115 Gothic Boy Names and Their Meanings

Gothic Boy Names

The majority of babies born in the United States are given conventional names. Parents looking to stand out from the crowd have plenty of other options when deciding what to name their little one.

Gothic baby names have been growing in popularity since the early 2000s. Therefore, some names are given entirely new meanings, and others harken back to their Germanic roots.

The following list outlines the most common gothic boy names and their meanings and pronunciations. This is to help you get familiar with these beautiful Gothic monikers.

Table of Contents

  1. Gothic Names for Baby Boy
    1. Auberon
    2. Astaroth
    3.  Adalricus
    4. Alfonzo
    5.  Amalric
    6.  Ascelin
    7. Balor
    8.  Bram
    9. Brander
    10. Cadell
    11.  Chimaera
    12. Corbin
    13. Cynfael
    14. Draco
    15. Drusus
    16.  Dorian
    17.  Davorin
    18.  Dyrk
    19. Edgar
    20.  Etienne
    21. Griffin
    22.  Golgotha
    23. Kalon
    24. Lycidas
    25. Oberon
    26. Obsidian
    27.  Ozul
    28. Perseus
    29. Quillon
    30. Rook
    31. Sealin
    32. Sullen
    33. Taos
    34. Tierney
    35. Vesper
    36. Xanthus
    37. Xenos
    38.  Ywain
    39. Zacchaeus
    40. Zephyr
    41. Hastie: 
    42. Hawthorne
    43. Hemlock
    44. Jett
    45. Merle 
    46. Morgan
    47. Oxyx
    48. Parris
    49. Raven
    50. Sage
    51. Salem 
    52. Tempest
    53. Thorne 
    54. Vega 
    55. Clive 
    56. Damien
    57. Dexter 
    58. Draven
    59. Hawk
    60. Xander
    61. Endymion 
    62. Fenrir
    63. Gabriel
    64. Grimoire
    65. Hades
    66. Idris
    67. Leviathan
    68. Loki
    69. Orion
    70. Orpheus 
    71. Styx
    72. Summanus
    73. Altair
    74. Astor 
    75. Briar
    76. Alexander
    77. Pluto
    78. Silas 
    79. Silver
    80. Certain
    81. Wolfe 
    82. Alaric
    83. Adonis
    84. Adrian
    85. Dyrk (German origin)
    86. Gaspar
    87. Grey
    88. Kokabiel
    89. Kimaris
    90. Leandor 
    91. Lucien 
    92. Massimo
    93. Morte 
    94. Nergal
    95. Orlok
    96. Ransley 
    97. Renwick 
    98. Seth
    99. Spyros 
    100. Seren 
    101. Samael
    102. Tariq 
    103. Akeldama 
    104. Abbadon
    105. Azazel
    106. Azrael
    107. Belial 
    108. Elatha
    109. Dade 
    110. Hellebore
    111. Iblis
    112. Shadow
    113. Shiva
    114. Teuer
    115. Thanatos

Gothic Names for Baby Boy


You would want your son to grow up to be a noble person. Auberon is one of the gothic boy names associated with ‘noble.’ Auberon is a variant of the name Aubrey.


Astaroth is a unique and edgy Gothic name for your little champ. According to Christian mythology, Astaroth means a ‘demon.’


An exciting name starting from A, which you would like to check out, is Adalricus. Adalricus refers to a noble ruler. Let your boy shine like the sun with all the power and wealth with gothic boy names. 


Alfonzo is an excellent Gothic name with a beautiful meaning. It is a stylish variation on the name Alfonso which means noble and ready.


Amalric is a perfect name for your little prince. It means a person born to rule with all the power. Amalric is derived from Gothic reeks tribal names Amal and Ric. It was the name of two 12th-century rulers of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. It is one of the best gothic boy names you can give your baby


If you are an adventurous baby namer, then Ascelin is a name you want to consider. See your son flourish and reach heights in the world with a name like Ascelin, which means from the moon.


If you are looking for a catchy Gothic name starting with the letter B, then Balor is a good option. Balor means a one-eyed giant according to Irish mythology.


Bram is one of the most lovely Gothic boy names you can name your son. It means one who is the father of many children. It is popular in Netherland, Scotland, and Australia.


Raising your son to be a powerhouse of immense strength is a great deal. Brander is a Gothic name that means ‘sword of fire.’


For parents who are fascinated by the spirit of the war field, Cadell is a name you should not miss. Cadell is a trendy Gothic name popular in Australia, Britain, and England. Cadell is an attractive choice as it reflects the idea of a battle spirit.


Chimera is another mythological name that is unique and cool. Chimaera is a beast made up of different animals.


Corbin refers to a raven. It is a splendid Gothic name that originated from a French surname, a person with dark hair color.


Check out the name Cynfael which is edgy and unusual. Cynfael is an apt name for your prince as it means chief prince.


Is one of the most common gothic boy names. Draco is a sharp and edgy Gothic name that means dragon. This name is suitable if you want your son to be fierce.


See your baby boy emerging to be powerful. Drusus is a Gothic name that means strong and sturdy.


Another popular Gothic name in recent years is Dorian. This name is derived from Greek and has a romantic allure to it.


Davorin is a unique name from Slavic mythology. Bring in more confidence and success in your son’s path with a term like Davorin, which refers to the God of war.


Dyrk is a simple and sweet Gothic name that means a person who admires nightlife.


Edgar is one of the most famous and friendly gothic bit names that refer to prosperity. It is also the name of a famous Gothic writer Edgar Allen Poe.


Etienne is an excellent option if you are looking for a trendy name. It comes from a French word that means ‘crown.’


There are many gothic boy names you can choose from. Griffin is a cool Gothic name for your munchkin. It means the Lord who has reasonable control over everything around him.


Golgotha is a name with a unique pronunciation. It comes from a Hebrew word that refers to a ‘skull.’


There are many distinctive Gothic boy names, and you could go for Kalon. It is a unique name that refers to the sky.


If you are a parent who wants to choose a name that makes your son stand out in the crowd, then check out the name Lycidas. Lycidas is an uncommon Goth name; it has its roots in Greek.


Oberon is one of the trendy Gothic boy names that has recently become popular. It reres to ‘Elf ruler’. It was also the name of the King of the fairies in the famous SHalespear’s comedy The Midnight Summer Night’s Dream.


One of the best names you could give your little boy is Obsidian. Obsidian is a cool name for your son. Obsidian is a gemstone formed from lava.


A unique and classy name choice is Ozul. Ozul is a beautiful Gothic name that refers to shadow.


Perseus is the name of an ancient Greek hero. It is also a word used to describe ‘destroy,’


Quillon is stylish yet one of the unique Gothic boy names you can give to your son. It means a ‘sword’ and seems like a great option to encourage your son to be bold and brave.


Rook is a popular masculine Gothic name. It means one who looks like a raven. it’s an excellent reputation to desire 


Sealin is a cute yet unique Gothic name for your little prince.


An exciting name starting from S is Sullen. Sullen refers to a person with a bad temper or sullen.


Taos might be a perfect choice if you want a short and catchy name. It is not ordinary like many other Gothic boy names. It means a place of red willows, and this name is of Native America.


A regal choice of name for your little prince is Tierney. It is an adorable name that means regal.


Vesper means a night star. This name is another excellent choice for your baby because of its uniqueness and tremendous meaning.


Xanthus is a catchy and cool name. It is derived from Greek and means golden-haired.


Out of a few Gothic boy names which start from X, Xenos is a dynamic name that means a stranger.


A fighter in your son comes to the forefront with a great name like Ywain. Ywain is an adorable baby boy’s name. It is a masculine name that means a young warrior.


Let your son grow into a pure soul with a Gothic name like Zacchaeus. It is a lovely name that means pure and clean.


You can check out the name Zephyr for stylish yet unique Gothic boy names. Zephyr means wind.


 The name of a popular character from The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde. It is not as familiar as other gothic boy names. 


Another great gothic name. It means a person who resides where Hawthornes grow.


A bit unique from all other Gothic boy names. It is gotten from a poison used to kill Socrates.


 A unisex Gothic name that means ‘jet black.’


Another gothic boy and, that is of French origin. It is another name for the blackbird.


 Morgan is of Welsh origin. It is a popular name meaning ‘seaborn.’


A gothic boy name that means ‘a pitch-black stone’, this name is made more virile by the final ‘x.’


The name Parris is similar to the name of the French capital. And it is a Gothic boy name that is rare.


This unisex Gothic name for your son or daughter means ‘wise’ or ‘dark-haired.’


A short and robust name that implies wisdom and knowledge.


(Hebrew origin), this name means ‘peace’ and also references the famous witch trials.


 An excellent, evocative, modern name whose meaning is ‘trouble’ or ‘storm.’


(English origin), a unique name that means ‘prickly.’


(Spanish origin), this name with Arabic roots is the name for a swooping eagle.


(English origin), a baby name whose meaning is ‘a cliff’ (Gypsy 83).


 (Russian origin), this name usually means ‘to tame’ (The Omen).


(Old Latin origin), this name means ‘one who is right-handed’ (Dexter). It is also a gothic boy name people give you their sons. 


This name is drawn from a character in In The Shadows.


This is a name for a baby boy that means a bird’ (The Revenant).


 (Ancient Greek origin), a goth name that means ‘defending men’ (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)


(Greek origin), the name of a handsome boy from Greek mythology.


This Gothic name for a boy is derived from Norse legends. It means ‘fen-dweller.’


(Hebrew origin), it is one of the famous gothic boy names people name their sons. The name of an angelic servant means ‘God is my strength.’


Another member of Gothic boy names derived from folktales about spirits and enchantments.


(Greek origin), a Gothic boy name from Greek mythology. This is the name of the King of the underworld.


The name of a Legendary Welsh giant after whom Idris Fort is named.


(Hebrew origin), the name of a monstrous sea monster found in the Bible.


A cunning shape-shifting God in Norse mythology.


 A legendary hunter in Greek mythology. This name also means ‘rising star.’


(Greek origin) the name of a legendary Greek musician and poet that made trees dance.


This Goth name refers to the mythological Greek River of Hate.


The Roman name of the God of night thunder.


 The name of the brightest star in the Aquila constellation.


(German and French origin), refers to a bird of prey.


One of many Gothic names, this one means ‘a thorny patch of land.


A Gothic boy’s name is derived from a Mediterranean shrub.


This goth name means ‘rich’ and is the name of the former ninth planet.


(Latin and English origin), this boy’s name means ‘forest’ or ‘wood.’


A unisex name derived from the shimmer of metal.


This is one of the Gothic boy names of a sacred herb called Verbena.


(German origin), this German name meaning ‘traveling wolf’ or ‘beast’ implies fierceness.


Gothic name that means ‘all-powerful ruler.’


 (Greek origin), this name is associated with masculine beauty.


 Latin origin, meaning a person from Adria’.

Dyrk (German origin)

 German variation of Theodoric that means ‘the people’s ruler.’


(Spanish and Hungarian origin), meaning ‘bearer of treasure.’


 This first name is associated with Virgo.


 (Hebrew origin), a fantastic kind of Gothic name which means ‘star of God.’


Kimaris is one of the scariest Gothic boy names. It is the 66th member of a legion of demons.


(Spanish and Italian origin), this name has implications for strength and power.


(French origin), meaning ‘light.’


 (Italian origin), meaning ‘the greatest.


(French origin), this is one of the Gothic boy names meaning ‘death.’


A biblical name that means ‘great man.’


An original name of a vampire from the Nosferatu folktale.


(English origin), meaning ‘raven’s meadow.’


(Scottish origin), this name refers to a raven settlement.


 (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘placed or appointed.’


(Greek origin), this name has implications for wealth.


(Welsh origin), meaning ‘calm’ and ‘serene.’


The name of an angel of death.


(Arabic origin), meaning ‘one who knocks at the door.’


(Hebrew origin), meaning ‘field of blood.’


 (Hebrew origin), this is the name of the demon of destruction.


 The name of the demon that taught humanity weaponry and cosmetics.


 (Hebrew origin), this is the name of the Angel of death.


(Hebrew origin), meaning ‘a demon’ or ‘the devil.’


 The name of the golden-haired Prince of Darkness


(Gaelic origin), meaning ‘the dark one.’


 (Ancient Latin origin), meaning ‘to injure.’


This is one of the many names of Satan in Islamic folklore, and you might never like to name your son. 


A unisex name meaning ‘dark.’


Another type of Gothic unisex boy name. It means ‘destruction’ and ‘resurrection.’


 A Gothic name refers to something expensive. This German name means costly and is a variation of teuer. It can also be spelled as Teyer, an Anglicized version of it.


If you’re looking for a gothic boy name that rolls off your tongue, Thanatos is an excellent option. This Greek name means death, but it has a certain kind of allure. It also has religious roots. Thanatos is one of the four horsemen in Greek mythology. 

So, for some parents, naming their child after death is seen as somewhat morbid; however, others might find it an excellent way to tap into their family history or culture.


Your baby’s name will stay with them for a lifetime. So, select a name that you feel is apt for your child and the one your child always relishes upon having one.

The high-stake process of choosing your baby’s name can be made easy by looking up the meanings of the beautiful Goth baby names above.

Parenting comes loaded with responsibilities like selecting a name. We hope the above name list helps you; happy Parenting.

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