25+ Greek Mythology Names for Boys (Greek Gods Names)

Greek Mythology Names for Boys
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Parents oftentimes have difficulties in the exact name to give a child the very moment the child is being born instances where there are obvious possibilities of the birth of the child.

Scientific research indicates that the naming of a child is usually carefully carried out as we often judge people based on the names they bear.

It is clearly noticeable that many kinds of names generate different opinions and attention from people.

Fore instance, giving a male child names like Victoria, Margaret will obviously attract negative views especially from the female gender.

And so, applies to giving a female child names like Philip, Anthony and so on.

Therefore, much attention and time should be given to the appropriate naming of a child. Below are some Greek mythology names for boys.

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 Abraxas is a mystical word formed from Greek letters. It was often widely accepted that these words (Abraxas) possessed some diabolical powers and was often written on charms and amulets.

Many centuries ago, precisely during the second century AD, ancient Greek religious scholars usually referred to their gods as Abraxas. Abraxas was usually referred to as a talisman bearing a cock’s head with a human body.

Abraxas has been used in cultures like Pop cultures and many others. An example can be found in the book and movie, Harry Potter and the Half-blood prince.


Achilles was the name given to one of the greatest Greek heroes. He was often admired for his unmatched strengths and remarkable bravery. The term Achilles usually refers to “thin lipped”.

Despite the fact that Achilles was really strong and brave, he had a vulnerable spot which is described as the “Achilles Hill” which is however an expression generally accepted used till today.


This means “Lord” in the Greek language. It’s derived from the Greek mythology figure. Adonis is the name usually given to men and it usually related to masculine beauty. Right from time immoral dates back to 2000s, Adonis really grown wide in popularity especially in the United States of America.

Today however in the US it is regarded as the number 366 baby boys’ name.


 This is another Greek hero well known for being featured in Homer lliad. He was normally referred to Ajax the great. Despite the strength and bravery associated with the name Ajax, it is also used to describe a cleaner.


This was the name given to the son of Zeus and Leto and twin brother of Artemis. Apollo was regarded as the god of poetry, music, sun, medicine amongst others. In the United States of America Apollo is well known as the name of a NASA space program Which landed the first man on the moon between 1961 and 1972.

The name Apollo has also featured in several videos.


 Agro is often used to describe the ship sailed by Jason in search of the golden fleece according to the research from the Greek mythology. Agro is also often used to describe the

tittle of the constellation located between the Crux and the Canis Major. It is also used to describe a movie produced in 2012 starring and directed by Ben Affleck


Ares is the name given to an ancient Greek god of war and one of the twelfth Olympians. He was the son of Zeus and Hera. The name Ares is also on the list of the widely known names given to babies in this very decade. Ares is currently regarded as one of the 563rd most used name in the world.


This is described as the mythological Greek titan, who was regarded as the one in the custody of the heavens for eternity. The name Atlas was not found in the chart when it comes naming of babies until 2015, when the became very much popular.

However, a well-known actress Anne Heche, increased the popularity of the Atlas after she gave the name to her baby in 2009.


 The name Cadmus refers to one who excels in the Greek language. Cadmus is also described as another mythological hero, who was able to thoroughly combat and defeat serpents. He is regarded as the son of king Agenor and the founder of Thebes. Cadmus was used in Harry Potter because it has a specific sound which is quite magical.


It means “pious one” in Greek word and is used to describe one of the twins that make up the Gemini constellation. It’s viewed as a mythological name with cutting edge potential. The name Castor was given by James Hetfield to his son in the year 2000.


 It was the name given to the youngest son of Uranus and Gaea. He was considered as the leader of the pioneer generation of Titans. In a very short time, Cronus was regarded as the leader of men and gods after he successfully overthrrw his father.

This came to an end after Zeus came of age and locked him away. Cronus is seen as an uncommon name which is often associated with a rebellious attitude.


 Damon is regarded as a mythological Greek hero known for his readiness to sacrifice himself for his friend. Damon signifies loyalty and unselfishness. The name Damon comes with huge responsibilities, which may serve as a source of encouragement to your kid to hard in order to be the best of his kind.


 It is the name given to the Greek god of grape harvest, wine and winemaking, fertility, theater, religious ecstasy, and ritual madness. He symbolizes freedom as he encourages his fellowers to dance free of self-conscious care and fear. The name Dionysius is not widely used it posses great uniqueness.


Endymion is often regarded as a handsome figure who originally came from the mythology of Greek. He lived in the Elis region where he was assumed to be the ruler. Endymion got his beauty from Zeus his father. According to it meaning Endymion is associated with love and beauty.


Eros means “desire” in the Greek language. It’s considered as the name of the winged Greek god of sexual love. However, this name is not favored in the United States of America. But very much appreciated in Italy


Eryx was the name given to Poseidon and Aphrodite son, who governed Sicily. Eryx was considered as a great boxer who was only defeated by Hercules. Eryx is not yet widely spread but it is considered as a possible replacement for the name Eric.


Evander was a migrant who moved from Pallantium, Arcadia settled in Italy and founded the town pallention. Evander is also the son of goddess carmenties and god Hermes. Evander means “strong man or bow warrior” in the ancient Nordes. The most popular person bearing the name “Evander” is the former U.S boxing champion, Evander Holyfield.


A Griffin according to mythology was a mystical creature with an eagle’s head and bearing a lion’s body and tail. Griffin is not a regular name and it is usually a family name in the TV series known as “the family Guy.” It became popular since the turn of the century.


He was the king of the dead and the brother of Zeus. In the Greek language Hades translates to “unseen.” And he was exactly not known to be funny. Hades is a nice name for babies. It could either be used as the first name, middle name or last name.


It means “holding fast” in Greek. It was the name given to the hero who fought the Trojan war and is on rise among parents who want a hero name for their children.


Helios is the name given that was given to the Titan god of the sun. He is thought to ride his golden chariots in the skies. Towing the sun from the East to the west. Helios is not a popular name in the U.S., but the sound is beautiful and can sometimes be written as Helius.


Herakles which is also written as Heracles was one of the greatest well celebrated hero in Greek mythology. He was famous because of his incredible strength and endurance which later earned him his immortal place in Olympus.


Hermes was known as the messenger god. When picturing Hermes some of us picture the blue color figure with wings on his shoes. Others imagine the high-end clothing brand.


He was a poet and born in the 12th and 8th century close to the Asia Minor. Two of his greatest poetic works are lliad and Odyssey. If you name your child Homer, then be prepared for some jokes as found in the television series. The Simpsons.


Icarus is a very common name although not very popular due to his reputation and “icky” nickname.


Janus means gateway. It’s the name belonging to an ancient Roman god and it represents transitions. And it’s linked to January because it is a time to start anew.


Jason has been a popular name for decades and it means to “heal” in the Greek language. In mythology, Jason was the leader of the Argonauts when they went to search for the golden fleece. It is a name recognized in the Bible and often used in Greece.


It is a name used to describe “Lion-man” in ancient Greek. Leander was a powerful and famous Greek leader known for swimming across the Hellespont each night. This name is not a very popular name in the United States.


It’s the Greek god for sleep and dreams. Some people have the opinion that he is only the god of dreams and his dad is the god of sleep.


He was the father of the sea nymphs in Greek mythology. Nereus is not a fashionable name but we believe in this world where outrageous names are given to babies Nereus could someday someday be given to babies.


According to Greek mythology, Oceanus was the leader was ruled over the ocean. This name is very preferable in Europe especially in France where ocean is the most preferred site for girls.


It means wrathful in Greek. But it is famous as the name of a hero as documented in Homer’s saga. Odysseus was a brave and respectful man, but many parents may not like the name.


Olimpio when translated from Greek means” from Mount Olympus” and Olympus was the mountain where all Greek gods lived. Olympio will be a fine name for your baby if you want him to be associated with any Greek gods.


Orion hunted legends who went after Atlas’s seven daughters. He was later killed by the goddess and cast in the brightest constellation. Orion has beautiful pronunciation and its beautiful name for babies.


It is the name of a famous Greek musician and poet. It was mentioned that his music was so beautiful that rivers stopped flowing and trees began to dance. It will make great name for the son of musicians.


It means shepherd or flock in ancient Greek language. He is depicted as a man with goat legs who will play his pipe.


He was the mythological prince believed to has caused the Trojan war. Paris is a known name for girls. However, it currently being used by even the males as some make celebrities are using it.


It was the name for a Greek river god. He was always seen as a man wrapped in toga. This name might be a very a beautiful middle name for a baby child.


He was a hero and considered as one the sons of Zeus. The name sounds very old and may not be fashionable enough in our society today. The name was used in the movie “clash of the Titans.”


Pollux was castor’s half brother mentioned in both the Roman and Greek mythology. Pullux was immortal was castor was not immortal. And together they were called Dioscuri.


Poseidon is the name given to another Greek god. He is often referred to as the god of the sea. The name Poseidon is regarded as great name for ocean lovers.


Priam was the name given to the legendary king of Troy, the home of Trojam war. Priam was had two son Hector and Paris notably. Priam is like fancier version of Brian.


Pyramus lived in Babylon next door to Thisbe. Their families were against their marriage due to family rivalry. The story ended sorrowfully, with Thisbe finding pyramus lying on dead on the ground.


Thanatos means death in Greek language. And he was the god of the nonviolent deaths. Sometimes Thanatos is not always associated with deaths but always spirits. It might not be really a good baby name.


He was responsible for lightening, sky and thunder amongst many other things. Zeus was also a sovereign god in Olympus. It is often considered as a big name to live up to. But it would be greatly admired as a middle name.

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