47 Charming French Boy Names

French Boy Names

French culture has a long history of inspiring trends, including fashion, art, and baby names. You might be looking to incorporate the charm of France into your child’s name, or you might just love the French language and culture.

More so, If you consider these most charming French boy names. Which are sure to please you and your little one alike!


Is your baby boy a little warrior? If so, Achille might be a perfect fit. While it’s not necessarily common in the United States, Achille is a classic in France and has been popular since at least 1880. It’s derived from Achilles, one of history’s most famous Greek warriors from The Iliad. 

However, as you might imagine, French boy names and nicknames are built-in for kids with such an uncommon first name. Chilly or Chellie just don’t have quite as much panache.


Louis is one of those French boy names that even people unfamiliar with France tend to recognize. Thanks to its popularity in English-speaking countries, the name Louis means famous warrior and a French boy name.

And in England, it is once used as a diminutive of Lewis (the origins of which are Germanic). In France, it’s also considered a short form of Louise, which means famous warrior.

Nevertheless, It’s not just for boys; there have been plenty of famous females with Louis as their first name too. Lou Andreas-Salomé is a German philosopher and writer known for her work on Nietzsche.

André Derain, an early 20th-century painter whose work influenced Picasso; Louis Icart, another painter who influenced Jackson Pollock.


Leon is a traditional name for boys. In Latin, Leon means lion. The lion symbolizes strength and nobility, considered one of the most powerful animals on earth.

It is also one of the few genuinely fearless animals – fierce in its appearance but harmless to humans. This description fits a boy named Leon perfectly – determined and noble.

Whereas he will be your protector and fierce in all endeavors he undertakes. You can’t go wrong with any variation of Leon for your son! Love him! Trust him.

He will always watch over you and be there when you need him. Many spelling variations are available: Leopoldo, Leonard, Lionel, Lionel. This popular option never gets old for French boy names!


If you’re looking for cute french boy names that are also super unique, you may want to consider David. David is traditionally a Hebrew name and can be found in several different versions throughout history. Its root means Beloved, Friend of God, or Honeycomb.

Moreover, In recent years, we have also seen it translated into some fun new variations like Davy and Davie. Some boys named David include U.S. President Barack Obama and fashion designer Ralph Lauren!


Julian has Spanish roots, and it’s a traditional name in France. The nickname Julien is also a super-popular French boy name, so there are plenty of ways to honor that.

Julian fits with many different names; there are several pop culture references like Julian from The Office and Jules from Pulp Fiction.

In addition, you can keep it contemporary or give your kid a classic choice by choosing Julian as his first name: When you’re making your list of possibilities, be sure to consider Julian as one option—you might just love him!


Jean is a popular first name in France, but it comes in many spellings: Jean, Guillaume, and Gilles are all common first names.

Some parents combine them into one spelling, like Guillaume-Jean or Gilles-Jean. Another possibility is just choosing one of these many French boy names Options and adding ending like -s or -on. 

Also, these french boy names are an excellent choice for parents looking for something traditional but not boring.

Plus, each of these choices sounds pleasant on its own and has plenty of nicknames! Julian makes an excellent pick for parents who want something classic with a twist, as it’s still going strong after nearly 2,000 years.


Almost every cultural movement or period has made its mark on baby naming. But one that never fails to charm is France.

Whether it’s taking a cue from classic literary figures or just finding an easy-to-pronounce name with a nice ring. Choosing a French moniker for your son is an option worth exploring. 

However, here are some of our favorites, from A to Z: Alexis A dashing name perfect for either gender and one of my favorites. It’s sophisticated, yet it’s not too stuffy if you use Alex as an alternative spelling.

C’est Magnifique! Benjamine is one of my absolute favorite french boy names in all of babydom, and I know many other parents who agree with me!


Antoine is a masculine name of French origin, meaning invaluable or priceless. The term may refer to Antoine Arnauld (1612–1694), a 17th-century French philosopher and mathematician; Antoine François Prévost d’Exiles (1759–1845). 

On the other hand, a 19th-century French writer; Antoine de Caunes (born 1955), a film director and television presenter from France; Antoine Cuypers (1827–1921), a Dutch architect from Belgium.

Antoine Griezmann is a French footballer who plays for Atlético Madrid F.C. And there are plenty of other French boy names…


Theo is derived from ancient Greek Θεόδωρος (Theodōros), meaning God’s gift or gift of God. The name is relatively common in France, given names being Theo and Théo.

It was also fairly popular in England until 1914 when it began a steep decline as a baby name. Ultimately, In France today, Theo remains in use as both a first and second name.

Examples of famous french boy names people named Theo include fashion designer Stefano Gabbana and actor Theo James.

Examples of fictional characters include Theodore ‘Donnie’ Kerabatsos from T.V. series. He was breaking Bad, who assumes the identity of Saul Goodman after learning that his brother had died.


Fabien is a noble french boy whose name is great for your little man’s future in finance and high fashion. Better yet, Fabien has a very, very cool nickname.

Like with many things in life, it all comes down to spelling. Yet, the more you spell Fabian (or close), the better off he will be in social circles and relationships.

This trendy moniker currently sits just outside Canada’s Top 1000 names and is sure to climb over time. I predict that by 2030 Fabien will enter Canada’s Top 100 most popular french boy names. Fabianfabulous!!!


La Fontaine, a 17th-century writer, and poet are one of France’s best-known fabulists. At the same time, some might argue that La Fontaine’s most famous work is his Fables.

We think it would be more appropriate to reference his first name. Meaning stone in French, Etienne first appeared on records in 948. 

In particular, while its popularity waxed and waned over time, it was most popular during Victorian times. It remains on many lists today (albeit ranking much lower than you might expect).

Like other old names that seem to never go out of style (see Charles, Gilbert), there are a variety of forms. Stephan, Steffan, and Stevan all rank as more commonly used variations for french boy names.


Alain is a commonly given name in France, and It’s from Alan, which means precious or valued. Today it’s often associated with Alan Ladd, an American actor who starred in such films as This Gun for Hire and Star Spangled Rhythm. Alain is also an English-language spelling of Alan in Ireland, Wales, and Brittany.

Nonetheless, Alain is a variant of Alein (which means defender or protector) in Germany. Alein also became Allen, as well as Allyn in England. All of these names are currently more popular french boy names among women than men.


Alexandre is a modern French boy name and is a variant of Alexander. The meaning of Alexandre is the defender of men. This four-syllable name with great charm was created by parents hoping for something solid and nice. 

On the other hand, Some may feel that it sounds very cultured. Or like something right out of Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. As it turns out, it’s likely not even close to being among one of his most famous creations.

However, Alexander has been around in some form since antiquity. It is introduced to England by Crusaders returning from their conquests in Asia Minor in 1165 AD.


Name is often used for people who are good-natured and easygoing. This person may be a perfectionist, but he will not be too hard on himself or others.

He cares deeply about his relationships with friends and family and making others happy also makes him happy. 

On balance, Amable knows how to relax when life gets stressful and doesn’t dwell on negative feelings. He understands that happiness comes from within, so he won’t let it depend on material objects or other people’s actions.

Since Amable values inner peace above all else, he is a great listener who asks questions to know more french boy names better than offering advice until requested.


Perhaps you’re a fan of St. Blaise, an early Christian martyr remembered today for his association with throat ailments. Or maybe you’re looking for something more modern and foreign-sounding—like D’Blanc, which translates to white. 

Either way, you can use St. Blase (the old-fashioned French spelling) or Blais as a middle name. You can even use it as a first name for french boy names without any nicknames or problems.

That makes it one of our favorites in terms of popularity. But it also means that parents today are choosing traditional spellings over more unconventional ones like Breezy or Blaze or Blezay or Blazey!


Boniface is one of those rare French boy names that feels classic and modern. In English, it means do-gooder, but it has been a common saint name for centuries. Boniface became popular in France during World War I when soldiers carried a picture of St. 

In essence, Boniface is a talisman; its use as a French boy name is so widespread from 1914 to 1925. It made it into every top 50 list of boys’ names at least once in France. It dropped off slightly after World War II but has remained among the top 100 since 1985. And today is still steadily rising.


Brice is a strong, brave, and independent French boy named. Brice is a masculine French boy name and is typical in France. Notable people named Brice include Brice Burgat, French sociologist; René Armand Brice (1885-1951), American composer; Brice Stratford, American actor; and Zeddie.

In short, Little, born Adam Daniel Rothenberg, became known on 4chan as the bearded guy. When he appeared in a photo of him winning an online race, that went viral. The meaning of Brice is from Brittany. 

Regardless, the origin of your baby’s name will be printed on his birth certificate. So make sure you like how it sounds!


Claude is a legendary name among boys and has been used in more than one country. This appealing boy’s name has a royal history that makes it unforgettable.

Its distinguished bearers include Claude Debussy, a composer, and Claude Monet, a famous impressionist painter. 

Notwithstanding, another notable bearer of the name is Claude Rains, who portrayed Captain Renault in Casablanca.

The most notorious bearer of French boy names is probably another Claude mad dog Clauss of France. But don’t let that scare you off! There are plenty of other uses for Claude as a boy’s name.


Contrary to popular belief, not all boys are named after their fathers. Many children throughout history have been given French boy names that were non-traditional or even downright bizarre.

However, something is charming about giving your child a name that not everyone else has. Consider Constatine if you’re looking for an uncommon choice.

Although it doesn’t sound like a French name, it comes from two Greek words: Konstantinos and theos, which translate to constant victory. It was given as a first name during Roman rule but dropped out of use by 1890.


It means heart or love or song. Corneille is a very stylish French boy name and one of these unusual names that are gaining popularity in recent years.

It comes from Corneille, French for ‘Heart.’ In France, it is popularized by actor Pierre Corneille, born May 26, 1606. 

Moreover, he is a well-known playwright who wrote and premiered many of his plays in Paris theatres. Around 1635, he met Louis-Sebastien Le Nain (French painter) in Rouen, Normandy.

They later painted his portrait around the 1640s. Looking at it now, we could consider. It’s pretty cool that with no modern technology such as social media and cell phones, they knew how to celebrate celebrities back then!


Dieudonne is a variation of Dieudonne. The meaning of Dieudonne is the Gift of God. The origin of Dieudonne is French.

These French boy names are used by people who speak French and can be a boy or girl name. People named Dieudonne are compassionate, intelligent, adventurous, and intuitive about their partner’s likes. 

However, they are lovely friends and parents. They like to keep things simple and do not waste time with unimportant things. But it gives importance to family values, making them role models for everyone around them.


Dorian is a trendy French boy name in France. It’s now also becoming quite well-known in North America and Europe. 

Also, the meaning of Dorian comes from Greek origins; Dorian means Doreas, the man of Doreas, gift of Does. In Germany and Ireland, it has another meaning: the sea god.


A huge trend for baby boys in 2016 is French boy names worldwide. Whether you’re looking for something unique or hoping to connect with your heritage, choosing a character from another culture can be an excellent way to celebrate your family’s past and honor your roots. One popular choice is Emile, which comes from France. 

Moreover, this boy’s name originated as a variation of Emil or Emily, but it was eventually adopted as an independent name in its own right.

Nowadays, it enjoys moderate popularity in both English-speaking countries. And countries like Canada and Australia, where French influences are felt keenly; it’s often shortened to Emm, Mil, or Milo for ease of use.


This name is a form of Emmanuel, which comes from Hebrew origins and means God is with us. The name is historically used by Christians in France and England but has seen a rise in popularity in France since 2008.

In addition, Emmanuelle is another version of the same name. Suppose you like these French boy names but don’t want to go too masculine or old-fashioned with them. Consider keeping an l at the end instead of an e. Examples include Emmett and Elan.


Fabien is a French boy name for a baby, and In French, its meaning is: Faithful. In German, the English name Fabian is pronounced FAY-be-an and has no special meaning.

This is to say, it is frequently given to people born on Friday. The ‘fay’ in Fabian comes from fayre or fair, which means Friday). Fabian Society founder George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) is a famous bearer. See also Fabián and Fabrizio.


Ferdinand is a baby French boy name. In French, the meaning of Ferdinand is a Peaceful ruler. Famous Bearer: Fictional character Ferdinand Magellan is a Portuguese explorer who mapped and navigated much of Southeast Asia.

American writers William Makepeace Thackeray and Anthony Trollope used it in their works. Nevertheless, Sir Alex Ferguson, football manager for Manchester United.

He has named his son after his fictional hero Hercules Poirot’s detective creation Hercule Poirot, created by Agatha Christie in the 1920s. Bears the nickname the little man or little frog.

This moniker applies to many characters in literature and mythology, returning to Frog from Greek mythologies. Indeed, Germanic names beginning with Fr- or Fre- derive from words for the frog.


Florimon is a French boy name for boys. The meaning of Florimon is a Flower name. A flower that blooms in springtime. Acknowledged as one of France’s most highly prized flowers.

In other words, these delicate beauties are symbols of love and admiration, which makes it no surprise that they have inspired many romantic names. Here’s a list of male baby names from France, along with their English meanings


The meaning of Francis is Frenchman; Francis originates in Latin and means Frenchman. Many parents will see a relationship between Francis and Frans, which is also created in Latin and means Dutchman.

Provided that, If your kids are named this French boy names, after Saint Francis or you love France (the country). Then choose an alternative spelling of Franciscus, Franciscus, or Franciscus as french boy names.


Gaston means to live by a stone or stony hill. This moniker is famous among French boy names In France, where Gaston of Orleans bears it. Who won fame in medieval times as a knight and troubadour. 

More recently, Gaston Lagaffe is a fictional character who occasionally appeared in Tintin comics. And has since spawned his series about an idiotic inventor whose poor work habits inspire chaos everywhere he goes.


Gustave is one of those French boy names that sounds like it should be much more prevalent in English. Then it is. It’s evocative and masculine.

Also, authentic—perfect for a growing little boy destined to have a strong personality. Here are some fun facts about Gustave: Its origins are Scandinavian, not French.


Henry, or Henri, is a common choice for French boy names for baby boys. It has been one of France’s most popular names for centuries. It was once a name reserved for royalty (meaning he rules with his head).

In contrast, it is more commonly used as an endearing term of endearment today. Henry also easily translates from English to foreign languages and makes a sweet nickname for many well-known male names like Kenneth and Charlie.


Hubert is originally a Germanic name derived from hoba, which means bright mind. The name is a trendy French boy name in Europe during the Middle Ages. But it wasn’t until it reached France that it became one of its most beloved names. 

Nonetheless, the oldest known bearer of the name is Saint Hubertus, born around 656 and died on November 3, 727, as a Bishop of Maastricht.

And also, as an advisor to Charlemagne, there is a legend that says that Hubert used to hear angels sing whenever he entered a forest.


Joachim is a relatively uncommon french boy name, and currently, there are no babies called Joachim. It is more common to use in at least one other language. Yet, Joachim is of Hebrew origin, where its meaning is: God will add (another son)


This name is inspired by Jack Kerouac’s character Joey in his book On The Road. It is an attractive masculine French boy named Joseph, which comes from Hebrew and means God will add. 

Besides, Joseph is one of the twelve sons of Jacob in biblical tradition, and he is also their son-in-law to Pharaoh. One famous bearer is Biblical Joseph, who interpreted dreams and became second only to Pharaoh himself.


Kylian is another excellent French boy name, the name that’s becoming more and more popular in France. This charming boy’s name means from Italy, which makes sense because it has Italian origins. 

Regardless, If you want your child to be an international superstar like Kylian Mbappé, he might want to consider adding a bit of exotic flair with an -an ending.


Louis is a classic French boy name for a boy. It is derived from Luis, Latin Ludovicus, meaning famous warrior.


English speakers pronounce Loup as loo (rhymes with doo) or Lewis. This name is a French boy name and also sounds equally charming in either language and means wolf. 

However, Arnaud and Léon are more traditional alternatives, meaning eagle and lion, respectively. In other languages: Луп (Russian), Loupo (Portuguese), Louvet (French).


Maurice is a famous French boy name for boys that translates as ‘dark’ or ‘muddy. It is one of many names deriving from Mauretania, a Roman Empire province located in modern-day Algeria and Morocco. 

After all, In France, Maurice is considered more common than its homophones, Moritz and Murray. It also has an endearing nickname: Mauro.


If you’re seeking a cute and firm name, then Nazaire is a good choice. The meaning of Nazaire as a french boy name is victorious people. 

Therefore, It has been used by many people throughout history as their name. In America, it is ranked #12092 in 2015 popularity, and sports have more usage than their meaning might suggest.


Noam is a Hebrew name meaning pleasantness. The name is popular among French boys names, both Jews and non-Jews.

Moreover, it is widespread among families who left Europe for North America in the pre-WWII years. Since WWII, Noam has often been seen as a girl’s name in many countries.


Octave is a very cool-sounding French boy name that has English, Latin, and Greek roots. The masculine name Octave means 8th, and it’s made famous by Octavius.

All in all, a Roman Emperor who ruled from 27 B.C. to 14 A.D… In Shakespeare’s play Antony and Cleopatra, he also appears as Caesar’s valet or enslaved person.


Pascal is a variant of Paolo, a short form of Giacomo. The meaning of Pascal is like Paul or small. It’s also a surname used as a first name for french boy names in France. 

Even if you are looking for unique and charming boy names, we suggest you choose one from our list of french boy names and don’t forget to add it to your list. It will be instrumental when selecting baby names for your newborn baby boy!


Many parents love to draw inspiration from exotic locations and cultures. Rainier is an excellent option for French boy names for those with an artistic flair.

To point out, it’s inspired by Mount Rainier National Park in Washington state. The gorgeous mountain is the heart of the wilderness and encompasses over 100 square miles of glaciated land. 


This name is for those who like simplicity because Remmy is a one-syllable baby french boy name that’s easy to say and spell. Not only that, but it also has a creative feel to it. You might be reminded of Remy (which happens to be an adorable male name) or of reminiscence.

In particular, as far as nicknames go, Remi is one of our favorites. We love it when parents give their son a handle that compliments his formal moniker. Remi works incredibly well because remind starts with an r sound. 

Although so simple and charming, what more could you ask for? A variation on Remmy is Remy, which sounds familiar but stands out from its counterpart.


The name Timeo means I fear in Latin, Although not used for boys. It Is occasionally used for girls. This French boy’s name may be best remembered as a character from Virgil’s Aeneid.

He is one of Dido’s former suitors and served in her army after abandoning Carthage to follow her love, Aeneas. 

In short, after seeing him again during his travels, Dido commits suicide by burning herself on a pyre. Before Aeneas can stop her with his sword, Timeo is also known as Aegialeus in Greek mythology. He is considered an ancestor of Jason, leader of the Argonauts, and hero of Homer’s The Odyssey.


Vespasian is a common first name for men in France. The name comes from the Roman emperor Vespasian, who lived from 9 to 79 A.D. He is a famous emperor and is often seen as one of Rome’s most successful leaders.

Due to his reorganization of government finances and civil society during his reign. In French, Vespasian translates roughly to Espérance, which means hope.

Alternatively, it can be translated as Esprit, which means spirit or ghost. A friendly french boy name but not likely widespread among most parents today. Especially with its complex r sound at the end sounds like it should belong to a powerful character on Game of Thrones!


Yves is not a popular french boy name in most languages. But it sometimes comes up as the first name in Spain, Portugal, and France. it may have derived from a Germanic word meaning yew. Yves has been borne by several saints, one pope (St. Yves of Brittany), and five kings. 

However, Its usage peaked in France in 1910, during which year it was No. 170 on a list of names given to newborn boys. It is presently out of fashion but makes occasional appearances in Quebec and Belgium.


At first, these three french boy names seem pretty rugged and masculine. But they are excellent choices If you want a traditional name that isn’t too common in America.

Yet it is still recognizable enough, so your child won’t get bullied for having an odd-sounding name. Notwithstanding, any of these three will fit perfectly.

Their parents can rest easy knowing that each name has a unique vibe to it, so their son should never have problems working in or getting his true identity across.

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