25+ Greek Mythology Names for Girls (Greek Goddess Names)

Greek Mythology Names for Girls

Naming a child is usually very tasking for parents but there are however certain ways to make this burden lighter.

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to narrow your choices to a specific category or naming.

Below are some unique Greek mythology baby girl names and meanings that will interest you. Also checkout greek mythology names for boys.


In Greek Acantha means “pickle or thorn” and it was the name of nymph. Because of the meaningful nature of the name, it could be a fantastic tribute to a Grandma Rose.


Alala was regarded as the goddess of war-cry in the mythology of Greek. She was referred to as the daughter of Polemos who was often seen as the daemon of war. The name Alala is great celebrity name. The name originates from the screeches an owl makes.


Althea means “healing power” in Greek. It is a poetic name and is often used in Greek myths and poetry. Some famous personalities who bear this name are Althea Gibson who is considered as the first African American winner at Wimbledon.


She was the daughter of Cassiopeia and was greatly admired because she had great beauty. The name also means advising like a man in Greek language. Andromeda later became a castellation like her mother. This name is not very used in the US.


She was the goddess of flowers and floral wreaths which is also associated with it meaning in Greek. It is also the name of goddess Hera who was the queen of Olympus. Anthea is the poetic symbol of spring according to ancient Greek history.


She was the goddess of love and was celebrated poetically in ancient Greece. It is a goddess name which is rarely used by mortals and it’s a bit much for a baby to bear.


It is the Greek words which means “most holy.” And it was the name given to king Mino’s daughter.  Ariadne could be a better replacement for the name Ariana in company with the trendy nickname Ari.


This was a goddess connected to attractive qualities like excellence, knowledge and courage. Arete is one the subtle names on this list which makes it a perfect name for a modern-day female baby.


Asia was the daughter of the sea goddess Oceanus. We are not sure if she was the inspiration behind the naming of the continent of Asia. But we admire the name, and it has been ranked top on the list of the names for female babies.


The name Artemis was given to Apollo twin sister. She is the link to fertility for women and she is always called upon to help women in childbirth.  Artemis has a trendy vibe and we’ll updated.


The name Atalanta was given to a mythological maiden. She was so famous because of her beauty and her energetic personality. This name is suitable for a baby girl which will make her to be more confident and self-reliance wherever she finds herself.


This is the name of the Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, civilization, law and justice. She is one of the most influential individuals in Greek mythology.


In Greek, the name Cassandra means “prophetess”. Trojan princess bears the name Cassandra and was given the gift of prophesy by Apollo. A nickname can come out from Cassandra, names like Sandra, Sandy, Cassie, Cassa.


This name Clio is not only an ancient Greek word for “glory” but also a mythological muse. It plays well on the tongue which makes it so charming. It is pronounced Klee-oh.


This name means “born on the Island of Delis”.  It sounds as an excellent name or as a nickname. Delia is an epithet for Artemis, the moon goddess.


The goddess of harvest, agriculture, grain and growth.  She was Zeus sister.


Gaia is known as the universal mother. It is a Greek name for “earth mother”. It is popularly among the green parents and also Gaia has an ecological element to it.


The name Halcyon might not be suitable in today’s society, but it is a unique name. It means “kingfisher bird”.


Hebe is the daughter of Zeus and Hera. She is personified as the goddess of youth and beauty. Hebe means “youth”. So many people believed in her, that she can restore youthfulness even at old age.


This is the goddess of marriage and birth. Hera was the queen of marriage. She always showed special interest towards married women by helping them to preserved and protect the bond between them and their husbands.


The name hero has Greek and English origin. However, in the Greek language the name Hero translates to a demigod and it’s a name given to a woman. Hero was believed to the lover of Leander who swam through waters at night just to be with her.


She symbolizes the warmth of a house from the burning fire in the hearth. This made her to be known as the ancient goddess of the hearth, chastity and home. The meaning of Hestia is hearth and fireside.


In Greek Irene means peace and it was the middle name of the Greek ancient goddess Serene Irene. Irene was a peaceful goddess and had one of the most valued and recognizable name in the ancient history of naming mythology. The name Irene is very popular in European countries like Neutherlands, Greece and Denmark.


Iris was described as the goddess of rainbows which is also the translation of the name apart from being the goddess, she was also viewed as the messenger of Hera and Zeus riding the rainbow between Olympus and earth.


Lanthe is an almost poetic and a good name.  Lanthe means purple flower.


This Greek mythology name is known as a modest, motherly and respected name. Leto and Zeus gave birth to the twin, Artemis and Apollo.


Leda means happy in Greek language. Leda is pronounced as Lay dah. I guess this is one of the best names since it meant “happy”.


This is the god of retribution. She helps to judge and gives punishments to the evil doers. She was known to distribute happiness to the people and also dealt out misery.


Rhea is often called the earth mother of all gods. Rhea means “flowing stream”


Kore refers to a maiden in the Greek language. It is another name given to Persephone, oven regarded as the daughter of Zeus who was kidnapped by Hades and married her.

Then Hedes made Kore the goddess of the underworld. Kore was a very beautiful goddess and admired by all the gods. It is pronounced as Ko- ree.

  Things to consider when choosing the best baby names.

The following are some of the tips on how to choose perfect baby names for your children.

  • Sound: Always take into consideration how the name sounds when pronounced. Say it out aloud with the combination of both the middle and last name.
  • Uniqueness: Always avoid picking a name that is too popular at a time. With adherence to this your child won’t share the same name with many other children in his or her class.
  • Initials: Think about the impacts and benefits the name will bring to them in the future. Do not choose funny names for your kids.
  • Aging name: You should also consider a name that ages well. First consider the name with your kid as a baby and then as an adult.
  • Choose with caution: This topic Greek mythology of baby names is always very relevant for parents who wish to give their kids rare and meaningful names. And so much caution should be taken in order to give meaningful names to kids and as well as names that will keep on appreciating.
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