100+ Goddess Names for Girls

Goddess Names for Girls

Goddess is a woman honoured or adored as physically attractive. So, there are many ideal goddess names that has a beautiful and good meaning that can be answered by your girl child.

You might select some goddess names below either because you love the name and the meaning, the culture or to pay tribute to your heritage.

A – Z Goddess Names for Girls and their Meanings


  • Aahana: Aahana means ‘Inner light’.
  • Aarvi: This means peace or ‘the one who makes peace’.
  • Aarya: This is the name used for Goddess Durga and it means ‘noble goddess’.
  • Aashirya: Aashirya means ‘from the land of God’.
  • Aditi: Aditi is the name of the goddess of fertility, the infinity sky, the earth, past and future. Aditi means ‘boundless’.
  • Aditri: The name Aditri means ‘highest honour’.  It’s another name of Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Advita: This name is a unique name which means ‘number one, lovely or unique’.
  • Ambuja: The name Ambuja means ‘beautiful flower Lotus’.
  • Anwita: Anwita means ‘understanding’. It is referring to all powerful mother Goddess.
  • Aparna: Aparna symbolizes ‘courage, strength and valor’. It’s the name of Lord Siva’s wife, Goddess Parvati.
  • Ameya: The name Ameya means ‘purity and cleanliness’.
  • Anaya: Anaya means ‘God has shown favour’.


  • Bani: ‘Giver of knowledge of the earth’.
  • Belisama: This name is actually that of the celtic counterpart of Minerva. Her name means “brightest one”.
  • Beyla: ‘Dance; beautiful’
  • Bhagyashree:  ‘An infinite good luck and fortune’.
  • Bhargavi: This means ‘beautiful or charming’.
  • Bhaskari: Bhaskari means ‘radiant like the sun’.
  •  Bhavani: Bhavani is a very popular hindu goddess name for baby girl among Indian parents. The name gives off a sense of power.
  • Bhavaprita:  Bhavaprita means ‘one who is loved by the universe’. It is also a name for Goddess Durga. It’s a name that represent infinite emotion.
  • Bilvanilaya:  Bilvanilaya means ‘one who resides under the Bilva tree’ and refers to Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Brahmi: Brahmi means ‘sacred or holy’. Brahmi is also the name of a plant which has many amazing properties, all positive for the human body.
  • Brigantia: Brigantia was a late celtic goddess of victory. Meaning ‘the elevated one’.
  • Brigid (Brigit): Goddess of ‘spring and poetry’. Means ‘exalted one’.
  • Brinda: This means ‘holy and basil’.


  • Calista: means ‘fairest, most beautiful’.
  • Ceres (Demeter): ‘Goddess of agriculture’
  • Cerridwen: Goddess of rebirth, change, and transformation, the underworld goddess and keeper of knowledge.
  • Charis: Charis was the goddess of ‘charm, creativity and nature’.
  • Chakrikaa: This is the goddess who have the ‘divine wheel’.
  • Charvi: ‘Beautiful woman or beautiful girl’.
  • Chandrarupa: The goddess that looks like the moon.
  • Clementia: means ‘merciful’.
  • Cleta: Cleta means ‘renowned’. It was one of the greek Graces.
  • Cyhiraeth: Goddess of streams


  • Damara: means calf; to tame; ‘gentle’.
  • Danica: Means ‘morning star’; from Denmark
  • Davina:  means ‘Beloved’.
  • Deepa: This means ‘Lamp’. The goddess that lightens the place with her presence.
  • Deetya:  The name Deetya means ‘an answer to prayers.
  • Dextra: One who dyes; right-handed, fortunate
  • Deveshi: Deveshi means the chief or head of all goddess.
  • Demeter: The Greek goddess of ‘grain, agriculture, harvest, growth and nourishment’.
  • Dia: This is the name of the Greek goddess of youth. It means ‘heavenly’.
  • Diana: Goddess of the hunt which means ‘Heavenly and divine’.
  • Driti: means ‘steadiness or courage’.
  • Doris: means ‘gift’.

E – F

  • Eithna: This is the name of the goddess who survived only on milk. It means ‘pretty and soulful’.
  • Ekaa: This is the name of one of the goddesses Durga and it means “matchless”.
  • Electra: means ‘shining, bright or radiant’
  • Enid: Enid means life and spirit.
  • Eudora: It is the name of five minor goddess of Greek mythology. Eudora means generous gift.
  • Eva: means ‘life’.
  • Fauna: This is the fairy who protected Disney “Sleeping beauty”.
  • Felicitas: means ‘happy’.
  • Flora: it’s the name of the Roman goddess of flower and spring. She enjoyed her eternal youth.
  • Fortuna: This means “good fortune”.
  • Freya: The name Freya is derived from an old Norse name Freyja. It means a noble woman or a lady. Freya is the goddess of love, fertility, death and war.

G – I

  • Gaia: Gaia is pronounced GUY-ah. It means “earth mother”.
  • Gauri: Gauri means “fair one” and is one of the most popular names among Hindus.
  • Gefion: This is the name of the goddess of agriculture and fertility.
  • Girija: Girija means daughter of mountains because she was the daughter of the king of mountains.
  • Harmonia: means ‘ unity and concords.
  • Hannah: Hannah means grace or favour.
  • Hersilia: ’Delicate’.
  • Iat: This is the name of the goddess of milk, nurturing and childbirth.
  • Inanna: This is the most prominent goddess name in ancient Mesopotamia. It means ruling over love, fertility and warfare.
  • Indusheetala: This is quite a long name, but it is also a unique name.  Indusheetala means “cool like the moon”. Indu means ‘moon’ while sheetala means ‘cool’.
  • Ira: Ira is a good name for people who like to keep things simple.  Ira means ‘earth or a devoted one’.
  • Iris: This is an attractive flower-name and the name of the messenger of the gods. Iris means Rainbow.
  • Isis: The Egyptian goddess of health, marriage and wisdom.


  • Jade: Jade means precious stone.
  • Jane: Jane means God is gracious
  • Jarah: Jarah means bravery and boldness.
  • Jasira: Jasira symbolizes boldness and courage.
  • Jaya:  Jaya which is one of the popular names stands for victory.
  • Jiana: The god of gracious
  • Juno: Juno is the name of the Roman goddess of women(fertility) and marriage. It means Queen of heaven.
  • Justina: Roman goddess of Justice.
  • Juturna: Juturna is pronounced TURN-ah. The Roman goddess was the deity of springs, wells and fountains.
  • Juventas: The Roman goddess personifies youth.

K – L

  • Kamakshi: This is one of the beautiful names which means “one with a loving eye”.
  • Karma: Karma means destiny or fate.
  • Kashtha: Kashtha is referred to the goddess who is a quarter of the world. The name signifies enormity of a Goddess which means ‘path of the wind’, signifying the free air a d attitude.
  • Kiara: means “little black one”
  • Kimaya: Kimaya is one of the elegant names and it means ‘divine’ and ‘miracle’.
  • Kriti: This name is one of the easiest, short and sweet name to pronounce. It means ‘a work of art or variant’.
  • Leto: Leto is the goddess of motherhood.
  • Lucina: This is the roman goddess of childbirth. It means “she who brings children into the light(world). “.  Lucina can be shortened to Lucy or Luna.
  • Luna: Luna means “goddess of the moon”.
  • Lyric: Lyric means words of songs.

M – N

  • Macha: Goddess of war and life/death cycle.
  • Maeve: Goddess of earth, goddess of fertility.
  • Mahira: Highly skilled, experts or talented
  • Marnasvi: it means intelligent, wise and sensible.
  • Margaret: Margret means Pearl.
  • Marvel: It means wonderful, extraordinary and miracle to marvel at.
  • Maxima: Greatest
  • Mayra: Beloved, favorable and admirable
  • Naira: Shinning or glittering.
  • Nemain: Goddess of war
  • Niamh: Goddess of beauty
  • Niya: Niya means a desire for something or purpose.
  • Nysa: it means “new beginning”
  • Nyx: Nyx means “Night”.

O – R

  • Oizys: Daughter of greek goddess Nyx, her name means misery, which moves it from “out there” to unusable.
  • Olwen: Olwen can also be spelt Olwyn. Olwen was the heroin if s Celtic love story. She was said to be gentle, white lilies grew in her footprints. It’s the goddess of spring and flowers.
  • Onatch: Goddess of corn.
  • Ostara: This Nordic goddess is the source of Easter, her name meaning “dawn”.
  • Padmakshi: This is one of the most beautiful names. It means “one with lotus like eyes”.
  • Pallas: Wisdom
  • Pandela: The greek personification of “full moon”.
  • Pavaki: The goddess of knowledge
  • Pomona: it means Apple because it is the name of the Roman goddess of garden, fruit trees and orchard.
  • Phaena: means bright
  • Philomena: means “powerful love”.
  • Quinn: This is the descendent of Conn.
  • Ramona: means “protecting hands”
  • Raphaella: means “God heals”.
  • Reign: It means “rule”.
  • Rey: means “king”
  • Rosmerta: means goddess of wealth and fertility.
  • Rutvi: name of an Angel meaning “season”
  • Ryder: means “knight”.


  • Samara: means” guardian”.
  • Selina: means “the moon”
  • Serena: means “calm”
  • Seven: means the number 7 or perfect.
  • Sequana: Celtic-roman goddess Sequana, carrying a definite modern sound, was the goddess of the river Seine and its springs in Burgundy. Worshippers would ask her to cure their illnesses.
  • Sif: Goddess of fertility
  • Skadi: Giantess goddess of hunt, mountains, and winter
  • Snotra: Goddess of wisdom
  • Stevie: it means “crown”.
  • Surasa: it is a name taken from Sanskrit and means ‘good essence’. Here, ‘su’ means ‘good’ and ‘rasa’ means ‘nectar’ or ‘essence’.
  • Sutada: Sutada is a unique name, not used by many. Sutada means means ‘one who grants wishes.
  • Syn: Goddess of justice

T – U

  • Tanvi: means “slender or beautiful”.
  • Tanishka: means “goddess of Gold”
  • Tephi: Goddess and creator of tea
  • Thalia: Both the name of a greek grace (“abundance”) and nymph (“flourishing”).
  • Theia: Theia is also spelled Thia, or less exciting Thea, she was one of the primal greek deities, her name meaning simply “goddess”.
  • Timber: means wood or strong
  • Tishya: means “suspicious, star or lucky”.
  • Trariti: This name rolls off the tongue in a pretty manner. It means ‘efficient’ or ‘agile’. It is also the name of Goddess Durga.
  • Tove: means” God is good “.
  •  Uddanda:  Uddanda means ‘nemesis of evils and vices’
  • Urania: means “Heavenly”.


  • Vacuna: Vacuna started out as the roman goddess of rest after harvest and ending up as a goddess of war. That escalated quickly.
  • Vale /Valentina: means “strong and healthy”.
  • Valeria: means “strength and vigor”.
  • Vána: The younger sister of Yavanna, Vána is the queen of blossoms and is called “ever-young”.
  • Var: Goddess of love vows between men and women and punishers for those who break them.
  • Varda: it means “rose”.
  • Veda” means “Knowledge and wisdom”.
  • Vedakarta: The Vedas are the ultimate source of wisdom for the Hindus. Vedakarta means ‘originator of Vedas’ and signifies Lord Siva.
  • Velora: it means “strong or healthy”.
  • Venilia: Venilia or Venelia, with its soft vanilla-reference, was the roman wife of sea-god Neptune.
  • Venus (Aphrodite): Goddess of “love, beauty, and fertility”.
  • Verbeia: it possibly meaning “she who is constantly twisting and turning”, Verbeia was the celtic goddess of the river Wharfe.
  • Vesta: This is an undefiled maiden, in allusion to the virgins who guarded the goddess Vesta, the symbol of hearth fire and undeflowered virginity.
  • Victoria: means “Victory”.
  • Vida or Vita means “life”
  • Viva: means “Alive”.
  • Vor: Goddess of “providence and preparation”.

W – Z

  • Winda: means Hunter
  • Xena: it means “Guest and stranger”
  • Yavanna: The queen of earth and giver of fruits in Tolkien’s fictional universe Arda. She created the two trees that signify the sun and moon. This name might make a good alternative to Johanna.
  • Yogeshwari: Yogeshwari means ‘object of worship’.
  • Zisa: it can also be spelt as Cisa, this is the name of a nordic goddess. She is mentioned in connection to a victory over the roman empire.
  • Zondra: means “Man’s defender”.
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