Five Reasons Women Want to Have Babies


Majority of women wants to get pregnant and they will do anything with or without a man to get it.

Some couples might have decided not to have children due to financial problems, some would want to enjoy their marriage for some years before children starts rolling in, some just want to stay married without distraction from children.

Women being emotiony beings can have a mind of their own, sometimes, they are moved by what they see, what they hear and how they feel.

They play a great role in making the decision of not having children stand.

Women unconsciously wish to be a mother, even after making decisions not to have children, it doesn’t seem to work.

Sometimes, they secretly try to get pregnant without their partner knowing.


Here are the reasons women want to get pregnant:

1. It feels right, and women have a notion that having a child feels right, they want to get pregnant because it feels right to. No decision made will make a woman with this notion not want to get pregnant by all means.

In the African setting, after the marriage ceremony, everyone looks forward to the protruding stomach of the bride. The bride, on the other hand, knows this, if there has been a decision between her and her husband about waiting two years before children come for whatever reason, the idea of ‘it feels right to get pregnant’ has a larger say in making the decision null.

2. To keep their man, most women feel having a child for a man, makes the man responsible for them and the child, both married and single women.

A single woman notices her fiance is not saying anything about marriage or suspects he is cheating; her next agenda is to get pregnant to keep him glued to her.

The married woman wants to get pregnant so that her husband will be tied to her and her alone because of the child or children. Somehow, women believe being pregnant or having a child breeds responsibility from the man.

3. He’s going to be a great dad, fantasies on a lovely family some women had will want to be manifested by them.

They dreamt of being a good mum and having a great dad by the side of their kids, so they just think,’ my man is going to be a great dad’, they try to get Pregnant by all means to see their dream become a reality.

4. To feel like a complete woman, there’s this notion that a woman is a complete woman when she has children. Women like to feel this way; they want the social recognition of them as a complete woman; they want to get pregnant to attain completeness.

5. For companionship, it’s not all about the man. Women want to get pregnant so that they can get a company from their children. ‘What a nice feeling to have children surround their table’, they think.

The man might not be too responsible for staying glued to them; they get solace from seeing their children, watching them grow and being their companion.

Getting pregnant is supposed to be a decision for two people, surprisingly, women are not smiling and its so unfortunate that men have little control over getting pregnant decisions.

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