30 Baby Girl Names Inspired by Music

Baby Girl Names Inspired by Music

Have you ever thought of picking the best names for your baby girl from a famous song?

If you have, then you must agree that memories and happy thoughts come freely at the sound of your favorite song.

Music has the ability to stir the soul, and many parents now prefer to choose names from songs they enjoy.

Below are 30 song inspired names for girls that you can choose from. Checkout 30 Baby Boy Names Inspired by Music.

30 Baby Girl Names Derived from Songs

If you have confirmed that you are having a baby girl, then you are likely excited about choosing a name that epitomizes not only her femininity but also her innocence.

It is not all the time that people like to go down the basic route of unusual names, so it may be a great idea to screen from these baby girl names derived from songs for your baby princess!

1. Angeline

This is a popular baby girl name of Greek origin, and it means “messenger.” Oh, it should certainly remind you of the popular song by Bob Dylan titled Angelina.

2. Billie Jean

There is no easier way to show that you’re a fan of the king of pop than calling your child Billie Jean. Everyone recalls the famous Billie Jean song from Michael Jackson’s album, and it certainly will give your daughter all the attention she deserves in a crowd.

3. Cailin

This one is a chic name that means “girl” in Gaelic and can be found in the song by Unwritten Law.

4. Clementine

If you know about the Decemberists, then you probably know that they wrote a beautiful love story of two people and titled it, Clementine. This name is of French origin, and its meaning is “mild and merciful.”

5. Dinaz

If you are looking for a unique song, baby names, then you may want to consider Dinaz in Zoroastrianism. It simply means music or a religious song.

6. Edhiva

This name isn’t a common one, and it is also of English origin. The meaning of Edhiva is “a happy song,” and that is really sweet.

7. Eleanor

Let’s talk about the legendary Beatles and their song titled Eleanor Rigby. The name is of Greek origin, and it means “bright and shining one.”

8. Georgia

The name Georgia doesn’t come naturally to me when I think of baby girl names. However, Tom Waits already did a great job to popularized this one with the “Georgia Lee” soundtrack.

9. Hayley

James Morrison mentioned writing “Dream on Hayley” to get as many people as possible to follow their dreams.

10. Iris

A famous track by the band called the Goo Goo Dolls is titled, Iris. The name is a beautiful one of Greek origin, and it means “rainbow” and is a colorful pick for your baby girl.

11. Jude

This name happens to be an ode by Paul McCartney, who supposedly wrote the song for John Lennon’s son. Also, it is a reminder that so many good things can happen to those who do not give up.

12. Juliet

Do you remember that Juliet doesn’t just come up in Shakespeare’s classic but also come’s in an album by Dire Straits? Juliet’s name means “youthful.”

13. Kara

The Vines wrote a song titled “Kara Jayne,” which rose in popularity. This is a variant of Cara, and it means “face” in Spanish, “friend” in Irish, and means “dear “in Italian.

14. Laurel

Goldfrapp describes Laurel in their track as a red-headed girl. Divine and of Latin origin, the name means “laurel tree.”

15. Linnet

Linnet is a name of English origin and quite common in Judaism. The meaning is a “finch kind of bird famous for its song.”

16. Lola

The English rock band called Kinks wrote Lola, and the meaning of the name is “a strong woman.”

17. Lyla

We can say thanks to Oasis for such a lilting name, and we can say that the song is also sweet. Lyla is spelled in various ways; the name means “night” in Arabic.

18. Madrigal

Classy and unique, this name simply means “song for unaccompanied voices.”

19. Martha

This is another name generated from a Beatles soundtrack, and it’s an Aramaic name that means “lady.”

20. Natasha

This is a conventional and classy name, and it is a Slavic name that means “born in Christmas.” Rufus Wainwright is behind the popularization of the name via a soundtrack of the same name.

21. Owaissa

This name means “a beautiful song of Hiawatha and a beautiful bird.”

22. Penny

This should remind you of the Hanson brothers as they released this slice of heaven with the most inspiring lyrics. The name Penny is inspired by the name Penelope, which is a Greek word of “weaver.”

23. Raina

Raina is surely a beautiful name, and it is a love story specially written by Nick Waterhouse in a vintage R&B music style.

24. Ramona

Once more, Bob Dylan did the job of writing another soulful classic titled “To Ramona.” This is a Spanish name that means “mighty and wise.”

25. Reneeka

You may easily guess that this name is of Indian origin, and it means “a woman like a song.”

26. Sharlena

Sharlene or Sharlena is a nice name that Means” a song” or “a carol.” This is a really trendy English name, but also a unique one. 

27. Stella

So, let’s say Stella isn’t so rare, but this name of Greek origin means “a star.”  Also, ever since the band called Grateful Dead released their song titled Stella Blue, this name has gained a sophisticated and timeless appeal.

28. Tehila

Stella is a name of Hebrew origin, with “song of praise” as its meaning.

29. Veronica

Veronica is the title of a song written about a girl with Alzheimer’s by Costello with Paul McCartney. The meaning of the name is “true victory,” and it has become famous because of the Veronica character from Archie’s comic series.

30. Virginia

Rolling Stones couldn’t hold back on expressing the sweetness of Virginia, so they sang the song titled “Sweet Virginia.” The name is of Latin origin, and it means “maiden” or “virgin.”

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