49 Popular Greek Baby Girl Names and Meanings

Greek Baby Girl Names

Here’s our ranking of the most famous Greek baby girl names in the United States. This is based on the number of babies given those names in 2016. 

Also, the top baby names list below includes unique and popular Greek names, ranked by popularity. Are you looking for more than just Greek baby girl names?

Here’s our complete list of all baby names by popularity.


Eleni is one of the Old Greek baby girl names, meaning sunlight, bright. It is also of English origin, from an older form of Helen. 

Also, from Eleanor or Ellen. Today it is not used as a child name [eleni] was last listed in 1890. In 2010, 276 girls were named Eleni, while 156 were given the variant forms Eleanora and Elaine.


Maria is relatively common among Greek baby girl names. The meaning of Maria is bitter. You can find it in our 1,000 most popular Greek baby girl names.

Also, it’s in our A-Z list of baby name origins. What do you think about Maria as the birth name for a little girl? Rate it by clicking on one of the ‘How do you rate that?’ buttons. 

Furthermore, Maria is not often used as a girl’s first name. However, it’s used among parents who want to give their newborn daughter some traditional flair or families with old-fashioned values.

For example, Jessica Alba named her daughter Honor Marie Warren. She was born in 2008, while Jane Seymour gave birth to twins Ella and Olivia three years earlier.


Among Greek baby girl names, Dimitra means to give thanks; grateful. Dimitra is of English origin. The meaning of Dimitra is a follower of Demeter. 

Also, Dimitra dates back to 2000 B.C. Source: 1996 U.S. Social Security Administration data as compiled by ChildNamesSite .com. 


Georgia is a trendy first name among Greek baby girl names (#42 out of 4276) and is also quite brilliant. Georgia /gaɪəriə/ is of Old German origin and means farmer.

In mythology, it’s linked to Persephone, which is of unknown meaning. Also, the earliest recorded use was in 1798 by Horace Walpole. It remained among the top 1-2% names until 1947. It also peaked in 2015 at #2 with 7218 occurrences. (2015 U.S. SSA Records)


From Greek baby girl names, Bronte means thunder. Palynology says that a daughter named Bronte will be known for her outspokenness and strong personality. She might also be challenging to get along with and somewhat arrogant. 

However, that’s not so great! But you could do worse—Bronte was last year’s 75th most popular name in America. The name is undoubtedly unique.

Consider Marie or Samantha if you’re looking for something a little more familiar. Both made it into last year’s top 50.


Juno was once one of Rome’s most important goddesses. She was married to Jupiter (and nobody else), and they were both worshiped as gods in ancient Greece and Rome. The God of War also has roots in Roman mythology: His name is Mars.

Also, he had a secret lover named Venus. Now that you know these people, it’s time to look at their gender-neutral titles. 

Consequently, Juno is a beautiful female name among Greek baby girl names. The name is used on its own or as a middle name.


Lyra is a name of Hebrew origin, and it means lioness. The meaning of Lyra is a lioness. Chrysaor (Greek mythology) Chryseis: Arachne (Greek mythology).

Also, Araspe: Argonaut in Apollonius’ Argonautica. Amyntas Arassus: King of Pamphylia at Perge; killed by Heracles for stealing Geryon’s cattle. You should consider Lyra, a brave name, among our list of Greek baby girl names.


The name Demi is one Greek baby girl name. In Greek, The meaning of Demi is Earth goddess. Famous bearer: Singer Demi Lovato. A city in Spain and Turkey; from Mount Ida. 

Also, compare with another form of Demi. Variants include Damia, Damia, and Dania. See also Damita and Dina. Use for daughters. It may be pronounced DAY-mee or dee-MEE-ah. French short form of Denise (Earth). 

Moreso, Di as a Greek baby girl name: The name Di is a Greek baby name. In Greek, The meaning of Di is: Of two minds, yielding. She was used as an English and Spanish word for ‘two.’ 

Lastly, Dimitra is a Greek baby girl name: The name Dimitra is a Greek baby name. In Greek, The meaning of Dimitra is Agreeable or friendly earth.


It’s not just in English that Helen is a common name—it’s also in several other European languages. It has numerous spellings and pronunciations depending on where it is used. 

However, Helen (or some variation of it) is one of its variants. So if you’re looking for a unique name with some severe cultural influence, consider using Helen. Especially as your baby girl’s moniker.

Also, If you’re looking for other similar options, check out our lists of French- and Italian-inspired baby names.

Baby Name Wizard says: The name Helen was borne by several classical figures. Including one woman who would become Helen of Troy and be immortalized by Homer in his Iliad. 

Lastly, there are 1 million variations! Choose your favorite! Helen is one of the Greek baby girl names you should consider.


Melia is one of the Greek baby girl names. In Greek, the meaning of Melia is: From a honey tree or sweet; honey or dear. In mythology, Melia was one of three Hesperides. 

Furthermore, the others were Aegle and Arethusa. Meli as a boys’ name (also used less often as girls’ name Meli) is pronounced mee-LEE and means honey. Melos was an ancient city in Sicily famous for its music . [Source: Nameberry]


Thalia, as a girl’s name (also used as a boy’s name), is pronounced that-LEE-ah. It is one of the Greek baby girl names, and its meaning is blooming. Usage of Thalia peaked in 1910-1919 (usage of 0.4%).

Also, it has become much lower since (usage of 0.03%, ▼88%), with versions such as Tahlia becoming less stylish. (Top 2000 Names, 2015) .


Acacia, when written this way, is one of the Greek baby girl names. See also Acasia. Acacia is of Arabic origin and means acacia trees. 

Also, It can be a variant spelling of Akasha (Arabic). Not in use in Greece today. A short form of Octavia. See Oc… [more] ia • Alecia • Alesia • Aliki • Amalia • Anastasia • Anastasija … [more] ida• Idalia 1


The name Alala is a vernacular form of Alexandra. See for the meaning and origin of Alala. Do you think Alala is a good name among Greek baby girl names? 

Vote now! If you think it is, make sure to vote it up! This will allow other people to get involved in voting too. This way, we can find out what people think about that name on our website.


One of the top 100 Greek baby girls is named Amara. The name rose in popularity from 1970-to 2012. The Greek meaning of Amara is she who loves. 

Furthermore, in Biblical/Christian history, Amara is a name used by several minor characters and daughters in scripture. According to Wikipedia, Amara or Amenardas was an Iranian prince.

Also, a Chaldean vassal from 495 BC, father of Amytis (mother of Cyrus), and wife Roxana. Through marriage, he would later become a Median satrapy chief general in Asia Minor.


According to our records, Asia is not a popular first name among Greek baby girl names. It is listed outside of the top 1000. In 2015, among all girl names in its group, 0 were named Asia while one was named Athena.

Furthermore, compared to all boy names in its group, two were named Asia while four were named Leo. (Ages 17-of-year-old U.S. infant data)


Agnes is a Latin and English baby name. In Latin, The meaning of Agnes is Pure. Saint Agnes was a virgin martyr in Rome.

Also, legends depict her holding her severed breasts on a platter to feed Constantine’s troops. One of several saints with that name. 

Lastly, Agnes is also used as a diminutive of Ann or Anna. Plus, it’s pretty and still trendy today among Greek baby girl names!


More commonly spelled Beti, Beta is a name among Greek baby girl names. In 2016, its usage was 0.015% in Greece. It is pronounced like Bay-ta. 

However, what do they use? Bayta (name). See also: Natalee (name) .. Bette .. Beulah .. Bessie .. Birgitta .


Basilia is pronounced as BA-see-lee-ah. Basilia is a variant of Basilissa among Greek baby girl names. Basilia has its origins in Old Greek and Latin language. Also, Basilia spelled backward is Ilaabsla. 

This name was used for 57 days before it dropped out of favor – starting on January 1st, 2018. 

Lastly, its usage peaked that month, with 0.010% of baby girls named Basilia. It was given to 54 babies.


Helena is a Latin baby name yet common among Greek baby girl names. In Latin origin, the meaning of the name Helena is Shining light. Feminine of helios; variant of Helen. 

Furtheremore, a famous bearer, was Saint Helena (consort of Constantine). She discovered in 326 AD relics claimed to be those of Jesus’ cross. Thus, she became known as ‘the mother of Christianity.’ 

Also, Empress Dowager Cixi (1835-1908) was given a Western education. Subsequently, she developed ideas about learning from Europeans. She imparted this to her son, Emperor Guangxu, who sought foreign teachers for Chinese scholars.


It’s pronounced tie-RESS-ah. Other variations of Theresa include Theresia and Therese. Learn more about Its pronounced tie-RESS-ah. 

Also, other variations of Theresa include Theresia and Therese. Learn more about Theresa in our name guide. Theresa is a beautiful name you could consider among Greek baby girl names.


The name Myrine is one of the Greek baby girl names. In Greek, the meaning of the name Myrine is Moon. Mythology: one of Artemis’ companions; was changed into a quail by Artemis. 

Also, I spelled Merina. Hebrew’ Myra,’ meaning ‘rock,’ or Aramaic ‘Miryam,’ telling ‘loved by God.’ The name appears in Matthew 1:5. Persian Name Meaning – Myrtis is Persian


This name is mentioned in just one book of the Old Testament/Torah or Hebrew Bible/Tanakh: Lamentations 5:10. Hermia (also found in English with spelling variations) is one of the Greek baby girl names. In mythology, Hermia was a princess of Athens who fell in love with Demetrius. 

However, she rejected his marriage proposal and ran away to join her friend Helena at Thebes. She then married Demetrius’ rival Lysander instead. This was because she was under a spell that made her fall in love with Demetrius.

Moreover, this prevented her from marrying him. See more about Hermias on Nameberry. 


Did you mean Clementine? Clio is a girl’s name found among Greek baby girl names, meaning amusing. Clio discussed in our forums with posts like he hates my name (Clio).

Moreover, that happened because it was an uncool kids’ cartoon from 25 years ago. Popular variation forms of Clio are Clara and Kallie.


Hestia originated as one of the Greek baby girl names. The meaning of Hestia is hearth. Hestia is most commonly given to English and Welsh girls (via BabyCenter).

Moreover, because of its biblical nature, Christians may also use Hestia as a name for boys.


The name Despina is one of the Greek baby girl names. In Greek, the meaning of the name Despina is Friend. Nickname for Dionysia or Thespis, who both earned fame in song and verse. 

Furthermore, it is Derived from Dios’ of Zeus’ and Penelope’ of pens’. Also, a short form of Athena. Famous bearer: rock singer Desiree was born in Australia but has adopted an Americanized spelling of her first name. 

Also, she rose to fame with her 1990 debut album, Supernatural. The album went multiplatinum in Australia and gave her three chart-topping singles there.


Calista is a rare last name (or rarely used the first name) among Greek baby girl names. The meaning of Calista: complex to catch (animal) + feminine of Castor. (It’s assumed that Castor was a type of antelope.) 

Also, Castors are very calm animals and can jump super high. Also, from Wikipedia, The English common noun castor refers to three distinct species known as beavers.

In Greek mythology, Castor was one of the twin brothers, sons of Zeus and Leda. We looked at ten lists of 1000 baby names each year for girls.


Austria came into use in 1974. It is used for girls. It is pronounced as AHSS-tree-ah. The meaning of Astria is a starry one.

Also, Austria remains a largely unused name. However, it would be more appropriate for parents looking for a unique name to call their child. Austria is one of the Greek baby girl names you can use without going overboard.


The name Atalanta is a nice name among Greek baby girl names. In French, The meaning of Atalanta is Strength. In Roman mythology, she was a huntress who came to Arcadia in pursuit of a boar.

However, she was purified by Melanion, who had fallen in love with her. (16 times more often as a girl’s name than a boy’s name.) 

Furthermore, what do they use in other countries? Althene; Atalyne; Telena; Tatjana; Taleenas The Name Is Used In Other Languages (Female). Arabic: Athilaht Turkish: Talent Cantonese Chinese: Diu Yap Mandarin Chinese: Dui Yao Japanese: Arata na From Dutch and Indian origins.


Alexis is one of the Greek baby girl names. The meaning of Alexis is to heal. It is pronounced AL-i-kis. 

Furthermore, Alexis and related Alexia forms were among the top ten favorites until the 1980s. Today it has regained popularity among parents, pushing from number 506 to 396 between 2010 and 2011. 

Also, it can be spelled Alexis as well! Alexis originated in Old French and is mainly used in English, German and Dutch-speaking countries. Though it was #8 on the U.S. list for many years, Alexis recently fell out of favor with their parents.


The name Nicole is also one of the Greek baby girl names. In Greek, the meaning of Nicole is People of victory. From Nicholas; victorious people. 

Furthermore, the Feminine form of Nicholas includes Nicki, Nikky, and Niki. Nicky; Nicolette; Nikita. Nickie; Nikki. Nikki; Nickey. Nicki. A famous bearer was an American actress and singer, Nicole Kidman.


This was a favorite of girls born in Greece from 1880-to 1899 (usage of 0.02%). The name sounds like: People and Penelope. Penelope, one of the Greek baby girl names, is a variation of Pelagia (Greek). 

Furthermore, the name derived its spellings from Pelagius, possibly meaning she who brings forth young. In mythology, she was an old hag who nursed Zeus; in earlier times, she may have been a nymph.


Andrea is another one among Greek baby girl names. In Greek, the meaning of Andrea is Manly. Feminine of Andrew; courageous. The feminine form of Andreas. 

Furthermore, the famous bearer was Andreas Hofer (1767-1810). An Austrian rebel leader in Tyrol against Napoleon’s occupation.


Aura is used more widely as the last name or middle name. However, it does make an adorable first name for your daughter. Not entirely appropriate for new mothers in their teens and early 20s.

Furthermore, Aura, found in 15 percent of 2014 girls, its popularity increased by two percent between 2009 and 2014. The name’s meaning—breeze—is thought to be inspired by mythology. 

Also, in Japanese Mythology, there is a similar-sounding fairy named Au-re-i-ko who blesses children with intelligence. Aura is one of the excellent Greek baby girl names you should consider calling your child.


The name Iris means Rainbow in English. It’s a trendy name, ranked #452 on our popularity charts. The first name is IHR-iss (English) and eer-EEZ (Greek). 

Also, the variant form of Iris is Ira. Another form of Iris used familiarly in English is Irie. Iris is a beautiful name you can consider naming your child among Greek baby girl names.


Their parents favored Irene [ee-ree-nee] in 1960. Though Irene is an American name, it’s actually from. Asher a Greek baby boy name. Asher [ah-shehr] was favored by parents in 1978. Among Greek baby girl names, Irene is quite popular.


Juliette [joo-lee-et] was favored by her parents in 1978. Juliette is #65 on our popularity charts and has been a top 500 favorite since 1880. Juliette is one of the beautiful Greek baby girl names you can name your girl child. 


 Their parents favored Addie [ahd-dee] in 1974. Addie is not so popular among Greek baby girl names.


Maia means mother, and its origin is Hebrew. Maia is an alternate spelling of Mia, one of the Greek baby girl names. See also May. 

Also, M is an American baby boy name: M means wisdom, ancient. It’s related to amzah, which appears in The Quran (The Muslim Holy Book) and tells foolish. Magna is a Latin baby girl name: Magna means excellent.


Yolanda is a feminine given name. The meaning of Yolanda is bright and yolk or violet flower. It is not used frequently as Greek baby girl names. 

Also, it has not been ranked in the top 1000 names since 1890 in 2015. Moreover, before that year, it was a common choice. In 2015, among all newborns named Yolanda, there were five times more extra girls than just born girls.


 Dido – some books listed Dido as a top 10 among Greek baby girl names. This list contains unique characters and excellent dog favorites from all over. Titles are repeated if multiple entries were found to exist for a particular year.

Also, rank is displayed for those that appear in more than one list. If pages do not contain this data or titles are not listed alphabetically, URLs to those websites have been included. This is to allow you to explore their contents yourself.


Dorothy is a common English given name of Old German origin. It has two different meanings: one refers to fame while another relates to word or enclosure. Famous bearers include Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz, from Kansas.

Also, American actress Dorothy Loudon; British actress Dorothy Tutin. Furthermore, American actress Doris Day and singer Patti Page (aka The Singing Rage). Among Greek baby girl names, Dorothy is also occasionally used as a surname for women.


The name Calypso is one of the Greek baby girl names. In Greek, The meaning of the name Calypso is Mythology; she tended to Odysseus after his shipwreck. Also an English poet and novelist (1875-1956).


Cybele \scyb-e-le\ is a vernacular form of Cybelline, one of the Greek baby girl names. The meaning of Cybele is ruler. The source of Cybele is Latin. 

Also, view a list of vernacular forms for Cybel in different countries. Cf. Sabeline, Sibilla, Sidonie and Sigela. Other alternative forms are Cydel, Cydelle, Cydelis and Selene.

Lastly, variants include: Cybelean; Sybilla; Syble; Zylphia (English); Celena (Spanish); Selina. Pet form of Sofia. These forms were more common in 2014.


Among Greek baby girl names, Lyric’s origin is Old Greek. The meaning of Lyric is Melody, Song, Scholar, Poet, or Singer. Lyric was a famous poetess and musician in ancient Greece who sang to Apollo.

Also, she was known for her skill with a lyre. It has been used as a first and last name in English-speaking countries since 1885. It was introduced by author George MacDonald in his fantasy novel ‘At the Back of the North Wind.’


U.S. parents do not rank this name. You’re in good company! Name your kid Anfisa! Anfisa is one of the Greek baby girl names you should consider naming your girl child.


Its origin is English, and its use in English. The meaning of Angelica is the messenger. It is also of French and German descent.

Also, In French, it means angel. In German, it means to drive away evil spirits. A 19th-century literary name for a fairy’s messenger. 

Furthermore, it is also used in sweet-scented plants from Asia as a flavoring agent. Also spelled Anjelica. Angelica is quite popular among Greek baby girl names.


New parents who want their daughter to be radiant and gorgeous might think about choosing Aurora as a name. According to Greek mythology for, Greek baby girl names, Aurora was a Roman goddess of sunrise and dawn. In English, it means light or daylight. 

Furthermore, other meanings for Aurora include Dark Lady, daughter of Daedalus. It also means, in Hawaiian culture, to greet with joy. It’s pronounced AW-roe-rah (or ERR-oh-rah). The origin of it is Latin.


The name Vasiliki is one of the Greek baby girl names. In Greek, the meaning of the name Vasiliki is: Crowned with lilies. Lily flower. 

Also, it is a variant of Basilissa (Greek) ‘queen.’ Queen Victoria was named after Queen Elizabeth I’s mother, who was known as ‘The Virgin Queen.’ It has been in use since 1880.


Meaning constant, Konstantina is a derivative of Constance. It is a name used by parents looking for something a little outside the mainstream.

Still not sure if Konstantina is suitable for your child? Firstly, Konstantina has only been around since 2012. There were no babies born with this name in any year before 2012! It’s also worth noting that there are no variations of Konstantina either.

Consequently, think again if you’re thinking of going with a shorter or longer version! We don’t have much data on how popular Konstantina will be in future years. However, from its past usage pattern, we can predict its usage will continue to overgrow. 

It’s already starting to get quite rare. This means now could be one of those times when you should jump on board before everyone else! Konstantina is one of the excellent Greek baby girl names you should consider naming your child.


And we hope you’ve enjoyed our list of most famous Greek baby girl names. We also hope you’ve given some of them a special place in your heart. Don’t forget to add something that speaks of your individuality into all those stupendous choices. 

Otherwise, you will get lost in many great details while choosing one or two name combinations. A great starting point is how you envision your child’s personality: are they bubbly and outgoing? 

Also, do they have more quiet moments where it takes time for them to warm up? Knowing that can guide you down many exciting paths of finding unique Greek baby girl names. Even with less effort and stress!

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