100 Hawaiian Girl Names You Should Consider

Hawaiian Girl Names

Hawaiian parents will be happy to learn that the number of Hawaiian girl names has grown significantly over the past 20 years.

What’s more, many of these names are unique and stylish—with potential for cool nicknames—making them ideal for hip parents who want to give their daughter a unique cultural “edge.”

On an island where more than 40% of the population is of Hawaiian ancestry, the Aloha State is a place that’s blessed with a diverse and multicultural population.

Hawaiian Girl Names

Here are some beautiful, popular, and rare Hawaiian girl names you can choose from.

1. Akamai

I singled this particular name out because of its meaning. We all want to be a parent to an intelligent child; well, here is the best name to give to that special child. This name means smart, intelligent, and of cause “one who has wisdom.”

2. Ailani

This is a unique Hawaiian traditional name with high standards. This name is given to rulers and people of importance in the society, mostly royalties. Ailani means “high chief.”

3. Akela

This is a unisex name that is very popular among various languages and cultures. The name Akela means “honourable.”

4. Aloha

This is among the Hawaiian girl names that best describe the uniqueness of Hawaiian culture. “Loving” or “kindhearted” is the meaning of this beautiful name.

5. Allyna

The name Allyna is derived from the Hawaiian name, Alana which means, awakening, light or precious.

6. Apikaila

If you’re looking for Hawaiian girl names that will be pleasing to your husband, then this name is the best choice—Aikaila, which means “delight of my father,” best suits your baby girl.

7. Allana

Alanna is one of the rare Hawaiian girl names on this list. It is not so popular among the Hawaiian names, which makes it more unique. The name means “calmness,” “serenity,” or “tranquillity.”

8. Anani

This is another Hawaiian cool name for your beautiful baby girl. The name means “orange tree.”

9. Anuhea

No child will grow and not love this name. it’s a cool and unique Hawaiian name that means “a cool fragrance.”

10. Aheahe

This Hawaiian name special because of its meaning. Aheahe, which means “cool breeze,” is also a Hawaiian boy name. It’s cool as its meaning.

11. Aouli

As cool and sweet as this name sound, it gives a perfectly defined meaning. It’s also not as popular as other Hawaiian names.” This name describes how the sky expands on a clear sky.”

12. Ava

When it comes to Hawaiian names, be rest assured it comes with nature and adventure. This beautiful name means “a bird.”

13. Chloe

It is one of the traditional Hawaiian girl names that mean “fresh blooming.”

14. Emma

 This is one of the Hawaiian girl names that is being used all over the world. Emma, meaning “universal whole” in Hawaii, also relates to its meaning in other regions.

15. Elikapeka

The name Elikapeka is the Hawaiian variation of Elizabeth. It has Hawaiian origins, and the name means “promise of God.” Or “God is my oath.”

16. Ele

The name Ele is of Hawaiian origins. It’s suitable for your baby girl because of its originality and meaning. It means “the black and shining one.”

17. Emalia

Emalia is an alternate variation of the name Emily, which means “trying to equal or excel.” The name is special because it entails a person’s determination and focus.

18. Halia

This name is of Hawaiian origin, and it means “remembrance of a loved one.” It’s a special kind of name that has not made its way to the top 1,000 baby names of the United States.

19. Haukea

This name is a combination of two words: hau, which means “snow,” and kea, which means “white,” and has not been in the top 1,000 US baby names yet. It’s a lovely name to consider if you’re a fan of Disney’s SnowWhite.

20. Kailani

Kailani comes from Hawaiian origin, which means “sea and sky” or “sea and heaven.” It has alternative spellings like Kailani, Kailanie, Kaila. A famous namesake is an Australian figure skater Kailani Craine.

21. Kahale

 This is one of the names in Hawaii that has deep meaning. The name means “A House.”

22. Hokulani

This is one of my favourite Hawaiian girl names because of its meaning. It comes from the Hawaiian name Hoku, which means “heavenly stars.”  it’s not so popular in Hawaii yet, but it’s exceptionally unique.

23. Haumea.

This is an exceptionally cool name for your baby girl. It’s a beautiful Hawaiian name that means “volcano goddess.” In Hawaiian mythology, the goddess is believed to be born with a flame in her mouth and also has a role to play in female fertility.

24. Honalie

It’s derived from a place in Hawaii called, Honalie. It’s a name for a girl child born there and most especially if you or your spouse is from there. The name means “heavenly land.”

25. Iolana

The name is not so popular, but it’s very cool. Iolana, which means “soaring like an eagle,” is a sweet name any child can ask for, and I am sure your baby girl will grow to love this name.

26. Iokina

This is another cool name with Hebrews origin which means “God will develop.”

27. Kaia

This name has Hawaiian and Greek origins. Kaia means “the sea.” A famous namesake is an American model, Kaia Gerber.

28. Kalie

Kalie is of Hawaiian origin, which means “flower wreath.” It’s a cool name with variations like; Kali, Cali, Kaleigh.

29. Kali

Kali, which means “rosebud,” is a unique name with Hawaiian, Greek, African and Hindi origins. It’s a variation of the name Kalie. Its popular namesake is an American actress Kali Rocha.

30. Keala

Keala means “pathway.” It’s one of the few unique Hawaiian girl names that have no variations. Keala was most popular in America from 1990 – 2000. Its famous namesake is an American surfer, Keala Kennelly.

31. Keola

As sweet as the name sound, it indeed represents the meaning of the name “the well being.”

32. Kahli

 This is one of the unisex names in Hawaii that has a good significance. The name  means “rainbow part.”

33. Kahlia

 This beautiful name in Hawaii means “keeper of the keys.”

34. Kala

This name means “princess.” A variation of the Hawaiian name Sara.

35. Kahula

This is a Hawaiian unisex name that means “dancing.”

36. Kahoku

 A unisexual name and of Hawaiian origins that means “the stars.”

37. Kaiko

 This is an old Hawaiian name that means “sea with a strong current. “

38. Kaipo

Looking for a perfect name for your cute little girl? This is one of the coolest Hawaiian girl names I have come across, and it means “sweetheart.”


Parents treasure their children, and this name helps affirm that affection. The name means “precious one” and is fantastic for your beautiful baby.


Your child deserves nothing but the best that’s why this name fit’s your perfect little angel. The name Kekepania means “the woman with the crown.”

41. Keily

Hawaii is a beautiful place, and as the saying goes, “an apple doesn’t fall far from its tree.” Keily justifies this as it means “garden of flowers.”

42. Keone

This is another beautiful Hawaiian name that means “the sand.”

43. Kaena

Kaena means “praised.” It’s of Hawaiian origin and is a simple and beautiful name for your baby girl.

44. Keiba

This name is not so popular yet has a unique meaning – “sunrise.” Pick this name and watch how your baby girl will bring sunrise to your household.

45. Kakalina

This name is of Hawaiian origin and is derived from the name, Katherine which means “chaste and pure.”

46. Kainona

  In Hawaii, this name means “sea with no restrictions.”

47. Kaino

 This name means “the free-flowing ocean.”

48. Kalea

 This is a beautiful and unique name that means “man’s joy and happiness.”

49. Leiko

This name is suitable for your baby girl. It means “petit flower.”

50. Leilani

Every child is perfectly made. That is why I personally like this name, and it’s not so common in Hawaii; the name Leilani means “a heavenly flower.”

51. Lani

 This name is derived from the Hawaiian name Leilani. It is mostly used as a pet name. It means “royal.”

52. Luana

One of the popular Hawaiian girl names that mean “enjoyment.”

53. Lanakila

 This name has Hawaiian origins, and it means “victory”.

54. Leimomi

This is one of the oldest Hawaiian girl names. It has a special meaning “daughter of pearls.”

55. Lua

This is one of Hawaiian short but cool names, which means “joyfulness or relaxation.”

56. Leia

Leia has English, Hebrew, and Hawaiian origins. The name means “lioness,” it has alternative spellings like; Leah, Lea, Leya. Leia dates back to biblical times, and its famous namesake is a botanist Leia Scheinvar.

57. Lokelani

This Hawaiian girl name means “little red rose.” The rose is the official flower of Maui island.

58. Malana

Malana is a prevalent Hawaiian name that has Hawaiian origins. The name means “buoyant or light.”

59. Malie

It’s every parent’s wish for their child to be calm but intelligent. Name her Malie and ensure that you’ll have no worries in the future. The name means “calm.”

60. Makani

 This is an original Hawaiian name that means “wind.” Makani is a cool name that hasn’t made it to the top 1,000 baby girl names in the US.

61. Malia

 Malia has Spanish and Hawaiian origins. Meaning “brave.” A famous namesake is Malia Obama, President Barack Obama’s daughter. Malia skyrocketed in popularity since 2008, largely because it’s President Barack Obama’s oldest daughter’s name.

62. Mililani

This Hawaiian cool name means “praise” or “exalt.” Mililani is a unique name that hasn’t made up to the top 1,000 list for girls in the US.

63. Makana

This Hawaiian name is perfect for your little angel. It means “A gift to the world.”

64. Makamae

This name has Hawaiian origin, and it means “my precious.”

65. Moanna

The name Moanna is a unique name from Hawaiian which means, “from the ocean.”

66. Nalani

This name entails how significant a baby child is in the world. Nalani means “the head,” “the chief,” “the heavens,” or “the skies.”

67. Nohealani

I personally have an interest in this name because of its unique meaning. This beautiful Hawaiian name means “The prettiest woman from Paradise.”

68. Nohea

Every mother has a dream of giving birth to a loving and beautiful child. Though it is not one of the popular Hawaiian girl names, Nohea will suit your baby girl because of its unique nature and beautiful meaning. The name means “lovely.”

69. Noelani

This is a Hawaiian special name that means “heavenly mist.” Noelani is gotten from the Christmas-inspired boy name Noel which means “born on Christmas.”

70. Napua

This is a household name in Hawaii that means “the flowers”.

71. Neo

Neo is an uncommon name in Hawaii that means “harmony.”

72. Olina

A name has a way of affecting a child, so it’s necessary to give your baby girl a pleasing name like Olina. This name means “joyous.” Or “cheerful.”

73. Okalani

Okalani is a unique name for your baby girl; it means “heaven.”

74. Oliana

The name Oliana has Hawaiian and Spanish origins. It’s a variation of the name Oleander. It has not made up to the top 1,000 names for baby girl in the US.

75. Ona

This is one of the few short Hawaiian girl names. Meaning “sweetness,” this name also has roots in African as it’s an Isoko baby name.

76. Oke

Oke is not so popular in Hawaii, but it’s a cool name that means “deer lover.” It’s also an Urhobo baby name that means “gift.”

77. Pua

This is another Hawaiian name that means “flower.”

78. Pele

This is one of the best Hawaiian girl names you should consider, especially because of its powerful meaning. the name means “goddess of fire.” “Wind,” or “volcano.”

79. Puanani

This is another Hawaiian baby name that is known for its calm and beautiful meaning, “gorgeous flower.”

80. Talei

 This name has Hawaiian origins, and it means “precious. “

81. Ululani

There are a couple of Hawaiian girl names that are cool for your daughter, and this name is certainly one of them. It means “divine inspiration. “

82. Urima

It is one of the Hawaiian names that are not so popular but has a nice meaning. Urima means “fruit of the earth.”


This is a Hawaiian baby girl name that is derived from the Hawaiian name Ululani. The name Ulani means “cheerful.”

84. Waiola

 This name comes from the Hawaiian name viola. In Latin, viola means “violet flowers,” A musical instrument that belongs to the violin family

85. Waulani

This special baby name means “kings messenger.”

86. Loni

This is a special name because it has various meanings across the world, but in Hawaii, it means “A sky.”

87. Louann

In Hawaii, this name means “one who is enjoying life.” It also has variations like; Louanne and Louanna.

88. Mahina

This is one of the Hawaiian names that have deep meaning. Mahina means “moonlight.”

89. Maile

This name is of Hawaiian origin, and it refers to “a vine” or “a shrub.”

90. Mailee

 This is a diminutive of the name Maile which also means “a vine plant.”

91. Maka

This powerful name describes how much you cherish your daughter. Maka means “a favourite loved one.”

92. Mallu

 Means someone who brings peacefulness.

93. Ohanna

This Hawaiian name means “someone who is known for nobility, courage and strength. “

94. Okelani

 This means “A Hindi word to a pleasant blue sky.”

95. Palapala

 In Latin, this name means “foreign women”. This is the Hawaiian version of “Barbara.”

96. Palila

 This is one of the most uncommon Hawaiian baby names. Very calm and sweet the name means “A rare and small bird.”

97. Pazhani

 This means “A free and independent being.”

98. Pualani

 It’s a Hawaiian girl name that means; Heavenly flower; Royal offspring, Flower offspring.

99. Zariah

This is one of the names in Hawaii that is rarely used. It means “God has favoured.”

100. Zariyah

This name means “A flower.”

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