mountain,’ Aaron is an Arabic, Hebrew name that was quite popular between 1970 and 2010. In the Old Testament, Aaron was a prophet, high priest, and elder brother to Moses.


Famously known as the father of many nations, this name is backed by a long history of greatness. It has been a common name for centuries has steadily grown in usage since the 1970s. One famous bearer of the name is President Abraham Lincoln.


Meaning ‘carried’ or ‘burdened,’ Amos is a popular Hebrew boy’s name and also the name of a book in the Old Testament.


Cain is not a popularly given name, arguably due to its origin story, but it’s one unique name you can consider because it has a nice meaning. The name means ‘acquired’ and also shares an origin with Welsh and Irish languages.


Caleb means ‘bold’ in Hebrew and is one name you should consider if you want your son to be a tough lad in the future. Another variation of the name is Kaleb.


This Hebrew name means ‘God is my judge’ and is very popular in different parts of the world. Its popularity dated back to the 1930s and reached its peak in 1985 when over 38,000 boys were given the name in the U.S.


Another popular Hebrew name with rich background history. Meaning dearly beloved, David has been a frequently used boy’s name since the 1910s. Other variations of the name include Dave, Davie, Davy.


Meaning ‘my God is Yahweh’ or ‘the Lord who is strong,’ Elijah is a beautiful boy’s name you’ll want to consider for your little prince. The name began to gain traction in the 90s and has remained popular to date.


Eli means ‘uplifted’ or ‘ascend’. This name appeared in the Old Testament book of Samuel as a high priest. It’s a unique name that will suit your boy.


This name means ‘God is with us’ with variations Emma, Immanuel, Nuel. This popular name was mentioned several times in the Bible as the savior, or tribe of Judah. In Jewish tradition, it is believed that the Messiah will be named Emanuel.


Means ‘God strengthens.’ This name has experienced a slight rise in usage from the 90s to date.


Ezra is a not-so-popular Hebrew name. According to the Old Testament book of the same name, Ezra led the Jewish people out of their exile in Babylon and championed the rebuilding of the Holy Temple. The name means ‘helper.’


This is a widely known and loved traditional Hebrew name that translates to ‘God is my strength.’ This name is also of Spanish origin.


This name lost traction in the 80s and is rarely given nowadays. Hiram means ‘exalted’ or ‘noble.’


This is another rare Hebrew name that you should consider for your boy. Meaning ‘praise,’ this unique name appears in the Biblical book of Judges as the father of a Jewish leader.


Isaac means ‘laughter.’ Great personalities throughout history have answered this popular name, include Sir Issac Newton. Your child is sure to achieve exceptional feats when given this name.


Israel is an exciting name with deep meaning. Apart from being the Biblical holy land, Israel was the new name given to Jacob by God after he wrestled with an angel. This was where the name got its meaning, ‘he who struggles with God.’


Jacob is a biblical baby boy’s name that translates to ‘supplanted.’ This name has been trendy in recent years and is a top 50 baby boy name in the U.S.


Jeremiah means ‘the Lord exalts’ and is one of my favorite Hebrew baby names on this list. It has been a popular name for decades, having reached its peak in 2010 with over 7,000 boys given the name.


This name was made popular by the famous Bible story of Jonah, who traveled in the belly of a fish. Jonah means ‘dove’ in Hebrew.


When you hear this name, the first thing that comes to mind is the famous Jean brand of the same name. This obvious connotation just adds more cool-kid cred to the name. In Hebrew, Levi means ‘he who connects or attaches.’


Michael means ‘who is like God.’ In the Bible, Michael is the name of the Archangel in charge of the angel forces of heaven. Famous namesakes include basketball player Michael Jordan and singer Michael Jackson.


This name is not so popular, but it’s one you should consider for its strong meaning and background history. Meaning ‘warrior,’ Mordechai appears in the Old Testament as a prophet and the husband of Queen Esther.


Moses is a biblical baby name that has enjoyed wide usage over the years. Originally spelled as Moshe, Moses means ‘drawn out (of water)’ and was the name of one of the greatest prophets in the Old Testament.


This is a Hebrew name that can double as a nature-inspired baby name. Meaning ‘banner’, Nissan is the name of a Hebrew month in springtime.


I personally fancy this name as it is very rare and sweet-sounding. It is also a nature-inspired baby name as the meaning is ‘pine tree’ or ‘laurel.’


This is another personal favorite on this list because it’s a short, standalone name that is sweet enough to be a nickname. It’s also a beautiful choice for your new son as the name means ‘gift.’


In the Old Testament, Rafael was described as the angel of healing who visited Abraham after his circumcision. It’s a solid name to consider given its origin and its meaning, ‘God heals.’


This fun Hebrew name hasn’t been a family favorite for quite some time, unlike its diminutive Joseph. Yosef means ‘God will increase.’


Meaning ‘the Lord remembered,’ Zachery has a melodic tone when pronounced and is a strong name to consider. Other variations include Zac, Zack.

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